Muir Journal # 17

Muir Journal # 17 
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SCOTLAND 1717 - 1854

Introductionby Ron Ingram, Sepotember 2003

This Document, compiled with the help of my wife Kay and daughter Tracey Neville, is a typed Copy of a Journal, which is too fragile to be photo copied without damage, of the History of the Muir Family, dating from 1717 to 1854, which came into my possession after the death in 1977 of my Aunt, Ethel May Hodgson, Daughter of Elizabeth Agnes Hodgson (nee Caldwell.)

This Journal was presumably passed onto Ethel, by her then elderly Relatives in Maryport, England, during her visit there in 1956.

The Journal was written by James Muir, born, May 31st 1795, the Grandson of Alexander Muir and Thomas Whyte .(see Journal Pages 1 and 43) The entries are made in both ink and pencil. The latest date of the ink entries, written in the beautiful Copperplate style of the 1700�s, was 1855 and would comprise more than 99% of the Journal entries. The pencil entries were still those of James Muir, (his handwriting was verified by a comparison with a Muir History sheet he had written earlier), and written between 1855 and 1863, the year of his Death. These entries were not of a specific nature, more like notations, to assist future generations seeking information of their past history.

It will be seen that the spelling of some words of the Journal differ from our current spelling, but were retained for the authenticity of the Journal, at the time it was written.

In the first paragraph for Alexander Muir, born 1717. His Mother�s name was shown as Margaret Murray, but in view of Patricia Taggart�s checking of the records, that his Mother�s name should have been Martha Hill, Her name has been amended accordingly.

The order of the original Journal has been amended, to move pages of �Notes� on later pages of the Journal into their relevant sections, to aid continuity of reading. No wording has been changed from the original.

Ron Ingram

September 2003




Pages 1and 2 of this Journal are blank pages, the writings began at P3.


Married February James Smith, son of David Smith, farmer, Newmains, in the Parish of Inchinnan, to Elizabeth Watson, eldest daughter of John Watson, farmer, Pointhouse in the Parish of Renfrew. Those who before were friends by Birth are now united by a more firmer tie in the Bands of Matrimony.


Married March Robert Dobie, servant with Mathew White, farmer, Easter Yondertown, in the Parish of Renfrew, and son of the deceased John Dobie, late gardner, with Mr.. Oswald Esq.. of Shieldhall, in the Parish of Govan, to Christian Cumming, second daughter of Robert Cumming, Well Street, Paisley, and late farmer in Searjeant law. The wedding was held the same day at her fathers. Robert Dobie�s Father, John Dobie, gardner, Shieldhall, was born September 25th 1780, Entered to Matthew Whyte to service at Whitsunday 1800.


Died on Wednesday, May 18th in Well Street, Paisley, Elizabeth White, wife of Robert Cumming, late farmer in Searjeant law, in the Abbey Parish of Paisley. Her remains were interred on Saturday May 21st in the Abbey Church Yard. She died of a Consumption after a lingering illness of near seven years, in the forty sixth year of her age.


Married Elizabeth White, Eldest daughter of John White, farmer, Little Fullwood, to John Kirkwood, farmer, Netherfield, in the Parish of Houston, and son of Kirkwood. The Wedding was held the same day at Netherfield.


Died of a Consumption, after a long illness, James Storrie, son of James Storrie, farmer, Easter Walkinshaw, in the Parish of Renfrew. He was in interred in Govan Church Yard.

1804. JOHN LANG.

Married August, John Lang, farmer, Knock, in the Parish of Renfrew, and son of William Lang, farmer, Ingliston, in the Parish of Erskine, to Mary Watson, daughter of John Watson, farmer, Pointhouse, in the Parish of Renfrew. The Wedding was held the same day at the Knock.

P6 1805. JAMES Mc KEAN Married James McKean, wright, at Broomlands, in the Parish of Inchinnan, and son of to Elizabeth Storrie, daughter of James Storrie, farmer, Easter Walkinshaw, in the Parish of Renfrew. The Wedding was held at Broomlands.


Married on Friday August 22nd Arthur Watson, son of John Watson, farmer, Pointhouse, in the Parish of Renfrew, to Marrion Carruth, daughter of James Carruth, farmer, Birkenhead, in the Parish of Killallan. Wedding was held the same day at the Pointhouse.


Married George Holmes, wright, in Paisley, to Margaret White, daughter of John White, farmer, Little Fullwood, in the Parish of Erskine. The Wedding was held in Paisley.


Married on 12th June. John Mungle, schoolmaster, Inchinnan, to Mary Algie, eldest daughter of John Algie, farmer, Broomlands, in the Parish of Inchinnan. He came to Inchinnan School 15th May 1804.


Married Robert Algie, second son of John Algie, farmer, Broomlands, to Isabell Blair, second daughter of Robert Blair, farmer, Town of Inchinnan.

P8 1808. WILLIAM COCHRAN.* Married William Cochran, to his Mistress Janet Paterson, Widow of the deceased William White, farmer, in Fullwood, Parish of Erskine. *He is a Native of Colerain, in the County of Antrim, Ireland.


Married David Scott, gardener, House of Hill, to Christian Smith, daughter of David Smith, quarrier, Greenhead, in the Parish of Inchinnan. The Wedding was held the same day at the House of Hill,Died at Freeland, May 11th 1809 aged 56 years, William Killoch, farmer, Freeland, Inchinnan.

P9 1810. ARCHIBALD HOUSTON Married Archibald Houston, son of James Houston, farmer, Inchinnan Bridge, to Mary Blackwood, daughter of William Blackwood, labourer, Barzeal, in the Parish of Inchinnan. The Wedding was held the same day at Inchinnan.


Married Peter Barr, shoemaker, Broomlands, and son of Peter Barr, labourer, Barzeal, in the Parish of Inchinnan, to Janet Blair, daughter of Robert Blair, farmer, Town of Inchinnan. The Wedding was held the same day at Broomlands.Married 10th March 1808. John Symington, wright, Paisley, to Martha Muir, daughter of George Muir, farmer.

P10 1809. JOHN ALGIE.

Married John Algie, farmer, Corklehill, in the Abbey Parish of Paisley, and son of John Algie, farmer, Broomlands, in the Parish of Inchinnan, to Janet White, farmer, Little Fullwood, in the Parish of Erskine. The Wedding was held the same day at the Corklehill.


Married James Muir, manufacturer, Causeyside, Paisley, and son of James Muir, farmer, Nethertown, in the Parish of Renfrew, to Jean Thomson, daughter of William Thomson, weaver, Paisley.

Died suddenly, at his sister�s house in Glasgow, November 1806 Mr James Burns, Provost of Renfrew.


Married December Alexander Muir, potatoe dealer, at Inchinnan Bridge, and son of Widow Muir, Nethertown, to Janet Lang, daughter of William Lang, farmer, Inglistown, in the Parish of Erskine. The Wedding was held the same day at Inchinnan Bridge.


Sunday, March 12th the 3 most Northern Arches of Inchinnan Bridge fell, having stood 50 years. Happily no Carts or Carriages happened to be on it at the time, the Carried Carts having passed it at 2 o�clock that morning on their way from Greenock to Glasgow, heavily loaded.

John Paul, farmer, in Garnaland, had been in Paisley on the Thursday preceding, and was only returning home at 7 o�clock that morning, when he and another man were walking along the Bridge, a few minutes before it gave way, and hearing something making a noise in the water, they looked over the Bridge in order to discern the cause. In the mean time John Robertson happened to be walking along the northern bank of the river and observed the lime and small stones falling from the Bridge into the water and perceiving their dangerous situation, cried to them to run back without delay, as the Bridge was actually giving way. Without much hesitation they obeyed and had been off a short distances when the second Arch from the North end went down, and shortly after the most Northern one.

During the course of the day the 3rd Arch also fell. The remaining parts of the Bridge stood until it was taken down to make way for the erection of the new one.

A Ferry Boat was stationed at Inchinnan side to conduct passengers across the Black Cart and Gryfe, till November following, when a timber Bridge was erected for the convenience of the workmen at the new Bridge, where foot passengers got passing by paying one Penny each.

Inchinnan Bridge was first built between the years 1756 and 1759 by Mr Thomas Brown, Architect, It consisted of 9 large arches, 4 on one side of a transverse arch and 5 on the other, so constructed that the traveller might pass over one or both of the rivers as suited his purpose, one road going to Paisley (3 Miles) the other to Glasgow 7, to Greenock 15 miles.

The whole of the Bridge measured 775 feet over, and 19 in width, it was ornamented with two turrets rising from the centre arches, and two handsome dials cut in marble at the N.W. end. It was completed for about 2,200 Pounds.

P14 1809. . INCHINNAN NEW BRIDGE Monday, October 17th The Foundation Stone of the Inchinnan Bridge was laid Boyd Alexander Esquire of Southbarn, where a numerous concourse of people from Paisley, and the vicinity attended the ceremony, with a great number of Masons of the several Lodges dressed in uniform with colours flying and bands of Music playing before them. The Foundation Stone being laid in the North Pier, a Bridge of Boats was laid for their passage across the River. The Contractor for this Bridge was Mr Brocket, Mr Hall, Superintendent, Mr Mathieson, Overseer, and Mr Robertson Buchanan, Engineer. It was completed in May 1812 at the expense of 26,000 Pounds.

The Stones for the building were very large, some of them more than a Ton weight, part of them were furnished from Mr Fulton�s quarry at Braidieland, 2 Miles South from Paisley. As the Foundation was bad the clay was dug out about 6 feet deep for the Piers, which was then drove thick with piles of fir wood (by the help of battering engines) each of which were between 20 and 30 feet long, shod with iron of about 8 lb. Weight. Above this 2 rows of six inch planks were laid across each other before they began to build with stones. Some of the Piers cost 500 Pounds for wood, and iron, and workman�s wages before a Stone was laid. The Stones were firmly joined with lime mixed with Romish Cement.

The Bridge now consists of 6 Arches, with 2 Bullseyes. The Toll was roused at Whitsunday 1812, for one year at 1270 Pounds. Besides the dices lifted at common bars, a penny is also levied for every foot passenger.

For the Beauty of its Structure and the Strength of its Workmanship it may now vie with any work of the Kind in the West of Scotland.

P16 1810. BIRTH.

Monday, January 1st Mrs Watson, Pointhouse, was delivered of a Daughter, Mary.


Married January James Allison, servant with James Smith, farmer, Newmains, Inchinnan, to Janet Killoch, eldest Daughter of William Killoch, farmer, Freelands. The Wedding was held the same day at Inchinnan Bridge.


Died on May 11th of a after a short illness William Killoch, farmer in Freeland, Parish of Inchinnan. Buried in Inchinnan Church Yard.

P17-18 1810. FIRE Wednesday, June, at 10 o�clock, forenoon, a fire broke out in the Dwelling house of Middle Walkinshaw, possessed by Robert Cameron, which owing to the dry state of the weather, and a smart breeze of wind from the N.W. spread so rapidly that in a few minutes the whole roof was in flames. Owing however, to the timely exertion of the neighbours, and others, the cattle and the most of the furniture of which were got out, the latter part of which however, sustained considerable damage. The dwelling house, milkhouse

and stable, were all burnt to the ground, and had not the people assembled been busy in removing the Stacks of Corn, and in moistening the thatch of the barn with water, the whole could have been consumed, but their united exertions prevented the flames from extending their ravages any further.


Married August, Janet Muir, daughter Widow Muir, Nethertown, in the Parish of Renfrew, to James Hamilton, son James Hamilton, farmer, in Parish of Govan. The Wedding was held at ?? Where they have gone to reside.


November 10th Martinnass Fair Saturday a dreadful accident happened at the Basin of the Canal at Paisley. As the new Canal between Johnston and Glasgow, was newly opened, and the Passage Boats just set a going, and as this opened a cheap and easy passage from Paisley to that city, every lad and lass must have a sail. When one of the Passage Boats was unloading, the passengers who were coming rushed into her, before those who were returning could land, which instantly crowded the deck. When the Skipper by entreaties could not prevail with the crowd to keep off, he gave her a violent push from the Quay when with the great weight of People upon the Deck, and little balancing in the inside she immediately heeled, and the passengers were precipitated into the water. In consequence of which 84 persons perished, and 109 more who were on board were preserved. After the most of the bodies were got out and the Basin was drained, and near a Cart load of Umbrella�s, Hats, Shawls, Coats, and other wearing apparel were picked up.

The following list of the unfortunate sufferers is copied from the Glasgow Courier for Wednesday, November 14th.

In our paper of Tuesday last we recorded the accounts which had been transmitted to us relative to a most melancholy accident at the Basin of the Canal at Paisley, the 10th Current, but distressing as these accounts were we lament to state that the consequences have been still more afflicting, for from a very accurate Statement extended by orders from the Magistrates of Paisley, and which we now publish for the information of all unfortunately concerned it appears that no fewer than Eighty Four persons perished on that fatal day, some of them accompanied by circumstances singularly calamitous.


No Names Age Residence Occupation Connections

1 Thomas Crawford 47 Croft Street Weaver

2 Jean Craig 46 Croft Street Wife of Robert Andrews

3 Hellen Andrew 15 Croft Street Tambourer Daughter of Robert Andrews

4 Janet Andrew 4 Croft Street

Daughter of Robert Andrews

5 Ann Andrew 1 Croft Street

Daughter of Robert Andrews

6 Jean Hill 17 Croft Street Daughter of John Hill

7 Janet Hill 4 Croft Street Daughter of John Hill

8 John Warnock 11 Cotton Street Drawer Son of Andrew Warnock

9 Agness Warnock 11/4 Cotton Street Daughter of Andrew Warnock

10 John Baird 11 Cotton Street Drawer Stepson to William Neish

11 William Parker 22 Gauze Street Weaver

12 James Baillie 24 Williamsburgh Weaver

13 William Smith 12 New Street Weaver Son of Robert Smith

14 James Devatt 10 New Street Drawer Widow Devatt

15 James Findlayson 63 Seedhills Weaver

16 James Craig Barr 13 Shuttle Street Weaver Son of Allan Barr

17 James Pinkerton 13 Canal Street Drawer Son of James Pinkerton

18 Matthew Morris 13 Canal Street Weaver Son of Alex Morris

19 Duncan Keith 12 Canal Street Weaver Son of Duncan Keith

20 Jean Ronald 11 Canal Street Daughter of John Ronald Manufacturer

21 Agness Ronald 9 Canal Street

22 Andrew Brown 13 Storrie Street Weaver Son of Thomas Brown

23 John Fisher 12 3/4 Storrie Street Weaver Son of Hugh Fisher

24 John Sheddan 13 1/2 Storrie Street Weaver Son of Robert Sheddan

25 John Lunks 20 Newton Street Weaver

26 Thomas Tudhope 16 Newton Street Weaver Son of William Tudhope

27 Jean Colquhoun 14 Storrie Street Clipper Daughter of James Colquhoun

28 Janet Thomson 14 Storrie Street Clipper Step Daughter of Alex Ewing

29 Betty Ewing 5 Storrie Street Clipper Daughter of Alex Ewing

30 Isabell Bogg 12 Storrie Street Clipper Daughter of George Bogg

31 Jean Bogg 10 Storrie Street Clipper Daughter of George Bogg

32 Jean Whitehill 16 High Street Clipper Daughter of James Whitehill

33 John Anderson 9 1/2 High Street Drawer Son of James Anderson

34 Alex Calder 12 High Street Drawer Son of David Calder

35 James Campbell 9 High Street Drawer Son of Widow Campbell

36 Alex Brown 14 Wellmeadow Drawer Son of Widow Brown

37 Mary McKaig 21 Ladylane Darner Daughter of John McKaig

38 James Lochhead 13 LadyLane Son of Widow Lochhead

39 Jean Robertson 14 West Brae Clipper Daughter of Robert Robertson

40 Barbara Mitchell 15 Lonewells Tambourer Daughter of William Mitchell

41 Archibald Comb 10 Lonewells An Orphan

42 William Smith 11 Lonewells Drawer Son of Thomas Smith

43 Michael Houston 60 Sandholes Weaver

44 Margaret Elliot 14 King Street Clipper Daughter of William Elliot

45 Margaret Turnbull 14 Broomelands Daughter of James Turnbull

46 George Turnbull 10 Broomelands Son of James Turnbull

47 Robert Stevenson 15 Broomelands Cooper Son of Robert Stevenson

48 Margaret Russell 13 Broomelands Tambourer Daughter of Malcolm Russell

49 Elizabeth Niel 13 Broomelands Tambourer Daughter of John Niel

50 Joseph Wilson 12 Millerston Weaver Son of Joseph Wilson

51 William Hamilton 13 1/2 Milleston Weaver Son of William Hamilton

52 Peter Burgess 24 Maxweltown Weaver

53 Janet Beith 22 Maxweltown Wife of J Hopkins William

54 Margaret McGregor 10 1/2 Maxweltown Clipper Daughter of William McGregor

55 William Beith 50 Maxweltown Weaver

56 John Beith 11 Maxweltown Drawer Son of William Bieth

57 Agness Beith 9 Maxweltown Clipper Daughter of William Bieth

58 Peter Livingston 15 Maxweltown Weaver Orphan

59 David Kirkwood 18 Maxweltown Weaver Son of William Kirkwod

60 James Gibb 16 West Street Weaver Son of Widow Gibb

61 Ann Niven 17 Queen Street Clipper Step Daughter of D McIntyre

62 Mrs Peacock 50 Castle Street Wife of Allan Peacock

63 Allan Peacock 13 Castle Street Drawer Son of Alan Peacock

64 William Peacock 12 Castle Street Drawer Son of Allan Peacock

65 Robert Watson 33 Castle Street Weaver

66 John Rowand 26 Ratston Square Weaver

67 Agness Rowand 1/2 Ratston Square Daughter of John Rowand

68 Elizabeth Downie 15 George Street Clipper Daughter of William Downie

69 John Douglass 10 Carriagehill Drawer Son of Hugh Douglass

70 David Gilmour 20 Carriagehill Weaver Son of William Gilmour

71 James Kennedy 16 Lylesland Weaver Son of George Kennedy

72 Robert Sproull 16 Lyseland Weaver Son of John Sproull

73 James King 13 Lyseland Weaver Son of James King

74 William Dunn 10 Lyseland Drawer Son of Alexander Dunn

75 Maxwell Cunningham 14 Causeyside Weaver Son of Robert Cunningham

76 John Allison 14 Gordon Lane Weaver Son of John Allison

77 Janet Morrison 30 Prussia Street Clipper Daughter of Widow Morrison

78 John McDonald 23 Prussia Street Weaver Son of Widow McDonald

79 John Blair 5 Orchard Street Son of John Blair

80 Walter Carsswell 12 Moss Street Son of Robert Carswell

81 Alex Biggart 18 Moss Street Stocking Worker Son of John Bigart

82 John McLachlan 14 Moss Street Weaver Son of Peter McLachlan

83 Catherine Wright 14 Pollockshaw Daughter of Duncan Wright.

84 Margaret Craig 22 Uplawnmoor Daugther of James Craig

In the first Page of this day�s Courier we have given a list of Names, ages, and professions of the Melancholy Sufferers, 84 in number, Males 52, Females 32, with the Names of their Parents. Of those who perished, 12 are under 10 years of age, 56 between 10 and 20, and 17 of 20 and upwards. A Friend in Paisley informs us � that on Tuesday last, the general aspect was truly gloomy, in every Street were Funerals passing, in every Corner was the Voice of Lamentation heard. The public Mortcloths being inadequate to the demand, the Magistrates made application to the neighbouring Parishes, whence all they had were most readily procured, and from the City of Glasgow no less than 20 were accordingly furnished.�

We understand that a Subscription is to be immediately set on foot and relief afforded to a number of the most necessitous. The Subscriptions is to be extended to the neighbouring towns and Villages, and we have no doubt but considerable sums will be instantly raised. Glasgow Courier, Wednesday, November 14th 1810.


Wednesday, February 6th Died at Blackburn, in the Parish of Houston, Allan Stewart, Senior, farmer, there at 1/2 past 8 morning, of a Sympany, in the 59 years of his age. His remains were interred on Friday the 8th February in Houston Church Yard.

P31 1811. JOHN PAUL.

Wednesday February 20th John Paul, farmer, Garnaland, went to Glasgow on some business. He was seen next day in Glasgow a good deal intoxicated, but was not seen, or heard of afterwards, which has raised a great deal of anxiety in his family, as it is feared that he is drowned in the Clyde, about Glasgow. ( see P40.)


Thursday February 21st, Paisley, Candlemoss Fair day, William Weir, weaver, Inchinnan, was killed at the Barnsford Toll by a horse and Cart. He was going for a Cart of Coals, and when passing the above mentioned place, the horse ran off, the Cart upset, and he was killed on the Spot. He and John Paul were intimate acquaintance and it is thought both died in one day.


Died at his house of Wester Halket, in the Parish of Dunlop, Ayrshire, on Wednesday May 22nd, John Robertson, farmer there, aged 60 years. Burried on Saturday, May 25th in Dunlop Church Yard.


Married William Killoch, Son of the deceased William Killoch, farmer in Freeland, to Janet Smith, daughter of David Smith, in the Parish of Inchinnan. The Wedding was held the same day at Freeland.


Married William Smith, wright, Broomlands, Son of David Smith, quarrier, Greenhead, in the Parish of Inchinnan, to Margaret Algie, Daughter of John Algie, farmer, Broomlands, in the Parish of Inchinnan. The Wedding was held the same day at Broomlands.


Married June, William Blair, potatoe dealer, Son of Mathew Blair, cowfeeder, Paisley to Laird, Daughter of Laird, farmer, Middlepenny, in the Parish of Kilmalcolm. The Wedding was held the same day in Paisley, where they have gone to reside. He is commenced Grocer in Broomlands Street, and he also works at the potatoe trade.


Married August Mary Muir, Daughter of George Muir, farmer, Middle Henderton, in the Abbey Parish of Paisley, to John Hutchison, son of John Hutchison, late Provost of Renfrew. The Wedding was held at Selvieland, in the Parish of Killarchan, where they have gone to reside.


Friday, August 30th, Thomas Muir, farmer, Lonehead, Son of James Muir, farmer, Netherton, in the Parish of Renfrew, was married to Agness Carruth, Daughter of James Carruth, farmer, Birkenhead, in the Parish of Killallan. The Wedding was held the same day at the Lonehead.


Married, Wednesday, November 8th, Robert Snodgrass, manufacturer, in Paisley, and Son of James Snodgrass, farmer, Portnauld, in the Parish of Inchinnan, to Janet McLellan, Daughter of John McLellan, Gardener, in Paisley.


Married, Wednesday, December 18th, the Reverand Andrew Syminton, Minister of the Reformed Congregation, Paisley, to Miss Jean, daughter of Mr Robert Stevenson, farmer, Shutterslates, in the Parish of Beith.

1812. BIRTH Sunday February 2nd, Mrs A. Watson, Pointhouse , was delivered of a Daughter, -- Elizabeth.


Died at Laigh. Arklestown, in the Parish of Renfrew, on Sunday, February the 9th between 10 and 11 o�clock evening, James Gardener, farmer, there of a dumb palsy, aged years. He was buried Thursday February 13th, in Renfrew Church Yard.


Monday February 10th, Died at Freeland, in the Parish of Inchinnan, Sarah Killoch, daughter of the deceased William Killoch, late farmer in Freeland, Buried, Thursday, February 13th in Inchinnan Church Yard.

January 12th, The Steam Boat Comet, built by Mr Henry Bell, was launched in the Clyde at Glasgow, being the first Steam Boat successfully propelled on any river in Europe.


Wednesday, February 26th, Thomas Cumming, Son of Robert Cumming, Paisley, was married to Agness Russel, daughter of John Russel, farmer, in the Parish of Mearns. The Wedding was held Friday, June the 5th at the Merksworth, and they have taken up their residence in the little house at Merksworth Cottage belonging to Mr John Likle.


Sunday, February 16th Mr James Smith, Newmains, Inchinnan, delivered of a Son, -- James.

Thursday, February 27th, Mrs M. Cumming, Cardonald, delivered of a Daughter, -- Agness.


Died on Thursday, February 27th at Southwark, near London, Mr Walter Carsswell, manufacturer, in Paisley, his Corpse were brought to Paisley, Friday March 7th and Buried Tuesday March 10th in the High Church Yard.


Wednesday March 11th the body of a man was found in the Black Cart at the Walkinshaw. He has been recognized by some friends and found to be one James Aitken, a wright, at Lochwinnoch who has been amissing for some time.


Sunday March 15th Robert Dick, Tollman at Inchinnan Bridge died at Glasgow.

P39 1812. MRS MUIR.

Sunday March 15th Mrs James Muir, Nethertown, was struck dumb palsy.


Died on Tuesday, March 17th of a Consumption, Mary Renfrew, daughter of William Renfrew, farmer, Mains of Blackstone, in the Parish of Killarchan, Interred on Friday, March the 20th in the Antiburgher Meeting house Yard, in Paisley.


Died on Saturday night, at 11 o�clock March the 21st, Mary White, Wife of James Muir, farmer, Nethertown, of a dumb palsy, aged 56 years. Her remains were interred on March 25th Inchinnan Church Yard. It was remarked by some present that this was the first Funeral which had past the New Bridge of Inchinnan.

P40 1812. MRS SHAW.

Died at Glasgow, Monday May 11th, Margaret Davidson, Wife of Robert Shaw, wright, No 146 Gallowgate.


( From P31.) Saturday, May 17th, the body of John Paul, was found in the Clyde, below Tradestown, after he had been amissing for 15 months. His remains were interred on Monday, May 19th in Inchinnan.

P41 1812. BIRTH.

Wednesday, June 3rd, Mrs Thomas Muir, Lonehead, was delivered of a Daughter, -- Mary.


Friday, June 5th Moses McDonald was executed at Greenock, for Housebreaking theft.


Thursday, June 25th, A Melancholy accident happened at Easter Yondertown. As Matthew White�s horses were grazing loose on the side of the road, Robert Dobie�s Children happened to be amusing themselves at the end of the Old House. On a sudden one of the horses ran off and trod down the youngest (Robert) in consequence of which his scull was fractured. He lingered in a motionless and all most senseless state, till Wednesday following, when he expired at 3 o�clock that morning, (July 1st ). The deceased was a fine boy about years of age. He was interred Thursday July 2nd in the McMillan Church Yard Paisley. No 28.


Tuesday, June 30th Janet Stewart, daughter of the deceased, Allan Stewart, late farmer, in Blackburn, in the Parish of Houston. Was married to Archibald Clark, labourer, Houston.

Birth, Tuesday, July 7th Mrs John Symington, Paisley, of a Daughter, -- Martha.


Married Friday, July 3rd Isabella Whyte, daughter of Widow Whyte, wright, land, Inchinnan, to Peter Tarbert, quarrier, at Mr Fulton�s, Inchinnan.


Died of a Sympany, at Walkinshaw, on Tuesday, August 18th at 8 o�clock morning, James Storrie, late farmer in Easter Walkingshaw in the Parish of Renfrew. His remains were interred on Saturday the 22nd in Govan Church Yard. (age 80 years)


Monday, August 31st Mrs J. Hutchison, Selvieland, was delivered of a son, -- John.


Died at Paisley, after a long illness, on Monday, August 31st Eleanor Muir Wife of the deceased Robert Jackson, Inchinnan Bridge, Buried on Wednesday, September 2nd in Renfrew ChurchYard.


Died at Renfrew, Tuesday, October 20th Jean Naismith, Wife of James Elliot, Buried on Thursday 20th in Renfrew Church Yard.

P44-45 1813. JOHN WHYTE.

Wednesday, January 13th John Whyte, farmer, in Mill of Inchinnan, made an attempt to assassinate his brother in law James Alexander, farmer in Barcloch, Parish of Erskine, by discharging at him a pistol loaded with ball which grazed on the wall, but did him no damage. After this he kept himself concealed for some time, but at last gave himself up to the civil law, when he was committed to Jail, and stood his trial at Glasgow before the Circuit Court of Justiciary on Wednesday the 21st April. He pleaded Guilty of firing a pistol but denied the charge of having a ball in it. The ball being produced the Jury returned their Verdict finding the Prisoner guilty of intended Murder, and he was accordingly sentenced to transportation beyond seas, for 14 years. This encounter happened in James Alexander�s house at Barcloch.


Married at Paisley, Friday, January 15th by the Reverand Walter Blair, John Cumming, Potatoe Dealer, in Paisley to Christian Carmichael, daughter of Dugald Carmichael, in the Parish of Kildalton, and Island Isla.


Died at Paisley, February 10th Mary Watson, Wife of Thomas Campbell, sister of John Watson, farmer, Pointhouse. Burried 13th in the Abbey Church Yard.


Monday, March 15th Mrs Lang, Knock, was delivered of a Daughter, --- Margaret.


Married, Monday, April 12th William Stewart, son of the deceased Allan Stewart, late farmer in Blackburn, to Mary Barr, daughter of Andrew Barr, dikebuilder, and flaxdresser, Houston.


Late on Thursday evening, May 6th James Walker, wright, at Walkinshaw, returning from Paisley by the way leading from Walkinshaw House, to his own home, went off the way, and fell into the Water, and was drowned. As no person was stopping in the with him, he was not missed till Saturday morning following, when the neighbours began to take notice of his absence, suspicion arose in their minds, and search was immediately made on the Banks of the river, and the belts of plantings adjoining. After a short time had been spent in search for him, his body was found near the watery edge, a short way from the place where it was supposed he had fallen in. The unfortunate man had been somewhat intoxicated the night he was lost, which rendered him unable to find his way home. Such are often the baseful effects of intoxication! His remains were interred on Tuesday, May 11th in the Old Relief Church Yard, in Paisley.


Married on Friday, July 2nd Margaret Robertson, daughter of the deceased John Robertson of Wester Halket in the Parish of Dunlop, to John Dickie, son of Dickie, farmer, in the Parish of Stewartown.


Married on Friday, August 6th Thomas White, farmer, Blairock, in the Parish of Houston, and Son of John White, farmer, Little Fullwood, in the Parish of Erskine, to Mary Caldwell, daughter of George Caldwell, bookseller, in Paisley.


Saturday, August 14th Mrs James Hamilton, West Shields, in Govan Parish, was delivered of a Daughter, --- Janet.


Married, on Friday, August 20th Thomas Whyte, son of Widow Whyte, wright, land, Inchinnan, to Janet Steel, daughter of Widow Steel, Paisley.


Died on Thursday, August 26th Matthew Shaw, son of Widow Shaw, Barangry, in the Parish of Erskine, of a Consumption after a long illness. He was interred Saturday, August 28th in Erskine Church Yard.


Monday, October 4th Mrs John Cumming was delivered of a Daughter, -- Marion.

Died at Paisley October 8th Thomas Campbell, Paisley.

P51 1813. JANET MUIR.

Died on Thursday, October 21st at 4 o�clock afternoon. Janet Muir, Daughter of Alexander Muir, potatoe dealer, Inchinnan Bridge. Aged one year, and 7 months.


Died at Netherton, Friday, October 22nd Margaret Hamilton, daughter of James Hamilton Junior, West Shields. She got her self scalded by falling into a Vessel full of Boiling water, on Wednesday, the 20th while stopping with her Grandmother at Netherton. She was aged one year and eleven months. She was buried in Inchinnan Church Yard.


Sunday, December 16th Mrs T. Cumming, Mearns, of a Son, -- Robert.

P52 1814. BIRTH.

Sunday, January 16th Mrs M. Cumming, Cardonald, was delivered of a Daughter, -- Elizabeth.


Died on Thursday, January 27th Mr Thomas Owen, nurseryman in Renfrew, aged 95 years, and on Friday, February 4th his Brother Baillie David Owen, gardener and nurseryman, then aged 91 years.


Died on Friday, January at Newmains, Inchinnan, Elizabeth Watson, Wife of David Smith, aged 81 years. Buried, Tuesday, February 1st in Inchinnan Church Yard.

P53 1814. BIRTH.

Tuesday, February 8th Mrs Arthur Watson, Pointhouse, of a Son, -- John.


Died at the Mains of Blackstone, on Wednesday, February 23rd,William, and on Friday, February 25th James Renfrew, Sons of William Renfrew, farmer, there, both of Consumptions. They were interred on Saturday, the 26th on the Antiburgher, Meetinghouse Yard, Paisley.


Married March John Cumming, youngest Son of Robert Cumming, Paisley to Janet Shaw, daughter of Robert Shaw, labourer in Paisley.


Married, Friday, April 15th Janet Gardner, daughter of James Gardner, late farmer, in Arklestown, to Andrew Rowand, son of James Rowand, late farmer, in Lincleave.


Tuesday, April 24th Mrs Thomas Muir, Lonehead, was delivered of a Son, -- James.

Tuesday, May 27th Mrs Robert Dobie, Paisley, a Daughter, -- Christian.


Saturday, May 4th when the work people were blowing the rock at Mr Fulton�s quarry in Inchinnan Parish, one of the men viz, David Smith, Senior, Greenhead, had his leg so much shattered that an amputation was thought necessary. His body being however, likewise, much bruised, he died that night or early next morning.


Died at Inglistown, Erskine, November William Lang, farmer there. Burried in Erskine Church Yard.

1813. BIRTH.

November Mrs Alexander Muir, Inchinnan Bridge, was delivered of a Son, -- William.


Died at Walkinshaw Porter Lodge, on Wednesday 1st June of a Consumption, John Crawford, son of the deceased Mathew Crawford, late farmer, in Mid Town, Walkinshaw, and Step Son of Widow Crawford, Porter Lodge.


Married on Monday, 13th June, George Gardner, son of the deceased James Gardner, late farmer, in Arklestown, to Mary Smith, daughter of the deceased John Smith, late farmer in Byres, Eastwood. The Wedding was held on Friday, 18th June.


Died at the Manse of Erskine, on Saturday the 6th August, the Reverand Watson Young, Pastor of the Parish of Erskine.


Married on Tuesday, August 30th John Gilmour, son of John Gilmour, farmer, Cockley, in the Parish of Renfrew, to Janet Lyle, daughter of Lyle, farmer near Hurlet.

P57 1814. GAVIN HAMILTON Died on Friday, September 9th Gavin Hamilton, farmer, Browryfield, in the Parish of Inchinnan. His Corpse were conveyed from Browryfield on Tuesday, the 13th and interred in Strathaven Church Yard.


Died on Thursday, October 6th of a Consumption, after a long illness, John Shaw, farmer, Barangry, in the Parish of Erskine. Interred on Saturday October 8th in Erskine Church Yard.


Wednesday, October 19th William Higgins, or Higginson, and Thomas Harold were executed in front of the New Goal of Glasgow, for Highway Robbery. Mr Higgins was about 27 years of age, and Harold about 30.They were Natives of Ireland, were weavers by trade. Higgins was an active well looking man but Harold�s countenace was not so pleasing. They were the two first Criminals that were executed at the New Jail of Glasgow.


Died on Tuesday, December 6th John Nielson, merchant, in Paisley.


Died same day, near Banss, where he had lately gone to reside, John Likely, Esquire, late cashier, of the Union Bank of Paisley.


Died on Monday, December 19th at Galeswhile, Archibald Snodgrass, farmer there, of the Rose in his face after an illness of Ten days. His remains were were interred on Thursday the 22nd in Renfrew Church Yard.


Married on Friday, December 23rd Alexander Gardner, farmer, Lincleave, and second son of the deceased James Gardner, farmer, Arklestown, to Jean Jackson, daughter of William Jackson, farmer, Stanelymuir, in the Abbey Parish of Paisley.


This day about 10 o�clock forenoon, a Violent Storm of Wind arose, accompanied by heavy Showers of Rain, which continued to blow all day and the following night. The Wind being S.W. during the Day, shifted about to the N.W. towards evening, this together with it being Top spring, brought about such an overflow of Water, that the oldest man living never before witnessed the like. The effects of the Storm have been severely felt in Crawfords Dyke and the lower parts of Greenock, and much damage done in the sugar Cellars and wood yards, and great part of the Dykes along the Shore, have been blown down. About 20 Vessels were moored at the Tail of the Bank, which were all blown over to the other side, but they have all since been got off, the greater part however not without sustaining some damage. In some of the Seaports on the West Coast Vessels were going to wreck in the very harbours. Scarcely ever was it seen so high at Renfrew and Inchinnan Bridge, many persons that occupied the ground story had to fly to the story above, and some of the cattle were taken out in Boats. The River Gryfe between Inchinnan and Barryford Bridges, had not risen to such and amazing high for these last 50 years, and perhaps not within the memory of many. About an acre of the Park at the back of the Yard at Wester Yonderton, was under water, and the whole of West Knowe park except a small spot of 2 or 3 falls on the Knowe.

P62 1815. JEAN ORR.

Died on Tuesday 10th January, aged 23, Jean Orr, daughter of Robert Orr, Smith in Houston.


Died on Thursday, February 9th Matthew Crawford, son of Thomas Crawford, Inchinnan Bridge, Buried on Saturday February 11th in Inchinnan Church Yard.


Married, on Friday February 10th Miss Elizabeth Ronald, daughter of William Ronald, farmer, Tilwood to Robert Smith, farmer Byres.


Died on Saturday, the 18th February at the Mains of Blackstone, Mrs Renfrew, Wife of William Renfrew, farmer there. Buried on Wednesday February 22nd in the Antiburgher Church Yard, Paisley.


Died on Monday, March 20th of a long illness, Thomas Crawford, Inchinnan Bridge, buried on Wednesday 22nd in Inchinnan Church Yard.


Married on Tuesday, March 28th Janet Kedder, daughter of John Kedder, farmer, Bogside, to Adam Stewart Renfrew.


Thursday, March the 9th, Robert Craig, farmer, Moss side, near Paisley, was drowned in the Cart, at Barnsford Bridge. He left Barnsford at half past six o�clock in the evening, and was then very much intoxicated. He had taken the road homeward on his way to Paisley, and took the footpath leads to the river at the watering place, Instead of going along the Bridge, he had stepped directly down into the water, where he met with his untimely fate. Search was made and his body was found on Saturday 18th at Easter Walkingshaw, but a short distance from the place where he had fallen in. He has left a Wife and four Children to lament his loss.


Died at Paisley, on Thursday 13th April, James Gardner, late farmer, in Porterfield, buried on Monday, 17th in Renfrew Church Yard.


Died at Paisley, on Wednesday, May 3rd, of a consumption, after along illness, Jean Cumming eldest daughter of Robert Cumming, aged 33 1/2 years. Buried on Saturday May 6th in the Abbey Church Yard.


Friday 5th May, Mrs Cumming, wife of John Cumming, potatoe dealer, Paisley, of a Son, -- John, a Son and Heir.


Died at Paisley, Friday, June 2nd Matthew Wallace, brother of William Wallace, farmer Inchinnan of an inflamation, which at last turned into a mortification, and cut him off in 36 hours continuance.


Died at Paisley, on Thursday, the 22nd June, Robert Paterson, late farmer in Merksworth, Burried on Monday, the 26th June.


Married on Friday, 23rd June, Janet Orr, daughter of William Orr, Smith, in Houston, to John Mitchell, servant with John Kirkwood, farmer, Netherfield, in the Parish of Houston.


Married on Friday, 23rd June, Jean Bryson, daughter of the deceased John Bryson, Renfrew, to Robert Lyle, cloth merchant, in Greenock, stepson of John Hamilton, tailor, in Renfrew.

P67 1815. MRS MUIR.

Died on Friday, July 28th after an illness of six months, Martha Muir, wife of George Muir, farmer, Middle Henderston, in the Abbey Parish of Paisley, in the 60th year of her age. Burried on Thursday, August the 3rd in No 156 Antiburgher Meetinghouse Yard, Paisley.


Married on Tuesday, the 8th August William Carruth, farmer Birkenhead in the Parish of Killallan, to Mary Barr, daughter of John Barr, farmer, Wraes, in the Parish of Huston. She is a Cousin of his own, The Wedding was held the same day at the Birkenhead.


Married on Tuesday, 15th August Ann Renfrew, daughter of William Renfrew, farmer, Mains of Blackstone, to Thomas Lees, weaver, Barhead.

P68 1815. ACCIDENT.

Died at Kinghorn on the Coast of Fife, on Wednesday, the 16th August, John Smith, Skipper and Partner of the Sloop, Pilgrim, of Greenock. He got his leg shattered upon the 9th,when the Vessel was entering the Harbour of Kinghorn. As the Surgeons could not get the wound stopped from bleeding amputation was found necessary. The operation was performed on the 16th and he died in less than two hours after. His Corpse were conveyed to Leith, and from thence to Inchinnan, where he was interred on Monday the 21st August.


Married on Tuesday, August 22nd, William Renfrew, farmer, Mains of Blackstone, to his servant girl, Jean Erskine. His former wife died only 5 months before.


Married on Friday, 15th September, John Wright, son of Peter Wright, gardner, Nethercommon, to Jean Jamieson, daughter of Mathew Jamieson, late farmer, in Meiklerigs, in the Abbey Parish of Paisley.


Thursday, September 14th, the Reverend Andrew Stewart was ordained Pastor of the Parish of Erskine, vacant by the decease of the Reverend Walter Young, He was translated from the Parish of Bolton in Haddington shire. He was the first Minister in the New Church.

P70 1815. ROBERT PAUL.

Died on the 15th or 16th September, Robert Paul, wright, in Erskine.


Died on Friday, October 6th, William Keter, son of Thomas Keter, farmer, Whitehough, near Paisley.


Died on Sunday, October 8th, David Smith, farmer, Oldmainy, Inchinnan. Burried on Thursday, October 12th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.


Died on Monday, October 23rd, Elizabeth Stewart, wife of William Whitehill, Renfrew, of a dumb palsy. Burried on Wednesday, October 25th, in Renfrew Church Yard.

P71 1815. ACCIDENT.

Monday, October 29th, William Barr, farmer, Faulds, in the Parish of Killarchan, and late farmer, in Blairock in the Parish of Houston, was found drowned in the Canal at Johnston. He had been intoxicated the night before and walking on the Banks of the Canal had fallen in where he met with his untimely fate.


Monday, October 30th, Mrs A. Gardener, Lincleave, was delivered of twins, a Son and Daughter, -- James and Jean.


Died on Thursday, November 16th. of a Cramp in the Stomach, Marion Park, wife of John Park, farmer, Gockstone, near Paisley, Burried on Tuesday the 21st, in the High Church Yard.


Married at Paisley, Friday, November 10th, Catherine Muir, to James Kerr, labourer, Glasgow.


Died on Monday, November 20th, of a long illness, William Blackwood, Barzeal. Burried on Wednesday the 26th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.


Married at Paisley, on Tuesday, November 28th, John Mc,Kaig, alias, John Mc.Lachlan, to Girzel Brown, daughter of Hugh Brown, labourer, Paisley.


Friday, December 15th Mrs I. Wright, Nethercommon of a Daughter, -- Marion.


Thursday, November 30th. An house heating was held at Netherton in the New House lately built where a great number of Friends were assembled, and spent the evening in great mirth and harmony.


Tuesday, December 12th, Married at Paisley, by the Reverend Walter Blair, Alexander Muir, son of James Muir, farmer, Nethertown, to Margaret Jackson, daughter of James Jackson, late farmer in Yorker, now in Ireland.


Married on Friday, December 29th, at Arkleston, Mathew Gardner, son of the deceased James Gardner, farmer, Arkleston, to Elizabeth Frame, in the Parish of Bothwell.


Died on Sunday, December 31st, George Houston, Esquire, Johnstone. He was interred with great pomp and 33 Carriages attended his Funeral on Monday the 9th of January, to the Abbey Church Yard.


Died on Saturday, January 6th, of the Small Pox, Ann Blackwood, daughter of Andrew Blackwood, Labourer, Barzeal, in Inchinnan.


Friday, January 19th, Archibald Snodgrass, Junior, removed from Easter Walkinshaw, to Gallow hill, having cropped that farm for 8 years, during which it is said he lost 800 pounds. It was immediately taken possession of by Andrew Jack, formerly of Priesthill, in the Abbey Parish of Paisley.


Died on Monday, January 22nd, James Elliot, Renfrew, Burried Wednesday, 24th in Renfrew Church Yard.


Married on Tuesday, January 23rd, Elizabeth Muir, daughter, of George Muir, farmer, Henderston, to John Hosie, son of John Hosie, farmer, Hurlet, The Wedding was held on Friday, the 26th at the Hurlet.


Friday, February 2nd Mrs J. Hamilton at West Shields, in the Parish of Govan, delivered of a Daughter, -- Margaret.


Thursday, February 15th Paisley Fair Day. James Carruth, farmer of Birkenhead, in the Parish of Killallan, was returning from market between 7 and 8 o�clock at night, on the way leading from Blackstone to his own house. As the road leads along but a short distance on the South side of the River Gryfe, and the night being uncommonly dark, he lost his way, and wandered down on the Selvieland holm. As the road from Paisley to Houston leads directly along the opposite bank, some persons that were passing at the time heard the noise of a person walking on the South side, and seemed to approach very near the brink of the river. They immediately halted and cried out who was there, and where was going. He answered by his name, that he was going to Birkenhead. They told him that he was off the way, and that if he did not keep a good way up to the left hand, he would undoubtedly fall into the river. He accordingly followed their directions, and kept up to the left for a considerable way, but coming to a place where the river takes a turn round the west side of the holm, he unfortunately fell into the water. In this distressing situation he was heard to say, �Is there no help for me��. No help from man was found, the darkness of the night, and the steepness of the banks, and the depth of the river, prevented those on the other side from lending him any assistance. They immediately went to his house and informed his friends of what had happened who came early next morning, and traced his footsteps to the place where had fallen in. After diligent search his body was found on Sunday following at 12 o�clock, at the conflux of the Gryfe with the Black Cart, opposite Walkinshaw, about a mile below where had fallen in. The place where he fell in was about 16 feet deep. He was interred on Wednesday, Feburary 21st, in Houston Church Yard. His friends waked his Corpse for 4 weeks.


Married on Tuesday, Feburary 13th, Peter Algie, youngest son of John Algie, farmer, Broomlands, Inchinnan, to Margaret Killoch, daughter of the deceased William Killoch late farmer in Freeland. The Wedding was held on Friday the 16th, at the Broomlands.


Married on Friday, March 22nd, John Houston, potatoe dealer, Paisley, to Agness Muir, sixth daughter of George Muir, farmer, Middle Henderston, in the Abbey Parish of Paisley. He is commenced grocer in that shop No 27. lately occupied by William Wallace at the end of the Sneddon Bridge, Paisley.


Friday, April 19th, Margaret Lang, daughter of the deceased William Lang, farmer, Ingliston, was married to John King, son of Alexander King, wright, in Erskine.


Wednesday, April 3rd, Mrs Watson, Pointhouse, of a Son, -- James.

P80 1816. JAMES MUIR.

Died on Monday, April 29th, James Muir, farmer, Nethertown of about 10 days illness and was able to walk about till with three days of his death. His disorder began like the the Rose in his right leg, On Saturday the 27th, he fell dangerous ill, and a combination of disorders having centered in his body, put a period to his existence at half past six o�clock in the evening of the 29th He was born at Garnaland, in the Parish of Inchinnan, on the 27th of January 1751, consequently he would be 65 years of age, on the 27th of January last. He was interred on Thursday, May 2nd, in Inchinnan Church Yard. About 190 persons attended the Funeral. His friends night waked his Corpse for 4 weeks.

P81-83 1816 BAZIL RONALD.

Wednesday, 1st, Bazil Ronald, farmer, Laigh Parks, near Paisley, went into Glasgow on business, and was only returning home, on a Carter�s Cart on the morning of Friday following. He arrived at Inchinnan Bridge at half past 3 o�clock Alexander Muir went into the Toll, and called for a gill of Rum, when Alexander Muir, who had been watching the grave of his departed farther, the night before, happened to come into the Toll. He was surprised to find him there at such an unreasonable hour. At first he did not know him he having got his face very sore cut, which he reported to have got from two coal driver�s in Glasgow, with whom he had been fighting. After some conversation together, Alexander Muir advised him to go home, which at first seemed a little reluctant in doing, but at last by his persuasion, was forced to comply. He took the foot path on the river side leading to Paisley, and Alexander Muir returned home to Nethertown. He kept straight on, till he came nearly opposite to the Netherton house. James Bryce, who was standing in the Toll house door observed him to make a turn or two backwards, and then forwards as if hesitating which way to go, and then looking to the river, he immediately stript himself, wrapt his clothes in his pocket handkerchief, and left them lying on the bank, and then plunged directly into the river. James Bryce seeing him make this desperate attempt, immediately ran for assistance, and with all possible speed hastened to the place but before they arrived he was sunk to rise no more. Search was made but his body was not found till next day at 12 o�clock. He was interred on Thursday, May 9th, in the Abbey Church Yard, Paisley. The deceased was only about 26 years of age. The unhappy circumstances attending the death of this unfortunate young man should be a warning to all and specially to Youth to beware of bad company, which lead the unsuspecting youth astray from the paths of virtue and plunge into there habits of vice and vulgarity which sink the soul in misery, and often terminate in an untimely end.


Tuesday morning, May 21st, John Ramsay, flesher, in Paisley, made an attempt of making away with himself by driving a knife to his heart, and succeeded in his desperate purpose. In consequence of which he died soon after.

P84 1816. R. L. HENDERSON.

Married about the end of May, Robert Loudon Henderson, Collectors of Customs, Port Glasgow, and son of Robert Henderson, farmer, Linburn, in the Parish of Inchinnan, to Miss Helen Nichol, daughter of Mr Thomas Nichol, boat builder, Crawfords dyke, Greenoch.


Died at Renfrew, on Monday June 10th, of a strong inflammation, accompanied by a fever, Francis Hunter, travelling agent, for Mrs William Lochhead, bookseller, Berwich.


Thursday, June 13th, Mrs T. Muir, Lonehead, was delivered of a Son, -- Thomas.


Married at Paisley, Tuesday, 11th June, Elizabeth Blair, daughter of Robert Blair, farmer, Inchinannan, to Robert Hay, clerk to the Canal Company, Paisley.


Died at West Shields, near Govan, on Wednesday, 12th June, James Hamilton, Junior, of a Consumption after a long illness. Burried on Saturday, 15th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.


Married on Friday, 14th June, John Hood, son of John Hood, Carrier, Paisley, to Janet Ranton, daughter of William Ranton, farmer, Little Crosshill, in the Parish of Erskine.


Married at Paisley, Tuesday, June 18th, John White, farmer, Fullwood, to Jean Arthur, Moss Street, Paisley. The Wedding was held on Friday, the 21st, at Meikle, Fullwood, where he has gone to reside.


Married at Paisley, Tuesday, July 2nd, Janet White, eldest daughter of Mathew White, farmer, Easter Yonderton, in the Parish of Renfrew, to James Snodgrass, second son of James Snodgrass, farmer, Portnauld, in the Parish of Inchinnan. The Wedding was held on Friday the 5th, at Portnauld.

P87 1816. ACCIDENT.

Thursday, July 4th, Mathew Fleming, innkeeper, at Rosslin, (late of Loganwells) returning on horseback from Greenock Fair, while galloping through Port Glasgow, his horse stumbled and he fell, and his head was so much bruised that he die soon after.


Sunday, morning at 7 o�clock, 7th July, William Bertram, grocer, Moss Street, Paisley, committed the horrid deed of suicide upon his body by cutting his throat. The unhappy man died immediately.


Married at Paisley, on Tuesday, July 16th, John Langmuir, potatoe dealer, son of the deceased James Langmuir, Paisley to Langmuir, daughter of Robert Langmuir, farmer, Old Barr. The Wedding was held on Friday the 19th July, at the Three Mile House, where they have gone to reside.


Early on Friday morning, July 19th, Andrew Holmes, Mrs McKean, and Robert Young, Inchinnan, were lodged in Paisley Tolbooth for assaulting and beating two of the watchmen in Paisley, whereby one of them had his eyes much hurt and the other had his leg broken. They were liberated on bail upon Wednesday, 24th July, and tried at the Circuit Court of Justiciary at Glasgow on Friday, 27th September for their sentence see Page 93.


Died at Paisley, on Saturday, 20th July, Charles Hill, gardener and vintner, St James Street, Paisley, His death was occasioned by a fall from horse when returning from Glasgow Fair on Wednesday, 17th, he having got his head much bruised. He received a similar fall about 9 months before.


Died on Friday, July 26th, at two o�clock morning, James Muir, eldest son of Thomas Muir, farmer, Lonehead, after 4 months illness aged 2 years and 3 months. In the month of April he had the Scarlet Fever, and the disorder of which he died began soon after. Buried on Saturday, 27th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

P90 1816. MARY WHITE.

Married on Tuesday, 30th, July, Mary White daughter of John Whyte, farmer, Little Fullwood, to John Stewart, farmer, Millhill, son of John Stewart, farmer, Hawtown, in the Parish of Erskine. The Wedding was held on Friday, 2nd, August at Millhill.

BIRTH. Monday, August 5th Mrs A. Muir, Nethertown, of a Son, -- James. �One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh�.


Died on Friday, August 23rd, Janet Wilson, Wife of Thomas Parker, ploughman to Robert Spiers, farmer, Abbots Inch, she was delivered of a child on Friday 16th and on Sunday following she took the Scarlet Fever which carried her of on the 23rd. She was buried on Saturday, the 24th, in Mr Spiers lair, No 117. Old Relief Church Yard, Paisley.


Wednesday, August 28th, Archibald Storie, residing at Walkinshaw, was unfortunately drowned in the river Black Cart near Blackstone. Mr Spiers, farmer, Abbots Inch, had a Roup of Growing Cross that day, at which Mr Storie had as clerk, after the business of the day was over, a hearty dinner was prepared, and the company retired at a late hour to their several hones. On his way homewards he strayed from the road leading to his own house, entered Blackstone Gate, wandered through a Park of Corn, and a field of potatoes, and coming in contact with the river he unfortunately fell in, where he met with his untimely fate. He being missed next morning search was made in the Moss and the adjoining fields, where they traced his footsteps to the very place where had fallen in. Accordingly early on Friday morning boats were got to the place, where after about a quarter of an hours search his body was found only a few yards from the place where he had entered the water. Interred on Wednesday, 3rd September, in Govan ChurchYard, The deceased was 46 years of age.

P93 1816. McKEAN, HOLMES, and YOUNG.

Friday, September, Mr McKean, labourer, and Andrew Holmes and Robert Young, wrights, Inchinnan were tried at the Circuit Court of Justiceary at Glasgow, accused of assaulting and beating Duncan Mc Pherson, and Robert Sim, Police watchman in Paisley. After a trial of some length the charge was proven against Holmes and Young, and they were sentenced to 12 months imprisonment in Paisley Jail, to pay a fine of 25 Pounds each, besides expenses, and to find bail to keep the peace for 3 Years. Mc Kean was dismissed from the Bar.


Sunday, September 29th, Mrs P. Algie, Broomslands, Inchinnan, of a daughter.

Wednesday, October 9th, Mrs I. McKaig, Paisley, of a Daughter, -- Agness


Died on Monday, September 30th, Arthur Watson, farmer, Lees, in the Parish of Catheart, and brother to John Watson, farmer, Pointhouse, in the Parish of Renfrew. Burried on Friday, October 4th, in Catheart Church Yard.


Thursday, October 17th, John Hogg, carter, in Renfrew, attempted to put a period to his existence by cutting his throat with a razor, but was prevented from executing the horrid deed. The wound however, proved fatal, for inconsequence thereof he died on Friday, 1st November. The deceased would be about 60 years of age. Buried on Monday, November the 4th. in Renfrew Church Yard.

P95 1816. NEIL LEITCH.

Died on Monday, November 4th, Neil Leitch, boatman, in Renfrew. Buried on Wednesday, November 6th, in Renfrew Church Yard.


Married at Renfrew, Friday, November 8th, William Whitehill, weaver, and flesher, there to his third Wife, Mary Dunn, he first married Christian Mitchell, daughter of John Mitchell, Renfield. She died and he afterwards married Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of Alexander Stewart, Inchinnan. She died October 23rd 1815. He has now got his third Wife, although he will be about 70 years of age.


Died on Monday, November 25th, Mirren Wright, daughter of John Wright, Nethercommon, of a Bowel complaint, aged 11months and 10 days. Buried on Wednesday 27th in the Gaelic Chapel Yard, Paisley.

P96 1816. MRS LANGMUIR. Died on Thursday, November 28th, Craig, Wife of John Langmuir, farmer, Cardonald, in the Abbey Parish of Paisley, She had her leg amputated on Sunday, November 17th of a white swelling, which had begun 27 years before, and at that time it was thought an operation would have been necessary, but the part healed up and did not break out again till the beginning of January last, which continued to grow worse till the time it was cut off, but the disorder was too far advanced before an operation was performed. Buried on Monday, December 2nd, in Abbey Church Yard.

P97 1816. BIRTH.

Friday, November 29th, Mrs J. Hossie, Hurlet, of a Son.


Sunday night, November 26th. As Stewart Lyle and another lad were walking in Bridgeton, Glasgow, they were attacked by five ruffians by whom they were both knocked down. The other lad got up and ran for assistance, on the arrival of which the villains made off without either getting his watch or his money. However, the wounds, which had been inflicted on his head, having been made by means of some iron instrument had caused a fracture in his scull, and his legs were cut in a most barbarous manner. In consequence of which he died on Tuesday, 3rd December, at 8 o�clock morning. The deceased was a young man about 23 years of age. He was buried on Monday, 6th December in Renfrew Church Yard and a Moresafe was placed on his grave to prevent his body from being uplifted.

MORESAFES Moresafes for placing over graves to prevent the bodies being uplifted were invented about 1814. The first placed in Renfrew Church Yard was on the grave of Mrs James Wilson who died in Summer 1816, and the first in Inchinnan Church Yard, was placed over the grave of my Sister Janet, who died in February, 1818. It was from Hume and Holms, Paisley, was rented for 30 days at one shilling a night and five shillings more were charged for laying and removing. Mortsafe Societies have since been established in many Parishes, and the charge is now reduced to a fifth part of the above sum.


December 16th, on Monday, Mrs Muir, in Greenock, was delivered of a Son, -- Mathew.


Died on Thursday, December 19th, of Consumption, Agness Ralston, sister of Gavin Ralston, farmer, Mossland, in the Parish of Renfrew. Burried on Monday, December 23rd in the Abbey Church Yard, Paisley.

P99 1816. FIRE.

Tuesday, night, December 24th, between 8 and 9 o�clock, a fire broke out at the farm of Aitkens, in the Parish of Kilbarchan, possessed by Alexander Caldwell. The fire originated from a candle in the Stables, which communicated to some straw in the loft above, and spread so rapidly that in little more than a quarter of an hour the whole roof was in flames. The dwelling house being under a seperate roof the flames did not reach it, but the Barn Byre, Stables, and Milkhouse, were all burnt down, and a cow, and a good horse of 5 years old were consumed to ashes.


Died on Sunday, January 5th, at 9 o�clock at night, Robert Cumming, aged 72 years. He was only about 14 days confined to his bed. He died at Robert Dobie�s house, Dyers, Wynd, Paisley. Interred on Wednesday January 8th in the Abbey Church Yard, Paisley.


Married on Tuesday, January 7th, Robert Caldwell, dyer, Paisley, and son of George Caldwell, bookseller, to Miss Aitken, daughter of James Aitken, wright, Bridge of Weir, in the Parish of Houston.

PLOUGHING. Tuesday, January 21st, Thirty three Ploughs, were collected at Walkinshaw, on Mr Knox�s farm (lately possessed by Robert Cameron,) to give him a days ploughing.

P101 1817. ANDREW JACK.

Friday, January 24th, Andrew Jack, farmer, Easter Walkinshaw, was married to Agness Jack, daughter of Jack in the Parish of New Monkland, and the Wedding was held at Easter Walkinshaw, in the Parish of Renfrew. He took possession of his new farm this day twelve months, and this day he got home his new Wife, who is a Cousin of his own.


Sunday, January 26th, Died at Renfrew, Daniel Stewart, Flesher, Burried on Wednesday, January 29th, in Renfrew Church Yard.


Married, on Monday, January 27th, Elizabeth Lang, daughter of the deceased William Lang, farmer, Inglistown, in the Parish of Erskine, to Jame Walker, potatoe dealer, in Erskine.


Died at Paisley, Monday, January 27th, the Reverend James Smith, one of the Ministers of the Abbey Church, Burried, Monday, February 3rd, in Abbey Church Yard.


Saturday, February 8th, Alexander Muir, grocer, in Greenock, became Bankrupt.


The New Coin, of Silver, was issued from the 13th of February to the 15th March, it consisted of Half-Crowns, Shillings, and Sixpences.

P103 1817. JOHN LAIRD.

Died at Paisley, Thursday, February 20th, of a dumb palsy, John Laird, late farmer, in Turniland, Inchinnan, Burried Saturday, February 27th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.


Died on Thursday, February 27th, at Inglistown, Erskine, Widow Lang, relict of the deceased William Lang, farmer there, of a Chronic disorder, or Cancer in the throat after an illness of 7 or 8 months, Burried on Saturday, March 1st, in Erskine Church Yard.


Married on Friday, March 7th, James Yule, farmer, Blackhall, near Paisley, and son of was married to Stevenson, daughter of Stevenson, farmer.

P104 1817. PETER DONALD.

Married on Friday, March 7th, Peter Donald, farmer in Faulds, in the Parish of Kilbarchan, son of James Donald, late farmer in Rashielle, in the Parish of Inchinnan, to Jean Allison, daughter of Robert Allison, farmer in West Porton, in the Parish of Erskine.


Married on Friday, March 21st, John White, farmer, Greenhead, and son of John White, late farmer, in Mill of Inchinnan, to Mary Steele, daughter of Widow Steele, Paisley, and a sister of Thomas White�s wife, wright land. Her father Robert Steele, was sometime, a farmer at Elderslie, before he died. The Wedding was held the same day at Greenhead.

P105 1817. ACCIDENT.

Saturday, February 22nd, Mrs Smith, Wife of James Smith, brickmaker, Nethercommon, near Paisley, went amissing. She had been in Paisley that afternoon, and had lost her way. The night was dark and stormy, and the river much swollen by the rain which had previously fallen out. Next morning she was missing, and suspicion arose in the mind of relations, of her being in the water, and accordingly search was made for several days, but without effect, and was at last given up, Her body was found on Sunday, the 6th April, at Inchinnan Bridge, after she had been amissing for 6 weeks.


March, Mathew Robertson, merchant in Paisley, made a failure in his business.


March, The Partenership between Robert Wallace and Alexander Craig, Hawkhead Mill, was dissolved.


Married on Friday, March 28th, John Snodgrass, Cardonald Mill, and eldest son of James Snodgrass, farmer, Portnauld, in the Parish of Inchinnan, to Agness Miller, daughter of James Miller, farmer in Chapple, in the Barony Parish of Glasgow. The Wedding was held the same day at Cardonald Mill in the Abbey Parish of Paisley.

P107 1817. HOLMES and YOUNG.

Monday, April 7th, Robert Young and Andrew Holmes were liberated from Paisley Tolbooth, having received their Reprieve through favour of Boyd Alexander, Esquire, Southbarr.


Monday, April 7th, Mr Love, son of Love, farmer, Hunterhill, in the Abbey Parish of Paisley, sailed from for Sweden, he having got a Birth as ploughman to the King of that Country.


Friday, April 25th, James Gardner, son of George Gardner, farmer, Barskivan, in the Abbey Parish of Paisley, was married to Widow Mc Gowan, Paisley, and daughter of James Love, farmer, Hunterhill in the Abbey Parish. The Wedding was held the same day at in the Parish of


Died of a Fever after 14 days illness in the Island of Islay, Marion Brown, daughter of Hugh Brown, labourer, Paisley, Friday, April 25th .


Saturday, May 3rd Anderson, Precentor in High Church, of Paisley, deprived himself of existence by drowning.


Sunday, April 27th, Mrs I. Houston, Grocer, Paisley, of a Son.

P109 1817 BIRTHS.

Thursday, May 1st, Mrs J. Smith, Newmains, Inchinnan, of a Daughter.

Friday, May 16th, Mrs Muir, wife of James Muir, manufacturer, Paisley, of a Daughter, -- Jean.


Died at Porter Lodge, Walkinshaw, Sunday, June 1st, at 2 o�clock morning, Jean Crawford, daughter of the deceased Mathew Crawford late farmer in Mid Town of Walkinshaw, of a Consumption after an illness of 6 months. Aged 24 years. Burried on Tuesday, June 3rd in the Abbey Church Yard, Paisley. Of 18 of his children of whom 11 were by Jean White his first wife, and when 63 years of age he married Mary Mc Kellar, by whom he had 7 children. Of the whole 4 are now living viz. James and William by the former, and Boyd and Henry by the latter.


Died at Paisley, on Monday, 2nd June, Gavin Fleming, Mason and Keeper of the Mason Lodge, Burried on Wednesday, June 4th .


Married Adam Snodgrass, son of the deceased Archibald Snodgrass, late farmer in Gallow hill, to Janet Gebbie, daughter of John Gebbie, farmer in Byres, in the Parish of Galston, Ayrshire. The Wedding was held at Paisley, on Friday, August 6th ,


Friday, July 4th, Jean Reid, daughter of was married to Allison, The Wedding was held at Bromsfield little house the same day.

P111 1817. ROBERT BLAIR.

Friday, July 4th, Margaret Blair, daughter of Robert Blair, farmer, Town of Inchinnan, was married to her Cousin, Robert Blair, son of The Wedding was held at the Town of Inchinnan, the same day.


Tuesday, July 2nd, Mrs R. Dobie, Paisley, was delivered of a Daughter. -- Jean. She died on Sunday, July 13th, 11 days after delivery. She having had occasion to do the domestic business of the family had caught cold, and too little care or attention had been paid to her as was requisite for one in her condition, The Surgeon who attended her imputed this as one of the leading causes of her death. She was interred on Thursday, July 17th, in No 28 in the Reformed Presbyterian Church Yard, Paisley. She was aged 33 years.

P112 1817. EMIGRATION. Sunday, July 20th, John Young, son of William Young, farmer, Roslin, in the Parish of Erskine, and Mathew White, Newmains, Inchinnan, sailed from Greenock on Board the Brig, Union, of New York, destined for that Port.


Friday, June 27th, Alexander Muir, grocer in Greenock, went amissing.

P113 1817. Mrs SYMINGTON.

Tuesday, June 24th, Mrs Symington, wife of John Symington, wright, in Paisley, went wrong in her mind. Having been for sometime before much troubled with a headache, she was advised to try the use Bath. She had accordingly on the preceding day gone to Mr Gibbs Baths for that purpose. The Keeper of the bath had locked the door and neglecting to open it at the time appointed she was detained more than an hour after bathing, and at last she came out at a Window in the Bathing House. The gloominess of the place together with her weak state of mind, rendered the application of the Bath, instead of mitigating her disorder, considerably to increase it. She got home in a very confused state and next morning was quite insane. Her friends were forced to keep her sometime after confined to prevent her from doing harm to herself or those who attended her. She was getting better about the 10th August.


Wednesday, August 20th, Jean Stevenson, daughter of Charles Stevenson, farmer Merksworth, was married to Robert Liggat son of Liggat

The Wedding was held the same day at the Merksworth, where they reside.


Sunday, August 24th, William Snodgrass, Gallowhill, son of the deceased Archibald Snodgrass, late farmer, there went wrong in his mind. He was struck speechless as he attended Divine Service, in the New Relief Church, Paisley, and was carried out by 4 men. He is said to have been once disordered in mind before. He was getting better about the beginning of September.


Died at Paisley, Sunday, August 24th, at 5 o�clock morning, William Hector, keeper of the Saracens Head Inn. He took a severe Colic, at 4 o�clock that morning, which cut him off in an hours continuance, he is said however, not to have so well this sometime past, it is also said to have been a brain fever. He was buried on Wednesday, August 27th, in the High Church Yard. He is said to have been the heaviest man in Paisley. Boyd expected his weight being 15 Stone.

P116 1817. EMIGRATION.

April Andrew Kirkwood, weaver, and son of Kirkwood, with his Wife Baird, daughter of James Baird, Paisley, with 5 children, sailed from Greenock on board the Alexander, for Pittsburgh, State of North America.


Died at Paisley, Monday morning, August 25th Houston, son of John Houston, grocer, aged 3 months and 29 days. For a considerable time previous to his death, he was much troubled with a bowel complaint, and his mother found him dead in her bosom when she awoke on the morning of the above mentioned day. Burried on Wednesday, August 27th.


Monday, September 15th, James Gardner, farmer, Arklestown, in the Parish of Paisley, was Married to Daisie Smith, youngest daughter of the deceased John Smith late farmer in Byres in the Parish of Eastward. The Wedding was held the same evening at Arklestown, but the Bride did not come home till Saturday the 1st November.


Married at Paisley, Monday, September 22nd, George Frazer, Foundling, to Elizabeth Gardner, eldest daughter of James Gardner, wright, in Paisley. The Wedding was held the same day, in Paisley.


Married on Tuesday, September 23rd, at Paisley, Mary Lennox, youngest daughter of John Lennox, Inchinnan, in the Parish of Renfrew, to John Mc Gregor, grocer, Love Street, Paisley, son of the deceased McGregor. The Wedding was held the same day at his house in Love Street.


September Married at Paisley, Jean Snodgrass, daughter of the deceased Archibald Snodgrass late farmer, in Gallowhill, to Kerr, weaver, Cotton Street, son of Kerr, grocer, Cotton Street. The Wedding was held the same day at Paisley.


Died at 3 o�clock, on Saturday morning, October 11th, Hugh Muir, son of George Muir, farmer, Middle Henderston, in the Abbey Parish of Paisley, after an illness of near two years, aged His remains were interred on Tuesday, October 14th, in No 156 Antiburgher Church Yard, Paisley.


Alexander Muir, late grocer, in Greenock, was at Ingliston, on Sunday, 12th October, and stopped there that night, and went away next morning. He says he has been employed in the shearing wheat in England, during the harvest. His effects were rouped at Greenock in August last, since which time his Wife and family have stopped with her brother, William Lang at Inglistown.

P120 1817. BIRTH.

Wednesday, October 22nd, Mrs R. Blair, Junior, Town of Inchinnan, was delivered of a Daughter.


Married at Paisley, Tuesday, November 11th, by the Reverand Walter Blair, James Jamieson, gardner, Walkingshaw, and son of the deceased Jamieson Lochwinnock, to Jean Stewart, Dairymaid, same place, and daughter of John Jamieson, bleacher, Meiklerigs in the Abbey Parish of Paisley. The Wedding was held at her Father�s house at Meiklerigs the same evening. They have removed to Lesma, Glasgow, he having got a Birth as gardner, to a Gentleman in that Parish.


Died at Park, near Greenock, on Wednesday, November 12th ,Baillie Gemmil, Esquire of Countess Well, of a dumb palsy, after a weeks illness . He had a shock of the same disorder about six months ago. He was aged 84 years. Buried on Saturday, November 15th.


Died at Kilmalcolm Manse, on Monday, November 17th, the Reverend John Brown, Pastor of the Parish, of a dumb palsy, after a few days illness. His remains were interred on Wednesday, November 19th, in Kilmalcolm Church Yard.


Died at Balfour Bridge, on Thursday, November 20th, William Allan, labourer, of age and frailty. Buried on Saturday, 22nd, in Paisley.

P122 1817. ANDREW HOLMS.

Married at Paisley, Friday, November 21st, Andrew Holms, wright, with James Mckean, Inchinnan, to


Friday, November 21st, Mrs J. Snodgrass, Junior, Portnauld, of a Son, -- James.

Monday, November 24th, Mrs A. Jack. Easter Walkingshaw, of a Son.


Tuesday, November 25th Married at Paisley by the Reverend Mr Bogg, Christian Munro, late servant with James Smith, farmer, Newmains, Inchinnan, daughter of Munro, labourer, Bunaw, to James Adam, late servant with James Smith, he is engaged for the ensuing Term, with William Young, farmer, Greens, near Linwood, and she set off on Wednesday, December 10th, to the Highlands intending to pass the Winter on the Braes of Lorn, her Native Hills.

P123 1817. BIRTH. Tuesday, November 25th, Mrs J. Cumming, William Paisley, was delivered of Twins, 2 Sons.


Tuesday, November 25th, Walter Robertson, grocer, High Street, Paisley, became Bankrupt a second time.

P123-124 JEAN MUIR. Wednesday, December 3rd, Jean Muir, Youngest daughter of George Muir, farmer, Middle Henderston, in the Abbey Parish of Paisley, was married at Glasgow to James Oustown, late servant with William Knox, farmer, Walkinshaw. The Wedding was held on Friday, December 5th in Tradestown, where they have taken up their residence.


Married on Friday, December 12th, Henry Lighton, potatoe dealer, Paisley, to Laird, daughter of Laird, farmer, Lawfield, in the Parish of The Wedding was held the same day in Paisley, where they reside.


Married on Friday, December 5th Boyd Crawford, Son of the deceased Matthew Crawford, late farmer in Middle Town of Walkingshaw to ?? The Wedding was held the same evening at James Crawfords, St. George Inn, Paisley. They have taken up house at his Mothers at the Porter Lodge at Walkingshaw.


Saturday, December 13th, William Walker, potatoe dealer, Renfrew, sailed from Port Glasgow for Grenada, he having engaged with a Company in Glasgow, for a Birth in that Settlement. He has left his business at home in a very confused state.


Died at Yonderton on Friday, at half past 8 o�clock, October 10th, 1817, John aged 13 months, of a teething fever after ten days illness. Interred on Monday, October 13th, in John McLean�s lair No 154 Gaelic Chapel Yard, Paisley.


Margaret Smith, daughter of the deceased David Smith, late farmer, in Oldmains, Inchinnan to John Watt, late servant with her brother, They have gone to reside at Rutherglen.


Saturday, 17th January, Agness Wright, was delivered of a Daughter.


Died at Paisley, on Saturday, 24th January, Mrs Wilson, Wife of James Wilson, manufacturer, of the Rose in face. Buried on Thursday, January 29th in Paisley.


Friday, January 30th, William Killoch, sailed in a vessel from Greenock, destined for St Vincents, West Indies.

P127 1818. BIRTH.

Monday, February 9th, Mrs J Burnside, Renfrew of a Son, -- Robert.


Married at Renfrew, on Friday, February 20th, John Materston, carter with Mr John Colguhoun, to Martha Boyd, daughter of George Boyd, wright, in Renfrew.


Married on Tuesday, February 24th, Agness Wright, daughter of Peter Wright, gardner, Nethercommon to Francis Stevenson, farmer in Merksworth, and Son of Charley Stevenson.

P128 1818. MRS FULTON.

Died on Thursday, the 5th March, Lady Fulton, of Park, in the Parish of Inchinnan, aged 73 years. Her remains were interred on Thursday, the 12th , in Inchinnan Church Yard.


Friday, March 6th, Mrs J McKaig, Moss Street, Paisley, of a Son, -- John.

Tuesday, March 17th, Mrs A Watson, Pointhouse of a Son, -- Arthur.

JAMES DONALD. Died on Wednesday, March 11th, James Donald, grocer, and Police Officer, Newtown, Paisley of a short illness. Buried on Saturday 14th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

P129 1818. MRS BURNS.

Died suddenly on Sunday, March 22nd, as she was going to Church Mrs Burns, Wife of the Reverend Thomas Burns, Renfrew. As she was putting her hand into her pocket in order to give some collection, she instantly dropped down. She was immediately carried to a house, and surgical assistance was immediately processed, but she expired in about two hours, without speaking a word. Her remains were interred on Thursday, 26th, in Renfrew Church Yard.


Died at Paisley, on Sunday, April 5th, Isabella Cumming, daughter of Moses Cumming, of a bowel complaint after an illness of 5 days, aged Buried on Wednesday 8th in the Abbey Church Yard Paisley.


Died at Dumbarton, on Friday, 10th, April, the Reverend James Oliphant in the 84 years of his age and 54 of his ministry. He was Licensed at Islay by the Presbytery of Wintyre in May 1762 in about a year thereafters he officiated in the Gorbals of Glasgow where continued near 12 months. He was ordained by the Presbytery of Irvine at Kilmarnock, in May 1764, and was translated to Dumbarton in December 1773.


Thursday, 30th April, Mechariah Waterston, wright, in Paisley, and Son of John Waterston, Renfrew, and James Craig, son of Robert Craig, grain dealer, Paisley, sailed from Greenock, on board the Brig, Union, Blair, of and for New York.


A Melancholy Accident happened at Quarreltown Coal pit on the 2nd of May, when the men were down at work, the water broke in upon them from a neighbouring waste. Some of them made their escape but the rest that were far from the bottom of the shank, had to flee to the high places, and were kept there by the water, which rose five fathoms up in the shank, but the places they were in was above the level of it. Seven men were inclosed in this pit of darkness ten days and ten night, and had only about much meat as would serve a man for one meal. The people above sprung a mine, and reach down to the place where they were. They got only two alive. The foul air in the pit was so strong that they could not go into search for the rest, but they have since been got out all dead. The two men that were got out alive are doing well.


The Foundation Stone of Mr Campbell�s, New House, at Renfield was laid on Thursday, June 4th.


Wednesday, 11th June, Mrs A Muir, Netherton, of a Daughter, -- Margaret.


Married at Paisley, June, Alexander Wallace, Son of William Wallace, farmer, Inchinnan to daughter He is commenced vintner and flesher, in Paisley.


July John Hosie, Junior, at Hurlet, his eldest child was drowned in a well, in the garden. had been amusing himself in the area round it, and by coming too near the brink had fallen in.


Married at Paisley, on Tuesday, July 28th, John Anderson, to Agness Orr, daughter of Thomas Orr, Paisley. He is commenced grocer, in that Shop No at the head of Moncriess Street formally occupied by his Brother James, and he has built a Stately House at the Head of and fitted up a handsome Shop to which he has removed.


Married, on Tuesday, August 11th, Agness Smith, daughter of the deceased David Smith, late farmer, in Old mains, Inchinnan to Allison,


Married on Tuesday, 18th August, Janet Algie, youngest daughter of John Algie, farmer, Broomlands, Inchinnan, to her cousin James Algie, Baker, Anderston.


Died on Monday, September 7th, of a dumb palsy, after 4 days illness Mrs Blair, Wife of Robert Blair, Senior, farmer, in Town of Inchinnan. Interred on Friday, September 11th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.


Died on Thursday, September 9th, David Smith, Newmains, Inchinnan at the advanced age 99 years. Buried on Monday, September 14th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.


Sunday, September 20th, Mrs T Muir, Lonehead, of a Daughter, -- Marion.

P135 1818. DEATHS.

Died at Paisley on Friday, September 18th, of the measles and chincough, Jean Dobie, youngest child of Robert Dobie, Paisley, aged 1 year 2 months and 16 days. Burried on Saturday 19th in No 28. McMillan Church Yard.

Died at Paisley, on Saturday, September 19th, Elizabeth Cumming, youngest child of Robert Cumming, Paisley, Burried on Tuesday, September 22nd.


Saturday, October 3rd, the Foundation Stone of the New Jail at Bridewell of Paisley, was laid with Masonic honours.


Died suddenly, Tuesday, October 13th, the Reverend Doctor Robert Balfour, Minister of the Outer High Church Glasgow, in the 71st year of his age, and 45th of his Ministry.

P136 1818. MR McQUEEN.

Died at Glasgow, on Sunday, November 15th, Mr McQueen, teacher, and Preacher of the Gospel in Glasgow. He preached in Renfrew on the Sunday preceding, and that evening he fell ill with the Typhus Fevers, which terminated his mortal career in the short period of seven days.


Monday, November 16th. As Widow Neilson, Moss Street, Paisley, was descending a neighbouring stair in the immediate vicinity of her house, in the dusk of the evening she fell, and got her thigh bone broken. She has since been confined to her bed.


Died at Glasgow, on Saturday the 31st October, John Alston, cashier of the Thistle Bank.


Died at Glasgow, on Sunday morning, October 25th, of the Tuphus Fevers, after an illness of 3 weeks, Walter Nielson, aged years. His remains were interred on Wednesday, 28th, in the North West, Church Yard. He has left behind him a Widow and four Children.

WILLIAM LANG. 1819 William Lang, Ingleston came to stop with his Brother John Lang at Knock at Martinmoss, 1819, and Alexander Muir then got the management of Ingleston farm.

Queen Charlotte died at her Palace of Kew, on the 17th November, 1818, in the 75th year of her age, and was interred on the 2nd December in, the Royal Mausoleum at Windsor.


Married on Friday, December 11th, Jean Henderson, daughter of Robert Henderson, farmer, in Linburn, in the Parish of Inchinnan to William Abercromby, quarrier, Inchinnan.


Died at 1 o�clock , on Tuesday morning, December 29th, Matthew White, farmer, Easter Yondertown, of the Gravel, after an illness of near 5 years. His remains were interred on Thursday, 31st December, in Renfrew Church Yard. He was aged 65 years.


My Brother, Alexander Muir, arrived at Liverpool from New York, in the ship, Courier, Captain Brown, on the 1st December. The Courier sailed from New York on 10th November, and reached Liverpool on 1st December after a quick but stormy passage of 20 days.

P139 1819. BANKRUPTS.

Friday, January 8th, Mr John Colquhoun, grain merchant, in Renfrew, and miller, at Thirdpast Mill, and Mr Robert Wallace, grain dealer, at Gateside, near Paisley, and Mr James Wilson, grain dealer, in Renfrew, stopped payments.


Friday, January 15th, Agness Adam, daughter of Thomas Adam, Paisley, late farmer, in Mossland, was Married to Arthur Craig, Nielston.


Sunday, January 31st, Janet McDonalde, housekeeper to Robert Cameron, died at his house at Inchinnan Bridge, after a long illness. She was interred on Wednesday, February 3rd, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

P140 1819. GEORGE MUIR.

Died at Ferguslie, on Thursday 18th, George Muir, late farmer, in Middle Henderston, aged years. Buried on Monday 22nd in the Antiburgher Church Yard.


Married on Friday, February 19th, Mary Cumming, daughter of deceased Robert Cumming, Paisley, to James Finlayson, tailor, Paisley.

She was delivered of a Son on Saturday, 6th February, which survived only a few days.


Sunday, March 7th, Mrs James Muir, Paisley, of a Son,

March 18th, Mrs. Robert Wallace, Gateside of a Son, -- Alfred.

March Mrs J Smith, Newmains, of a Son, -- William.


Married at Paisley, Jean Langmuir, farmer, to her Cousin Walter Langmuir, son of Robert Langmuir, farmer, Old Barr, on Tuesday, 2nd March.


Died at Glasgow, on Thursday, 4th March, Mr David Laurie, grain merchant there.


Died at Inchinnan Bridge, on Friday, March 12th, Mr Hugh McQuie, aged 71 years. He was Father-in-law to Mr Thomas Nicol. Toll keeper, and had been King�s Weigher at the Custom House, Greenock, for many years. He was Buried on Sunday, 14th March, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

142 1819. JOHN DUNLOP.

Married on Friday, March 19th, John Dunlop, potatoe dealer, Inchinnan Bridge, to Anne Purdon, they have taken up their residence at Inchinnan Bridge.


Died at his Father�s house, on Friday, March 19th, James Anderson, son of George Anderson, gardner, to William Fullton Esquire, of Park. Inchinnan. He died of a consumption after a long, and a lingering illness. He would be about 25 years of age. Buried on Monday, 22nd, in Inchinnan Church Yard.


At Inchinnan Bridge, Wednesday, March 24th, Mrs R Blair, Junior, of a Son, -- John.

143 1819. JAMES WILSON. Married, Monday, March 22nd, Mr James Wilson, grain dealer in Renfrew, to Miss Margaret Park, daughter of the deceased James Park, shoemaker in Renfrew.


Died on Saturday, March 6th, Robert Fulton. Esquire. Maxwelltown.


Died at Paisley, Sunday, April 11th, Charles Stevenson, late farmer in Merksworth. Sometime before his death he got himself hurt from a fall, of which he never recovered. He was interred on Wednesday, 14th in Cathcart Church Yard.

Birth � At Paisley, Monday, 31st May, Mrs M Cummings, of a Son.

P144 1819. MRS WATERSON.

Monday, April 12th, Mrs Lechariah Waterson with her two children, John and Lechariah sailed from Greenock, on board Rodger Stewart, for Charlestown.


Wednesday, April 28th, Mr Robert Menzies, distiller, in Paisley, became bankrupt.


Married at Paisley, on Monday, June 2nd, Mr John Leishman, Son of Thomas Leishman, Esquire, Paisley, to Miss Elizabeth Carswell, daughter of Robert Carswell, Esquire.


Friday, August 13th, Mrs J Snodgrass, Junior, Portnauld, of a Daughter, -- Joan.

P145 1819. BIRTH.

Monday, June 7th, Mrs Thomas Cumming, Paisley, of a Son, -- John.


Died at Walkingshaw on Sunday, June 13th, Miss Campbell, of Blythswood. Interred on Saturday, June 19th, in Inchinnan Church Yard. Her sister, Miss Grace Campbell, Died in March, 1808.


Died at Thirdpart Mill, at 4 o�clock morning, June 17th, Mr John Colquhaun, miller there, and grain Dealer in Renfrew, much and justly regretted by all friends and acquaintances. He fell ill of a Fever on Thursday, 20th May. Interred in Renfrew Church Yard Saturday 19th.

P146 1819. JOHN BLAIR.

Married on Friday, July 16th, John Blair, Son of Robert Blair, Inchinnan, to Jane Barr, Daughter Barr, Houston. The Wedding was held the same day at the Town of Inchinnan, and they have taken up their residence at the Broomlands.


Walter Robertson, sailed for America on Sunday, July 20th.


William Killoch came home, in the John Campbell, from St Vincents, on Wednesday, July 21st.


Married at Paisley, on Monday, 19th July, John Killoch, second Son of the deceased William Killoch, farmer in Freeland, in the Parish of Inchinnan, to Jean White, second daughter of the deceased Matthew White late farmer in Yondertown, in the Parish of Renfrew. The Wedding was held on Friday, 23rd July, at the Ditch, in the Parish of Erskine, were they have gone to reside.


Married on Tuesday, August 17th, Elizabeth Killoch, daughter of the deceased William Killoch, Freeland, to John Anderson, servant with John Lang, farmer, Knock, and Son of

The Wedding was held 20th August, the Knock, were they have gone to reside.


Tuesday, August 30th, Died suddenly, when returning home in the evening from his work. James Stewart, mason, Renfrew. Buried, Friday, September 3rd, in Renfrew Church Yard.


Died at Glasgow, on Tuesday, September 7th, Lydia McQuae, spouse of Mr Thomas Nicol, spirit dealer in Candlerigg Street, and late Toll keeper, at Inchinnan. Buried on Monday, September 13th, in the Ramshorn, or Northwest Church Yard.


Died at Renfrew, on Sunday, 12th September, of a Consumption, after an illness of 4 months, John Jack, Son of the deceased Peter Jack, late nailer, in Renfrew. Interred on Wednesday, September 15th, in Renfrew Church Yard.

P149 1819. MR THOMAS KERR.

Died at his house, near Paisley, on Monday, October 4th, Mr Thomas Kerr, tobacconist, in Paisley.


Died at Scotstown, on Wednesday, October 6th, George Oswald, Esquire, Auchinauive, aged 84 years.


Allan Lee came home from America, on Friday, October 15th.


John Menzies, Son of Mr Robert Menzies, distiller, Paisley, sailed from Greenoch, on Sunday, October 3rd, in the Margaret Bogle, for Demerara.


Married at Renfrew, on Tuesday, 12th October, Mr Thomas Black, of the Excise, to Miss Marion Boyd, daughter of Mr George Boyd, wright, in Renfrew.


Wednesday, October 27th, Mrs J. Killoch, Ditch, of a Son, -- William.


Married at Paisley, on Friday, 19th November, Robert Dobie, to his second Wife, Rosina Arther.

P151 1819. WILLIAM MUIR.

Married on Tuesday, 23rd November, William Muir, Greenhill, son of the deceased James Muir, Netherton, to Mary Dunlop, daughter of Robert Dunlop, Paisley. The Wedding was held the same evening at the Greenhill.


Died at James McKeans, Inchinnan, where she hath resided for 3 years past on, Wednesday, 1st December, Elizabeth Dennistown, relict of the deceased James Storrie, late farmer in Walkinshaw, of a Cancer in the face, aged 84 years. Her remains were interred on Monday, December 6th, in Govan Church Yard.


Saturday, December 25th, Mrs William Blackwood, Inchinnan, of a Son, They have now 8 sons and 3 daughters.


Married on Tuesday, December 14th, Archibald Snodgrass, farmer, Gallowhill, in the Abbey Parish of Paisley, to


Died at Renfrew, on Friday, 24th December, of the Typhus Fever, John Wallace, son of James Wallace, wright, in Renfrew. Burried on Monday, 27th December, in Renfrew Church Yard.


Married at Paisley, on Monday 20th December, Allan Stewart, to his second wife, Betsey Fawns.


Died on Tuesday, December 28th, Mr John Whitelaw. It is said that he had been drinking hard for sometime, and that one night having lodged in the fields when very much intoxicated, had caused a strong inflammation, and he only survived three days. He was interred on Friday, December 31st, in Govan Church Yard.


Died on Wednesday, December 29th, John Stevenson, farmer, Smith-hills, in the Parish of Nielston, of a Consumption. Burried on Saturday, 1st January, in Nielston Church Yard.


Friday, December 31st, Mrs John Anderson, Knock, of a

P154 BIRTHS --- JANUARY --- 1820.

Wednesday, January 12th, Mrs John Lang, Knock, of a Son.

Monday, January 24th, Mrs Jack Wilson, Renfrew, of a Daughter, -- Margaret.


Married at Renfrew, on Friday, January 21st, Agness Bryce, daughter of John Bryce, smith, Renfrew, to James Disher, mason, Renfield House.


Died on Thursday, January 13th, William Richardson Mungle, Son of John Mungle, teacher, Inchinnan, of a bowel complaint, aged 7 months. Buried on Saturday, 15th January, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

P155 DEATHS --- JANUARY ---1820.

Died on Tuesday, January 18th, Walter Galloway, farmer, in Porterfield, of the Gravel, after a long illness. Aged 73 years. Interred on Saturday, 22nd January, in New Kilpatrick Church Yard.

Died at Grant�s Bares, near Haddington, on Friday, January 14th, Agness Brown, the Mother of Burns the Poet, in the 88th year of her age.

Died at Tidmouth, at 10 o�clock, AM, on Sunday, 23rd January, His Royal Highness, the Duke of Kent, of an inflammation of the lungs, accasioned by a cold, after a few days illness. The Royal Duke bore his affliction and illness with the greatest composure and resignation. His Royal Highness the fourth Son of His Majesty, and was born on the 2nd November, 1767, and was consequently in the 53rd year of his Age.


Whitehall, January 31st, 1820, Monday.

On Saturday afternoon 29th, at 35 minutes past 8 o�clock, Our late Most Gracious Sovereign, King George the Third, whose strength had gradually declined for some weeks, expired, without the least apparent suffering, at his Castle of Windsor, in the 82nd year of his age and 60th of his Reign.

By the late Kings death the longest Reign upon the English Throne, a Reign of 59 years, 3 months, and 9 days has terminated.

King George the Fourth proclaimed, January 31st, in London, at Edinburgh, February 3rd, at Glasgow, February 4th, at Renfrew and Paisley, same day.

His Royal Highness, the Duke of Kent was Buried on Saturday evening, 12th February, at St George�s Chapel, Windsor, Wednesday evening, February 16th. The Mortal remains of our late Sovereign George lll were consigned to the Silent Tomb.

P157 DEATHS --- FEBRUARY --- 1820.

Died at Paisley, on Thursday, February 3rd, Mr John Langmuir, Son of William Longmuir, Esquire, Steam Mills. Buried on Saturday, February 5th, in Church Yard.


Married on Friday, February 4th, Mr Peter Paterson, farmer, Thirdpart, to Miss Lillia Aitken, daughter Mr Aitken, farmer, Scotstown.

Married at Paisley, on Monday, February 14th, David Smith, Son of the deceased David Smith, late farmer, in Old Mains, Inchinnan, to Mrs Cuthill, Paisley.


Robert Brock, came home from America, on Thursday, January 6th, 1820.

P158 MARRIAGES --- MARCH --- 1820 .

Married on Friday, March 3rd, Jean Cameron, daughter of Cameron ( deceased ) late of the Island of Antiquas, to Hugh Kirk, quarrier, at Rashilee, in the Parish of Inchinnan.

Married on Friday, March 10th, David Smith, Son of the deceased David Smith, Greenhead, to Janet Stewart.

Married at Paisley, Monday, March 20th, Agness, eldest daughter William Langmuir, Esquire, to Mr George Miller, manufacturer, Paisley.

BIRTHS --- APRIL --- 1820.

Sunday, April 16th, Mrs A Watson, Pointhouse, of a Son, -- Alexander.

P159 MARRIAGES --- APRIL --- 1820.

Married at Paisley, by the Reverend Mr Rankin, Monday, April 10th , Mr Peter Jack, writer, to Miss Jean, daughter of the deceased Mr John Nielson, late merchant, in Paisley.

DEATHS --- MAY --- 1820.

Died on Wednesday, May 17th, Thomas Crawford, Son of Mrs Crawford, at Inchinnan Bridge, of a Water in the Head, after three weeks illness, aged 9 years. Buried on Saturday, May 20th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

Died on Wednesday, May 24th, Alexander Cumming, Son of Daniel Cumming, Renfrew, of a consumption, aged 24 years. Buried on Friday, May 26th, in Renfrew Church Yard.

P160 MAY --- 1820.

Married at Glasgow, Monday, May 22nd, Mr Thomas McMillan, of the Black Bull Inn, Renfrew, to Jsabella, youngest daughter of Mr William Menzies, farmer, Aspin, Perthshire.

Died at Govan Manse, on Sunday, 7th May, the Reverend John Pollock D. D. in the 59th year of his age and the 29th of his Ministry.

Died at Paisley on Sunday, 4th June, James Miller, Esquire, cashier of the Union Bank, Paisley.

Died on Saturday night at 10 o�clock, June 10th, Mary Steele, spouse of John Whyte, Junior, Greenhead, Inchinnan, after being 14 days of her second Child, she never recovered. Buried on Wednesday, June 14th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

P161 JUNE --- 1820.

Married at Paisley, Tuesday, 13th June, Elizabeth Muir, daughter of the deceased James Muir, late farmer, in Netherton, to Robert Miller, wright, in Paisley.

Married on Friday, June 23rd, David Donald, Son of the deceased James Donald, Rashielee, to Jean Hair, They have gone to reside at Milliker Mile, Kilbarchan.

Married at Paisley on Tuesday, June 27th, The Reverend William Symington, Stranraer, to Agness, eldest daughter Robert Spiers, Esquire, Paisley.

Tuesday, July 25th, George Gardner, Paisley, embarked at Greenock for America.

P162 JULY --- 1820.

Married on Friday, July 28th, Mary Paterson, daughter John Paterson, farmer, Gilmerston, to Mr Arthur.

P163 AUGUST --- 1820.

Died at Glasgow, on Tuesday, 18th August, William Paul, Son of Widow Paul, Inchinnan. Buried, Wednesday 16th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

Mrs G Black, who had come to Renfrew, a few days previous, on a visit to her friends, was safely delivered of a Daughter, on Friday, 11th August, -- Janet.

Married on Friday, August 25th, Thomas Keter , Son of Thomas Keter, farmer, in Mossland, to Purdone,

Wednesday, August 30th, James Wilson was executed at Glasgow, for high treason, and after hanging the Usual time his body was taken down, and a man in a mask made his appearance and cut of his head, and holding it up to the multitude exclaimed, � This is the head of James Wilson a traitor. �

P164 OCTOBER --- 1820.

Friday, October 6th, William Brown, Son of John Brown, schoolmaster, left Renfrew for Greenock, to sail from thence for Jamaica.

Died at Renfrew, Wednesday, October 4th, Matthew Stewart, manufacturer, of a Consumption. Interred on Saturday, 7th October, in Renfrew Church Yard.

Died at Richmond, Virginia, John Graham, Esquire, My Brother, Alexander�s old master, 24th September, 1820.

165-167 are blank.

P168 NOVEMBER --- 1820.

Wednesday morning, November 22nd, The body of Mary McDonald, Wife of John King, wright, in Renfrew, was found drowned in the Canal at the Breast. She had been for some time previous in deranged state of mind.

Birth, Thursday, November 23rd, Mrs Thomas Muir, Lonehead, of a Son. -- James.

Wednesday, November 29th, Died at Paisley, James Muir, grocer, Wellmeadow Street. Interred on Monday, December 14th, in Paisley.

P169 DECEMBER --- 1820.

Married on Monday, December 25th, John Stewart, wright, Renfrew, Son of Allan Stewart, to Margaret, daughter of Robert Young, grocer, Renfrew.

Birth, Sunday, December 31st, Mrs James Disher, Renfrew, of a Son, -- Robert.

P170 is Blank.

P171 JANUARY --- 1821.

Saturday, 6th, Mrs R Miller, Paisley, was safely delivered of a Daughter, -- Mary.

Sunday, 13th, Died at Freeland, Inchinnan, Elizabeth Killoch, Wife of John Anderson, aged years. Buried on Wednesday, 17th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

Tuesday, 16th, Died at Renfrew, at 6 o�clock morning, Mrs George Boyd, Buried on Saturday 20th, in Renfrew Church Yard.

Wednesday, 24th, James Goodlet, Fullwood Mill, got his arm so much shattered with the machinery of his Mill, that it was found necessary to amputate it, the same evening.

Saturday, 27th, Mrs William Muir, Greenhill was delivered of a Daughter, -- Hellen.

Bankrupts, � 10th, David Smith, grocer, Paisley. 15th, George Cairnes, and 25th, Thomas Douglass, merchants, Glasgow.

P172 FEBRUARY --- 1821.

Friday, 9th, The Reverend John Geddes, was ordained helper and Successor to Reverend John Finlay, in the High Church, Paisley.

P172 - 173 MARCH --- 1821.

Thursday, 1st, The Reverend Matthew Leishman, was ordained Minister of the Parish of Govan. The Reverend Mr Muir from the Church, Glasgow, preached and presided on the occasion.

Thursday, 1st , The new Jail of Paisley is just completed, and both it and the Bridewell, are well calculated for the comfort and security of the Prisoners.

Friday, 2nd March, Died at Provan Mills, Mr James Miller, late farmer, Chappel, aged 87 years.

Friday, February 9th, Mrs M Cumming, Paisley, delivered a Son, -- Moses.

Wednesday, 21st, Married at Oatridge, by the Reverend John Ferguson, Uphall, The Reverend John Geddes, one of the ministers of the High Church, Paisley, to Dora, eldest daughter of the late Mr James Thomson, Oatridge.

Died at Paisley, Sunday 25th, The Reverend Dr John Finlay, of the High Church, Paisley in the 70 years of his age, and 41 of his Ministry. He was ordained Minister of the High Church on the 14th March81.

P173 � 176 APRIL --- 1821.

Died at Paisley, Friday 6th, William Pinkerton, Esquire.

Died at Linburn, Inchinnan, Thursday 12th, James Henderson, Son of Robert Henderson, farmer there. The deceased was a young man, about 20 years of age. His death was occasioned by a stroke which he received on the lower part of the belly, by a mare of his Father, on the 27th March, while grooming her in the stable. He lingered in great pain till the 12th April, and Died in extreme agony. Buried on Monday, 16th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

Wednesday, 11th, Mr Blair, Paisley, with his Wife and Family, sailed from Port Glasgow, on board the Penelope, bound for Quebec.

Married on Friday, 13th, Alexander Muir, farmer, Henderston, to Jean McNair, daughter of John McNair, farmer, Henderston.

Died at Renfrew, Friday 15th , Mr Stewart Smith there. Buried on Monday, 16th, in Renfrew Church Yard.

Friday, 13th, James Stewart, Son of Allan Stewart, Renfrew, was going to Glasgow on business, for which purpose he went down to the Ferry on order to get a Steam Boat to convey him thither. Having waited a considerable time and no Boat making its appearance, some person advised him to take his passage in a small boat which was lying at the Ferry, and as she was rigged with sails and the wind fair, they would not be long in getting up to Glasgow. Stewart accordingly embarked along with two young lads from Glasgow, that had brought down the road. They had not proceeded above a mile when the Boat suddenly upset by a sudden squall of wind, and precipitated the unfortunate crew into the watery deep. One of them could swim a little, and kept himself above water, till some fishermen who were near the spot, made to his assistance and took him ashore. The other lad got upon the Keel of the boat, and clung to it till he was picked up by the Waterloo Steam Boat. The unfortunate Stewart was drowned. Boats were immediately got but his body was not found till about 2 o�clock, an hour and a half after he was lost. Buried on Sunday, 15th, in Renfrew Church Yard.

P176 �177 MAY --- 1821.

Died Sunday, 6th, at Jordanhill, Archibald Smith, Esquire, aged 72. He was walking in his garden at 6 o�clock in his ordinary health and Died at 9 o�clock same evening. Interred on Saturday, 12th, in Renfrew Church Yard.

Died at Portnauld, Inchinnan, at 9 o�clock evening, Tuesday, 8th May, James Snodgrass, farmer there, in the 84th year of his age. He has been very frail for some years past, but was mostly able to walk about, and was at the door morning of the day on which he died. Buried on Saturday, May 12th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

Died at Renfrew at half past 11 o�clock at night, Tuesday, 8th May, after a short illness, James Cochran, Surgeon. Buried on Saturday, 12th, in Renfrew Church Yard.

Thursday, 24th, Died at the Manse of Old Monkland, very generally regretted, the Reverend John Bower, Pastor of that Parish.

Wednesday, 6th, June, Mrs J Snodgrass, Portnauld, Inchinnan, was delivered of a Son, -- Matthew.

P178 � 180 JUNE --- 1821.

Died at Shawfield, on Monday 18th , Robert Claghorn, M. D. Glasgow.

Died suddenly, on Wednesday, the 20th, Robert Carrick, Esquire, banker, Glasgow.

Robert Wright, cloth merchant, Renfrew, died suddenly, at 1 o�clock morning, Tuesday 26th. He was a frail infirm old man about 75 years of age. He was much troubled with a violent cough and asthma. He had gone to bed in his usual state of health, and died on account of a blood vessel bursting in his Chest. He was interred on Friday 29th, in Govan Church Yard.

Thursday, 28th, William Kent, the aquatic pedestrian, exhibited on the river Cart, at Paisley, in presence of a vast crowd of spectators. During the performance an alarm of fire was raised, which was in a tenement in Smith hill Street belonging to James Brown, wright. The flames went on with such violence, that in a short time, the premises were destroyed, besides a good deal of private property. No fewer than twelve families were burnt out, and was the rapidity of the flames that in four or five instances the inhabitants were obliged to leave their possessions, without saving an article of household goods. Several other houses were on fire, but were luckily extinguished without sustaining material Carnage. We are sorry to learn the whole was uninsured, and therefore the loss falls on individuals. It is also with pain we have to communicate that the Proprietor of the tenement above mentioned, worn out with grief and vexation was next night sleeping in the house of a friend, and on being wakened by the drums of the 41st Regiment about to leave the town at 4 o�clock in the morning, he went over a three story window, by which both his arms were broken, and his body otherwise much hurt. He was carried to the House of Recovery, and hopes are entertained of his doing well.

Tuesday, 26th, William Kent exhibited his aquatic machine on the Clyde, at Renfrew Ferry. A good crowd of spectators appeared to witness his performances, but the greater part retired without possessing any sentiments of gratification.

Died on Sunday night, 17th, Mary White, daughter of John White, Junior, Inchinnan. Burried on Tuesday, 19th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

Monday, July 2nd, Mathew White, servant with James Snodgrass, Portnauld, and son of John White, late of Inchinnan, was going in at a gate with a Cart of lime, his foot came in contact with a stone, by which he fell, and the Cart going over his thigh, broke it a little above the knee.

P181-183 JULY --- 1821.

Death of Buonaparte. July 7th, Accounts were this day received that Buonaparte died on the 5th May.

Buonaparte, is no more ! He died on Saturday, the 5th of May, about six o�clock in the evening, of a lingering illness, which had confined him to his bed for upwards of forty days, He desired that after his death his body should be opened, as he suspected he was dying of the same disease which had killed his father, namely a Cancer on the Stomach. On opening the body this was found to be correct, as a Cancer had actually taken place. He was sensible till within a few hours of his death, and died without pain. As he found his end approaching, he was habited at his own request in his uniform of Field Marshall, not omitting the boots and spurs, and placed on a camp bed on which he was accustomed to sleep when in health and preferred to every other. In this dress he is said to have expired. He himself requested that he might be in the Island of St Helena, and pointed out the spot in which he wished his remains to be placed.

Died at Inchinnan Bridge, Friday, 13th James Houston, farmer there, of the Gravel, aged 90 years. Burried on Monday 16th in Inchinnan Church Yard.

Thursday, 19th The Ceremony of the Coronation of his Majesty, King George the Fourth, was celebrated in London, with magnificent solemnity. It appears to be the universal opinion of those who witnessed it, that it exceeded in splendour every preceding spectacle of the kind.

Tuesday, The King embarked at Portsmouth, on board his Royal Yacht, on a visit, to Ireland.

P183-185 AUGUST---- 1821.

DEATH OF THE QUEEN. Her most Gracious Majesty, Caroline, Queen of Great Britain, departed this life, on Tuesday evening, at half past Ten o�clock, 7th August, at Brandenburgh House, at Hammersmith, after a short but painful illness.

Her Majesty was Caroline Amelia, daughter of Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick, by her Royal Highness Augusta, eldest sister of his late most Gracious Majesty George lll. She was born 17th May, 1768, and on the 5th April 1795 married his present Majesty George lV. then Prince of Wales, by whom she had one daughter, the late lamented Princess Charlotte of Saxe - Coburgh.

Married on Tuesday, 7th, Thomas White, farmer, Fullwood to Scott The Wedding was held Tuesday the 14th, at the Fullwood.

The King landed in Ireland, on the Pier at Howth, at half past 4 o�clock PM Sunday the 12th, on Board the Lightning Steam Packet, Captain Skinner. He was received by the immense crowd of spectators with most enthusiastic applause.

As Her Majesty had expressed a wish to be Buried in the Tomb of her Ancestors at Brunswick, her remains were on Thursday 16th, embarked at Harwich, for the Continent.

The remains of Her Majesty were interred in the Tomb of her Ancestors, at Brunswick, with all due solemnity, on Friday night 24th, the people of Brunswick displaying a becoming sympathy on the occasion.

P185 �187 SEPTEMBER --- 1821.

Monday, 3rd September, The King embarked at Dunleavy Harbour, for England, and on Thursday 9th, after a stormy passage arrived in Milford Haven.

Died at Paisley, on Wednesday, 5th September, Martha Symington, daughter of John Symington, wright, Newtown, aged 9 years. ( Born 7th July, 1812.) Buried on Friday, 7th September.

Archibald Davie, left Renfrew Ferry in the Robert Burns Steam Boat, on Thursday, 6th September, at 3 o�clock PM, for Greenock, from whence he will embark for Liverpool in one of the Steam Packets. He will take his passage for America.

Archibald Davie, embarked at Liverpool, on Board the American Ship, Franklin, for Baltimore, on Thursday, September 20th.

Friday, September 21st, A melancholy accident happened at Kings Inch, the Seat of Archibald Spiers, Esquire, of Elderslie. When some masons, who are building an additional wing to the house, the scaffolding gave way, by which one man named Robert Hastie, was killed on the spot, and another man, a labourer was so much hurt that he died next morning. Two other were very much bruised, but hopes are entertained of their recovery.

Tuesday, 25th, Moses Cumming�s youngest Child, Moses, died at Paisley of the Chincough and Measles, aged 7 months and 16 days. Buried on Thursday, 27th, Abbey Church Yard.

Thursday, 27th, Mrs Jack Wilson, Renfrew, was delivered of a Daughter, -- Ann.

Friday, 28th, Mrs J Waterson, Junior, was delivered of a Son, -- George, at Renfrew.

P187 �188 OCTOBER --- 1821.

Died at Old Mains, Inchinnan, on Tuesday, 2nd, Margaret Algie, second daughter of Peter Algie. Her death was occasioned by being scalded with a vessel of boiling water on Sunday, 23rd September. Buried on Thursday, the 4th October, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

Thursday, 4th, Mrs T McMillan, Bull Inn, Renfrew, was delivered of a Son, -- Thomas.

Married at Paisley, on Friday, 5th, Robert Davie, weaver, to Mary Stewart, his Cousin.

Monday, 15th, Mrs J Killoch, at Ditch, was delivered of a Daughter, -- Jean.

P188 NOVEMBER --- 1821.

Married at Renfrew, by the Reverend Thomas Burns, on Friday, 30th, Marion Barr, Inchinnan, to James Nisbet. They have gone to reside at Auchinearn, in the Parish of Calder.

P188 � 189 DECEMBER --- 1821.

Married on Friday, 11th, Miss Isabella Galloway, daughter of the deceased Walter Galloway, late farmer, in Portfield, to

Married on Friday, 11th, John Smith, to Agness Stevenson, both servants with James Bryce, farmer, in Mossland.

Married on Tuesday, 18th, by the Reverend A. Fleming, Minister of Neilston, Margaret Stevenson, daughter of Thomas Stevenson, farmer, Smith Hills, in the Parish of Neilston, to Matthew Muir, Greenhill, Son of the late James Muir, Netherton. The Wedding was held the same evening at the Greenhill.


Monday, 17th, Mrs John Stewart, vintner, Renfrew, of a daughter. It lingered in a weak state and died on Friday, 4th January, 1822.

Monday, 31st, Mrs B Russell, of a daughter,

P190 - 191 RENFREW ----1822.

Died at Park, Inchinnan, on Tuesday, 1st January, William Fulton, Esquire. Aged 84 years. Interred on Tuesday 8th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

Died at West Shields, in the Parish of Govan, on Friday, 25th January, Robert McLean, farmer there. Buried on Monday, 25th, in Govan Church Yard.

Sunday, 3rd February, Mrs J McLaws, delivered of a Daughter, -- Margaret.

Monday, 4th February. This morning the body of a man was found on the banks of the Canal at Inchinnan Bridge. He appeared to have been a long time in the water, and is supposed to have been carried down the river with the great flood of Saturday evening, and Monday morning last, he is approximately about 18 years of age, dark complexion, about 5 feet 6 inches high, has on a short blue coat, light striped vest, blue trousers, a black silk neckerchief, and grey stockings. His corpse were taken to Renfrew where after lying some time he was recognized by an acquantance from Hurlet, who says, his name is John King, a native of Ireland, and has Wrought several years at the Hurlet Work. The body was interred on Tuesday, 5th February, in Renfrew Church Yard.

Married on Tuesday, 5th February, Robert Rowand, farmer, Barskivan, to Young, daughter of William Young, farmer, Green, near Linwood.

Married Monday, 11th February, Matthew Killoch, Freeland, Son of the late William Killoch, to Mariam Henderson, daughter of Robert Henderson, farmer, Linburn, Inchinnan. The Wedding was held on Friday, 15th February.

P192 �193 RENFREW, FEBRUARY --- 1822.

Wednesday, 13th, Mrs Thomas Cumming, Paisley, of a Son.

Died on Wednesday, 13th, John Gemmil, teacher, New Sneddon, Paisley, of a dumb palsy after a short illness. Buried on Saturday, 16th.

Died on Sunday, 17th, Adam Boyd, farmer, Renfrew. Buried Thursday 21st in Renfrew Church Yard.

Died suddenly, on Wednesday evening 20th, Mr Robert Shaw, Slit Mills, Patrick, he had been in Glasgow on business that day, and died in about 10 minutes illness.

Married on Friday, 22nd, Jean White, daughter of John White, farmer, in Little Fullwood, to Robert Cunningham, farmer, Eskine.

Died at Glasgow, where he had been residing for about a month past with his brother in law, on Saturday, 23rd, Adam Hogg, carter, Renfrew, his Corpse were brought to Renfrew on Sunday evening, 24th. Buried on Tuesday 26th, in Renfrew Church Yard.

Married on Thursday, 28th, William Barr, weaver, Renfrew, to Mary Bryce, daughter, of William Bryce, miller. The Wedding was held on Friday, 1st March.

Died on Thursday, March 14th, at near the West Toll, Paisley, where he had resided since he left the farm, William Wallace, late farmer, in Abbey, Inchinnan. Buried Monday, 18th.

John McLeans, father and mother died about a fortnight ago, within a few days of each other, he was 92. and she was 88 years of age, and they had been Married 67 years.

P194 RENFREW, MARCH --- APRIL --- MAY --- 1822.

Married on Tuesday, 19th March, Robert Brown to his second Wife, Margaret Ferguson, daughter of William Ferguson, weaver, in Renfrew.

Married on Friday, 26th April, William Erskine, farmer, to Mary Young, daughter of James Young, late farmer, in Barrangry, now residing at Kirkton Muir, in the Parish of Eaglesham.

Died on Sunday, 12th May, Alexander McDonald, Vvntner, in Renfrew. Buried on Wednesday 15th in Renfrew Church Yard.

Died on Friday, 31st May, at Easter Walkinshaw, Mrs Lennox, wife of John Lennox, late farmer, in Abbots, Inchinnan. Burried on Monday, 3rd June, in Inchinnan Church Yard, and about two weeks after the said John Lennox died, in Inchinnan.

P195 -196 RENFREW, JUNE. --- 1822.

Married at Glasgow on Monday, 3rd, John White, Serjeant, Greys, to Sarah Hamilton, daughter of Widow Hamilton. Renfrew.

Married on Tuesday, 4th, John Watson, to Janet Richie, daughter of the deceased William Richie, Cotton Street, Paisley.

Died at Castle Mains, on Thursday, 6th, Campbell Douglass, Esquire, Factor, to Lord Douglas.

Died suddenly, on Friday, 7th, Mr John Lang, merchant, in Paisley.

Married on Friday, 14th, Elizabeth Couts, servant with John Snodgrass, New Mains, to George McEwen, Son of the late John McEwen, Brownfield, Inchinnan.

Mrs Cunningham, Erskine, delivered of a still born Child, Wednesday, 19th June.

Births -----------Sunday, 23rd, Mrs John Stewart, wright, Renfrew of a Son.

Thursday, 27th, Mrs W. Muir, Greenhill, of a Son, -- James.

Died on Thursday, 27th, June, at Dalmuir, Mr Walter Aitkin, well Known as an intelligent practical farmer, much respected in his neighbourhood, as an active and useful member of Society, and deeply regretted by an extensive circle of friends and acquaintances.

P197 �198 RENFREW, JULY ---- 1822.

Birth ---------- Monday, 1st July, Mary Davies, Renfrew, of a

Friday, 5th July, Mrs Burnside, Renfrew, of a Daughter, -- Jean.

Married Friday, 5th July, John Anderson, to Crawford, daughter of Matthew Crawford, farmer, Calside, Inchinnan.

Memorable Events ---------- On Wednesday, 3rd July, the first three masted Ship arrived at the Broomielaw, The Jane, Captain Thomas, from New York, of 275 Tons, with a valuable Cargo.


1801. 1811. 1821.

England 8,331,434 9,538,827 11,260,555

Wales 541,546 611,788 717,108

Scotland 1,599,068 1,805,688 2,092,014

Total 10,472,048 11,956,303 14,069,677

Army, Navy 470,598 640,500 310,000

Total 10,942,646 12,596,803 14,379,677

Isle of Man, 40,084, Guernsey Pits dependencies, 20,827, Jersey 28,600, Scilly Isles 2614, in all these Islands, 92,122 inhabitants not included in the above.

P198 RENFREW, JULY ---- 1822.

Married on Tuesday, July, 16th, Mr William Waterson, painter, in Paisley, to Miss Mary Galloway, daughter of the deceased Mr Walter Galloway, late farmer, in Porterfield.

Sunday, August, 4th, Mrs John Smith, Renfrew, delivered of a Son.

Tuesday, August, 13th, The Reverend Laurence Lockhart, was ordained Minister of the Parish of Inchinnan, Vacant by the resignation of the Reverend Dr Richardson. The Reverend Mr Brown, Junior, Innerkip, preached and presided on the occasion.

Friday, 30th August, Mrs J Lang, Knock, delivered of a Son.

P199 RENFREW, AUGUST----- 1822.

Saturday, August, 10th, The King embarked at Greenwich at a quarter past three o�clock this morning on a Visit to Scotland. Arrived in Leith Roads, on Wednesday, 14th, Landed on Thursday, 15th, and proceed to Hollyrood house. His Majesty was received in Edinburgh with the most enthusiastic applause.

Friday, August, 30th, His Majesty past through Edinburgh, at 12 o�clock yesterday for Hopetown House, from whence he embarked in the afternoon for England, carrying with him the increased and confirmed affections of his Scottish subjects.

After an expeditious passage, His Majesty landed at Greenwich on Sunday afternoon, the 1st September, amind the cheering welcomes of his people.

P200 RENFREW, SEPTEMBER ---- 1822.

Married at Paisley, Friday, 6th September, Hugh Mungle, to Turnbull,

Married on Friday, 6th September, Isabell Paterson, daughter of Matthew Paterson, Park, Inchinnan, to Walter Barley,


Friday, October 11th, Mrs M. Muir, Greenhill, of a Son, -- James.

Married on Tuesday, October 22nd, Miss Elizabeth Galloway, daughter of the late Walter Galloway, farmer, in Porterfield, to William Langmuir, Son of Langmuir, farmer, in The Wedding was held at Shillingworth, in the Parish of Kilbearchan, where they have gone to reside.

P201 RENFREW, NOVEMBER -----1822.

Thursday, November 7th, Mrs A. Watson, Pointhouse, of a Son, --- Robert.

Married on Friday, 8th, Bethia Cowbrough, daughter of James Cowbrough, farmer, Muttonhole, to James Weatherly, gardner, in Jordan hill.

Married on Thursday, 14th, Alexander Clark, Renfrew, to Jean Bryson, daughter of the late John Bryson, Renfrew.

Married on Friday, 15th November, at Paisley, John Wallace, lately residing at Abbots Inch, to Smith

P202 RENFREW, DECEMBER ---- 1822.

Married on Friday, 6th December, Robert Crawford, Son of Matthew Crawford, farmer, Calside, to Janet Paterson, daughter of Matthew Paterson, Park, Inchinnan.

Died at Paisley, on Friday, the 20th December, Mrs Nielson, Moss Street, aged 75 years. Interred on Tuesday, 24th in the Abbey Church Yard.

Tuesday, 31st December, Mrs R. Miller, Paisley, of a Son --- William.


Died at Lone End, Paisley, Wednesday, 15th January, William King, Esquire, in the 79th year of his age.

Died at Rashalee, Inchinnan, Wednesday, 5th February, of Scarlet Fever. Margaret White, daughter late William White. Interred on Wednesday, 12th, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

Died at Renfrew, Tuesday, 11th February, Mr Robert Paterson, at one time Provost, of the Burgh of Renfrew, aged Interred on Friday 14th in Renfrew Church Yard.

March 13th Robertson, farm servant, with Duncan Taylor, at Shields, was killed while engaged at work with the thrashing Mill.

Birth, Sunday, 30th March, Mrs Thomas Muir, Lonehead, of a Daughter, --- Agnes.

P204 RENFREW SHIRE --- 1823.

Thursday evening, 24th April, about 11 o�clock, Byre and stable, at North Cardonald, occupied by James Davie, farmer, were consumed by fire and 7 cows 3 greys and a horse were destroyed with a quantity of horse Harness and other implements of Husbandry. We are sorry to learn that the property was not insured, and the loss is said to amount to 200 pounds. It supposed the fire may have originated from a spark falling from a Candle and communicating with some straw, while the Farmer himself was late in the Stable looking after a Horse that was unwell. It has since been said that the Landlord has deducted from his Rent the amount of the Property destroyed.

Died on Monday, May, 12th, 1823, at Millhill, Erskine, Mary White, Wife of John Stewart, miller and farmer there. Interred on Friday 16th May in Erskine Church Yard.

P205 RENFREW, JUNE-JULY --- 1823.

Died on Thursday, 5th June, Margaret Jackson, Wife of Alexander Muir, farmer, Netherton, of a liver complaint after an illness of ten months. Interred on Tuesday, 10th June, in Inchinnan Church Yard.

Married at Portnauld, Inchinnan, Friday, June 13th, Janet Snodgrass, daughter of the late James Snodgrass, farmer, Portnauld, to John Killoch, farmer, Cardross.

Married on Thursday, 3rd July, James Bryce, wright, in Paisley, son of James Bryce, farmer, Mossland, Renfrew, to Adam, daughter of Robert Adam, grocer, Paisley.

Married on Monday, 14th July, Ann Eadon, to Robert Dunlop, grocer, Renfrew.

P206 RENFREW, JULY � AUGUST --- 1823.

Died at Paisley, Wednesday, 23rd July, the Reverend Robert Boog, D.D. Minister of the first charge of the Abbey Parish, in the 78th year of his age, and the 50th of his Ministry.

Died at Millhill, Erskine, Friday, 25th July, of a brain fever after a few days illness, John Stewart, Junior, miller and farmer there. Interred on Wednesday, 30th, in Erskine Church Yard. His Wife died the 12th of May last.

Died at Paisley, Friday, 8th August, Thomas Adam, late farmer, Mossland. Interred on Tuesday, 12th, in Renfrew Church Yard.

Married on Monday, 11th August, James Dunlop, formerly grocer, in Renfrew, now in Glasgow, to Margaret Stewart, daughter of the late James Stewart, Mason, Renfrew.


Died at Greenock, Tuesday, 9th September, David, eldest Son of Mr George Kerr, merchant, Greenock.

Birth, Friday, 7th November, at Saucel, Mrs William Muir, of a Son, --- William.

Married on Tuesday, 18th November, Ninian Crawford, Son of John Crawford, Renfrew, to Margaret Paterson, daughter of the late Provost Paterson, Renfrew.

Birth, Sunday, 30th November, Mrs James Snodgrass, Portnauld, of a Daughter, --- Agnes.

Married on Tuesday, 16th December, Alexander Brock, farmer, Hardgate, Govan, to Janet Muir, Widow of the late James Hamilton, West Shields, Govan.


Died at Renfrew, Friday, 19th December, James Gray, at one time Provost of the Burgh of Renfrew. Interred on Wednesday, 24th, in Renfrew Church Yard.

Died at Renfrew, Monday, 22nd December, Janet Knox, Wife of John Waterston, Inn keeper. Interred on Wednesday, 24th, in Renfrew Church Yard.

Married on Monday, 26th January, 1824, Mr Alexander Craig, Hawk head Mills, to Miss Agnes Cuthbertson.

Died on Sunday, 1st February, Ralston, Wife of John Keter, farmer, Bogside, of a dumb palsy. Interred on Wednesday, February, 4th, in Renfrew Church Yard.

P209 RENFREW, FEBRUARY ---- 1824.

Married on Friday, February 6th, James McHutchison, grocer and spirit dealer, Renfrew, and Son of William McHutchison, to Elizabeth McIntyre, daughter of Robert McIntyre, Renfrew.

This is the last of the Entries in Journal No 17. of James Muir, Renfrew.

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