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Benton High School
Class of 1939
Benton, Saline County, Arkansas

Following are the members of the 1939 Benton High School Senior Class. I wish to thank Lou Jane Adams Wills for the class portrait.

1939 Benton High School Senior Class

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Allen, Doris

Alley, Nona    Nona Louise Alley Spradling was born 29 September 1921 and died 28 February 2001.    Nona Alley Spradling Obituary

Ballard, Rowland    Rowland E. Ballard was born 20 January 1921 and died 16 January 1994.

Bethards, Alice Bee    Alice Bee Bethards was born 13 April 1920 and married Ernest "Toot" Bray. She died 20 November 2003.

Bragg, Mary Louise

Cain, Sybol

Cooper, Lois

Crawford, Wyatt    Secretary-Treasurer    Wyatt Breckenridge Crawford was born 21 May 1920 and married Marion LaVaughn Keil. He died 8 June 1995.

Crouch, Bee

Davis, Decie

Dobbs, Helen

Drye, Monroe

Elliott, Nora

Erwin, Mary Lucy

Fleming, John

Fleming, Mildred

Futrell, Edith

Garrett, George

Geurin, Muriel

Giles, Ruth

Godfrey, Geneva

Gribble, Aleze    Valedictorian

Hathcote, Martha Jean    Martha Jean Hathcote Hockersmith Kincaid was born 10 January 1922 and married A. G. Hockersmith and then a Mr. Kincaid. She died November November 2003 and is buried in New Rosemont Cemetery.

Hitt, Inez

Hockersmith, A. G., Jr.    Alfred Gann "Boo" Hockersmith Jr. was born 3 April 1922 and married Martha Jean Hathcote. He died 24 July 1960, and is buried in New Rosemont Cemetery.

Holiman, Pat

Holiman, Wanda Sue

Hudspeth, George

Hunnicutt, Frank

James, Vada    Vada James was born 21 March 1922 and died 11 December 2003.

Jones, Marie

Keil, Marion    Salutatorian    Marion LaVaughn Keil was born 16 November 1921 and married Wyatt Crawford. She died 24 August 1997.

Kelley, Hugh

Landers, Mamie

Lightfoot, Geraldine

Massey, Grace Evelyn

McAdoo, Everee    Evereee McAdoo was born 2 November 1920 and married W. W. "Curly" Tallent. She died 20 February 2007.

McDaniel, Herrell

McDonald, Mary Eva

McNeil, Betty Joe

Medlock, Eugenia    Josephine Eugenia Medlock was born 7 May 1921 and married George Harold Garrett. She died 24 November 2005.

Moore, David    Vice President

Poe, Frances

Reed, Alice Mae

Richmond, Eunice

Roan, Ray

Rowland, Dorothy

Rowland, Elizabeth    President; Salutatorian

Rowland, Jimmie    Jimmie Rowland was born 25 December 1920 and died 24 December 2006.    Jimmie Rowland Pooler Obituary

Rowland, Vivian

Sebren, Melvin

Shaver, Marvelle

Sheppard, Marjorie

Shoppach, Louise

Smithers, Lois    Lois Smith was born 16 April 1921 and married Kenneth Cook. She died 8 June 1998.

Steed, James    James Henderson Steed was born 26 February 1920 and married Zilpah Butler. He died 2 October 1971.

Sweeten, Harvey

Taylor, Naomi Lee

Whitlock, Mildred    Mildred Whitlock was born 10 May 1921, and married Tommie J. Stringfellow. She died September 1983.

Wills, Norma

Wills, Virginia

Wittenburg, Johnnie Lee

Henry, Elizabeth    Sponsor

Perrin, Howard    Superintendent