Big Rock Church, Morgan County Missouri

Big Rock Church - May 2000

These pictures were taken inside Big Rock Church in Morgan county Mo on May 24, 2000.
Inside the church, standing near the back of the church.  There is a wood stove on either side of the church, with connecting stove pipes which are vented through the chimney in the center of the building.  The stoves stand appx half way from the front of the church.

The two short choir benches that used to face toward the pulpit have been removed and replaced with one bench facing the worshipers.  There is an identical bench on each side of the pulpit.

  The stove in the first picture stands on the right side of the church as you enter from the rear.  The stove in the picture below stands to the left as you enter the church from the rear.
  Pulpit, with prayer bench directly in fromt of it.  This pulpit has stood in the church for many years and was repaired and repainted by the current pastor and his helpers.

The new prayer bench was made by a member of the pastor's family:

The new Pastor of Big Rock Baptist Church.

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