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Harmony Grove School 1962
Haskell, Saline County, Arkansas

1962 Harmony Grove Yearbook Cover.

This is not the entire annual - just senior class and faculty photos and names of the junior-freshman students. If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please send me an e-mail. I wish to thank Lynda Murray for scanning this yearbook and allowing me to use it on this website.

The faculty included Mrs. Benetta Meeks, Commercial and English; Curtis Rasbury, Coach and Social Studies; Mrs. Jim Davies, Math; Mrs. Helen Barnes, Librarian and English; Charles Rushing, Science; Mrs. Eugene Statler, Grades 5 and 6; Mrs. A. G. Bowen, Grades 4 and 5; Miss Mildred Westbrook, Grades 3 and 4; Mrs. Dixie Smith, Grade 2; Miss Myrtle Westbrook, Grade 1; The Superintendent was Lee Barnes.

The 1962 annual was dedicated to the members of the Harmony Grove 1930-1931 class: Hubbard Breitweiser, Osie Dee Crawford Miller, Aileen Mills Mitchell, Erla Mills (deceased 1951), Horace Mitchell, Ira Weise, and Oscar Woodall.

Senior Class Members

Sidney Bowen    September 11, 1944 - July 5, 1982    Sidney Bowen Brooks was a daughter of Alfred Gaylon and Annie Hess Bowen. She is buried in Mount Harmony Cemetery, Saline County, Arkansas.

Alvin Collatt

Dennis Gibson    Wittiest Boy, Basketball Team Dennis is deceased and was a son of Reverend and Mrs. Chevis Gibson.

E. L. Holiman    Biggest Flirt, Basketball Team Emmett L. Holiman, 1943-1967    He is buried in Mount Harmony Cemetery, Saline County, Arkansas.

Pat McNeal

Diana Mills    Runner-Up for Most Beautiful Girl

Jehu Mitchell    Most Handsome Boy, Most Popular Boy, Boy Most Likely to Succeed, Most Courteous Boy, Class Favorite Boy, Basketball Team

Howard Smith    Basketball Team

Virginia Turner

Sherman Wallace

J. G. Westbrook

Ann Wray    Runner-Up for Most Beautiful Girl, Most Popular Girl, Cutest Girl, Class Favorite Girl, Basketball Team

Sammie Wright

The Junior Class included Mary Jane Babbs, George Bowen, Norman Caldwell, Roy Carman, Gary Collins, Gracie Green, Nan Harwell, Yvonne Hinds, Billy Mangum, Phyllis Mills, Gary Don Penn, Donald Raper, Larry Dale Scribner, Joyce Shepard, Carolyn Ward, Gerry White, Linda Whitley.

The Sophomore Class included Jimmy Babbs, Brenda Bearden, Sandy Callahan, Polly Dandurand, Larry Dobbs, Evelyn Fewell, Richard Garrett, Gary Gibson, Andy Holiman, Frances Honeycutt, Jerry Krebs, Roger Love, Joey Lyman, Mike Mills, Katy Meyers, Marsha Mitchell, Ronny Moore, Janie Penn, Cassie Smith, Marilyn Smith, Ronny Smith, Willie Ruth Smith, Judy Vandergrift, Earl Williams, Wanda Wray.

The Freshman Class Included John Anderson, R. J. Cloud, Roy Cloud, Gwendolyn Derry, Pat Fason, Jimmy Fooks, Larry Garrett, Shirley Greenwood, Rufus Hawthorne, James Little, Janie Lyman, Theresa Massey, Iris McNeal, Sheryl Newcomb, William Newkirk, Betty Penn, Ronald Raper, Faye Reeves, Connie Smith, Carolyn Statler, Linda Thomason, Catherine Turner, Ellen Turner, Janie Vandergrift, James Walden, Michael Wallace, Verna F. Wells, Gayle Westbrook, Karen Westbrook, William Whitley, Lynn Wilbanks, Wayne Williams.