genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name William* FURBUSH
Birth 1638, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Death bef 1695, Eliot, York, Maine22
Other Spouses Christian, 2nd wife of William Furbush
Marriage 26 Mar 1660
Spouse Rebecca, 1st wife of William Furbush*
Birth 1642, York, York, Maine
Death bef 1695, Eliot, York, Maine
1 M Daniel* FURBUSH
Birth 20 Mar 1663/64, Kittery, York, Maine
Death bef 11 Feb 1745/46, Kittery, York, Maine22
Spouse Dorothy* PRAY
Marriage 1689, Kittery, York, Maine
Birth abt 1667, Eliot, York, Maine
Death bef 24 Nov 1701, Kittery, York, Maine22
3 F Catherine FURBUSH
Birth 1670, Kittery, York, Maine
Death Berwick, York, Maine
Spouse Andrew NEAL
Marriage abt 1694, Kittery, York, Maine22,33
4 F Hopewell FURBUSH
Birth abt 1672, Kittery, York, Maine
Death bef Jun 1766, Kittery, York, Maine22
Spouse Enoch HUTCHINS
Marriage 12 May 169322,33
Spouse William WILSON
Marriage 25 Apr 1711, Kittery, York, Maine22,33
Birth 1675, Kittery, York, Maine10
Spouse Thomas THOMPSON
Marriage 1698, Kittery, York, Maine33
6 F Bethia FURBUSH
Birth 1677, Kittery, York, Maine10
Spouse Joseph GOULD
Marriage 1705, Kittery, York, Maine29,22,33
7 M William FURBUSH
Birth abt 1683, Eliot, York, Maine
Death 20 Nov 1724, Craven co., South Carolina22
Notes for William* FURBUSH
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FARRABAS, DANIEL, Cambridge, Concord, and Marlborough, m. 27 Jan. 1660, Rebecca Perriman, wh. d. 1 May 1677; and he m. 22 May 1679, Dorothy Rediat. By first w. he had Daniel, b. 20 Mar. 1664; Thomas, 7 Mar. 1667; Elizabeth 16 Mar. 1669; Rebecca, at Concord, 15 Feb. 1672; and by the sec. w. had John, b. at Marlborough, 1681; Isaac, 30 Oct.1682; and Jonathan, 23 Mar.1684; and d. Oct. 1687. The name was writ. there Forbush, and his youngest s. was call. Forbes, as is shown by a careful inquirer in Geneal. Reg. VII. 135. His wid. m. 22 May 1688, Alexander Stewart. [ref 20]
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FURBUSH, William, in 1659 taxed in Dover, by 1664 was settled on the fam. homestead in the N.W. corner of Eliot, 40 rods on the river. Here is a graveyard with ab. 30 unmarked stones. In 1674 in N.H. and in 1686 in Me. he was prosec. for getting Indians drunk. In the second war he withdrew to Newcastle. In 1679 he was fined for abusing and Rebecca for striking, the constable; in 1683 he and his wife for talking against the government. In 1695 the wid. Christian Furbush, ±43, was subp. as wit. with others of Newcastle, she had watched in Robt. White's sickness. His will was missing, dated 27 Aug. 1694, brought into ct. 2 Aug. 1722, was disal. bec. the estate had been dist. by an agreem. of the heirs dated 21 Mar. 1701. This provided that Daniel have the homestead and pay 'any thirds that may appear due,' but if any part of it should be recovered by Wm. Wittum, all should share the loss. Bethia Furbush to have her portion. Enoch Hutchins to have the land at Spruce Creek already in poss. The outlands to be divided by Andrew NEAL, Tho. Thompson, John and William Furbush, John to be William's guard. Ch: Daniel, b. ab. 1665. John, mariner, d. s.p. Adm. 24 Nov. 1701 to Daniel. Hope, m. 12 May 1693 Enoch Hutchins; 2d Wm. Wilson. Catherine, m. ab. 1694 Andrew NEAL. Sarah, m. ab. 1693 Tho. Thompson. Bethia, m. in 1705 Joseph Gould. William, over 14 in 1701, d. in Craven, S.C. 20 Nov. 1724, leaving sons John, who d. s.p. 9 Oct. 1739, and William, 'late of Craven co. but now (1765) resident in Kittery.' [ref 22]
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The transfer of the next lot from William Ellingham to Daniel Ferguson is not on record, but Ferguson must have settled here before 1659, when "the creek by Daniel Ferguson's and Anthony Emery's" is mentioned. He and his neighbor, William Furbish, together bought land further inland of James Emery, in 1667. The dividing line between Ferguson and Furbish was laid out by referees in 1680. Both probably came from Dover, N. H., where William Furbish is found as early as 1648. This name is spelled in more than a score of ways. William Furbish was granted land in Dover, N.H., 18 March 1648, and was a tax-payer there in 1659. He owned land in Kittery in 1664 and had a grant of ten acres in 1668. Lived near Thompson's Point in Eliot. Name of wife unknown. Died in the early part of 1701 [sic]. Children: Daniel, John, Hopewell, Katharine, Sarah, Bethiah, William. [ref 33:121,438]
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On 3 Sep 1650, Cromwell's forces took 10,000 Scottish prisoners. The prisoners were shipped to various places in England, Ireland and the colonies as indentured servants. William Furbush, his brother Daniel and about 150 others were transported to New England on the "Unity." The voyage was scheduled to depart 11 Nov 1650, probably arriving Boston harbor about January. Daniel Furbush was probably included in the 60 who went to the Lynn Iron Works; William Furbush was one of 17 sent to the lumber mills of Kittery ME. The voyage cost about 5 pounds of the 20-30 pounds indenture, the remainder was profit for the owners of the ship. The cost would take 6-8 years of labor. William homesteaded on the Piscatqua River as shown by an early map in Stackpole's book "Old Kittery and Her Families." He owned land in Kittery in 1664 and lived near Thompson's Point in what is now Eliot.

William Furbish was taxed in Dover in 1659 as William Ferbush. The statement that he was taxed in Dover in 1648, made in Old Kittery and Her Families, is an error, the result of the misreading of the name William Furber. William Furbish was in Scotland probably William ffarrabas, and a family of the same surname in Massachusetts is now called Forbes, once pronounced in two syllables. William Furbish owned land in Kittery, now Eliot, before 1664, and had a grant from the town in 1668. He died in 1701, having had seven children. He was punished in 1681 for calling His Majesty’s authorities "Divills and hell bound," thus showing his lasting antipathy to the rule of Englishmen. The fight at Dunbar was not yet ended in his breast. [source: EXILED SCOTS]

William was granted 6 acres of land at Dover NH on 18 Mar 1648 and was a taxpayer there in 1659. [source: Old Eliot newspaper]

William was a landowner in Kittery in 1664, about "40 rods wide on the river, and extended back about a mile. His house was thirty or forty rods from the river bank. [source: Old Eliot newspaper]

William deported from Scotland by Cromwell after Battle of Dunbar. First wife, Rebecca living in 1679, second wife, Christiana?

"1 July 1679, Wee present William Furbush for abuseing of the Constable & sleighting of his pouer & sayd hee could not answere what hee did in his office & the sayd Furbush tooke up a dreadful weapon & sayd that hee would dy before his Goods should bee carried away. Jury. The person presented fined for his Delinquency 40s & fees of Court 5s. Rebeccah Furbush presented for strikeing the Constable. Jury. The offender fined tenn shillings & Cost of Court 5s." [p.355, Province and Court Records of Maine, Vol. II, Portland, Maine Historical Society, 1931]

8 May 1681, William fforbes [Furbish] of Newichawannock [upper Kittery] testified that "about two years since he being at the house of Joseph Hammond in the towne of Kittery in the province of Maine Major Waldern, now being of the Councill, took out of his pockett a paper which he read, being in derision of the goverment of England and after some discourse said these words, There was no more a king in England than thou, Richard Nason, unto whom he then spoke." [Colonial Papers, Vol. XLVI, No. 118. Manuscript copy in library of N.H. Hist. Society.]

He was punished in 1681 for calling His Majesty’s authorities "Divills and hell bound."

Vol. 14, #1602 Says his name is Daniel, b. 1635 and married to Rebecca Perriman.

From Bill Blackburn, 1612 N. Old State Rd, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 "William Furbush...resided at his homestead in Eliot, York, Maine. He was settled by this date in the northwest corner of town, 40 rods on the river. He was fined for abusing the constable and his wife, Rebecca, was fined for striking the constable in 1679. He was fined, along with his wife, for talking against the government in 1683. He was prosecuted again for getting the indians drunk in 1686."

16 Jun 1648 William granted six yeckeres (acres) of land in Dover NH

1664 settled on the family homestead NW corner of Eliot

note: William may be brother to Daniel who m Rebecca Perriman; their children were Thomas, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Samuel and John, all born in Cambridge MA.

17 Mar 1701 buried Eliot ME
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notes for Daniel, brother (?) of William:

Daniel Furbush lived in Scotland, Cambridge, MA and in 1671 was in Marlboro, MA. (Vol. 9 #3455 of WFT)

Vol 14, #1072 says the name is Forbush or Forbes, and that Daniel was born c. 1635 in Cambridge, MA.
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Notes for Rebecca, 1st wife of William Furbush*
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living in 1679
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[with no death date for Rebecca and no marriage date for Christian, it is poss Christian is the mother of Bethia and William]
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