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    Many of my ancestors on my Mother's side of the family came from Carroll county and it is one of my favorite places to research.  On a sunny summer day you can see fields of corn for what seems to be miles in the Sugartree area, you can enjoy some of the finest crusine in Carrollton, the county seat and largest town in the county.  The picture used in the background of this page is the court house in Carrollton.  The rolling hills and wooded area near Bogard and Coloma are a photographers delight.  Near Coloma there are the "Tater Hills"  with their beautiful foliage in the fall.  I would love to know where these hills got their nickname.
    Below I will take you to the ancestor files  of my Carroll county family and also will try to include information for anyone researchig in this county.
    During a recent trip to Carroll county I was amazed to see how much the area near Sugartree had changed. When I lived there in the mid 1950's there were about a dozen houses in the town and the store was open.  The flood of 1993 damaged the farms considerably and many of the houses that were there are no longer in existence.  The Gilead church is gone, however the cemetery is well tended.
    The town of Bogard is nearly a ghost town, with no business open.  In the early 1950's this town had several churches, a grade and high school, a bank, a couple of cafes, grocery stores, service stations, a barber shop, a blacksmith shop, a locker plant (where the residents rented "lockers" to store the meat they had butchered), a funeral home and furniture store.  The train even stopped here at one time.  In the summer there was a tent set up in a vacant lot with picture shows occasionally.


 Graduating Class about 1912 - Number 7 School (near Coloma)

 Program - Number 7 School 1907-1908 (near Coloma)

Record from Family Bible of John A. & Ailcey (Nance) Key

The Union forces at Carrollton were defeated 10/17/1864 Some of my family were Union Troops.

 Schools that were found at one time in Carroll County (from USGS)

 Towns in Carroll County (from USGS)

 Cemeteries in Carroll County (from USGS)

 Churches in Carroll County (from USGS)

 Pictures taken on a recent trip to Carroll county (click on small picture for larger view)

 Pictures taken at Coloma Cemetery  (click on small pictures for larger view)

 Pictures of Key, Nance, Isom, Street & Powell families (This will open a new browser window)

Pictures Recieved From Others (Carroll county ancestors)

 Newspaper Interview and Pictures of William Hardy Key

A Tribute To My Grandfather:
John A. Key (1859-1962)

My Mother - Cora Irene (Key) (Bowen) Cahill passed away April 20, 1999. You can view her ancestrial file here:
Ancestors of Cora Irene (Key) (Bowen) Cahill {6/22/1900-4/20/1999

The Carroll County Genealogy is preparing a book of Schools in Carroll County. If you have information for this book or would like more information about this book contact one of the members of the Carroll County Genealogical Association (use browser's back button to return here.)

I am proud to be a member of the Carroll county genealogicial society. You can visit their website by clicking on the following link:
 Carroll County Genealogicial Association .

The Carroll County Historical Society has a page with pictures of the Museum and historical events on their page at:
 Carroll County Historical Society

Another excellent source of internet research is the Carroll county Missouri GenWeb page which is located:
 Carroll County GenWeb Page

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