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Harmony Grove School 1955
Haskell, Saline County, Arkansas

1955 Harmony Grove Yearbook Cover

This is not the entire annual - just senior class and faculty photos and names of the junior-freshman students. If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please send me an e-mail. I wish to thank Lynda Murray for scanning this yearbook and allowing me to use it on this website.

The faculty included W. Harvey New, Superintendent and Math; L. Q. Coleman, History and Math; Mrs. L. Q. Coleman, Librarian and English; Ray Cato, Coach and Health; Bennetta N. Meeks, Commercial and English; Miss Myrtle Westbrook, First and Second Grades; Miss Mildred Westbrook, Second and Third Grades; Mrs. A. G. Bowen, Fourth and Fifth Grades; Perry Hurst, Fifth and Sixth Grades.

Senior Class Members

Glen Arey    Most Studious; Basketball Center

Mary Louise Biggers    Most Courteous

Betty Raper Blair

Jimmy Brooks

Mary Penn Brooks    Basketball Guard

Nancy Brown    Basketball Forward

Bobby Wayne Chandler    Most Handsome; Most Popular; Cutest; Basketball Guard    November 20, 1934 - January 9, 1987    He was a son of Wayne and Ada Chandler and the husband of Jean Stephens Chandler. He is buried in Mount Harmony Cemetery Cemetery in Saline County, Arkansas.

Evelyn Collatt    Most Studious; Basketball Guard

Thurman Fowler

Melba Harrop    Basketball Forward

Robert Little

Harold Penn

Bobby Joe Quantz

Jimmy Ray Raper    Basketball Forward    January 23, 1937 - November 28, 1986    He was a son of David and Clara Weise Raper and husband of Lila Raper.

Sarah Lou Statler    Most Beautiful; Basketball Guard

Jean Stephens    Most Popular; Cutest; Basketball Forward

Helen May Wilson

Bernice Wickliffe Yeargen

The Junior Class consisted of Lavenia Barnett, Helen Blair, Larry Callahan, Shirley Callahan, Jimmy Carodine, Sherman Collatt, Eugene Hunnicutt, Jimmy Hulsizer, Ann Jobe, Melvin Keesee, Frankie Mitchell, Charles Scribner, Bobby Smith, Norman Stanley, Dixie Westbrook, Joyce Whitley.

The Sophomore Class consisted of Gerleane Allen, Janice Arey, Mona Caradine, Ray Collatt, Inez Hunnicutt, Jerry Hunnicutt, Keith Mitchell, Mary Lynn Mitchell, Billy Smith, Jimmy Tallent, Mary Ann Vandergrift, Michael Ward, Tommy Ward, Jayme Westbrook, Verna Mae Westbrook.

The Freshman Class consisted of Melva Joyce Atchison, Gerald Babbs, Betty Barnett, Lynn Callaahan, Jerry Chandler, Leo Dixon, Eugene Harrop, James Hodges, Marvin Keesee, Wesley Mills, Mae Moore, Carmath Phillips, Charles Phillips, Tommy Joe Raper, Winona Raper, Mae Reeves, Carol Ann Scarbrough, Donna Jean Scribner, Helen Silvey, Oscar Sorrells, David Stegall, Betty Joyce Stewart, Tommy Wallace, Vida Weems, James Carroll Westbrook, Johnny Wickliffe.