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Benton High School
Class of 1943
Benton, Saline County, Arkansas

Following are the members of the 1943 Benton High School Senior Class. I wish to thank Lou Jane Adams Wills for the class portrait.

Benton High School 1943 Senior Class.

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Adams, Wilburn    Wilburn was born 14 December 1925, and died 13 December 1998.    Wilburn Curtis Adams Obituary

Alley, Jean    Jean was born 12 September 1925, and died 20 August 1976.    Jean Alley Adams Obituary

Bethard, Tencie

Black, Vernon

Boyd, Mildred

Carson, Angie Lee

Carter, Peggy    Peggy Jean Carter was born 30 April 1925 and died 17 November 2014.    Peggy Jean Carter Obituary

Catton, George

Cloud, Robert E.

Corwin, Monice

Cox, Louise

Cox, Rose Marie

Crouch, Herman W.    Herman Crouch was born 26 May 1923, and died 19 September 1961.    Herman W. Crouch Obituary

Dorian, Tommy

Draper, Geneva

DuVall, Buddy

DuVall, Mary Ellen

Floyd, Donald E.

Fooks, Doyle

Fooks, Margueryte Phillips

Futrell, Maurine

Garrett, Russell

Gober, Elsie Mae

Harmon, Barbara Ann

Harrington, Leroy J.

Harrison, Virgie

Ivy, Lorene

Johnson, Dorothy

Land, Dixie

McAdoo, Thelma Pauline

McKeown, Thomas

McLeod, Harry M.

McNeil, Chester    Chester Lee McNeil was born 21 May 1924 and died 6 June 2006.    Chester Lee McNeil Obituary

Mills, Arvin A., Jr.

Morrow, Bettye

Newcomb, Josephine

Parker, Bobby

Parker, Jeanette

Patterson, Wanda Jean

Pelton, Norma Jean

Phillips, Ruth

Proctor, Lois

Rose, George M.

Rothenburger, Mary Dean

Rowland, Billy    Billy died February 1954.    William A. Rowland Obituary

Runyan, Catherine

Ryburn, James, Jr.    James "Jim" Ryburn was born 29 May 1925 and died 9 March 1959.    James Ryburn Obituary

Shaver, Edith Mae

Simmons, Mary K.

Sloan, Jimmie

Smithers, Clomer    Clomer was born 6 June 1923, and died 6 May 1991.    Clomer Smithers Obituary

Spann, Lillian

Stewart, Maurice

Vandergrift, Bebe

Webb, Oley Nell

Westbrook, Heck    Raymond Ward "Heck" Westbrook was born 21 December 1923 and died 5 March 1982 and is buried in Little Rock National Cemetery.

Wilbanks, Radie Ann

Wills, Wayne

Wright, John D.    John David Wright was born 15 August 1925 and died 10 February 2012.    Dr. John David Wright Obituary

Perrin, Howard    Superintendent

Perrin, Mrs. Howard    Sponsor