Sidebottom cemetery...Soap Creek Area...Morgan co, MO

Sidebottom Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the Soap Creek area of Morgan county, near the end of Lake Road 5-16.
It has been reported that there is also a Hays, a Hilderbrand, a Gee grave here and also a daughter of Harry and Victoria Rains.
No Sidebottom's seem to be buried here, but the land was at one time owned by first Joseph Sidebottom then by John Sidebottom.

It was reported via the Missouri-L mailing list that there is a dispute over this cemetery and a utility pole has been set in the cemetery. A local developer wanted the valuable property for housing development but this case was settled in favor of the cemetery and an impressive stone has been set at the entry of the small cemetery engraved with the names of those known to have been buried here.

Pictures of Sidebottom Cemetery

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