Recap Report For John Goulden, Sr.

16 April 2003

by Patricia A. Johnson

I seem to have hit the proverbial "brick wall" in the search for my 5th great grandfather, John Goulden, Sr. I want to recap what I have found out about him in the past five years. Perhaps in the future the time will be right to continue. I feel grateful to have found what I have, as it is much more than I ever knew before. Of course, no genealogist is ever satisfied, and always wants more information. I will recap according to the events in the life of John Goulden, Sr.


1. I estimate that he was born 1775-1780. This is based on the fact that his oldest KNOWN child, Amelia, was born about 1803. If John, Sr. was age 25 when she was born he would be born 1778. The estimate allows his age at her birth to range from 23 to 28. I estimate that he was born in Virginia but this is purely hypothetical. He was over age 21 in 1803.


1. I estimate he was married between 1801 -- two years before Amelia was born --- and 1803. I have not found a marriage for him in Butler;Campbell;Clark;Fayette Cos KY. I recently found a marriage in Jessamine Co KY for John GOULDIN and Sally WILLIAMS on 05 Jan 1803, 10 months before Amelia was born. I believe that this IS my John Goulden. He was in this county on the tax lists at this time. The guardian for Sally was George S. Smith and the marriage was witnessed by Philip Smith and Fanny Smith.


1. I estimate that his wife died before him as she is not mentioned in his will. I also believe she died before 1818 when he sold land in Warren County Ohio. There is no dower right release on that transaction.


I know he had the following children:

1. Amelia born 23 Nov 1803 married to George Witcraft 21 July 1821 in Warren Co. Ohio and died 25 Mar 1885 in Logan Co Ohio buried in Hale Cemetery Hardin Co. Ohio.

2. Elizabeth born abt 1807 married to John Drake 06 Feb 1821 in Warren Co Ohio and died 29 May 1887 in Warren Co Ohio. John Drake died 25 Jan 1868 in Warren Co Ohio.

3. John, Jr. born 12 Feb 1808 and married Lucilla Frizzell 27 Oct 1829 in Madison Co Ohio. He died 24 July 1861 in Henderson Co IL.

4. Sarah born abt 1812 married to Alfred L. Williams 01 Sep 1831 in Warren Co Ohio. This marriage was listed as Sarah Goulden and Alfred M. Lawrence. She is still alive in 1880 in Fayette Co Illinois per Cinda Chima. The census says she was born in Ohio.

5. Thomas born abt 1813 married Catherine Reese 31 May 1831 in Madison Co Ohio. He died in 1862 as his will was probated in Hardin Co OH on 22 Apr 1862.

LAND: See Recap of Land Transactions


1. 1782 John Golding is on Prince William Co., VA Tax List.

2. 1782 John Golden is on Prince George Co., VA Tax List.

3. 1787-1803 Fayette Co., KY There is NO Goulden/Golden listed. There is a Wm Golding listed.

4. 1803 John Golden is on Jessamine Co Ky Tax List. Over age 21 & 2 Horses.

5. 1804 John Golden is on Jessamine Co KY Tax List. Over age 21 & 3 Horses.

6. 1805 John Golden is on Jessamine Co KY Tax List. Over age 21 & 5 Horses.

7. 1806 John Golden is on Jessamine Co KY Tax List. Over age 21 & 5 Horses.

8. 1807 John Golden is on Fayette Co KY Tax List. Over age 21 & 4 Horses. The only Golden there and daughter, Elizabeth says she was born in Lexington, Fayette Co KY.

9. 1809 A John Golden is on the Warren Co OH Tax List in Wayne Twp.

10. 1809 A John Golden is on the Hamilton Co OH Tax List. Is in Crosby Twp.

11. 1810 A John Goldon is on the Warren Co OH Tax List listed next to Thomas Golden both in Wayne Twp. (I think this is my JohnGoulden.)

12. 1810 The John GOLDEN in Crosby Twp of Hamilton Co OH in 1810 is probably NOT my John GOLDEN.

13. 1810 A John Golden is on the Columbiana Co., OH Tax List.

14. 1816 John and Thomas Golden are in Warren Co OH Tax List. John has 35 acres and Thomas has 100 acres. Same entry # 528 for both.

15. 1817-1818-1819 Same as item 4. They are NOT there in 1820-1826.

16. 1825 John Goulden, Sr. appears on the Logan Co OH Tax List.

17. 1827 John GOLDEN first appears on the Logan Co Tax List on FHL film 545118. It does NOT show him in 1825, but the "Index of the Ohio Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty page 64 shows him there in 1825. This is in spite of the fact that he bought land there in 1821!!

18. 1835 & 1836 John Goulden, Sr. appears on the Franklin Co OH Tax Lists. He is being taxed for the 55 acres bought from Joseph Gibeson in 1833.


1. I have NOT found John Goulden, Sr. on a census in 1820 or 1830. In 1820 he would be about age 40-45. In 1830 he would be about age 50-55. The John Goulden found on the 1820 Hamilton County Ohio census is the right age (45+) but only has one male age 16-26 and one female age 45+. John Goulden, Sr. in 1820 should have three daughters and two sons at home. At least under normal circumstances that would be what the family was made up of. The John Golden on the Logan Co. Oh 1830 census is John Jr.

2. I will continue to study the censuses looking for him.

3. In 1795 there is a John GOLDEN in Nelson Co KY.

4. In 1810 there is a John GOLDEN in Pendleton Co KY with one male 26-45 and 2 females <10 1 female 16-26 1 female 26-45 and 1 female 45+. It COULD be him, but this John GOLDEN is still there in 1820.


John Goulden, Sr. died between 01 Apr 1839 when he signed his will, and 05 Apr 1839 when it was proved in Logan County Ohio. He left a 70 acre farm to his son-in-law John Drake, orders to sell his 55 acre farm where his son, John, Jr. lived. The sale of this farm was to pay off notes held for his son-in-law Alfred L. Williams. The remainder of this sale was to go to buying a lot for his daughter, Sarah Williams and her heirs. The balance of his estate was to be divided equally among his children. Executors were Thomas Goulden and George Witcraft. The will clearly states that he was of Logan County Ohio at the time. The will was also recorded in Franklin County Ohio on 05 Sep 1839.


The earliest sale of land by John Goulden Sr is 1818. None of the sales had dower release information for his wife. The conclusion is that she is deceased by 1818.

Jessamine Co., KY Court Orders Book 5 1801-1821 shows no entries for Sally Williams, John Goulden or George Stovall Smith. Nothing to indicate why Smith signed Sally's marriage bond as her guardian. It could be because she had property and women weren't trusted to know about selling property so a man was usually appointed to be guardian in such matters that may pertain to property. She could have come to Kentucky with George Stovall Smith & family from Virginia, thus in Smith's charge for a long time before her marriage in 1803.

I believe John Goulden Sr had only five children. As these land transactions show he gave land to his two sons, John Jr and Thomas. He sold land to his daughter Amelia's husband, George Whitcraft, he sold land to benefit his daughter, Sarah Golden Williams, and he willed a Warren Co farm to Elizabeth and husband John Drake.


Where was he born?

When was he born?

Who are his parents?

When did he come to Kentucky? (1803 on Jessamine Co., KY Tax List)

When did he come to Ohio? (1807 in Jessamine Co. KY & 1809 in Warren Co.,OH)

Where did he come from prior to Ohio? (Jessamine Co., Kentucky)

Where is he in 1800-1810-1820-1830?

Did he have more than 5 children? (No)

Recap of Land Transaction of John Goldens from Deeds of Logan, Hamilton, Franklin & Warren

Counties Ohio & Early Kentucky

Prepared by Patricia A. Johnson 17 April 2003

1. 19 Jun 1784 date of survey that granted "a" John Golden 428 acres in Fayette Co., KY on the N. Fork of Elkhorn. Book 12 page 17. This found in "Kentucky Land Grants Part 1" page 56 on This is most likely an older John Golden that may have served Virginia in the French Indian War.

2. Jun 16, 1818 John Goulden bought 146 acres in Warren Co Ohio from Robert Whitacre for $584.00.

3. Oct 09, 1818 John Goulden sold 146 acres in Warren Co Ohio to Isaac Chivington for $872.00. There is no release of dower for this transaction!!!

4. Nov 20, 1821 John Goalden bought 100 acres from Benjamin Lane in Logan Co OH.

This is John Goulden Sr. The deed says John Goalden of Warren County OH.

I have learned that John Sr always says he is of Warren County OH.

5. Oct 05, 1825 John Golden bought 77 acres in Warren Co Ohio from Gen James Taylor for $190.00.

6. Aug 01, 1827 John Golden sold 8 acres to Amos Tullis in Warren Co Ohio for $24. This is part of land #4 above.

7. Jun 11, 1828 John Gouldine bought land from Abel Thomas in Logan Co OH.

This is John Goulden Jr. OR land by John Sr for his son, John Jr.

The deed is to John Gouldine of Logan County Ohio. This is 100 acres.

8. Jul 01, 1828 John Golding received land from Rhodah McHenry in Hamilton Co Ohio. This land was originally bought by Barnabas Golding in 1805. Rhodah was the widow

of James Golding and John Golding and Sarah Owens were heirs of James Golding.

9. Jan 12, 1829 John Golden sold land to Benjamin Lane Et Al in Logan Co OH.

This is John Goulden Jr as the deed says John Golden of Logan Co OH.

This was selling 1 acre for one dollar to the M E Church. Land was same as #4,#5 above.

10. Dec 16, 1829 John Goulden and Sarah Owens sold land to Patrick Owens for $700.00.

This is the land in #7 above.

11. Jun 30, 1830 John Golding bought land from Daniel Hatcher in Logan Co OH.

This was bought by John Goulden, Sr in the name of his son Thomas Goulden.

The title of the deed entry is in John's name but the text of the deed states Thomas Golden. This was 70 acres.

12. Jan 03, 1832 John Golden sold land to George Whitcraft in Logan Co OH.

This was land sold by John Golden Sr to his son-in-law George Whitcraft.

The deed says John Golden of Warren Co OH and is signed with an X for John Sr's sign.

This is 100 acres the same as land in #3 above.

13. Oct 15, 1832 John Golden sold land to Thomas Sewall in Logan Co OH.

This is John Golden Jr. The deed says he is of Franklin Co OH.

It is the same land as #6 above but now 99 acres.

14. Feb 27, 1833 John Goulden, Sr. bought 55 acres from Joseph Gibeson in Franklin Co Ohio. This was part of the original VMD Survey 3012 in Washington Twp. The deed states "John Goulden of Warren County Ohio", so I am convinced that it IS John Goulden Sr. This 55 acres is the farm he ordered sold in his will of 1839 to benefit daughter Sarah Golden Williams.

15. Apr 01, 1839 John Goulden, Sr willed a 70 acre farm to son-in-law John Drake. John Drake lived in Warren Co 1830/1840/1850 so I believe this is farm #4 above.

16. Mar 20, 1840 Thomas Golden sold land to William Hoge in Logan Co OH.

This is 70 acres bought by John Sr for son Thomas. The same land as in #10 above.

17. There is NO Golden/Goulden listed as a grantor in Jessamine Co., KY Index 1790-1900.