genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Lawrence* DOWSE
Birth bap 6 Jun 1613, Legbourne, Lincolnshire, England79
Death 14 Mar 1691/92, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,79
Other Spouses Martha, 1st wife of Lawrence Dowse
Marriage aft 1644, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Spouse Margery* RAND
Birth abt 1625, England
Death 12 Apr 1714, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,79
1 F Elizabeth* DOWSE
Birth 15 Mar 1647, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,37,79
Death aft 1732, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts79
Spouse Thomas LARKIN
Marriage 18 Jun 1674, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts23,79
Spouse John* DYER
Marriage abt 1678, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
2 M John DOWSE
Birth 1649, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts79
Death 28 Nov 1677, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts79
Spouse Relief HOLLAND
Marriage 31 Oct 1672, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20
3 F Mary DOWSE
Birth 1652, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Death aft 13 Mar 1694
4 M Lt. Joseph DOWSE
Birth 1654, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Death 13 Mar 1694, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts79
Spouse Mary GEORGE
Marriage 11 Jul 1678, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts23,79
5 M Benjamin DOWSE
Birth 4 Jul 1656, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,79
Death young, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,79
6 M Nathaniel DOWSE
Birth abt 1657, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Death 4 Nov 1658, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20
7 M Benjamin DOWSE
Birth 3 Dec 1658, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts79
Death 18 Jul 1723, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts79
Spouse Mary HEWINS
Marriage 7 Apr 1680, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,79
Spouse Tabitha BROOKS
Marriage 11 May 1709
8 M Capt. Nathaniel DOWSE
Birth 24 Nov 1659, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts79
Death 23 Aug 1719, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,79
Spouse Dorothy EDMUNDS
Marriage 7 Sep 1685, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts79
9 M Hon. Jonathan DOWSE
Birth 1661, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Death 26 Jan 1745, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts79
Spouse Elizabeth BALLARD
Marriage 18 Nov 1694, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts23,79
Spouse Catharine WINSLOW
Marriage 3 Jul 1701, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts23
10 F Sarah DOWSE
Birth 26 Jul 1663, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,79
Death bef 1691
11 M Capt. Eleazer DOWSE
Birth 25 Jan 1668, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,79
Death 21 Jul 1725, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts79
Spouse Mary EDMUNDS
Marriage 21 Sep 1693, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,23,79
Notes for Lawrence* DOWSE
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son of Lawrence DOWSE and Susanna MARSHALL
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LAWRENCE, Boston, carpenter, by w. Martha, wh. d. at Charlestown, Oct. 1644, had Samuel, and John; m. at Charlestown, Margery, d. of Robert Rand, had Elizabeth, others at C. John, Mary, Joseph, Benjamin, Benjamin, again, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Jonathan, Sarah, and Eleazer. He d. 14 Mar. 1692, 78 yrs. and his wid. d. 12 Apr. 1714, in her 90th yr. [ref 20]
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DOWSE, Lawrence, carpenter, planter, Boston, adm. chh. 22 (1) 1645, frm. May 26, 1647. Rem. to Charlestown; propr. 1647; adm. chh 21 (1) 1652. Wife Margery. Will dated 25 Dec. 1691, prob. 21 Nov. 1692, beq. to wife Margery, sons Samuel, Joseph, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Jonathan and Eleazer; married daus. Elizabeth and Mary. [ref 37:144]
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LAWRENCE1 DOWSE, baptised in Legbourne, Lincolnshire, England, 6 June, 1613, died in Charlestown, Massachusetts, 14 Mar. 1692, aged seventy-eight years. He married first, probably in England, about 1640, MARTHA ___, who was buried in Boston, Mass., in Oct. 1644. He married secondly, probably in Charlestown, Mass., about 1645, MARGERY RAND, born in England about 1625, died in Charlestown, 12 Apr. 1714, daughter of ROBERT and ALICE (SHARP) RAND. There is no reasonable doubt that Lawrence Dowse, who was baptised in Legbourne in 1613, and the emigrant Lawrence Dowse were identical. The emigrant Lawrence was born about 1613, for his age is given as about forty-four in 1659, seventy-one in 1684, and seventy-eight in March 1691-2. He was probably in America in 1642. The earliest mention found of Lawrence Dowse in the colony is in the Salem, Mass., Court. "20-12-1643-4, Lawrence Dowse and his wife are to have 5s. witness fees." The case was one where Jabez Hackett, Thomas South, William Prichard and Thomas Winterton were fined for drinking. The charge for the witnesses is to be allowed by the persons fined proportionately, only Lawrence Dowse and his wife are to have 5s., half by John Smith and half by persons fined, and Mary Rowden by John Smith, 2s. 6d. Thomas Putnam 20d. by the three. John Smith was a servant of Henry Walton's but the records are silent as to the reason for his helping pay the fees (Essex Quarterly Court Files, 1:61). [ref 79:95] The appearance of Lawrence Dowse in the Essex County case indicates that he went first to that county. He soon, however, moved to Boston, for his son John was baptised there in Oct. 1644. It is also possible that he came directly to Boston from England, though in that event he would have been called Lawrence Dowse of Boston in the court minute. In 1634, Richard Fairbanks of Boston, England, supposed brother of Charles Fairbanks of the same town, who was the step-father of Lawrence Dowse, came to Boston, Mass., with Leverett. He may have influenced the emigration of Dowse. Lawrence was admitted to the First Church of Boston, 22 Mar. 1645, becoming a Freeman, 26 May 1647. In order to be this, he had to satisfy certain requirements as to religion and property and his qualifying within two or three years shows that he had a certain standing in the community thus early. Soon after his second marriage, perhaps before it, he removed to Charlestown, Mass., the home of his wife's relatives, being there in 1646. He was admitted to Charlestown church, 21 Mar. 1652; was made Constable in 1656; and a tything man in 1678 and 1679. He served on juries 16 Dec. 1657, 20 Jan. 1658, and 10 July 1663, being also a Grand Juryman in 1676, 1682, 1683, and 1684. He was evidently a favorite of his wife's people; her uncle, Capt. Richard Sprague, husband of her mother's sister, Mary (Sharpe) Sprague, left Margery Dowse a legacy, and his widow gave him and his daughters, Elizabeth and Mary, legacies in her will. He early became associated with Francis Willoughby, who was Deputy Governor of the Massachusetts-Bay 1665-1671 and with Lawrence Hammond and Richard Waldron acted as his agent. The Governor remembered him in his will, proved 10 Apr. 1671, for he left to "coz. Laur: Hamond," forty shillings to assist his wife, "to Laur: Dous four pounds" and to Edward Wilson three pounds "as a token of my love." After the Governor's death, Lawrence Dowse continued to advise Mistress Margaret Willoughby, the widow, for on the 19 Dec. 1671, he witnessed a power of Attorney granted by Margaret Willoughby to Richard Waldron. A year later, 1 Oct. 1672, Edward Collins petitioned the court that Lawrence Dowse, Thomas Rand, Jonathan Wade of Medford, and Joseph Cooke of Cambridge be made Commissioners, but there is no record of its being done. The transactions of Lawrence Dowse in real estate are interesting. The following deed was drawn in 1646 but not recorded until [ref 79:96] 1654, and possibly Dowse did not sign it quite so early as 1646, since he became possessed of the land of Alice Rand in 1649. The main body of the deed is followed by many clauses whereby each grantor of the land stated the amount and signed the clause. Among those who signed were Robert Long, Michael Long, George Bunker, James Browne, Thomas Allen, Joshua Todd, Joanna Stephenson, Ralph Sprague, Francis Norton, William Brakenbury, Joseph Hills, Richard Louden, Thomas Wilder, Richard Stowers, John Goold, Stephen Fosdick, John Fornell, William Bachelor, and Lawrence Dowse. Know all men by these presents that wee the Inhabitants of Charles-Towne, whose names are vnderwritten, have Sould from vs, & our heyres to Henry Dunster President of the Coll: & his heyres and assignes forever all such portions of land as to our names are annexed, together with all appurtenances Advantages, privileges, immunities & benefits, that any way do or can belong to said lands lying Scituate in Wenatomie, alias Menotomie feild, bounded with Cambridge bounds on one side misticke pond & River, & menatomie brook, being the boundes of the Sayd Feild on the other sides, but the parcels of land hereafter mentioned bounded Severally as they be expressed in the allottments in the Town booke, the sale of which lands herevnder annexed to our names, wee vndertake to warrant and make good, against all persons whatever, ... in the acknowledgement & witnes whereof we have euerie one for ourselves respectively set to our hands and Seales in the yeare 1646.... Laurence Douce two acres & a halfe which was Alice Rands. Lawrence Dowse and a Seale (Middlesex Co., Deeds, 1:104). It is interesting to note that whereas the scrivener spelt the name "Laurance Douce," he himself signed it "Lawrence Dowse." December 18th 1650. Sold unto Lawrance Dowse of Charlestowne two Commons in the Common lying betwene nottamus River Cambridge and Charlestown. Robert Sedgwicke. Witnes my Hand: Acknowlidged the 18th 10th (December), 1650 (Ibid. 5:213). The Charlestown Records (Boston Records, 111. 114.) show that Alice Rand, on the 26 Jan. 1649, sold to Lawrence Dowse, various parcels of land purchased of several persons; that Mr. Lawrence Dowse of Charlestown deeded land to Marius Sully towards payment of housing and land sold to Alice Rand for 27 10s., in the same year, and on the same date that Mrs. Rand sold the land to Dowse, he also bought some of George Hepburne. These deeds are not recorded except in the Charlestown book. [ref 79:97] A sale of a house and garden and parcells of land scittuate and lying neare Charlestowne Neck by Matthew Gibbs Planter Inhabitant in Charlestowne unto Laurance Douse and Thomas Rand both inhabitants likewise in Charlestown the twelfth day of the eight month a thousand six hundred fifty and foure: Know all men by these presents That I Matthew Gibbs, planter, inhabitant of Charlestowne in New England Have sold ... unto Laurance Douse and Thomas Rand, both inhabitants in the said Town: a house and a Garden with a piece of marsh adjoyning to it with all the fencing and due appurtenances thereunto belonging which is all standing and Sittuate neare the Neck of Charlestowne. Also three quarters of an acre of upland ... in the easte feild over against the house ... bounded west by the street way ... bounded south by Richard Louden and Thomas Carters land and bounded north by Richard Sprague and a highway at one end. Likewise a Cowes common ... All which house garden land meadow upland and cowes common ... we Matthew Gibbs and Mary Gibbs my wife do ... resigne up all our rights ... Mathew Gibbs. The marke ME of Mary Gibbs. Witness, John Green (Middlesex Co., Deeds, 5:212). This Witnesseth that wee the within named Laurance Douse and Thomas Rand did about twenty years now past make a Division of the within purchased premises and do hereby ratifie and confirme the same acording to the present possession there of to each other our heyres and executors and administrators forever. Witnes our hands this 17. 1. [March] 1674-5. Laurance Dowse Thomas Rand. Signed In presence off Thomas Danforth Junr John Danforth" (Ibid., 5:213). ... I Laurance Dowse of Charles-Towne in New England husbandman for Valluable consideration to mee well & truly payd, by Roger Elie of Charlestowne in New England aforesaid, the receite whereof I do ... acknowledge ... have ... sold ... unto the said Roger Elie ... one parcell of land lying & being in Charles-Towne halfe an acre more or less, and Bounded on the east by the Towne street, and on the north by the Land Sometime in the possession of Robert Hale, on the South by the Land of Giles fifield, and on the west by land formerly in the possession of Robert Hale ... with the dwelling house or houseing thereon, with all the trees lying or growing on the said Land ... In witnes whereof I the Said Laurance Douse, as also Margery my wife ... Have hereunto put our hands & seales, this first Day of the twelfth mo [February] anno dom 1660. Laurance Dowse and a Seale. Margery Dowse and a Seale. Witnessed by Samuel Carter, Matthew Smith (Ibid., 3:75). ... I Mary Norton the relict widow and administratrix of Capt. Francis Norton of Charlestowne deced: For and in consideration of Twenty foure pounds sterl. to mee well and truly paid by Laurance Douse of the same Towne abovenamed Planter the receite where of in currant money of Mattathusetts Colony I do ... acknowlidge ... [ref 79:98] Have ... sold ... unto him ... foure cow comons lying and Being in Charlestown stinted Comons, bounded with Mistick River north Winottime River west and fenced lands South ... In witnes hereof I ... have hereunto put my hand and Seale this first day of August ... one thousand six hundred and seaventy Mary Norton and a Seale. In presence Laurance Hammond, James Russell, Nehemiah Willoughby. This deed was legaly owned by mrs Mary Norton alis Stittson the 14th of December 1671 (Ibid., 5:208). ... I Margaret Willoughby Relicit widow and Sole executrix unto the last will and Testamt. of Francis Willoughby of Charlestowne in New England Esq., Deceased: for ... Thirtie five pounds ... paid by Laurance Douse of Charlestowne aforesaid planter ... have ... sold ... unto him ... One Warehouse heretofore Commonly called the Salthouse, Sittuate and standing in Charles Towne abovenamed with Ten foote of ground to advance unto the front of the said house Eastward which house is bounded at the north end ... with a highway which runs betwene it and Capt. Allens pale or ground ... at the South ... with my owne Warehouses adjoyning, at the West ... with a highway which runs betwene it and the Widow Cutler's house downe to Edward Carrington's Wharfe. And at the east ... (which is the front of the said house) with my owne Wharfe and dock ... In witness whereof I ... have hereunto put my hand and Seale this Eleaventh day of December ... One thousand six hundred Seaventy one. Margaret Willoughby and a Seale In presence off Laurance Hammond Richard Waldron Junr. (Ibid., 5:210). ... I Katherine Graves of Charlestowne in the Countie of Middlesex in the Colonie of the Massathusets in New England For ... the summe of forty and five pounds ... well and truly paid by Laurance Dowse of Charlestowne abovesd: ... Have ... sold ... unto ... the Said Laurance Dowse One parcell of land in ... Charlestowne ... bounded southeast with Samuell Carter, northwest with Mistick River Northwest and Southwest with Mrs. Nowell and the highway leading to Moulton's point ... In witnes whereof I ... have hereunto set my hand and Seale this twenty eighth day of September ... one thousand six hundred seventy four Katherine Graves and a Seale. In presence of Thomas Graves, William Hilton, Aron Ludkin (Ibid., 5:214). I Parnell Nowell of Charlestowne ... widow ... forr and in Consideration of the Condition hereafter mentioned to be performed by Laurance Dowse & Thomas Lord to the performance of which they ... do bind themself ... Do ... sell ... unto the Said Laurance Dowse & Thomas Lord one parcell of land ... in ... Charlestowne ... Bounded East with the land of the said Laurance Dowse and Thomas Lord South with the highway to Moultons Poynt, west and northwest by my owne Land (always provided that the Said Laurance Dowse and Thomas Lord ... Do at their own charge maintayne the whole fence good and [ref 79:99] Sufficient which runs between their land and mine from the above said highway Downe to the river forever). 10 Dec., 1674. Parnell Nowell and a Seall. In presence Aron Ludkin, Mehitabell Hilton (Ibid., 6:21). ... I Laurance Douse of Charlestowne ... for ... a valluable Sume ... payd ... by Thomas Lord of Charls-Towne aforesd Shoomaker ... Have ... sold ... unto him the said Thomas Lord one parcel of Lands ... in ... Charlestown ... one acre and a halfe ... bounded Southwest with Samuel Carter Senr Northeast with Mistick river, northwest with my owne land and South west with mrs. Parnell Nowell ... In witnes whereof I the said Laur. Dowse and Margery my wife have hereunto set our hands and Seales this tenth Day of Decembr ... one thousand six hundred Seaventy foure Laurance Dowse and a Seal Margery Dowse and a Seall. Witnesses, Joseph Dowse, Nathaniel Dowse (Ibid., 6:19). ... I Laurance Dowse of Charlestown ... Plantr. For ... six pounds Sterl. to mee well and truly paid by Thomas Rand of the same Town Plantr.... Have sold ... unto him ... one Cow Common in Charlestown ... between Mistick river and Cambridge ... In witnes hereof I ... Laur. Dowse have ... put my hand and seale 16 Feb. 1675. Signed Laur. Dowse and a Seal, Margery Dowse and a Seal. Witnesses, Nathl. Dowse, Timothy Fisk. Lawrence Dowse calls himself planter and husbandman; by trade he was a carpenter, as nearly all the original emigrants had to qualify in a trade, skilled men being a necessity of the infant colony. [ref 79:100] Children: Samuel, John, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Joseph, Benjamin, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Jonathan, Sarah, Eleazer. [ref 79:106]
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(The original will of Lawrence Dowse is not in existence. It was not signed and administrators were appointed. The will is copied in the old book of records.)

In the Name of God Amen the Twenty fifth day of Decembr. in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Six hundred Ninty and one and in the third year of the Reign of our Soveraign Lord and Lady William and Mary by the Grace of God over England Scotland France and Ireland King and Queen Defenders of the Faith &c: I Laurence Dowse of Charlestowne in the County of Middx. in the Colony of the Massachusetts in New England yeoman being sick and weak in Body, but of good and perfect memory, thanks be to Almighty God, and Calling to remembrance, the uncertaine Estate of this Transitory life, and that all flesh must yeild unto Death when it Shall please God to Call Do make Constitute ordaine and Declare this my last Will and Testamt. in manner and form following, Revoking and adnulling by these presents all and Every Testament and Testaments Will and Wills heretofore by me made and declared, either by word or writing, and this is to be taken only for my last Will and Testament and None other. And first I Committ my Soul into the hands of God my Creator in and through the merits of the Lord Jesus Christ my Blessed Redeemer in whome alone I hope and believe for acceptance and Salvation. And my body to the Earth from whence it Came, to be therein decently buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named. And for the Settling my Temporall Estate which God hath graciously given me. I do order give and dispose thereof in manner following that is to Say First I will that all those Debts and Dues, as I ow in Right or Conscience to any manner of person or persons whomsoever Shall be well and truly Contented and paid, or ordained to be paid within Convenient time after my Decease.

Item I give and bequeath unto my loving and beloved wife Margery my whole Estate, both reall and personall, after Debts and funerall Charges are paid, to be Improved for her Comfortable Subsistence during her naturall life with full power to Sell Some part of my Lands if her Necessity Shall so require and at her death to give and bequeath my personall Estate to our Children as She Shall See meet.

Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Samll Dowse and to his heirs and Assigns for Ever One peice of Marsh on Mistick side Containing Two Acres more or less bounded Westerly by the Causeway to the Ferry, Easterly by a Highway and the Creek and Southerly by the River Also one acre of Planting Land lying in the first Division of the Stinted Pasture by Fort hill Also three Acres of Planting Land lying in the Second Division of the Stinted Pasture aforesaid.

Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Joseph Dowse and to his heirs and Assignes for Ever, my wood Lott in the Second Division which lies on Mistick side by Dolefull Pond, Also one acre and a halfe of Land lying in the first Division of the Stinted Pasture by Fort hill. Also one peice of Marsh lying on mistick Side, lying between the Creek and the Land late the Possession of Thomas Rand Deced Containing one acre more or less. Also Three acres of Land lying in the Second Division of the Stinted Pasture aforesaid.

Item I give and bequeath to my Son Benjamin Dowse five acres of Land lying in the Second Division of the Stinted Pasture aforesaid to him his heires and Assigns for Ever.

Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Nathanll Dowse, and to his heires and Assigns for Ever Two Acres of Land lying in the first Division of the Stinted Pasture by Fort hill. Also three Acres of Land lying in the Second Division of the Stinted Pasture aforesaid:

Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Jonathan Dowse and to his heirs and Assigns: forever Two Acres of Land lying in the Second Division of the Stinted Pasture aforesaid.

Item I do give and bequeath unto my Son Eleazer Dowse and to his heirs and Assigns for ever my now Dwelling House Barn Cowhouse and Land belonging and adjoining thereunto. Also one peice of Land Lying in the East Feild behind Benjamin Sweetsers orchard Containing one Acre and three quarters more or less. Also the remaining part of my Land lying in the Second Division of the Stinted Pasture aforesaid be it more or less, after his brethren have theire proportions out of that Land, hereby willed and bequeathed to them. Also what of my Land lying at Fort hill as aforesaid which is not otherwise disposed of by this my Will. Also one peice of Marsh on Mistick Side called Fowls Marsh Lying between the Ferry Island and the Creek which parts his Brother Josephs conteining Two Acres more or less. The reason why I give So much to Eleazer is because he is like to have no Trade, and in Consideration of what Service he hath already done me, and the helpfullness and Dutifulness which I further hope for, and expect from him, to me while I live and to my Wife after my Decease. And therefore my Will further is that notwithstanding all the afore given Legacies and bequeathments to my Said Son Eleazer yet if he Shall behave himself rebelliously and disobediently to his Mother, I do hereby fully Impower my Said Wife Margery to dispose of all the Said Housing and Lands So bequeathed to the said Eleazer as aforesaid, unto the rest of our Children according to her best discretion, and to give unto the said Eleazer what part or proportion thereof She Shall See meet.

Item whereas I have Impowered my Wife Margery to Sell part of my Lands if her Necessity requir it, It is therefore my Will, that each Legatee above named Shall beare theire due and equall Share in proportion to theire respective Legacies of Such Lands as my Said Wife Shall Sell, as abovesaid, to the end that the Loss may [to] be thereby Susteined may be equally born by the whole.

Item as for my Two Daughters Namely Elizabeth and Mary. I have given them Something formerly on theire Marriage and for the future I Leave it to theire Mother to do for them according to her pleasure and abilitie.

Item it is my Will that my Son Eleazer Dowse pay out of his Legacies hereby given him unto my Son Benjamin Dowse his Execrs Admrs or Assignes the Summ of four pounds, and to my Son Jonathan Dowse his Execrs Admrs or Assignes the Summ of three pounds, both these Summs or Legacies Shall be paid in Land Corn or Cattell if money Can not be procured.

Item If any of these my Children Shall not rest Satisfied with this my Will, in Such Case, I do hereby revoke and disannull all Such Legacies as I have before hereby Given them, anything herein in any wise to the Contrary not withstanding: And I do give and bequeath unto such person or persons Child or Children, who Shall not rest Satisfied as aforesaid only Ten Shillings to each of them, which Shall be Such Childs full portion out of my Estate.

Item if the Second Division of the aforenamed Stinted Pasture, Shall not Stand, but be thrown up to lie in Common as formerly, then I give and bequeath unto each of my Sons aforesaid, and who shall rest Satisfied with this my Will as aforesaid, one Cows Common in the Said Stinted Pasture. All my Said Housing and lands before given and bequeathed are Scituate Lying & being in Charlestowne beforenamed. And I do make, ordaine Constitute and appoint my Loving Wife Margery and my Sons Samuel Dowse [and Nathaniel?] to be Executors of this my Will. In Wittness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal the day and year first abouvwritten. (Middlesex Probate, Book 8, p. 8.) 1

Probate of the Last Will and Testament of Laurence Dowse and Admcon granted to Margery Dowse Samll Dowse Nathanll Dowse nominated and appointed in said Will. 21 Nov. 1692. (Ibid., p. 17.)

Since Lawrence Dowse died 14 Mar. 1692, and administrators were not appointed until November of that year, it lends color to the plausibility that the will was unsigned and came before the Court. An inventory following was filed with the will.


The dwelling and barn and Land Aigyning 090 00 00
His Waring Clothes Linen and woolen 005 00 00
A bible and other books 000 15 00
one acre and 3 quarters of land In the East feild 030 00 00
Eight acres of land In the first divition of the Stinted pasture 040 00 00
twenty one Acres of land In the second divition 063 00 00
14 Acres and one half of Wood land In the first divition 005 00 00
14 Acres and one half of the Second divition of Woodland 007 00 00
Six Acres of Salt meadow one mistake [Mistick] side 030 00 00
3 feather beds and 3 bolsters and 6 pillows and 5 blankets, 2 coverlids 3 rugs 14 00 00
1 duzn of Napkins 00 12 00
7 paire of pillow beers and 3 bolster casses 00 17 00
9 paire of Sheets 04 10 00
5 table Cloth 00 15 00
1 long table 3 Joine Stools 1 form 01 00 00
1 Cheist of drawers 3 Chairs 3 Cushens 01 00 00
1 Table 1 Cheist and Chaire 00 14 00
Pewter 02 04 00
4 brass Kettels, 2 bras pans 3 Skillits 2 Candelsticks & warming pan 04 05 00
one mortar and pestel 00 02 00
3 Iron pots, 2 trammls i paire of Andirons one Spit, one paire of tongs and one fire pan, one frying pan 2 Smoothing Irons 01 07 00
1 table old chairs and tin and Earthen Ware 00 06 00
1 paire of Small Stilyards 00 02 06
one half bushell one pann 00 04 00
beer barels axis Sive Cettel Wedgis Shuffell Spads and Lumber 02 00 00
1 small Case and bottels 00 06 00
2 Cows 05 00 00
7 Sheep and 5 lambs 02 10 00
A mare Colt 01 00 00
313 9 6

Assesed by JOHN CUTLER Senior

Novembr: 21:92:

Margery Dowse Samll Dowse and Nathll Dowse Executors and admitted Administrators made oath that this is a true Inventory of the Estate of Laur Dowse Deced. Jurat Coram JAMES RUSSELL. (Middlesex Probate, old series, orginal papers, No. 6396.)

The Petition of Samuel Dowse of Charlestowne within the County of Middlx Humbly Sheweth

That there is Fourteen Acres and an half of Land: belonging to the Estate (illeg.) father Lawrence Dowse Late of Charlestown (illeg.) lying on Mistick side about Two Miles from (illeg.) idge Near the Road leading to Woburn joyning to the (illeg.) Now in Possession of Capt. Brooks which is not mentioned in My Fathers Will nor any otherways disposed of.

Your Petitioner therefore Prays that Your Honour would be pleased to grant me Administration on said Land that so it may be disposed of as the Law directs, I being the eldest Son of my Father and the only Executor now Liveing to his my Said Fathers last Will and Testament ...

CHARLESTOWN 30 July 1730.

All the heirs at law were cited to appear 3 Aug. 1730. Citation to be served by Deacon Saml. Dowse. On 24 Nov. 1730, the Judge appointed Ebenezer Brooks, Samuel Brooks and Samuel Brooks, jr., all of Medford to examine the quantity of land, etc. Their return is almost illegible but it is clear that the land bounded on Capt. Ebenezer Brooks, on land in the possession of Dorothy Dowse (widow of Nathaniel) and Mary Dowse (widow of Eleazer) widows.

The heirs were cited to appear: "Charlestown novembur the 17, 1732 by vertue of this citation I have cited all partys consarned to apear this day att time and plas mentioned THOMAS HARRIS."

CAMBRIDGE November the 17 1732
This day appeared Thomas Harris in behalf of Samuel Duce (sic) eldest Son of Decd (allso Mary Duce Widow Eleazer Dowse [written over Duce]) who is to pay to the other Heirs ... and whereas Mary Dowce objects that the Land so Settled belongs to the Heirs of her husband Eleazer Dows Deced I therefore Suspend my final Judgement during one Month from this time.


Samuel was given a double portion, and Jonathan, Joseph, Eleazer, Benjamin, Nathaniel, and Elizabeth each a single share.

To the Honourable Jonathan Remington Esq. Judge of probate, etc. the request of Releif Gill of Charlestown Humbly Sheweth that wheras in the Settlement of a Certain tract of Land part of the Estate of my Honoured Grandfather Lawrence Dowse Late of Charlestown aforesaid Deceased, the heirs of John Dowse Late of Charlestown aforesd Deceased your Petitionrs father are not Mentioned to have a Share in the Devition thereof therefore Your Petitionr prays that your Honr would please to admit the said heirs To be Included in the Said Grant or Settlement and to receive their proportionable part ...


In the paper where the Judge suspends his final Judgment and where he evidently lists the children, there are four names which may be written there as possible heirs. They can not be witnesses as there are no signatures. One of them is undoubtedly a Dowse, Sarah Godfre, who was the daughter of Nathaniel Dowse. The other two, Dority Jones, widow, and Mary Jones, widow, may also be of kin, but how is not shown. Since the daughter, Mary, of Lawrence Dowse, who was dismissed to Boston and who is mentioned in his will, is not included in the column of children, she undoubtedly had deceased and probably without issue.
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Lawrence Dowse himself always spelt his name with the final "e" as did his forbears in England. The stone-cutter who carved the inscription on his gravestone omitted it from both his first and last names as well as from the word "deceased" although he added it to the latter. Some of his descendants have dropped it from the name, which is to be regretted as the name of Dowse is distinctive in England and America. He sleeps in the old burying ground in Charlestown, his rather ornately carved stone bearing this inscription:

HERE LYES Y BODY OF | LAWRANC DOWS | AGED 78 YEARS | DECASED THE 14 DAY | OF MARCH 1692 | The memory of y just is blessed.
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Notes for Margery* RAND
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daughter of Robert RAND and Alice SHARPE
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