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Updated 5 January 2010

Welcome to my Ancestral Images web page. Please check back often as I will be updating it continually. If you find an ancestor here -- contact me via e-mail to exchange informaton. The major surnames are Craig, Cary, Van Buskirk,Windle because these are my parents and grandparents.   Casey, Sanford, Thompson, Goulden, Forrest, Jensen, Wickham, McKelvey, Smith, Evelyn, Sankey, Frizzell, Johnson and Johnston are also found here.  Use your browser's "find on this page" feature to find them.  

The first section is in honor of the veterans in my family.  They are listed by the name of the war they served in.

The females are listed by their maiden name. 

At the bottom there is a 5 generation ancestor chart to assist the visitor in following the names in these photos.

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FRENCH & INDIAN WAR: No picture of John Frizzell 1730-1800, but here is his story

AMERICAN REVOLUTION: Patricia A Craig with Revolutionary Ancestor's DAR Certificates 2000

WAR OF 1812: Jeremiah Thompson 1791-1862 and Thomas Forrest 1781-1856

CIVIL WAR:  Eugene Casey 1847-1933. No pictures of William Oliver Sanford; James Henry Windle; Dennis Meech (also served).

WORLD WAR I: Forrest Francis Cary 1900-1924, younger brother of Ralph O Cary, Sr.

WORLD WAR II: Ralph O Cary, Jr. 1921-1987

WORLD WAR II: Lee P Johnston 1916-2009

KOREAN WAR: John E Johnson 1932-2009

CRAIG/CARY: My own family

CARY, DOROTHY: My Mom-1968 in Gering, Nebraska

CARY/CRAIG: Mom, David & Me in 1946 in Pittsburg, Kansas

CRAIG, GERALD VUHR: My Dad-1968 in Omaha, Nebraska

CRAIG, DAVID VINSON: My Brother- as a little boy 

CARY/ FORREST: Ezra Cary and Margaret Forrest married 29 Dec 1869 in Mills Co Iowa

CARY/ SANFORD: Francis Cary and Olive Sanford married 27 Nov 1890 in Nemaha Co Kansas

CARY/ WINDLE: Ralph O Cary and Hazel B Windle married 9 May 1917 in Wapello Co Iowa

CARY: The Ralph Cary Family, Dorothy, Ralph Jr, Ruth 1930-1931 era

CARY: Children and Grandchildren of Ralph Cary and Hazel Windle, May 1974, Ottumwa, Iowa

CARY/McKELVEY/WINDLE: Cousins-3 Cary, 5 McKelvey, 1 Windle in Ottumwa, Iowa 1931

CARY/CRAIG/EVELYN/JOHNSTON: The husbands of Dorothy O Cary, 1934, 1950, 1981

CRAIG: William Craig,  husband of Faithy Meech married 28 Aug 1884 in Linn Co Kansas

CRAIG/BINGHAM: Family of William Craig & Esther Bingham married 1889, Kansas

CRAIG/VAN BUSKIRK: Claude Craig & Goldie Van Buskirk married 11 Nov 1911, Bourbon Co Kansas

CRAIG/WORTHINGTON: Claude Craig & Hazel Worthington married 11 Jun 1941, Joplin, Missouri

CRAIG/VAN BUSKIRK: Goldie Van Buskirk, Claudine Cleo Craig, Gerald Vuhr Craig and Mattie Craig in Miami Co Oklahoma about 1918

CRAIG/VAN BUSKIRK: Children of Claude Craig & Goldie Van Buskirk in 1935

CRAIG/WICKHAM/SMITH: 6 Grandchildren of Claude Craig and Goldie Van Buskirk, no picture of Jerry Lynn, Jacqueline and Roberta Craig

CASEY/JENSEN: Eugene Casey & Jencene Jensen, married 11 Oct 1871, Nodaway Co Missouri

CASEY/JENSEN: Eugene Casey & Jencene Jensen about 1880, in Council Bluffs, Iowa

CASEY/JENSEN: Eugene Casey & Jencene Jensen about 1931, in Columbus, Nebraska

CASEY/CARY/WINDLE/McKELVEY: Family Reunion 1931, in Ottumwa, Wapello Co Iowa

JENSEN/CASEY/WINDLE/CARY: 4 Generations, Jencene Jensen, Elizabeth Casey, Hazel B Windle, Dorothy Cary in Ottumwa, Iowa 1931 

WINDLE: John A Windle, 15 Sep 1875 - 19 Mar 1933, father of Hazel B. Windle

WINDLE/CASEY/CARY: Windle Family -- Harry Windle, Dorothy Cary, Hazel Windle, Ralph Cary, Elizabeth Casey, John A Windle in 1918, in Ottumwa, Iowa

THOMPSON/SANKEY: The eight children of Jeremiah Thompson & Rebecca Sankey, 1880 in Vigo Co Indiana. Thomas Thompson is our ancestor

GOULDEN: Ruhama Goulden 1830-1907, Alfred Spalding Goulden 1834-1876 and Silas Warren Goulden 1847-1927 (and his wife Laura). Children of John Goulden Jr. & Lucilla Frizzell 

CATS ARE PEOPLE TOO: Busterb 1988-2005 [Famous as an e-mail address]

CATS ARE PEOPLE TOO: Kitty Girl - travelled from Nebraska to Colorado in 2003

5 Generation ANCESTOR Chart to help find your ancestors 

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