genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Richard* SWAN
Birth 23 Dec 1607, Gilberdike, Eastrington Parish, Yorkshire, England10
Death bef 14 May 1678, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts63,76
Other Spouses Ann GOTT
Marriage 24 Feb 1621, South Cave Parish, Yorkshire, England10
Spouse Anna* SPOFFORD
Birth Sep 1598, Kirk Ella, Yorkshire, England
Death bef 4 Apr 1658, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts76
1 M Robert* SWAN
Birth 1627, Gilberdike, Eastrington Parish, Yorkshire, England
Death 11 Feb 1697/98, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts29,51,63
Spouse Elizabeth* ACY
Marriage 1650, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
Spouse Hannah BULL
Marriage 1 Apr 1690, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts15,29,51,63
2 F Jane SWAN
Birth 16 Nov 1628, Gilberdike, Eastrington Parish, Yorkshire, England10
Death Mar 1708/09
Spouse Thomas WILSON
Marriage 1657, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
3 M Richard SWAN
Birth abt 1629, Gilberdike, Eastrington Parish, Yorkshire, England
Death bef 1678, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts76
Spouse Ann, wife of Richard Swan
4 M John* SWAN
Birth 13 Jan 1629, Gilberdike, Eastrington Parish, Yorkshire, England10
Death 5 Jun 1708, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts12,17,30,37,76
Spouse Rebecca PALFREY
Marriage 1 Feb 1650/51, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts12,20,23,37
Spouse Mary* PRATT
Marriage 1 Mar 1655/56, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts12,23,30
5 F Frances SWAN
Birth 7 Nov 1630, Gilberdike, Eastrington Parish, Yorkshire, England10
Death Jul 1694, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts76
Spouse Mark QUILTER
Marriage 1649, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts10
6 M Jonathan SWAN
Birth 1631, Gilberdike, Eastrington Parish, Yorkshire, England
Death bef 1678
7 F Julian SWAN
Birth 15 Feb 1632, Gilberdike, Eastrington Parish, Yorkshire, England10
Death 1674, Bradford, Essex, Massachusetts10
Spouse Samuel STICKNEY
Marriage 18 Feb 1653/54, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts20,63
8 F Dorothy SWAN
Birth 16 May 1635, Gilberdike, Eastrington Parish, Yorkshire, England
Death 21 Oct 1710, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts63,69,76
Spouse Thomas ABBOTT
Marriage 12 May 1655, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts23,69
Spouse Edward CHAPMAN
Marriage aft 10 Jun 1658, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Spouse Lt. Archelaus WOODMAN
Marriage 13 Nov 1678, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,23,36,63
9 F Mercy SWAN
Birth 4 Jul 1640, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts29,37,47,63
Death 3 Apr 1683, Dunstable, Middlesex, Massachusetts47,63
Spouse Samuel WARNER
Marriage 21 Oct 1662, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts15,23,36,47,63
10 F Faith SWAN
Birth 30 Mar 1644/45, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts29,37,63,76
Death bef 1678, Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts63
Spouse Richard SUTTON
Marriage 1673
11 F Sarah SWAN
Birth 30 Mar 1646, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
Death 27 Feb 1718/19, Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts29,76
Spouse Capt. Joseph BOYNTON
Marriage 13 May 1669, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts23,29,36,63
Notes for Richard* SWAN
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son of Robert SWAN and Juliana
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Swan, Richard Father: Swan, Robert Mother: --, Birth Date: 23 December 1607 Gilberdyke Eastrington England [ref 10]

Swan, Richard Spouse: Spofford, Anna Marriage Date: 24 February 1621 South Cave Parish Yorkshire [ref 10]
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Richard Swan married Ann Trumble Mar 01, 1658 Rowley, Essex Co., MA [ref 23:0496782]
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RICHARD, Boston, join. our ch. 6 Jan. 1639, had John, bapt. next Sunday, and was dism. 24 Nov. foll. with others to form a ch. at Rowley, freem. 13 May aft. was rep. 1666 and many yrs. more, and d. 1678. His w. was Ann, ch. Richard, Frances, Robert, Jonathan, Susan, or Julian, and perhaps more ch. certain. ds. Frances, m. Mark Quilter, and Sarah m. Joseph Boynton. Julian had m. 18 Feb. 1654, Samuel Stickney, bore him four ch. and d. bef. her f. but his will, of 1678, beside these, name ds. Abigail Bailey, Mary Kilborn, and s. Caleb Hopkinson, John Hopkinson, and John Trumbull. I conject. that John Trumbull rem. from Roxbury to Rowley soon aft. Swan, m. his d. Ann, and d. 1657, leav. sev. ch. prob. Joseph and Judah among them. [ref 20]
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Richard Swan, immigrant ancestor, was born in England about 1600, died in Rowley, Massachusetts, May 14, 1678. He settled in Boston before 1638, and was a husbandman there as early as February 6, 1638. He joined the church, January 6, 1639, and was admitted freeman, May 13 1640. He was dismissed from the Boston church to the gathering of a church at Rowley, November 24, 1639. He held various town offices in Rowley and was deputy to the general court from 1666 to 1674. He served in King Philip's war and the expedition to Canada. His first wife died in England [sic] before he came to this country, and he married (second) Mrs. Ann Trumbull, March 1, 1658. She married (first) Michael Hopkinson, who was buried February 28, 1648; (second) John Trumbull, June, 1650. She deposed March 30, 1675, that she was aged about sixty years. His will was dated April 26, 1678, and proved May 23 following, bequeathing to wife Ann according to marriage contract; to son Robert and his son Richard, to son-in-law Joseph Boynton and his wife Sarah and to children: Elizabeth, Samuel and Sarah Boynton; to daughters: Frances Quilter, Jane Wilson, Dorothy Chapman and Mercy Warriner. Children: Richard, Dorothy, Jane, Frances, Robert, Jonathan, Susan, Sarah, John, Mercy, Faith. [ref 29:1519]
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Richard, husbandman, Boston, adm. chh. 6 (11) 1638, frm. May 13 1640. He was dismissed to the gathering of a ch. at Rowley 25 (9) 1639. His first wife Ann was bur. April 4, 1658; and he m. March 1 1658-9, Ann, widow of John Trumble. She deposed 30 March 1675, ae. about 60. Ch.: John, Robert, Mercy, Sarah. Richard was bur. May 14, 1678. Will dated 25 April, prob. 23 May, 1678, beq. to wife Ann, as by mar. contract; to son Robert and his son Richard; to son-in-law Joseph Boynton, his wife Sarah and ch. Elizabeth, Samuel and Sarah B.; to daus, Frances Quilter, Jane Wilson, Dorothy Chapman and Mercy Warener. [ref 37:442]
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RICHARD SWAN, b. about 1606 England; aged about 68 y., by his deposition made 31 Mar. 1675; aged 70 y. or thereabouts, by his deposition made 24 Apr. 1677; d. -- May 1678; bur. 14 May 1678 Rowley, as Richard Swan, m. 1st ANN ___ about 1626 in England; b. in England; bur. 4 Apr. 1658 Rowley, as Ann the wife of Richard Swan. Richard Swan m. 2nd Ann Trumble 1 Mar. 1658-9 Rowley, b. about 1615 England; aged about 60 y., by her deposition made 30 Mar. 1675; bur. 23 July 1678 Rowley as Ann wife of Richard Swan. [ref 63:310]
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Richard Swan, husb., was admitted to the ch. in Boston, "6-11 mo. 1638" and was dismissed to "ye gathering" of a ch. at Rowley, "24-9 mo. 1639." He was made a freeman May 13, 1640. He had a two acre house-lot assigned him in 1643. His wife, Anna, accompanied him to Rowley, and was bur. there Apr. 4, 1658. He m. (2d), at Rowley, Mar. 1, 1658/9, Ann, wid. of John Trumbull. He was bur. May 14, 1678. His will is dated Apr. 25, 1678, and was proved May 23, 1678. He had 8 chil. He was one of the most prominent of the early settlers of Rowley, and is repeatedly mentioned in the town recs. in an official capacity in connection with its affairs as long as he lived. [ref 69:9]
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The deposition of Richard Swann aged about 68 yrs. This deponant testifieth & saith that Being at the Generall Court where there was a buiness in hand about Capt. Marshall his mariing of two persons too privately. I took occation to speak to Major pike about two persons vizt Josuah Bradley & Judeth Lum; which he maried privately at Rowley, which John pickard & told him was much trobled att: and also that John Acie had some hand in it, he replyed he was much trobled at it when he heard of it; & he sayd he hoped it should be a warning to him for the future: and Further I testifie that the day that I heard that the parties were newly maried; I saw Josuah Bradley & John Acie rideing to the Towne end together.
Sworne in court the 31 of March 1675.
As attest Robert Lord, cler. (Essex Ct. Files XXIII: 27.) Richard Swan aged 70 years or thereabouts saith that divers years ago being at a Town meeting at Rowley & some persons beginning there to speak of the price of Corne I haveing atended the General Court that year I declared to them what price the Court had set Indian Corne at . . . Sworne in court held at Ipswich the 24 (2) 1677. (Essex Ct. Files XXVI: 62)

The Suruey of the Towne of Rowley taken the tenth of the eleauenth Anno Di 1643, Wethersfield streete: To Richard Swan one Lott Containinge two Acres bounded on the South side, by Robert Haseltines house Lott, and the East end by the streete; the Northeast ffield: To Richard Swan Eight Acres of vpland, lying vpon the Northwest side Mr: John Millers lott: butting vpon the aforesaid places; Satchells Meadow: To Richard Swan one Acre and a quarter of Meadow, lying on the Southeast side of Robert Haseltine, butting as aforesaid; the first diuision of salt Marsh: To Richard Swan two Acres, lying on the Northwest side of Thomas Lilforth: the one end partly butting on the vpland and partly on a pond, the other end vpon a Creeke, and To Richard Swan one Acre, pt of the South end butting vpon Thomas Crosbyes Rough Meadow the North end of it on a Cart path that leadeth towards the Sawyers Iland: the East side bounded partly by his owne Salt Marsh the west side by a great pond.

April 16th 1668. To Richard Swan as the Right of Micaell Hobkinsons lot one hundred acres be it more or lese lying on the north west side of John Spoferds land the westerly end being seauenty two Rod and a halfe wide buting against the line the easterly end buting as the said Spoferd land doth.

I Richard Swan of Rowley (with the consent of Ann my wife), sell, for . . . services done, unto John Hobkinson our son . . . our proportion of gate marsh laid out to me in the Hoggland marsh . . . 10 Mar. 1669-70.
Samuel Brocklebanke, John Sticknee. Richard Swan. (Ipswich Deed III: 347)

I Richard Swan of Rowley . . . for an engagement made unto me for the payment of the portions of Abigaill and Mary Trumbles portions by Jonathan & John Hobkinson when the sayd portions come to be due, Be it known that after the decease of my self and my wife Ann Swan mother unto the sd Jonathan and John Hobkinson & Abigaill and Mary Trumble . . . I do give . . . unto the said Jonathan and John Hobkinson . . . a meadow that I received in part of the Dowry I had with my wife Ann Trumble being of the estate of John Trumble her former Husband deceased . . . the land . . . formerly layd out unto John Trumble . . . on bounds to land layd out to Mrs. Margery Shoue, John Jarrett, Thomas Lever and Micaill Hobkinson . . . all which . . . after the decease of me and my wife Ann Swan there mother . . . to have and to hold . . .
Richard Swan.
Samuel Brocklebanke
John Sticknee.
21 March 1670 or: 71:
Whereas the abovesaid Richard Swan as is evident did not fully confirme the above sd land by acknowledgeing the sayd instrument so that there appeareth to be a claim or title for his executor . . . (Ipswich Deed III: 347-8)
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Richard Swan burial 14 May 1678 Rowley Essex [ref 76]
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Jan 1638 immigrated

soldier in King Philip's war; 1666-75 representative to the General Court
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WILL OF RICHARD SWAN, 25 Apr 1678 - 23 May 1678:

I Richard Swan, being weak of body but of perfect memory & understanding doe make & appoynt this my last will as followeth: . . . As to my outward estate that God of his goodness hath graciously Lent & bestowed upon mee, I leave Give & bestow it as Followeth: Impr. To my dearly beloved wife Ann Swan I Give and freely Bestow vpon her during her Natural Life: what I contracted wth her to have vpon our agreement before mariage viz: my now dwelling house, orchard Barne & out houses & yards wth the pviledges thereof vpon the Comon: & plow ground behind the Barne: and the English pasture Ground Joyneing vpon the house Lott, and the pasture Ground lying betweene the English pasture & pollipod Lotts: & three Acers of salt marsh Joyneing vpon the ox pasture at the East end of the Towne:

Further not exprest in our Contract before mariage I bestow vpon her dureing her naturall Life, provided she live in the house the reest of my meadow joyneing to that which is before exprest & the prvileges of keeping two Cows yearly in the East end ox pasture: Further I acknowledg the Twenty five pounds to be her due according to our Contract before mariage & hereby her estate except Lands. Further I Give my wife Ten Bushl of Indian & English Corne that may be for her use, till she Can provide Corne for herself after my decease and a third part of what provision I Leave vist: pork, Beef & Bacon &c.

Item. I give to my son Robert Swan as followeth: Impr. I hereby Confirm to him my Village Lands which is about Two hundred Acers; & my Right in an Acer & half Lott that was Thomas Lilford's Joyneing vpon my owne Land in Rowley & the pviledges that belonged to my Right in that Lott: also I give him my now dwelling house Barne Orchard, Yards, & house Lott, & pasture ground Joyneing thereto all but two Acers: which I have added after in my will to what I have given Joseph Boynton my son in Law already from of yt pasture Land: This with all the pviledges thereto belonging I give him the sd Robert to be at his dispose, & for his use after the decease of Ann my wife, provided he pay or Cause to be payd vnto the Three children of my son in Law & daughter Stickney namely, Elizabeth, Samuell, & Sarah Each five pounds, when they shal come to be of the age of Twenty one years: & fifteene pounds to my granchild Richard Sutton at the age of Twenty one years.

Item. I Give vnto my Grand child son of Robert Swan, Richard Swan, Three Acers of meadow after my wives decease, & the pviledg of Two Cow Gates in the East end ox pasture after her decease which she hath given for the Tearme of her life if she dwell her life time in the House: also I give to my said Grand child a sorrel mare Colt one year old: and if my son Robert doe bestow vpon the sd Richard my Gran child (as sometime he told me he would) what estate I give to him my son Robert in Rowley Towne which will fall to him after my wives decease then the legacies before given of Thirty pounds to my four Grand children, Samuel, Elizabeth, Sarah, Richard, and to be by him paid out of what I gave him is thereby & hereby remitted, which then shall be paid by my executor if they live to ye age aforesaid: and then I Give Richard more Two Acers, & half of Land that lies (of my land) next the ox pasture Land at gate.

Item. I Give vnto my Four Daughters vizt. Jane Wilson, Franciss Quilter, Dorothy Chapman & Mercy Warner each Ten pounds.

Item. I Give vnto my son in Law Joseph Boynton & Sarah his wife with what children of theirs that shall live to the Age of Twenty one years, Two Acers of from that part of pasture Land given to my wife for her life; which shall be payd out Joyneing to her owne fformerly gave him, & pollipod Lotts, & David Bennetts, also I give him & them my Land in the Feild caled Symon's feild: & the Remaynder of that my Land not given to Richard Swan in the Littl feild by the ox pasture Gate in the East End of Rowley: also my salt marsh in the marsh farme Joyneing vpon the pond & casway: also my Lands in the Ry plaine (soe Cald), ten Acers more or Less, also my meadow comonly caled Crane meadow, also a Comonage in the Towne of Rowley that belongs not to my House I live in but fell to mee by Gates wth what Division or Divisions may hereafter bee upon Rowley Comon that belongs to Gate Land & Rate Land:

Item I give vnto all the Rest of my Lands & moveables, & estate what ever not mentioned before to the parties. And give the Lands mentioned to them & theirs: to him & his wife During their naturall life wth out they or either of them that survive the other before their death dispose of it to them before.

Item I appoynt & Constitute my son in Law Joseph Boynton my executor to this my last will: who I appoynt hereby to pay all my debts and legacies and disburstments whatever may be for my Burial: which Debts Legacies & Disburstments I apoynt be paid out of what moveable Estate I have left him which said estate if it reach not to ye value to pay debts &c. I hereby give him leave to sell any part of what is before given him & his wife, & children for to pay with all, and hee is hereby empowered to Give deed or deeds of Conveyanc of the same.

Further my will is that if any person or persons that I have given legacie or legacies vnto (vpon the Sight of my will) will not promiss my executor (whom he shall after his decease appoynt in his stead, upon their demand of what I have given them) to Give him &c.

before sufficient wittnesses a full discharg from any further demand or any further claime to any part more of my estate then what I have in this my will given them, Then my executor or any he shall Leave in his Roome after decease shal be at liberty whether he or they will pay any such Legacy or Legacies as I have given in my will to any:

My desir is & I Intreat my Respected Teacher Mr. Samuell Phillips, & my Loveing Friend Nehemiah Jewet to be overseers of this my Last will.

For full confirmation of the promises I have hereunto set my hand & seal this Twenty Fifth of Aprill Anno. Dom. one Thousand six hundred & seventy & eight: the peice of cloth I leave for cloathes for my wife & Richard & Mary.

Richard Swan

Signed Sealed & Del. In psence of Wittnesses
Abell Langlay, Nehemiah Jewett:

The 23 of May 1678 Nehemiah Jewett & Abell Langly came before the worshipfull Samuell Symonds Esqr dep: govr. maior Genell Denison Esq. the clarke being prsent and made oath that they were present and saw Richard Swan signe & seale & publish this aboue to be his last will & testament and that he was of desposeing mynd.
As attest Robert Lord cler.

An Inventorie of the Estate of Richard Swan of Rowley deceased apprized p us whose names are underwritten . . .

It. House & priviledges on Comon belonging to it, yards, orchard, Lands: pasture, plow ground joyneing to ye Homestead.

It. Village Land 200 Acers.

It. his Right in Acer & half Lott that was Lilfords wth priledges that belonged to it.

It. Six acers meadow in ox pasture & 7 Acer upland.

It. by 3 ox gates in East end of ox pasture. 2 Ae meadow at Gran Mead.

It. 8 Acr upland at Symonds Feild & 8 Acer at Ry plaine.

It. 3 Acers marsh at Casway. 4 cow gates.

It. A Frehold belonging to Gates & pvildges on Comon to Rates & Gates.

The Lands were 352.00.00. The total 486.19.09.
May: 22: 1678. John Johnson, John Pearson, Nehemiah
Jewett. (Essex Probate V3:225)

The 23 May 1678. Joseph Boynton executor upon oath before the worshipfull Samuell Symonds Esqr dep. govr., maior Genrell Denison Esqr & the clarke prsen this to be a full & true Inventory of the estate . . .
Robert Lord, cler. (Essex No. 26893)
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township of Gilberdike, Eastrington parish, county Yorkshire, England is 8 miles from South-Cave
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Notes for Anna* SPOFFORD
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poss daughter of John SPOFFORD
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Ann Swan burial 4 Apr 1658 Rowley Essex w Richard [ref 76]
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