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The following are transcribes of two letters sent to Josephine from her Aunt, Jane (James) Trenery. In transcribing these letters it was felt that the original spelling, punctuation etc be maintained.  I have read other letters from people outside the family who were also from Cornwall and I find that this style of writing (very few capital letters and very few full stops) was very much the normal.

North Place

St Just

Oct 10th 1917

dear Neice

i have just had your address i thought i would write to you to let you know i am still in the land of the living it is a great maney years since i saw you i have often thought about you i saw your son some time ago i told him i would write to you i am your aunt Jane i am a very old woman now nearly 85 i am the only one of your family left i am not able to do very little now i suffer from indigestion i am over to Carbis Bay staying with Mrs Beckerley i am a great Aunt to her that is ware i saw your son i have given him my photo for you to see and my son John Henry well dear i should like to see you but i know i shall not in this life but i hope to meet you in heaven i feel my Time is almost up i live by myself My son is in Plymouth we are a long way apart. My husband is dead 18 years next January prhaps you know i was marred twise. My second husband had 6 children the are all dead but two one of them is in Cambourne the other is near Exeter so i do go a little to one place and another it is all very well to go to see our friends but i am glad to i goat a little home to go to the are all very good to me & kind My dear josephine i am so Glad i have found you out that i should write you i saw jofney some thirty or more years ago & dickey he have been to my house i forgot the names of the rest tell them all about me & remember me to all of them and to all of your children i think your son is a very nise young man i fancey i can see a little likness of his grandmother that is your mother when i look at him i see your Husband is dead i did not know him when one lose a good Husband you louse all your company i was very sorrey when i heard about your dear Mother death she didnt live long after leaving home its no wounder you felt it so greatly not to see her dear. Josephine i have often picturd you all when i did go home to years when you was all very little children how people memery do flash up sometimes mine do noua and again but the only Thing that i do greave about is my hearing i am gone so this last twelve or fourteen years i do greave about it a lot



My address is J Trenery

11 North place

May 8 1918

St Just Cornwall england

Dear Niece

i received your very kind letter also the phot i was pleased to get it i am so sorrey you are so ill dear i hope The lord will spare you to your children there is many have had ulcerated stumach yours you say is ulcer on the stumach well dear Josephine i see all my nieces & nephews i new dickey he use to come to my house at st Just & John came to see me when he was home i should like to see you all if i could people say you are like me do you think youar My sister Joanna died 15 years ago i am the only one living now my son John Henry is a Boot Maker in Plymouth is uposs.. you know he married Hannah she died two years ago now he is married again to your half sisters daughter she is Coal Mary for her mothers i am living by my self but railey i didn’t ought to be i ought be with someone but dear niece im not ab to do much i would rather keep my own little home if i could i am now on a visit to Janes my nieces daughters i am her great aunt the live at Carbis Bay i been away from home now two months i expect to go home in a week or too i am almost to old to go away visiting now i don’t Expect to be here a great wile longer but i now have a better home after this i shall be with my .. isur aware i shall meet all my love ones i shall be far from a world grief & sin with God eturnaly put in i hope dear niece i shall meet you there i am derterment topress on ward that no one shall take my crown Mrs Howes in Helstone sent a letter from Johns son Clifford he is very well & goin origull right we goat lovley wether is lovley we havent goat no flowers in the Heges like it is over here St Just is rather Baron cuntry but i like my home i was home to years a few years ago my mothers house is all gone i couldn’t tell ware the house stoud grass growing all over Selina son Joseph Henry he is a united methodist preacher i have not heard from him since he is marred he is quite the Gentelman he did know me once wen he did come to my house for his holaday but now he don’t know his poar relation my dear Josephine i could tell you lots of news if i could come to talk to you but that will never bee i hope your son Willie got his discharged before now well dear this war is dredful but we should never know our friends if it hadent been for this war i did not think i had anney friends nor relations till i herd of your son willie i am very glad i did see him i hope i shall see John as well he is coming to helstone again sometime give my love to all my nieces and nephews and to all there children i am there great Aunt My writing is Bad i hope you will be abel to read it willie was telling me that your husband is dead 10 years ago my husband is dead 19 years last January when i lost my husband i lost all my company he goat 2 daughters living 2 sons & 2 daughters dead one daughter is in Cambourne the other is near Exeter Bothe marred with famlies one daughter goat thee or four in this war Every Thing is three Times dearer then before the war we are ration out in meat butter lard and different things we don’t see no curants figs sugger half pound to each one i am aloud half pound our bread is a dark Brown we use to put ID shillings farther then we can a pound

now i have told you a lot of news i hope you will be better before you get this letter i am never very well i have goat my mothers complaint indestion a bad coff i feel so weak in my Bowles i cant tell what to do sometimes give my love to your children i should dearly love to see them try all of you to meat me in heaven

i remain yours most loving Aunt

Jane Trenery

My friend would had written this letter for me but I thought you would like me to do it as you will see its old fashion like myself but they all say it is good for me at 86 years.

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