Recap Report For John Collins & Sarah Chapman

05 November 2005

by Patricia A. Johnson

I seem to have hit the proverbial "brick wall" in the search for my 4th great grandfather, John Collins. I want to recap what I have found out about him this year and then I can put the search to rest for a time. Perhaps in the future the time will be right to continue. I feel grateful to have found what I have, as it is much more than I ever knew before. Of course, no genealogist is ever satisfied, and always wants more information. I will recap according to the events in the life of John Collins and Sarah Chapman.


1. I know that John was born 08 September 1789. This is based on another descendant of John and Sarah that listed a family Bible as proof of dates for them when the descendant joined DAR.

2. Sarah (Sally) was born 03 Dec 1790. This is based on "The Descendants of Robert Chapman of Say-Brook, Conn" page 242. That book says she was born in Vermont, however in June 1790 her father Nathaniel Chapman was in Litchfield, Litchfield Co., CT. Their daughter Sylvia, in 1880, says her father was born in OH and her mother in VT.


1. John and Sarah (Sally) were married 01 Jan 1809 in Portage Co OH. I am assuming this from finding another researcher that stated it in the IGI. This is also stated in "The Descendants of Robert Chapman of Say-Brook, Conn" page 242.


1. Sarah (Sally) Chapman, daughter of Nathaniel and Hepsibah Smith Chapman. This is from "The Descendants of Robert Chapman of Say-Brook, Conn" page 242. This is also proven by Nathaniel Chapman's will that states that Sarah Collins is his daughter. Finding Sarah's ancestors led me all the way back to the Mayflower, through her grandfather, Titus Chapman. Titus is also my 21st Revolutionary ancestor.


All of the following children are mentioned in the will of John Collins proved August 1841 in Cass Co MI.

1. Mary born abt 1811 married to Thomas Jefferson Curtis in Medina Co OH;

2. Elenor Sarah born abt 1813 married to Jesse Harkness in Medina Co OH and second to Walter Ross in Walworth Co., WI;

3. Mahala born abt 1815 married William Hoffsteter in Medina Co OH;

4. Martha born abt 1818 married Moses Shellhammer in Cass Co MI;

5. Fanny born 21 Jul 1823 married Walter McNeil in Cass Co MI;

6. William born 23 Oct 1827 (Summit Co OH) married Marietta Peck in Walworth Co.,WI and second married Ellen Dokey in Cass Co MI;

7. Sylvia R. born abt 1832 married John McNeil Walworth Co. WI.

LAND: See Recap of Land Transactions


1. 1810,1812,1313,1814 there is a John Collins in Springfield Twp, Portage Co OH

2. 1816,1817,1818,1819 there is a John Collins in Portage Twp, Portage Co OH

3. 1820 NO John Collins in Portage Co OH

4. 1846,1847 Sarah Collins in Mason Twp, Cass Co MI

5. 1848,1849 William Collins (son of John & Sarah age 21 in 1848) in Mason Twp. Cass Co MI.

6. 1850 NO William or Sarah Collins in Mason Twp. Cass Co MI


1. 1800 Sarah is in Litchfield, Litchfield Co., CT with her father Nathaniel Chapman

1. 1810 No census for Ohio. John and Sarah have been married a year so are in Ohio.

2. 1820 Not in Clermont, Fairfield, Medina, Wayne, Stark, Portage, or Trumbull Counties Ohio

3. 1830 in Medina Co OH with one son and five daughters

4. 1840 in Cass Co MI with one son and three daughters

5. 1850 where is Sarah? Not found in 1850 in MI, IN, WI or OH.


1. John died August 1841.

2. Sarah was still alive in 1849 when she and William sold 40 acres in Cass Co. MI

3. Sarah died 28 Jan 1851 from "The Descendants of Robert Chapman of Say-Brook, Conn" page 242. I believe this data was furnished by one of her brothers when the compiler, Rev F. M. Chapman requested information from living Chapmans in 1854. The information about Sarah says her descendants live in Michigan and Wisconsin, and only a family member would know that information.

4. Sarah is buried in Middlebury Cemetery in Akron, Summit Co., Ohio. This from the reading of the tombstones in the 1940's. The cemetery is in disrepair now. This found compliments of Bob Keener in Akron, Ohio.


Son William states his birthplace as Clinton Co., OH when he marries his second wife Ellen Dokey in 1869. I believe he meant Clinton, Summit Co., Ohio.

2. Daughter Martha marries in 1852 and says she is a resident of Mishiwaka, St Joseph Co., IN when she marries. In 1850 there is no Martha OR Sarah in St Joseph Co. IN


Where was John born?

Who are John's parents?

Where are they in 1800-1810-1820

Where is John buried? Sarah is in Middlebury Cemetery in Akron, Summit Co., Ohio.

Recap of Land Transaction of John Collins from land index of Portage Medina and Stark Counties Ohio

1821 - A John Collins sells 52 acres to Elkanah Richardson in Portage Twp, Portage Co OH for $400.00

1825 - A John Collins sells lots 87 & 1 to Jabes Hamlin in Stow Twp, Portage Co OH for $200.00 1826 - A James Collins sells 7 acres to John Collins in Springfield Twp, Portage Co OH for $50.00

1828 - A John Collins sells acre to J.B. Fuller in Springfield Twp. Portage Co OH for $25.00

1834 - A John Collins sells 7 acres and 63 acres to Samuel Mishler in Springfield Twp in Portage Co OH for $1000.00

1837 - A John Collins sells lot #5 to Solomon Hoisington in Copley Twp, Medina Co OH for $15.00 (NOT MY JOHN THIS ONE'S WIFE IS ELIZABETH.)

1839 - John Collins buys 80 acres in Cass Co MI from the Federal Government

1849 - Aug 18, William and Sally Collins sell 40 acres to Coleman Keeler. What about the other 40 acres? William goes to Walworth Co WI by June 1850 (census). Where did Sarah go? Now I know she went to Summit Co., Ohio where she died 28 January 1851.