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TRELOAR is a Cornish name and Orson Lee Treloar wrote in his book published in the 1960's

"Adoption of surnames began about 1066 and were quite commonly used by the 13th century.  Treloar is a Cornish name, and the Cornish people came from a mixture of Celtic and Iberian people.  It was originally spelled Trelowarth.  Proof of this is found in early government and church records.  The earliest record of the place Trelowarth is found in the very ancient records when the Duchy of Cornwall was an Earldom, 1333.  In 1493 we find it first used as a surname, Johannes (Latin for John) Trelowarth.  The earliest church record is for Wearne Trelowarth, baptized in Wendron parish 1575.  The church records show the change in spelling of the name.  First the "W" was dropped leaving Treloarth, then the "TH" was dropped leaving Treloar.  We have one branch of the family that spells it Trelour.  The name means "Garden Home". Lowarth for garden, Tre for home or homestead.  It was derived from the hamlet of Trelowarth.  The hamlet is no longer there but Treloar Farm is.  We have seen the place.  It is a picturesque valley in Wendron Parish. 

The oldest record we have found of the place name Trelowarth is in the following excerpt taken from the records at Duchy of Cornwall Office, 10 Buckingham Gate S.W.1, London.

"HELLISTON IN KERRIER           (No. 471)    ASSESSION ROLL   7 EDWARD III     1333  

EARLDOM OF CORNWALL     NATIVE OF STOCK (Crossed out John de Trelowargh)

EXTRACT 1 inserted William of Trelowargh, Native of Stock, holds in Bond 1 messuage 23 acres of land in 1 parcel which he holds in TRELOWARTH at will of the Lord, paying per annum six and eightpence at 4 usual quarters"

In 1337 records from the same source show William of Trelowargh holding land in Trelowarth.  John Cooke held the land in Trelowarth in 1364 and by 1493 Johannes Trelowarth was involved in the land holding.

About 1850 there was a marked exodus from Cornwall to South Africa, Canada, Australia and the U.S.A and later New Zealand.  This movement was due to a lack of employment in the tin mines of Cornwall resulting in increasing hardship in that country."

Most Treloar's today are descended from one family dating back to Robert Treloar who married Alice John in the Wendron Parish Church 1574.  To read about my family you can go to My Treloar Family. To find your family you can jump straight to the index of names in the Treloar Genealogy pages.  Maybe your family married into the Treloar's. Well you can check this out on the Treloar Spouses Page or the Inter Related Families pages.

You have come across these pages because you are interested in Treloar.  Please contact me and tell me about your family.

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