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Mount Holly Cemetery
Broadway and 10 Streets
Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas

Mount Holly Cemetery photograph

Mount Holly Cemetery is often called the Westminster Abbey of Arkansas, a name that seems justified by the great number of individuals of significance in the fields of art, literature, religion, and politics who are buried there. Eleven Arkansas governors are interred therein, as well as thirteen state Supreme Court Justices, four United States senators, four Confederate generals, and twenty-one Little Rock mayors. 3

Mount Holly Cemetery dates from February 23, 1843, when ground was deeded by two leading citizens, Chester Ashley and Roswell Beebe, to the city of Little Rock. The cemetery is located on a four-square-block site between 11th and 13th streets and from Broadway to Gaines Street. The cemetery remains its original twenty-acre size. Before the establishment of Mount Holly, burials were made in private family cemeteries and a public burial ground on what would first become the Peabody School site and later the location of the present-day Federal Building at Capitol Avenue and Gaines Street. A number of grave markers with dates predating the formation of Mount Holly represent reinterments from the Capitol Avenue site. 3

This is a partial listing of the tombstones found in Hollywood Cemetery and are shown in alphabetical order. The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays. You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission. You may, however, use the tombstone photographs on your public [permission is not granted for private trees] family tree site as long as you type in the description field the following: Courtesy of Patti Vance Hays as posted on the Found Leaves and Branches website:

If you use any of the photographs (and I will be adding more), I would love to hear from you. Let me know (via email below), and I will post on the bottom of this webpage the link to your family tree. Please make sure you type the following in the email subject: Mount Holly Cemetery family tree

In most cases, the lot name in "Notes" is from Mount Holly Cemetery: Little Rock, Arkansas; Burial Index 1843-1993, compiled by Sybil F. Crawford and Mary Fletcher Worthen, under sponsorship of Mount Holly Cemetery Association.

Click on "Deceased Name" or other underlined words to view photograph.

Deceased Name Closeup or Double Marker Dates Veteran Information Notes
Abraham, Samuel Victor   01/13/1892 - 02/04/1958   Mausoleum
Adams, Catherine Yeiser   03/23/1827 - 07/06/1909   John D. Adams Lot
Wife of John D. Adams
Adams, Charles S.   09/28/1872 - 09/10/1906   John Dudley Adams Lot
Adams, David Walker closeup 02/15/1838 - 03/05/1852   John D. Adams Lot
Marker on side of Samuel and Rebecca monument
Adams, Dean   02/22/1855 - 10/15/1923   John D. Adams Lot
Adams, Eddie   no dates   John Dudley Adams Lot
"Our Little Boy Eddie"
Adams, Jackson B.   03/03/1840 - 03/05/1840   John D. Adams Lot
Infant son of Samuel and Rebecca Adams
Adams, Jesse May individual marker 04/29/1830 - 11/20/1851   John D. Adams Lot
Marker on side of Samuel and Rebecca monument
Adams, John D. closeup 06/23/1827 - 12/07/1892   John D. Adams Lot
Adams, John D. Lot       John D. Adams Lot
Adams, John Dean closeup 12/02/1883 - 05/19/1906   John D. Adams Lot
Son of Dean and Amelie Wright Adams
Adams, John Dudley   06/18/1843 - 01/17/1897   John Dudley Adams Lot
Adams, John Dudley Lot        
Adams, Joyx Collins closeup 01/07/1835 - 02/28/1861   John D. Adams Lot
Son of Samuel and Rebecca Adams
Adams, Margaret Adeline Denison and Infant Son   01/14/1877 - 07/23/1902   John D. Adams Lot
Beloved wife and son of Samuel B. Adams
Adams, Marie Louisa   10/13/1843 - 01/28/1906   John Dudley Adams Lot
Adams, Mary Boyd closeup Died 04/09/1868 Aged 23 years 26 days   John D. Adams Lot
Wife of Samuel B. Adams
Adams, Rebecca closeup 11/22/1807 - 06/04/1840   John D. Adams Lot
Wife of Samuel Adams
Adams, Rosa Martin closeup Died 10/17/1855 Aged 3 years 6 months   John D. Adams Lot
Child of John D. and Catherine Adams
Adams, Sallie   08/01/1876 - 08/02/1968   John D. Adams Lot
Adams, Samuel closeup 06/05/1805 - 02/27/1850   John D. Adams Lot
Adams, Samuel Burton   01/17/1849 - 12/25/1928   John D. Adams Lot
Adams, Sarah Haney   06/24/1854 - 01/15/1897   John D. Adams Lot
Beloved wife of Samuel B. Adams
Adams, William H.   09/02/1870 - 07/05/1881   John Dudley Adams Lot
Alford, L'Moore Smith 09/13/1919 - 04/27/1999 "Ark. Woman of the Year 1959"
Alford, Thomas Dale M.D.   01/28/1916 - 01/25/2000   "U.S. Congressman 1959-1962"
Almand, Alexander James   10/16/1915 - 11/18/1996 Colonel United States Air Force Mausoleum
Almand, Carolyn Baird   04/22/1924 - 11/09/2010   Mausoleum
Basham, George L. Lot        
Basham, George Leftridge   03/24/1848 - 11/19/1941   George L. Basham Lot
Beloved father of Gertrude Basham
Basham, Julia Parma Beall   08/06/1856 - 01/10/1911   George L. Basham Lot
Beloved wife of George L. Basham
Basham, Martha Parma   12/03/1882 - 08/10/1887   George L. Basham Lot
Second Baby of George L. and Julia P. Basham
Basham, Pearl Reed   07/22/1880 - 11/07/1886   George L. Basham Lot
First Baby of George and L. and Julia P. Basham
Bates, Patsy McGinnis   06/11/1933 - 07/24/2007   Philo Hooper Lot
Bathurst, William R. M.D.   11/13/1876 - 08/31/1933   Mausoleum
Battle, B. B. Lot       Name on step shows Cannon, but book above shows B. B. Battle Lot
Battle, B. B. closeup 07/24/1838 - 12/21/1917   B. B. Battle Lot
Battle, Josephine Cannon closeup 02/22/1840 - 11/19/1899   B. B. Battle Lot
Beloved Wife of B. B. Battle
Bowman, James Arthur closeup 07/15/1862 - 06/29/1931   Mausoleum
Bowman, James Arthur Jr.   07/23/1903 - 12/24/1993   Mausoleum
Bowman, Maude Lescher   01/12/1910 - 09/27/1994   Mausoleum
Bowman, Octavia Jennings   03/18/1870 - 05/17/1948   Mausoleum
Bright, Eudora A.   11/12/1855 - 11/24/1935   S. W. Williams Lot
Brown, Dorothy A.   11/25/1910 - 08/29/1969   Mausoleum
Brown, Robert R. Lot        
Brown, Robert Raymond   06/16/1910 - 02/05/1994   The Ninth Episcopal Bishop of Arkansas, 1955-1970
Brown, Warwick Rust   07/02/1912 - 01/31/1992   Wife of the Ninth Episcopal Bishop of Arkansas
Callahan, Hortense J. Watkins   02/20/1885 - 12/26/1906   W. C. Watkins Lot
Wife of W. E. Callahan
Cannon, John Sharp   06/05/1811 - 07/02/1883   B. B. Battle Lot
Cannon, Lunica Stuart   01/22/1821 - 02/14/1910   B. B. Battle Lot
Beloved wife of John Sharp Cannon
Carroll, George W.   03/04/1800 - 11/03/1863   Philo O. Hooper Lot
Born in Maryland; died in Texas
Carroll, Lucy H.   08/07/1809 - 04/07/1876   Philo O. Hooper Lot
Born in Virginia; died at Little Rock
Cherry Mausoleum        
Cherry/O'Connell Lot        
Cherry, Ann Keesee Richardson   06/16/1895 - 11/28/1982   Cherry Mausoleum
Daughter of Dr. Willis Moss Richardson and Annie Sue Keesee Richardson of Helena, Arkansas
Cherry, Calvin N. closeup 07/30/1879 - 01/20/1958   Cherry/O'Connell Lot
Cherry, Fletcher   06/07/1922 - 06/09/1922   Cherry/O'Connell Lot
Cherry, Lewis Williamson   11/22/1858 - 06/11/1922   Cherry Mausoleum
Only son of Calvin Washington Cherry and Sarah Blount Williamson Cherry of Memphis, Tennessee
Cherry, Lewis Williamson Jr.   12/16/1893 - 09/15/1974   Cherry Mausoleum
Son of Lewis Williamson Cherry and Lina Vendegrift Denison Cherry of Little Rock, Arkansas
Cherry, Lina Vandegrift Denison   12/01/1872 - 10/21/1957   Cherry Mausoleum
Daughter of George Wilson Denison and Olivia Cochran Vandegrift of Little Rock, Arkansas
Cherry, Olivia F. closeup 12/21/1882 - 12/01/1965   Cherry/O'Connell Lot
Christian, Robert A.   04/18/1918 - 10/21/2004 Tec 4 US Army World War II  
Crease, Ann Sophia   1834 - 1911   J. H. Haney Lot
Crease, Jane P. closeup 1798 - 03/29/1872   Born at Alexandria, Virginia...died at Retirement Saline Co. Ark."
J. H. Haney Lot
Crease, John H. closeup Died 11/25/1872   "Born at London, Eng...Died at Little Rock, Ark."
J. H. Haney Lot
Crews, L. Adron closeup 07/08/1934 - 05/01/1996   Crews Lot
Cross, J. C. Jr.   05/31/1880 - 06/18/1902   Mausoleum
Cross, J. C. Sr.   10/14/1844 - 07/23/1922   Mausoleum
Cross, Mollie Rice   05/25/1861 - 08/09/1923   Mausoleum
Cross, T. Flournoy   03/30/1882 - 12/24/1961   Mausoleum
Daugherty, Daniel Harold closeup 04/23/1923 - 11/21/1996    
DeClerk, Robert Anthony   02/26/1943 - 07/14/2010    
Denison, George Wilson double 1840 - 1916    
Denison, Olivia Vandegrift double 03/18/1846 - 06/24/1931    
Finne, Donald Allen Sr.   09/22/1931 - 11/05/2002    
Fletcher, Adolphine Krause closeup 09/03/1854 - 05/29/1910   John G. Fletcher Lot
Fletcher, Charlie May Hogue closeup 08/17/1897 - 03/21/1977   John G. Fletcher Lot
Fletcher, James R. closeup 04/15/1878 - 12/11/1936    
Fletcher, John G. closeup 01/06/1831 - 01/31/1906   John G. Fletcher Lot
Fletcher, John G. Lot        
Fletcher, John Gould closeup 01/03/1886 - 05/10/1950   John G. Fletcher Lot
Fletcher, Mamie Sandlin   10/31/1887 - 10/05/1957   Mausoleum
Photograph was overexposed
Fletcher, Mary C. closeup 08/24/1880 - 01/09/1956    
Fletcher, Thomas 4   04/08/1817 - 02/26/1880   President - Arkansas Senate 1860-61; Acting Governor 1862
Fletcher, Tom   01/16/1876 - 05/14/1948   Mausoleum
Fletcher, Wiley L. closeup 10/07/1855 - 04/07/1833   Cherry/O'Connell Lot
Born Columbia Co, Ark.; Died Burnet, Texas
Flournoy, Lucy Rice   03/28/1845 - 01/25/1923   Mausoleum
Ford, Robert Fraser   02/05/1919 - 04/20/1992   Philo Hooper Lot
Hailey, Eleanor Lawson   09/03/1916 - 02/26/1993   Perrin Hailey Lot
Hailey, Perrin Clayton   05/27/1915 - 10/30/1981 PFC US Army World War II Perrin Hailey Lot
Hailey, Perrin Lot        
Hall, Aileen Isabel   Died 02/05/1894 Age 2 years 7 months   James Lawson Lot
Only Child of R. J. and Isabel Hall
Haney, J. H. Lot        
Harpole, Patricia Brown closeup 11/17/1925 - 08/17/2008    
Henderson, G. DeMatt   07/07/1881 - 03/12/1945   Mausoleum
Henderson, Vera T.   10/07/1881 - 11/06/1966   Mausoleum
Hooper, Georgie Carroll   09/28/1839 - 03/11/1902   Philo O. Hooper Lot
Hooper, Mary closeup Died 10/21/1875 Aged 2 Years   Philo O. Hooper Lot
Daughter of Dr. P. O. and Georgie Hooper
Hooper, Philo Grafton   04/12/1867 - 03/28/1900   Philo O. Hooper Lot
Hooper, Philo O. Lot        
Hooper, Philo Oliver   10/11/1833 - 07/28/1902   Philo O. Hooper Lot
Jackson, Arline Mitchell   09/24/1916 - 09/08/1998    
Jackson, Rhea Ewing   10/09/1913 - 10/12/1993    
Jennings, E. Crews   1875 - 1925   Mausoleum
Jennings, Gertrude E.   02/04/1851 - 12/22/1922   Mausoleum
Jennings, Dr. R. G.   06/11/1833 - 04/05/1899   Mausoleum
Kelley, Fred L. Jr.   01/01/1923 - 02/12/2002    
Kirby, Katherine Mortimer   07/24/1876 - 06/12/1924    
Kolbe, Harry C.   09/30/1877 - 11/17/1930   Mausoleum
Kolbe, Nan Gill   05/27/1873 - 05/02/1953   Mausoleum
Lawson, Bessee Chase   02/24/1878 - 11/14/1945   James Lawson Lot
Wife of James Lawson
Lawson, Charles S.   09/07/1882 - 07/27/1936   James Lawson Lot
Son of James and Emily Lawson
Lawson, Emily Anna Scott   10/25/1846 - 01/24/1909   James Lawson Lot
Wife of James Lawson
Lawson, Emily Helen   05/21/1912 - 02/09/1915   James Lawson Lot
Daughter of C. S. and L. W. Lawson
Lawson, Gertrude   08/12/1900 - 06/14/1932   James Lawson Lot
Daughter of James and Bessee Lawson
Lawson, James Jr.   06/22/1871 - 03/07/1933   James Lawson Lot
Son of James and Emily Scott Lawson
Lawson, James Confederate Cross Died 12/09/1893   James Lawson Lot
Marker illegible
Lawson, James Lot        
Lawson, Louise   12/13/1886 - 03/24/1933   James Lawson Lot
Wife of C. S. Lawson
(This one is out of focus.)
Lea, Wilhelmina 1 2   Died 11/18/1977    
Marshall, John G.   02/20/1843 - 07/16/1867   S. W. Williams Lot
Miller, James Arthur Veteran Marker 05/22/1898 - 04/10/1966 Arkansas BM2 US Navy World War I Veteran marker has incorrect date of birth
Miller, John Fletcher   12/03/1914 - 01/31/1965 Arkansas CWO US Army World War II  
Miller, Johnny   12/28/1939 - 09/09/1993    
Miller, Sceleta Caroline Smith closeup 07/06/1905 - 07/07/1989    
Moore, C. B.   03/31/1836 - 12/06/1911   C. B. Moore Lot
Moore, Carl   06/07/1869 - 06/12/1885   "Second Son of Major & Mrs. C. B. Moore"
C. B. Moore Lot
Moore, Joshua Green   05/12/1867 - 05/08/1883   C. B. Moore Lot
Moore, Louise Booker   03/24/1845 - 02/26/1912   "Wife of C. B. Moore"
C. B. Moore Lot
Mortimer, Walter Charles   01/31/1868 - 08/27/1928    
Newman, Harry closeup 03/04/1856 - 12/30/1949   Mausoleum
Born Cornwall, England
Newman, Sarah closeup 06/29/1855 - 02/06/1925   Mausoleum
Beloved wife of Harry Newman
Born at Bere Ferrers, England
O'Connell, Daniel L.   Died 03/30/1873 Aged 44 Yrs, 3 Mos   Cherry/O'Connell Lot
O'Connell, Edgar   Died 07/02/1871   Cherry/O'Connell Lot
O'Connell, Olivia Hall   12/23/1837-08/26/1890   Cherry/O'Connell Lot
Born Macon Co, Georgia
O'Connell, Oscar   Died 11/20/1869   Cherry/O'Connell Lot
Son of D L and Olivia O'Connell
Ogden, Lillian Worthen   Died 10/11/1955   Mausoleum
Infant Daughter of Mahlon and Lillian Ogden
Ogden, Mahlon Dickerson Jr.   08/17/1908 - 07/16/1994   Mausoleum
Ogden, Mary Lillian Balch   04/08/1921 - 04/04/1991   Mausoleum
Ogden, Mary Rebecca   Died 04/18/1952   Mausoleum
Infant Daughter of Mahlon and Lillian Ogden
Parsons, William B.   02/03/1868 - 12/27/1927   Mausoleum
Pearson, Gertrude Slaughter   07/23/1888 - 12/20/1969   Mausoleum
Beloved wife of John Benjamin Pearson
Pearson, John Benjamin   11/13/1885 - 04/07/1925   Mausoleum
Beloved husband of Gertrude S. Pearson
Peyton, Cara Crease closeup Died 07/22/1904   J. H. Haney Lot
Peyton, Dr. Craven closeup 11/30/1823 - 11/07/1872   "Born at Shelbyville, Ky."
J. H. Haney Lot
Price, J. P. Patsy Hixson   09/03/1930 - 07/21/2007   B. B. Battle Lot but on Sholars side of lot
Rustam, Mary Allen   07/20/1905 - 02/16/1996   Born Little Rock, Ark.
Rustam, Naorooz   07/02/1897-05/14/1989   Born Yazd, Persia
Sheeks, Cora Lee closeup 06/16/1859 - 03/13/1891   Wife of E. V. Sheeks
Born in Doverhill, Ind.
Died in Little Rock, Ark.
Shoemaker, Embry Scott   12/30/1916 - 03/21/2003   Married 10/30/1936
Shoemaker, John Earl   04/25/1913 - 08/31/2002   Married 10/30/1936
Sholars Lot       Book says it is B. B. Battle Lot
Sholars, Augustus Bryant back     no dates
Sholars, Isadora Nevarre Cannon back     No Dates
Slaughter, Albert Cannon   04/29/1892 - 09/07/1939   Mausoleum
Slaughter, David Peyton Sr.   02/25/1865 - 12/30/1921   Mausoleum
Slaughter, Ernestine Waters   01/11/1893 - 11/09/1956   Mausoleum
Slaughter, Nannie Scruggs   02/22/1866 - 08/01/1951   Mausoleum
Smith, J. Rudy closeup 06/17/1863 - 11/17/1924   Mausoleum
Born Henderson, Ky.
Tachoir, Ella Sibley Adams   08/08/1885 - 02/21/1945   John D. Adams Lot
Tachoir, Felix Andrew Jr. 07/10/1881 - 09/05/1932 John D. Adams Lot
Terry, David D. Jr.   06/02/1911 - 05/26/1962 Arkansas Colonel US Air Force Retired World War II Korea
DFC & 2 OLC - BSM - AM & 3 OLC
David D. Terry Jr. Lot
Terry, David D. Jr. Lot        
Terry, David D. III   03/05/1941 - 01/12/1971 Arkansas SP4 Us Army Res Vietnam David D. Terry Jr. Lot
Terry, Grayce F.   11/21/1919 - 04/09/1992 North Dakota 1st Lt US Air Force World War II David D. Terry Jr. Lot
Terry, Unknown   1967 - 2011   David D. Terry Jr. Lot
Trotter, Marnette Wood Chesnutt   10/20/1922 - 07/08/1998   Daughter of Dr. James H. and Marnette W. Chesnutt
Mother of Marnette W., John F. Jr., Scott C. and Timothy W.
Watkins, George C.   02/21/1888 - 02/14/1893   W. C. Watkins Lot
Son of W. C. and M. J. Watkins
Watkins, Missouri J.   06/10/1845 - 01/09/1927   W. C. Watkins Lot
Watkins, W. C. Lot        
Watkins, W. Clen   02/06/1852 - 04/08/1918   W. C. Watkins Lot
Wentworth, Grace Harrow Smith closeup 1878 - 1973   Mausoleum
White, Frank Durwood   06/04/1933 - 05/21/2003   41st Governor of Arkansas 1981-1983
Williams, Edwin M.   07/07/1889 - 03/26/1945 Arkansas Captain Air Service S. W. Williams Lot
Williams, Gilbert M.   02/25/1859 - 04/26/1872   S. W. Williams Lot
Williams, Mary Marshall closeup 05/05/1829 - 08/31/1886   "Born in Franklin Co. Ark...married in Little Rock Jan. 18, 1855, Died in Little Rock"
S. W. Williams Lot
Williams, S. W. Lot        
Williams, Samuel Wright closeup 08/23/1928 - 03/14/1900   "Born in York District, S. C...died in Little Rock, Ark."
S. W. Williams Lot
Worthen, Booker   11/17/1908 - 12/14/1981    

1  I have this particular obituary. When requesting the obituary, please show Mount Holly Cemetery Obituary Request as the subject; in the message please copy and paste the entire line from this page so that I will know where to find the obituary in my files. If you cannot open a microsoft word file, please let me know in your email.

2  From Sentinel-Record obituary

3  Sybil F. Crawford, "Mount Holly Cemetery," The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture, 23 July 2009, 26 March 2012, <>

4  He is actually buried in Oakland Cemetery in Little Rock. His obituary shows he died February 21, 1900.