Recap Report For Sarah and Daniel B. Johnson, Sr.

10 January 2004

by Patricia Craig Johnson

This report is a way for me to list what I have learned about this family. I feel grateful I have found as much as I have, considering the common name of Johnson. As of today, I am still searching for Sarah's maiden name and Daniel's parents names. I am sure it will be breaking soon, so I will persevere in my efforts. This is what I know about Daniel and Sarah Johnson.


1. I estimate Daniel was born about 1791. His tombstone in Orleans Cemetery (Appanoose Co., Iowa) says he was age 72 when he died. On every census that asked the question, Daniel always says he was born in Virginia. However Kentucky was part of Virginia until 1792, so he may very well have been born in present day Kentucky.

2. Sarah was born about 1792. She shares the same tombstone as Daniel and it says age 72 so I am assuming she was also age 72 when she died. On the censuses she says she was born in Kentucky.


I estimate their marriage to be about 1813/1814. Their oldest daughter Highley Johnson was born 20 Dec 1814 in Kentucky. There is a Daniel Johnson that married Mrs. Sally Jillson in Sep 1814. Daniel married Elizabeth Scott on 11 Nov 1863 in Appanoose Co., Iowa.


I don't know Sarah's maiden name. After Sarah died in August 1863, Daniel B. Married Elizabeth Scott. I presume she was much younger than he and after his death she had to petition the Court in Appanoose County, Iowa for money from his estate to support herself and her children. These were children from her previous marriage. Sarah and Daniel had 11 children.


1. Highley Johnson born 20 Dec 1814 in Kentucky. This date from Ellen Krull a descendant of Highley. She married Henry Hughes about 1833 in Kentucky. I did NOT find a marriage record for her in Pulaski County marriages. She died June 1892 in Republic Co., Kansas, per a descendant's family Bible. She had 15 children.

2. Polly Johnson was born about 1815 in Kentucky. She married John H. BAKER about 1834 in Kentucky. I did NOT find her name in the Pulaski County KY marriages. Her oldest child, Mahlon was age 15 in June 1850, so I estimate her marriage of 1834. She is mentioned in Daniel B.'s estate record as an heir, although she died between 1850 (when on Davis Co., Iowa census) and 1863 (when her husband married second to Eliza Jane Jackson in Schuyler Co.,, Missouri). She either died in Davis County Iowa or Schuyler County Missouri. She had 8 children.

3. Ellender Johnson was born about 1819 in Kentucky. She married William Spencer Hughes about 1839 in Missouri. She died 24 dec 1843 in Pettis Co., Missouri. She had 3 children.

4. Ruth Johnson was born about 1821 in Kentucky. She married Jeremiah Harris in Randolph Co., Missouri on 06 Feb 1845. Her marriage record says she is the daughter of Daniel Johnson. In 1880 she is living with her daughter Nancy Harris Wilkinson in Republic Co., Kansas. A descendant says she died 20 May 1904 in Narka, Republic Co., Kansas, per an obituary. She had 10 children.

5. William J. Johnson was born about 1823 in Pulaski Co., Kentucky. His birth place found in the "History of Appanoose County Iowa" in the biographical section of Washington Township. He married Margaret Kelso in 1863 in Appanoose Co., Iowa. Margaret was married before she married William as there is a Thomas Moore living with them in 1870 and she married as Margaret Moore. He is on the 1885 Appanoose County Iowa census, but NOT on the 1895. Margaret is head of household in 1895. According to the "Appanoose County History" biographical section, William says he came to Appanoose County in 1846 with his parents in 1846. It appears he had 0 children.

6. Elizabeth Johnson was born about 1824 in Kentucky. She married James Absalom Hughes about 1844 in Pettis County, Missouri. She married him as Elizabeth Bunda, so was married before James. In 1840 she is not in her father's house in Randolph Co., MO so she must have married BUNDA by then. In 1880 she and James are in Jefferson Co., Kansas. She died 25 August 1897 per Kathy Hall, a descendant. She had 6 children.

7. Daniel B. Johnson, Jr. was born about 1825 in Kentucky. He married Mary Jane Edwards in Appanoose Co., Iowa on 18 Jul 1852. In 1880 he is in Appanoose Co., Iowa. He is on 1885 Appanoose County Iowa census, but NOT on the1895. It appears he had 0 children, although he and Mary Jane took in several nieces and nephews at various times in their lives.

8. Sarah Johnson was born 24 Apr 1827 near Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky according to her obituary. She married William L. VanBuskirk on 19 Aug 1847 in Appanoose Co., Iowa.. She died 10 Dec 1919 in Haddam, Washington, Kansas. She had 7 children.

9. Amos B. Johnson was born 30 May 1830 according to the calculation from his tombstone. He was born in Kentucky, probably in Pulaski County. He married Sarah A. Edwards in 1850 in Appanoose Co., Iowa. He died 31 dec 1854 in Appanoose Co., Iowa and is buried in Orleans cemetery there. His wife Sarah is also buried there. Sarah married a second time to UriahWooding in Kansas. She had another child, Naomi Wooding. Amos and Sarah had 3 children.

10. Unknown Daughter. There was a daughter age 0-5 on the 1830 census that is not there in 1840. I do not know her name or when or where she died.


Daniel B. Johnson (as Johnston) is in Pulaski Co., Kentucky in 1830; in Randolph Co., Missouri in 1840; in Appanoose Co., Iowa in 1850 & 1856 & 1860. In 1845 he is in Randolph Co., Missouri when daughter Ruth marries and in 1847 he is in Appanoose Co., Iowa when daughter Sarah marries.


Daniel B. Johnson, Sr. died 14 Nov 1864 in Appanoose Co., Iowa. Sarah Johnson, Sr. died 31 Aug 1963 in Appanoose Co., Iowa. Both are buried in Orleans Cemetery in Appanoose Co., Iowa.


In 1823 there was a land grant to a Daniel B. Johnston in Pulaski Co., Kentucky. I believe this is our Daniel. He would have been age 21 when the War of 1812 started, so he may have had land from service in that War.


Fayette County Kentucky 1828 &1829 & 1830 - Daniel Johnson is NOT on these tax lists. In his daughter, Sarah Johnson VanBuskirk's obituary it says she was born near Lexington, KY in 1827. It would seem if that was their regular place of residence Daniel would be in the tax lists there. They may have moved shortly after her birth. I know by 1830 he is in Pulaski County Kentucky. OR WERE THEY JUST VISITING THERE WHEN SARAH WAS BORN?

Pulaski County Kentucky

Daniel is ONLY on the 1827 Pulaski County Kentucky tax list. He is entered on the roll next to a James Johnson, perhaps a brother OR his father. I do not find him on another year, although some of the surrounding years are very illegible. I would think his father was a "William Johnson" since he named his first son William, but that is not definite, just a hunch. From 1806 thru 1838 the only year that Daniel appears is 1827.


3 Sep 1823 - Daniel B. Johnston was granted 50 acres on the Cumberland River in Pulaski County Kentucky. This is in Deed Book "O" page 102. For War of 1812 service?
Jillson, Willard Rouse. The Kentucky Land Grants, Vol. I-II. Louisville, KY: Filson Club Publications, 1925.

Oct 1843 - Daniel B. Johnson bought land in Randolph County Missouri from Benjamin Hardister. This is in Deed Book "E" page 45.

27 Sep 1853 - William J. Johnson sold to his father and mother, Daniel B. and Sarah Johnson, land in Sections 35 & 2 for $100.00. According to the "Appanoose County History" biographical section, William says he came to Appanoose County in 1846 with his parents.

Dec 1864 - When Daniel B. Johnson died in 1864 his land was part of his estate settlement. It was 100 acres total with 40acres in Sec 21 Twp 68N Range 16W; and 40 acres in sec 35 Twp 69N Range 16W; and 20 acres in Sec 27 Twp 69N Range 16W.

1865-1869 - During this time the heirs of Daniel B. Johnson signed deeds that relinquished their rights to his farm through his Probate. His son, Daniel B. Johnson, Jr. paid the heirs which were some of his siblings and their children. This is in Appanoose County Iowa Deed Book 17 pages 24-35. This is where I found the names of grandchildren and their spouses. It was a great find!!

June 1871 - Daniel, Johnson Jr. sold to his older brother, William J. Johnson for $500.00 the following 274 acres:

The above described 100 acres plus 80 acres in Sec 27 Twp 69N Range 16W; 40acres in Sec 27 Twp 69N Range 16W; 40 acres in Sec 39 Twp 69N Range 16W; and 14 acres in Sec 27 Twp 69N Range 16W. I don't know why Daniel Jr. was selling this land.