genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Dea., Capt. Thomas* DYER
Birth 1612/13, Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire, England
Death abt 4 Nov 1676, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Other Spouses Elizabeth ADAMS
Marriage abt 1640, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Spouse Agnes* REED
Birth abt 1625, Butleigh parish, Somersetshire England
Death 4 Dec 1667, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts20
1 F Mary DYER
Birth 6 Jul 1641, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts20,76
Death 23 Oct 1716, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts76
Spouse Capt. Samuel WHITE
Marriage abt 1660, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
2 M John* DYER (Twin)
Birth 10 Jul 1643, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts20,76,79
Death 2 Jun 1696, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts79
Spouse Mary BICKNELL
Marriage abt 1668, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Spouse Elizabeth* DOWSE
Marriage abt 1678, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
3 M Thomas DYER (Twin)
Birth 10 Jul 1643, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Death young, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
4 M Thomas DYER
Birth 29 Mar 1645, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Death 16 Jun 1647, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
5 F Abigail DYER
Birth 9 Jul 1647, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Death 5 Jan 1717, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Spouse Lt. Jacob NASH
Marriage 5 Dec 1666, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
6 F Sarah DYER
Birth 10 Mar 1648/49, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Death 2 May 1687, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts76
Spouse Rev. John RUGGLES
Marriage 15 Mar 1674/75, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts20
7 M Thomas DYER
Birth 5 May 1651, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts20
Death 27 Mar 1673, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Spouse Mary REED
8 M Benjamin DYER (Twin)
Birth 6 Nov 1653, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts20
Death 29 Dec 1718, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Spouse Mary NANNY
Marriage 10 Mar 1679/80, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Spouse Hannah ODLIN
Marriage 10 Dec 1691, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts15,71
9 M Dea. Joseph DYER (Twin)
Birth 6 Nov 1653, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts20
Death 12 Oct 1704, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Spouse Hannah FRARY
Marriage 9 Feb 1675/76, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Spouse Hannah BAXTER
Marriage 1683, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts20
Notes for Dea., Capt. Thomas* DYER
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THOMAS, Weymouth, clothworker, said to have come as early as 1632, but prob. it was something later, m. Agnes Reed, wh. d. 4 Dec. 1667, had Mary, John, Thomas, Abigail, Sarah, Thomas, again, Joseph and Benjamin; was freem. 1644, rep. 1646 and four yrs. more, was deac. and d. 6 Nov. 1676, aged 63, but the gr.stone says, d. 15 Nov. aged 64; leav. very good est. dispos. of by will three days bef. to w. childr. and ea. of his beside Rev. Samuel Torrey. His wid. Elizabeth in her will of 20 Nov. 1678, pro. 31 Jan. foll. names d. Elizabeth Adams, s. Abraham and John Harding. [ref 20]
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occupation: clothmaker, farmer, tavern owner

The earliest genealogical reference to our immigrant ancestor come from Asa WHITE's family history written in 1801, in which WHITE points out that he has a copy of THOMAS's will, and the dates of births appear to have been copied from family Bibles he had with him: "Thomas Dyer, whose lineage I am giving to write, came from old england between 1630 & 1640 with a young woman named Agnes Reed, which tradition tells us he courted there. Tradition further informs us that her parents, being about to move to New England among some of the first settlers, Thomas Dyer came to the ship to take his last and final leave of his Dear Agnes Reed. he found the parting hard, and her parents persuaded him to come over with them. he accordingly stept [stepped on board the ship with out going back to bid his parents farewell. "he arrived safe in New England, and married his Agnes Reed, and settled in the town of Weymouth near whare [where] the meeting house in the North parish now stands. Thomas Dyer was a Deacon of this church ["church" added later] under the ministry of the Revr Mr. Samuel Torrey, as appears by the legacy given to Mr. Torrey in his [Thomas Dyer's] last will. "Tradition further informs us that upon the death of his father, he had a legacy fell to him in old England and reather [rather] then be it the trouble to go to England to get his portion, he sent a servant [?] of his Named John (--which, by the way, I suppose was an irishman as the source [?] mentions Irish John in his book) with full power to receive his portion. John accordingly set out and received the Legacy, as appeared by letters to the Deacon, from his Bretheren in old england. but John never saw fit to return to give an account of himself or how he disposed of the money. notwithstanding this Lose [loss] it appears he acquired a considerable fortune for, by a Copy of inventory which I have by me Dated Novm. 17th 1676, I find his Estate amounted to`2103.14.7 pounds Lawfull money "Thomas Dyer Born in old England in the year of our Lord ---- 1612. he married Agnes Reed. his children: Mary, born July 8, 1643; John, born July 12, 1643; x Thomas born march 29, 1645; Abigail, born July 9, 1647; Sarah, born march 10, 1649; Thomas, born may 5, 1651; Joseph & Benjamin, twins, born Nov. 6, 1653. Agnes, the mother, died Decm. 4, 1667. X Those marked thus X died young. Thomas Dyer died Nov. 1676 aged 64 years. His son, Joseph Dyer, died Oct 12, 1704, aged 51 years. His son, Benjm, died Feb 12, 1774, aged 86 years. His son, Joseph, died Aug 20, 1774, aged 63 years."

abt 1641 "At Weymouth they were granted Seuen acres on Kingoke Hill, six acres of it first giuen to Thomas HOLBROOKE, the other acre to Robert LOUELL; bounded on the East and west by two high wailes [highways], on the north with the land of Richard ADDAMES, on the south with the land of Robert LOUELL and John BURRELL. Two acres of swampe, first giuen to John UPHAM, bounded on the East with a highway, and on the north [and] on the west with the comons, one [on] the southe with the land of James NAISH.94 [Punctuation and name capitalization supplied here and below, and in the genealogy of Asa White]. THOMAS bought some more land during the same period when Edward SMITH sold him "ffive acres and halfe of land in the west ffield, three acres and halfe of it was giuen first to Richard PORTER and two acres of it first giuen to Robert LOUELL, and his Dwelling house: barne and sellar with the appurtenances there unto belonginge, bounded on the East & west with highwaies, on the north with the land of John HARDING: on the south by John HOLBROOK land. Allsoe three acres of ffresh marsh, wich was first giuen to Steephen FFRENCH, bounded on the East by Richard ADDAMES marsh, on the west and north with the comon, on the south with the fresh brooke." And on the "21st of the 3 month 1644, Thomas DYER sold the following lands to Thomas BAYLIE: "his dwellinge house, barne and sellar, his garden and yarde, both of they contayning by Estimation one quarter of an acre of land, being more or lesse bounded on the East with the land of Robert LOUELL, on the west with the land of mr WEBB, on the north with the land of saide Thomas Dyer, and on the south a highwaie."

29 May 1644 freeman of Massachusetts Bay Colony

10 Jun 1644 "THOS DYER hath liberty to Keepe an ordinary att Waymouth, & drawe & sell wine."

4 Nov 1646 one of three men chosen "to end small causes" "controvsyes under 20s for ye yeere in Welmouth"; 1650-1657 acted in various inventory, executor, witness capacities; 26 Nov 1651 at first town meeting, chosen to record Weymouth births, marriages and deaths

14 Dec 1663 received Lot #18 of 11 acres and Lot #58 of 33 acres

1664-1676 served as Deacon under Rev. Samuel Torrey in the First Church of Weymouth

abt 1673 Weymouth MA married Elizabeth (poss ADAMS) (widow of Abraham HARDING and John FRARY) born 1622, died 19 Dec 1678 Weymouth

3 Nov 1676 - 13 Nov 1676 will bequeathed wife 50 and her former husband's estate at Medfield; mentioned children, grandchildren, Rev Torrey, Weymouth Church; estate valued at 2103:14:07

buried in King's Chapel Burial Ground at Boston; tombstone states "Deacon Thomas Dyar of Waymouth Aged 64 years Died in Boston 15 of November 1676" [date likely wrong, will can't be proved until aft death]

[much of the information on the Dyer line is quoted from the work of Frank Dyer; data as of 12 Feb 2001]
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Notes for Agnes* REED
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possibly daughter of William Reed and Mary (or Martha Kendall)

Agnes is a little too old to be a daughter of William Reed and Avis Deacon/Chapman and a sister of William Reed who married Mayflower descendant Hester Tomson
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