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Oakland-Fraternal Cemetery
2101 Barber Avenue
Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas

Oakland Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Little Rock and may, in fact, be the largest. It was combined with Fraternal Cemetery and is owned by the City of Little Rock. Most (if not all) of the graves are on "streets" such as Camelia, Magnolia, and Evergreen. Most of these streets are more like lanes as they are grass and not paved. Driving through the cemetery is like living through Little Rock's history.

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Arnold, Sue Price    08/19/1840-04/12/1920

Bedinger, Solomon Singleton    1828-1873
    Bedinger, Mildred Berry    1829-1871
    Bedinger, Arthur Singleton    1862-1869    Son
        Back of marker reads [they are not buried here -- appears to be ancestry]
            Adam 1698-1768 B. Alsace
            Henry 1729-1772 B. Alsace
            George Michael 1756-1843
            Henry Clay 1793-1850
            Solomon Singleton 1828-1873
            Augustine 1694-1743
            Col. Samuel 1734-1781
            Ensign Thorton 1760-1787
            John Thorton Augustine 1783-1841
            Mildred Berry 1829-1871

Chenault, Elijah N.    02/08/1850-10/18/1898    WCP

Fletcher, J. H. Lot 243
Fletcher, James    Colonel, Twentieth Arkansas Regiment C.S.A.
    Born in Stewart Co. Tenn. Mar. 25, 1839 Died in Little Rock Ark. June 6, 1906.    WCP
LaBroche, Charles J.    Born -/1853 in France, Died 08/25/1885    WCP

Fletcher, Jonnie D.    12/03/1854-03/26/1899    WCP
    Fletcher, Jeff L.    02/18/1840-09/02/1923    WCP

Fletcher, Lula B.    01/15/1880-12/07/1900    WCP

Fletcher, Thomas    1819-1900    Father    WCP
    Fletcher, Lucinda    1823-1892    Mother    WCP
    Fletcher, Stephen B.    1855-1870    Brother    WCP
    Fletcher, Mary    1857-1870    Sister    WCP

H. L. Fletcher, Jr., Plot
E. A. S.    01/30/1848-01/25/1896    Mother    Wife of H. L. Fletcher    WCP
Fletcher, H. L.    09/04/1842-01/10/1912    WCP
Infant Son of H. L. and E.A.S. Fletcher    Died 06/02/1879 aged 5 days
Fletcher, Edna C.    05/27/1882 aged 3 years 21 days    Infant Daughter of H. L. and E.A.S. Fletcher    WCP

Fletcher, Thomas Blanton    09/19/1878-07/16/1879    WCP

Fletcher, Infant    09/26/1881    WCP

Fletcher, Bettie Medlock    11/25/1857-12/08/1938    WCP

Fletcher, Caleb Lindsey    09/18/1857-09/15/1881    WCP

Fletcher, Thomas Jr.    01/29/1913-12/23/1992    Col. US Air Force World War II    WCP

Fletcher, John    03/10/1849-09/18/1911    WCP
    Fletcher, Mary E.    01/21/1854-05/04/1931    WCP

Fletcher, Nathan J. Sr.    02/06/1898-02/16/1983    married 11/25/1920    WCP
    Fletcher, Flora M.    11/25/1903-11/12/1998    WCP

Fletcher, Nathan James Jr.    10/04/1924-05/12/1979    WCP

Holmes, Oliver Wendell    10/14/1907-12/06/1969

Regnier, Burnelle Holmes    02/28/1911-03/16/2008

Ogden, Joseph    1823-1910
    Ogden, Sara E.    1837-1882
    Ogden, Minnie    1866-1943
    Ogden, Lester    1858-1932
    Ogden, Charlie W.    1863-1938

Probst, Willie    10/20/1867-06/23/1869

Probst, William J.    01/16/1840-03/09/1887    Born in Hedika, Prussia

Schoppach, Annie Ryerse M.D.    1858-1949    WCP
    First Female Graduate of the University of Arkansas Medical Dep in 1901.
    Her ashes were interred with her son in 1953
    Cutting, Frances Babcock    1891-1982    WCP
    Cutting, Herwald M.D.    1882-1953    WCP

Scott, Emma Bland    08/21/1860-02/26/1903    Wife of S. P. Scott    (Lot 674)

Trundle, Annie W.    died 11/06/1871    WCP
    Trundle, Katie    died 06/03/1875    WCP
    children of H. L. and M. C. Trundle
Trundle, H. L.    10/30/1817-06/15/1906    WCP
    Trundle, Mildred C.    07/25/1838-06/21/1893    Wife of H. L. Trundle    WCP
Trundle, Sarah A.    10/29/1836-04/04/1870    Wife of H. L. Trundle    WCP
Trundle, Christiannia    01/05/1795-1873    "My Mother"    WCP
    Trundle, Christiannia    02/05/1844-04/28/1869    Daughter of H. L. and M. E. Trundle    WCP 

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