genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Thomas* SPENCER
Birth abt 1596, England74
Death 15 Dec 1681, Berwick, York, Maine20,22,74
Marriage 1630
Spouse Patience* CHADBOURNE
Birth bap 8 Nov 1612, Tamworth, Warwickshire, England74
Death 7 Nov 1683, Berwick, York, Maine22,74
Father William* CHADBOURNE (1582->1652)
Mother Elizabeth* SPARRY (1589-)
1 M William SPENCER
Birth abt 1631, South Berwick, York, Maine74
Death 15 May 1696, South Berwick, York, Maine22,74
2 F Margaret* SPENCER
Birth abt 1632, South Berwick, York, Maine74
Death 1670, Kittery, York, Maine
Spouse Sgt. Daniel* GOODWIN
Marriage bef Mar 1653, Kittery, York, Maine74
Birth abt 1634, Berwick, York, Maine74
Death 16 Nov 1664, at sea
Marriage abt 165674
4 F Susanna SPENCER
Birth abt 1636, Berwick, York, Maine74
Death 1700, Kittery, York, Maine
Spouse Ens. John GATTENSBY
Marriage abt 165774
Spouse Ephraim JOY
Marriage bef 1 Jul 1673, Kittery, York, Maine22,74
5 M Humphrey SPENCER
Birth abt 1638, Berwick, York, Maine74
Death 19 Dec 1700, Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire22,33,74
Spouse Elizabeth SHEARS
Marriage 1673, Kittery, York, Maine33,58
Spouse Grace, 2nd wife of Humphrey Spencer
Marriage 25 Jul 1676, Berwick, York, Maine
Birth abt 1642, Berwick, York, Maine74
Death abt 1693, Kittery, York, Maine22,74
Spouse Elizabeth FREETHY
Marriage bef 1 Jul 1679, Kittery, York, Maine22
7 F Elizabeth SPENCER
Birth 26 Mar 1648, South Berwick, York, Maine
Spouse Thomas CHICK
Marriage 12 May 1674, Berwick, York, Maine33
Spouse Nicholas TURBAT
Marriage bef 29 Jun 168774
Notes for Thomas* SPENCER
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SPENCER, Thomas, Kittery (par. of Unity 1662), depos. in Aug, 1676, 80, that he had liv. in this country 46 yrs.; 'old father Spencer . . . was sent over as a serv. by Capt. John Mason.' He prob. came from Winchcombe, co. Gloucester, the home of the Chadbournes, where one T.S. bot a messuage in 1624. Sued for debt by Wm. Scadlock in Saco ct. 7 Feb. 1636-7, Mr. John Treworgye bondsman. In 1647 he and Thomas Withers were called on to acct. for rates and fines collected. Disenfranchised 1659 for entertaining Quakers. In 1661 he and Daniel Goodwin were accus. of trading with Ind., but no ground appeared. In 1662 Barefoot got a judgm. ag. him for debt, which was discharged in 1663 by Humphrey Chadbourne in behalf of the s. Wm. Cor.j. 1647; gr.j. 1651, 1653, 1656; j. 1653. Tav. lic. 1659, 1680. Wife Patience Chadbourne. Both abs. from meet. 1663, 1675, he in 1665. He d. 15 Dec. 1681; will, 5 June 1679 - 1 May 1682. Wid. Patience was lic. in 1682 (s. Moses bondsman); d. 7 Nov. 1683; div. to 3 sons, 2 sons-in-law (Joy, Chick); Daniel Goodwin was given 10 s. as a token of remembrance. Ch: William. Margaret, Mary, Susanna, Humphrey, Elizabeth, Moses. [ref 22]
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THOMAS, Piscataqua 1630, sent by Mason, the patentee, perhaps liv. first on the W. side, but in 1652 was on Kittery side, and in 1654 liv. at Saco, and in 1651, 3 and 6 was of the gr. jury, of only eight, in this last yr. He m. a d. of William Chadbourne. His wid*. Patience kept an inn at Saco in 1662, and was d. 1683. The ch. were William, Humphrey, and Moses, beside two ds. wh. may have m. Ephraim Joy, and Thomas Chick, repsectiv. [ref 20]
*Patience was not a widow in 1662
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Thomas Spencer, born in England in 1596, came to America in 1630. He married Patience Chadbourne, doubtless dau. of William and sister of Humphrey Chadbourne. Settled in South Berwick. Was a planter, lumberman and tavern-keeper. Died 15 Dec. 1681. Wife died in 1683. Children: William, Mary, Margaret, Susanna, Humphrey, Elizabeth, Moses. [ref 33:738]
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THOMAS 1 SPENCER, born England about 1596, died Berwick 15 Dec 1681 (MW, 66-68; YD 5/1/12; inv YD 5/1/3). A Thomas Spencer was baptized 28 Mar 1597, son of William at Eastwick, Herefordshire, England (LND, 651-2). The baptism in 1603 of a Thomas Spencer, son of Thomas Spencer, has been noted in the parish registers of Winchcombe, Gloucestershire. Further research is required to determine whether this could be the Maine settler. No marriage record has been found. Thomas arrived at Piscataqua in July 1630 on the barque Warwick (TMS), returned to England in 1633, and returned to the colonies on the Pied Cow in 1634. In his 1904 work, Emery was probably mistaken when he said Spencer was from Winchcombe, Gloucester, England. Emery went on to say erroneously that this was also the English home of the Chadbournes. By the 1950s, it was known that this was untrue and that the Chadbournes came from Tamworth (Parish records). Thomas was a planter, lumberman, and tavernkeeper. Pope's Pioneers of Maine & New Hampshire says that Thomas was a proprietor of Cambridge MA in 1633, a freeman in 1634 who removed to Kittery. Thomas was disenfranchised for entertaining Quakers in 1659 (LND, 652). Evidence that Thomas and Patience may have been Quakers is seen in the courts 7 July 1663 when they were presented for "neglecting to come to the publique meeteing on the Lords day to heare the word preached for about the space of 3 Moenths" (MPC II:139). They were presented again for the same offense on 6 July 1675 (ibid, II:306). In a long list of "those persons yt entertayned the Quakers, with the answers given in by them respectively" we find: "That Thomas Spencer pay as a fine to ye country for his entertayning the Quakers the somme of five pounds, & be disfranchised" (The Records of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, Vol 4, part 1, p 407). Edward Wharton piloted a vessel that carried a group of Quakers up the coast, and seven people were fined varying sums and/or disenfranchised (lost the right to vote) by the Massachusetts Bay government, the only entity which could disenfranchise a freeman. Thomas Spencer obviously answered their questions in sympathy with the Quakers, defied the government, and was cast out as a result. Because we don't have copies of his answers to the Court's questions, we don't know how steadfastly he supported the Quakers, but he clearly satisfied the Court that he was in sympathy with them or they would not have taken action against him. They did not take action against James Rawlings, for instance, whom they found to be "more innocent and ingenious then the rest." [ref 74:5]
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WILL OF THOMAS SPENCER, 5 Jun 1679 - inventory 1 May 1682:

I Thomas Spencer of Newgewanacke in the Townshipp of Kittery being sicke of body, but through the mercys of god, sound of Mind & memory, and not knowing how soone my Change may come, desire to dispose of that Estate which god hath giuen unto mee as followith, uidzt:

Inprs I giue unto my Elldest sonn William Spencer after my decease, & the decease of Patience my loueing wife, my now dwelling house & all out houseing by It, or belonging to it, & all the Land adioyneing to it, being now in my possession & lijng on the North side of the high way, by my sd dwelling house, whither It bee Gardens oarchards, pasture Meddows Corne Land to him the sd William Spencer my sonn, & to his heyres for euer; prouided hee pay or Cause to bee payd unto my Too daughters, namely Susanna & Elizabeth, with in six weekes, after my decease & of my loueing wife Patience, the full & iust sume of Tenn pounds, a peece in money or pay 'quiuolent ther unto: The houses & sd land lijng responsable, untill ye Legacys abouesd bee fully payd/

2ly I giue to patience my louing wife all the rest of my Estate, whither It bee in lands Chattles, Cattle, goods debts house hould stuffs Meddows &c: not mentioned as abouesd, for her to distribute & dispose of amongst my Children at her own discretion, except what I haue already giuen to my Elldest sonn as abouesd/

Lastly I do nominate & appoynt patience my sd loueing wife to bee my soole executrix of this my last will & testament/ In Confirmation where of I haue here unto set my hand & seale, the secund day of June in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred seauenty nine/ 1679:
Thomas (his mark) Spencer (his seal)

Signed sealed & Deliuered
in Presence of,
Gillbard (his mark) warrine
George Pearson/

An Appendix to my last will & testament as on the other side of this paper, appeareth my further will in that, where as formerly I gaue unto my sonn in law John Gattinsby who married my daughter Susanna a Certen Tract of land being part of that too hundred acres that the Town of Kittery granted to mee, ioyneing to my house lott, & the sd Gattensby sould his sd right or tract of land unto my sonn in law Thomas Euerington who married my daughter Mary, & the sd Gattingsby was fully Contented, & payd by the sd Euerington my sonn in law, for his sd land & the sayd Euerington my sonn in law possessed the sd Land his life tyme, & left it to his heyres; And wr as I also gaue unto my sonn Etherington a Certen Tract of Land ioyneing to the land hee bought of the sd John Gattensby, on which the dwelling house of the sayd Etherington now standeth, & both Tracts of land Contajneing about Twenty foure Acres, by Estimation, bee It more or less, as they are now bounded with Richard Nason & the high way on the South, William Spencers land on the West, Daniell Goodins land & Humphrey Spencers land on the North, & that part of my land Called Parkers Marsh on the East: And although some writeings haue been Prused about the Premisses, yet nothing yt I know upon record about It, & that the sd Land according to my true intent discend unto the right heyres of it, both by the sayd Etheringtons purchase of the sayd Gattensby in part, & my gift unto the sayd Etherington of the rest of the sd land: Now my will is that the sayd Land with the dwelling house vpon it, & all the appurtenances & priuiledges yr unto belonging, should bee & remajne the proper right & Inheritance of John Wincoll Junjor, sonn of John Wincoll of Kittery & of Mary his wife deceased, who was the daughter of my sd sonn in law Thomas Etherton & Mary his wife deceased, to haue & to hould the sd tract of Land, dwelling house with all the appurtenances, & priuiledges there unto belonging to him the sd John Wincoll Junjor & his heyres lawfully begotton of his body for euer: & Ifhee dy with out such lawfull heyres, my will is that the sd Tract of Land houseing & all appurtenances & priuiledges yr unto belonging shall bee & remajne the proper right & Inheritance of patience Atherton daughter unto sd Thomas Etherington & Mary his wife deceased, to haue & to hould to her & her heyres for euer/ In witness where unto I haue afixed my hand & seale, this fifth day of June one thousand six hundred seauenty nine 1679:
Thomas (his mark) (his seal)

Signed sealed & deliuerd in
the Presence of,
Gillbard (his mark) Warrine
George Pearson/

Acknowledged 18 Jnne 1679; recorded 15 June 1682; Inventory returned at 257:14: 0 by Richard Nason, Moses Spencer and John Wiscoll, appraisers, 1 May 1682; who state that Thomas Spencer "deceased 15th:Decembr 1681:"
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The deposisun of Nicholasse Hodesden & his wife Aged 40 years & upward. These deponants being sworen saith that about fifteene or sixteene yeares agooe that Thomas Spenseer being att quamphegon at the howes wee then lived in said that he had given the on half of his half part of the mill & Timber thereunto belonging being on quartor part of the mill unto Daniell Goodin for his dafters Portion Nickhollas Hodsden & his wife reploied & said neyhbouer Spenser I wish you well to Consedar what you doe for you had many Children & every on would have a lettell & you cannot give every one such A Portion & he answared & said that shee wase the Eldest dafter & hee had don yt & farther saith not:/ Taken upon oath this 18th day of Aprill 1670.
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Notes for Patience* CHADBOURNE
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Patience, bp. 1612, m. Thomas Spencer. [ref 22]
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Names of Children of Patience Spencer subscribed to an agreement to divide the estate; 15 Nov., 1683; William Spencer; Humphrey Spencer; Moses Spencer; Ephraim Joy; Thomas Check. "We order 10 shillings gs to be paid to Daniel Goodin as a toaken of remembrance out of the estate." Patience Spencer was the widow of Thomas Spencer who was sent over by Mason to Piscataqua in 1630, and the daughter of William Chadbourne. Her brother Humphrey Chadbourne remembers her affectionately in his will, 6 May, 1667. From other sources it is known that Thomas and Patience (Chadbourne) Spencer had also daughters Susanna, who married John Gattensby, and Mary who married Thomas Etherington (or Everinton). [ref 43:2-261]
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PATIENCE2 CHADBOURNE (1. William 1), baptized Tamworth, Warwickshire, England 8 Nov 1612; died York Co ME (probably Berwick) 7 Nov 1683 (MPC III: 188-189, YD 5/1/23-4); married, perhaps in England, before 1629 (Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to 1700 states that a child was born 1630) THOMAS 1 SPENCER. Patience and Thomas lived first at Strawbery Bank (Portsmouth), then on 6 Mar 1636/7 were called residents of "Piscataqua" (Kittery Point), and finally of Newichawannock (S Berwick). They were of Saco in 1654 (Holmes, Dictionary of New England Families) and Patience was (erroneously) called a widow of Saco in 1662 (Savage, Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England). In 1682 Patience was probably of Berwick as Thomas died there in 1681 and she in 1683. Brother Humphrey Chadbourne expressed concern for his sister Patience Spencer when he wrote his will in 1662. Humphrey directed his wife to assist "sister Spencer" if she should fall into "decay" (qv). After Thomas' death in Dec 1681, Patience may have continued to operate the tavern. After her death her children and relatives, William, Humphrey and Moses Spencer, Ephraim Joy, and Thomas Chick, chose William Spencer and Thomas Chick to help them divide the estate 15 Nov 1683 (MPC III:186), and then finally settled on Edward Rishworth, Richard Nason and James Emery to make the division (ibid, III:188), probably because William and Thomas were heirs. Children: William, Margaret, Mary, Susanna, Humphrey, Elizabeth, Moses. [ref 74:5]
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