genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Ens. James* HEARD
Birth 1631, Sturgeon Creek, York, Maine
Death bef 3 Mar 1676/77, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire22
Father John* HEARD (1612-<1676)
Mother Isabel, wife of John Heard* (-1706)
Marriage abt 1660, Kittery, York, Maine
Spouse Susanna* STARBUCK
Birth 1640, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
Death 3 Jul 1729, Kittery, York, Maine
Father Edward* STARBUCK (1604-1690)
Mother Katherine* REYNOLDS (~1610->1678)
Other Spouses Richard OTIS
1 F Mary HEARD
Birth abt 1663, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
Spouse Isaac HANSON
Marriage abt 1679, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
Spouse Capt. Robert EVANS
2 F Elizabeth* HEARD
Birth abt 1665, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
Death aft Apr 1737, Kittery, York, Maine
Spouse James* CHADBOURNE
Marriage 1680, Kittery, York, Maine
Spouse Samuel SMALL
Marriage bef 28 Aug 1688, Kittery, York, Maine22
3 M Capt. John HEARD
Birth 24 Feb 1665, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
Death Nov 1751, Kittery, York, Maine22
Marriage 27 Apr 1690, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire15,22,33
Spouse Jane COLE
Marriage 2 Jul 1698, Kittery, York, Maine22,33,64
Spouse Ann WINGATE
Marriage 3 Dec 1725, Kittery, York, Maine22
Spouse Maria COTTON
Marriage 23 Dec 173522
4 F Katherine HEARD
Birth abt 1666, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
Death 1715, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
Spouse Capt. James LITTLEFIELD
Marriage abt 1681, Wells, York, Maine
Spouse Capt. John WOODEN
Marriage bef 25 Feb 1690/91, Wells, York, Maine22
5 F Abigail HEARD
Birth abt 1668, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
Death aft 23 Apr 1734, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire88
Spouse Job CLEMENTS Esq.
Marriage 28 Feb 1688/89, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire33,36,88
Birth abt 1669, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
Death abt 1727
Spouse Moses GILMAN
Marriage abt 1690, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Notes for Ens. James* HEARD
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HEARD, Ensign James, Kittery, first ment. as lot layer 24 May 1652. Ensign by June 1655. Jury 1656; Gr.j. 1657, 61, 62 (foreman); Clerk of the com. Ct. of Kit. and Clerk of the Writs 1659. Selectm. 1659, 1661, 1666-9; Town Clerk 1667-9, removed from both as a Quaker 1669. D. bet. 6 July 1670 - 3 Mar 1675-6. He m. by 1661 Shauh Starbuck (Edw.), who m. 2d bet. 28 Nov 1676 - 5 Nov. 1677 Richard Otis. Ch: John. Mary, oldest dau., m. 1st Isaac Hanson, 2d Robt. Evans. Elizabeth 2d dau., m. 1st Jas. Chadbourne, 2d Samuel Small. John, b. ±1667. Katherine, m. 1st Jas. Littlefield, 2d John Wooden. Abigail, m. Job Clements. Ann. (these three under 18 in 1676), m. Moses Gilman. [ref 22]
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JAMES, Dover s. of John, by w. Shuah had John, b. a. 1667; Elizabeth and Abigail; and d. a. 1676. His wid. soon bec. 2d w. of Richard Otis. [ref 20]
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James Heard, son of John and Isabel, is called "ensign" in 1647. His wife's name was Shuah. She is sometimes called, or miscalled, Susanna. James Heard died before his father's will was made, and his widow m. (2) about 1677, Richard Otis of Dover, N. H. [ref 33:511] The island granted to Thomas Withers in 1643 was divided between his daughters Mary and Elizabeth. Here Benjamin Berry lived for a short time and then it was called "Berry's Island." James Heard had a house-lot here in 1671. It has been called Langdon's Island and Badger's Island according to the name of its owner. The original name, Withers Island, ought to be applied to it, so as to preserve an ancient landmark and to commemorate one who had a very important part in the early history of Kittery. [ref 33:87] Francis Williams is said to have died in the Barbadoes soon after this grant was made to him. No one took possession, and so the town granted the land to other persons. It was laid out in lots of twenty-four rods breadth on the river. Next north of Joseph Goold lived John Neal and his son, Andrew. The land was originally granted to James Heard and Thomas Etherington. It was bounded "on the south by lands granted unto one Mrs. Katherine Treworgie" and on the north by land "granted unto one William Ellingham." This was said in 1676, when James Heard's widow, Shuah, deeded the land to John Neal. When the latter gave it to his son Andrew in 1694, it was bounded "on the north by widow ffergusons." Children: John, Mary, Elizabeth, Katharine, Abigail, Ann. [ref 33:121]
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JAMES,2 b. bef. 1648; m. Shuah or Susanna --. He was dead in 1676, leaving wid. and chil.: John, Mary, Elizabeth, Katherine, Abigail. Wid. Shuah m., bef. Nov. 5, 1677, Richard Otis of Dover. [ref 36:199]
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JAMES2 HEARD (John1) is called "Ensign" in 1647. He died before March 3, 1675; and his wife, whose name was Shuah, married (2nd) Richard Otis of Dover. Children of James and Shuah Heard are: Mary, Elizabeth, Katherine, Abigail, Ann, John. [ref 64:65]
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Ensign James Heard, Kittery, Ensign by 1656. His name appears as being a juryman, selectman and town clerk from 1653 to 1669. James Heard and his wife, together with his father and mother, were in court 7 Jul 1663 and fined for absenting themselves from the public meeting, and for harboring Quakers, and the general sentiment became so strong against them that James Heard was debarred from holding office by act of the General Court in 1669. He resided at Tompson's Point in Kittery before 13 Dec 1669. He died before 3 Mar 1675/76 (date of his fathers will). James's will probated on 5 Nov 1677 in York, York Co, Maine.

The division of the estate of James Heard, by deed, dated 2 Apr 1737, and recorded 16 Jan 1737/38 mentions these heirs: "James Heard, Dyed so Seized thereof Leaving Issue, John Heard his only son & Elizabeth Small, Abigail Clements, Anne Gilman, Catharine Wooden & Mary Evans his daughters, all heirs to the said James Heard Deceased.
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WILL OF JAMES HEARD, 3 Mar 1675/6 - 16 Mar 1776/7:

I John Heard of Kittery in the County of Yorke, In New England yeamon, being by the prouidence of god by reason of age weake of body, but of Prfect mind & memory, & with out frawd & deceate, & not knowing how it may please ye Lord to deale with mee, as to matters of this life, Now to take mee out of this troublesome & transitory world, to whose Most gratious dispensations, I do humbly submitt, wr for I Commit & Comend my soule into the hands of god yt gaue it, & my body to Christean buriall, ordering & appoynting this Present Instrumt to bee my last will & testament, in manner & forme following

Inprs: I giue & bequeath my grandaughters Mary & Elizabeth, daughters to my well beloued sonn James Heard late whilst hee liued of Kittery in New England, aforesd deceased, all my Land Improued & not Improued, being by Computation sixty Acres, or yr abouts bee It more or lesse, lijng or scituate in Kittery aforesd, at a place Comanly Called & known by the name of Tomsons Poynt, imediately from & after the decease of Jon Ross, which sd land or part yr of, is now in the houlding possession & Occupation of the sd John Ross, togeather also with an house Erected, & built yron for ye tearme of his Naturall life; with all & singular ye profitts, & Comoditys belonging & apprtajneing yrunto, to bee aequally diuided amongst them & yr heyres, or to the suruiuer of them, & yr heyrs for euer, ye Ellder always to bee Preferred before ye younger, & ye Males before ye females

Item I giue & bequeath unto my 3 younger Grandaughters, Katterine, Abigale & Ann, ye daughters of my Intirely beloued sonn James Heard, late whilst hee liued of Kittery aforesd, deceased, the full some of Twenty pounds, a peece to each & euery of them, either in money or other good payment, which I shall leaue to ye discretion of my ouerseers, in trust, whom I shall here in & here after Nominate, & appoynt to bee made Immediatly after: And as soone as they or either of them, shall accomplish to Attajne ye age of eighteen years, or bee maried by my executor

Item my will is yt in case one of the three last mentioned, Katterine, Abigaile & Ann, should Come to decease before they accomplish & Attaine to ye age of eighteen years, or bee married as abouesd, then my Will is, yt ye legacy herein & hereby giuen, & bequeathed unto such shall redown unto my executor, but If ye two of the before ye aforementioned yr in, should happen to decease befor the Attajne to ye aforesd age, or bee married, then my will is, that ye legacys herein & hereby given & bequeathed, unto ym shall desend unto ye Too Elldest girles, Mary & Elizabeth, as an augmentation

to wt is giuen unto ym, as aboue to bee ‘qually diuided, betwixt them & yr heyrs lawfully begotten.

Ite: I giue & bequeath unto my grandaughter Elizabeth, aboue mentioned, two Cows to bee deliuered unto her or her Assignes, two or 3 yeares after my decease, if they bee then liueing, otherwise this gyft to cease, & bee voyd, by my executors or ouerseers, in trust whom I shall in these nominate.

Ite: I giue & bequeath vnto my grandsonn John Heard, all the rest of my goods & Estate, to witt my farme, & all wtsoeuer doth belong, & apprtajne yrunto, lijng & scituate at Sturgeon Cricke, in Kittery aforesd, togeather also with all & singular my whoole stocke of Cattle, of wt nature, kind quality or Condition soeuer, & also all my debts wares, Mrchandizes, dues, or demands, wtsoeuer, my iust & due debts being first payd, & discharged: Either in my own Costody or possession, or in the hands keepeing Costody or possession of any other Prson, or Prsons rescident in New England, aforesd or else where, whom I do hereby make my soole heyre, & executor, & to the heyres of his body lawfully to bee begotten for euermore. Always prouided that ye sd John Heard should happen Mary, but decease with out lawfull Issew, then my will is in such a Case, that his widdow possess & inioy such a Competency of his sd Estate dureing ye tearme of her naturall life, as ye law directs & appoynts, but ye remajnder of ye Estate to witt ye farme aforementioned, being Composed of vpland Meddow, Marshs Orchards, houseing, & all other & singular the apprtenances, yrunto belonging, or any wise apprtajneing, with ye Estate of Cattle, as aboue bequeathed, & intended to bee bequeathed unto him ye sd John Heard, shall discend unto ye aforementioned Mary, & Elizabeth Heard Jointly, & unto there heyres for euer, lawfully to bee begotten on yr bodys, & in default of such Issew, to the next sister & her heyres for euermore, prouided the sd Marry & Elizabeth relinquish yr Clajme & right to & in the Land at Tomsons Poynt, afore mentioned, the which in such a Case shall descend vnto ye three youngest daughters before named, or unto ye suruiuer or suruiuers of them, or either of them, & her or yr heyres, lawfully to bee begotten on her, or yr bodys, for euer more, the Elldest always to bee Preferred before ye younger, & ye Males before ye femals of yr Issew/

My will is also yt in Case it should please god yt I decease before my indeared Wife, Isbell Heard, then my Will is, that my ouerseers in trust take spetiall Care, yt shee bee Carefully & duely prouided for, for a Comfortable subsistance out of the aforesd Estate at Sturgeon Cricke, dureing the tearme of her naturall life, & do hereby Impoure my sayd ouerseers hereafter mentioned, & nominate so to do/

My will is also, yt in Case my daughter in law Susanna Heard see meete to abide at Sturgeon Cricke with her Children, that shee & they bee carefully prouided for, & mantayned out of ye pduce of the farme, & stocke prouided shee use her utmost Care & diligence, in the Managemt & Improuemt there of, & this to Continew dureing the tyme of her Widdowhoodship, & till such tyme as the Children be Capable of being disposed of by her, with the aduise & approbation of the ouerseers, & this to Preuent unnessary Charge, & expence to my executor; my Intent & meaneing in the first Article is, that John Ross with in named may haue free lyberty, quietly & peaceably to possess & inioy, the dwelling house & Tomsons Poynt, & likewise ye Land yr fenced in & Improued by him dureing the tyme of his naturall life, as aforesd, but not to debarr, or prohibite ye aforesd Mary & Elizabeth or yr Assigns for Improueing at yr will, & pleasure, the remajnder of the sd Lands, & to ye Intent yt this my will & testament, being the last I euer intend to make, & irreuocable, may bee duly & truely executed & Prformed, according to ye tenour purport, true Intent & meaning yrof, I do hereby nominate make Choyce of, & appoynt my trusty & beloued frejnds Major Nic: Shapleigh,

John Shapleigh, Jos: Hamonds William Spencer, & James Chadborne all of Kittery, & New England aforesd, & ye suruiuer & suruiuers of them, any or either of them, vpon trust & Confidence in them reposed, to bee my ouerseers in trust, requesting them to bee Assisting in the execution of the same; In testimony yt this is my last will & testament, irreuocable as aforesd, I do here unto put my hand & seale/ Dated in Kittery in Pischataqua Riuer, in New England aforesd this third day of March, in the yeare of or Ld god, according to ye Computation of ye Church of England one thousand six hundred seauenty & fiue & six/ Anno Dom: 1675/6
John Heard (seal)

Signed sealed & Deliuered,
in the Presence of us/
Frans Smale/
Elizabeth Leighton/
Ric: Allexander/

Sworn to by attesting witnesses 21 Feby 1676; recorded 16 Mch 1676-7

16 May 1695 administration by Job Clements
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Notes for Susanna* STARBUCK
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Shuah, m. 1st Ens. James Heard, m. 2d Richard Otis. [ref 22]
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The widow of James, Susanna, called now "Shuah," with her son John sold land 1 Nov. 1676. She afterward married Richard Otis; Nov. 5, 1677 an arrangement was made between them and the overseers of the will by which the estates of John and James were placed in the hands of James Chadbourne who was to take care of the widow Isabel and the grandchildren. [ref 44:92]
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[note: Clements lists this Shuah as daughter of Abraham CONLEY]
identical husbands and children are listed for Shuah whether she is Conley or Starbuck

Letter from W A Torrey of Cape Elizabeth, ME quotes Register Vol 70 p 185 and entry that Maine Historical Society has land grant record which read "May 6, 1702. To John Heard confirmation all that land granted to his grandfather Abraham Conley." Further Mr Torrey states that no record for Edward Starbuck shows that he had a daughter, Shuah.

Savage does not list a daughter Shuah or Susanna for Edward Starbuck

"Several respected sources have erroneously reported her mother as Shuah (Starbuck) Heard or Shuah (Conley) Heard." [source: The Chadbourne Association]
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