Identified Graves Moved From Inundated Cemeteries - Osage Project Reservoir

Identified Graves Moved From Inundated Cemeteries

Osage Project Reservoir

      Union Electrid Light & Power Co.
Stone & Webster Engineering Corp. Agents
Bagnell, MO                       Sept. 17, 1931
    The Bagnell Dam project was studied as early as 1912, a preliminary permit was issued by the Federal Power Commision on November 12, 1924.  In 1927 Stone & Webster Inc., a Boston engineering firm, assumed the task of giving the project life.  On July 27, 1929, Union Electric Light and Power Company of St. Louis acquired the properties and rights of Missouri Hydro-Electric Power Company which caused the Great Osage Project to begin its road to reality.  This was about 17 years after the project was first studied.
    The Osage River was inpounded and the lake began to fill on February 2, 1931.  The lake was open to travel on May 30, 1931.  Many changes took place during these years and whole towns were torn down and moved and families were removed from the farms in the fertile river bottom they had grown to love.  There are many stories of hatred of Union Electric Co. and the lake told my the old timers that can remember the area the way it was before the Dam was constructed.
    The Lake of the Ozarks is 129 miles long and, at it's widest point, is 5 miles across; encompassing an area of 61,000 acres.  An article published by the Morgan County Historical Society states that over 3,000 graves had to be moved during the time of the constructon of Bagnell Dam; however I have only found records for 1,121 being recorded as having been moved.  This list is very long and will take a while to load.  Click the link in the center box for the complete list

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