genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Rev. John* COTTON
Birth 4 Dec 1585, co. Derby, England26,37
Death 23 Dec 1652, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,26
Other Spouses Elizabeth HORROCKS
Marriage 25 Apr 1632, Boston, Lincolnshire, England
Spouse Sarah* HAWKREDD
Birth 1601
Death 27 May 1676, Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,37,59
Other Spouses William STORY
Richard MATHER
1 M Rev. Seaborn* COTTON
Birth 12 Aug 1633, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,22,26,37,71
Death 20 Apr 1686, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire22,36
Spouse Dorothy* BRADSTREET
Marriage 14 Jun 1654, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts15,17,20,22,23,26,29,36,37
Spouse Prudence WADE
Marriage 9 Jul 1673, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire22,36
2 F Sarah COTTON
Birth 12 Sep 1635, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,26,37,71
Death 20 Jan 1649/50, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts26,20
3 F Elizabeth COTTON
Birth 9 Dec 1637, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,26,37,71
Death 31 Aug 1656, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,71
Spouse Jeremiah EGGINGTON
Marriage 12 Oct 1655, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,26,71
4 M Rev. John COTTON
Birth 15 Mar 1639/40, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,26,71
Death 18 Sep 1699, Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina
Spouse Joanna ROSSITER
Marriage 7 Nov 1660, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut15,20,24
5 F Maria COTTON
Birth 16 Feb 1641/42, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,26,71
Death 4 Apr 1714, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,59
Spouse Rev. Increase MATHER
Marriage 6 Mar 1662, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,59
6 M Rowland COTTON
Birth 18 Dec 1643, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,26,37,71
Death 29 Jan 1649/50, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,26
Notes for Rev. John* COTTON
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son of Roland COTTON and Mary HURLBERT
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JOHN, Boston, the most disting. divine that came from England. in the first age, b. at Derby, 4 Dec. 1585, s. of Rowland, or rather Roland Cotton, Esq. was ent. at the Univ. of Cambridge, when 14 yrs. old, bred at Trinity Coll. where he took his A. M. 1606, bec. fellow of Emanuel, after spend. as he says, fourteen yrs. at Cambridge, preach. at Boston, Lincolnsh. twenty-one yrs. from 1612, being by the choice of the corpor. Made vicar; came with sev. of his parish in the Griffin, arr. 4 Sept. 1633, with w. Sarah and their first ch. nam. at bapt. Seaborn (from the circumstance of his b.), rec. at the ch. on Sunday foll. 8 Sept., on 10 Oct. was ord. teacher of that ch. freem. 4 May 1634, d. 23 Dec. (yet the old copy of town rec. of wh. I presume no orig. has been kn. for 150 yrs. has it 15), 1652. His d. ensu. on tak. cold in cross. the ferry as he went to preach a few days bef. at Cambridge. His will of 30 Nov. of that yr. with codic. of 12 Dec. ment. the four ch. Seaborn, John, Elizabeth and Mary, w. Sarah, and "ho. and garden in the market-place of Boston, in Lincolnsh." as well as the "small part of my house, wh. Sir Henry Vane built, whilst he sojourn. with me," and at his departure, gave by deed, to s. Seaborn; and also ment. cous. Henry Smith, and cous. John Angier, with his w. and ch. all liv. at his ho. and kinswom. Martha Mellowes, wh. I judge to be wid. of Abraham. But the name of Betty Day, in the codic. can only be explain. by suppos. that his w. had by former h. a d. wh. had m. a Day and had this ch. We kn. she was not in nat. descent. He liv. 18 yrs. with w. Elizabeth Horrocks, and had no ch.; by sec. w. wid. Sarah Story, wh. outliv. him, and In. 26 Aug. 1656, Richard Mather, outliv. him, and d. 27 May 1676, had Seaborn, Sarah, Elizabeth, John, Mary or Maria, and Rowland. [ref 20]
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occupation: minister. "It is now above twenty years ago, since, by the goodness of God, and for a good part of this time by your Lordship's lawful favor, I have enjoyed the happiness to minister to the Church of God at Boston" (from a letter to John, Lord Bishop of Lincoln, dated 7 May 1633, on stepping down from the Boston, Lincolnshire, ministry. On 10 October 1633 a "fast was kept at Boston," at which time ruling elders were chosen, and "Mr. Cotton was then chosen teacher of the congregation of Boston" [ref 26]

8 Sep 1633 "John Cotton and Sarah his wife" were admitted to Boston church; 4 May 1634 freeman; Granted "at Muddy River a sufficient allotment for a farm for our teacher, Mr. John Cotton," 14 December 1635, to which was added "all the ground lying between the two brooks next to William Coleborne's allotment there, and so to the other end unto the shortest overcut beyond the hill towards the northwest," 15 November 1636, being two hundred and fifty acres. In the Boston Book of Possessions "Mr. John Cotton" held "one house and garden, about half an acre, with an acre adjoining." On 21 July 1645 "Mr. John Cotton teacher of Boston" sold to Thomas Whitamore "a parcel of meadow counted two cow grasses" [ref 26]

In his will, dated 30 November 1652 (with codicil of 12 December 1652) and proved 27 January 1652/3, John Cotton of Boston bequeathed to "my son Seaborn" the south part of the house; "my books I estimate to the value of one hundred & fifty pounds (though they cost me much more) & because they are of use only to my two sons Seaborne & John, therefore I give them unto them both to be divided by equal portions," with additional goods to make their portions up to 100 each; to "my daughters Elizabeth & Mary" 100 apiece at marriage or at age of twenty-one; to "my well-beloved wife first all rents of her house & garden in the marketplace of Boston in Lincolnshire," also money left in "my brother Coneye's hands & are now in the use of my sister Mary Coneye his wife or my cousin John Coneye their son," also the "dwelling house wherein I now live" during her life, also the farm at Muddy River for life; but if she die "all my houses, goods & lands both at Boston & at my farm to be divided amongst my children my eldest son Seaborne to have a double portion"; but if wife and children die or go back to old England half estate to Harvard College and half to deacons of Boston church for maintaining a free school; to "my cousin Henery Smith" diet, lodging & apparel so long as he serve my wife, and 20; to "my cousin John Angier with his wife and child" 10 above what has already been laid out; to "my kinswoman Martha Mellowes" five marks; to "Elizabeth Clark my maid" 20s.; residue to wife and she to be executrix; in codicil of 12 December 1652, to church a silver tunn and to "my grandchild Betty Day my second silver wine bowl." [ref 26]

The inventory of the estate of "Mr. John Cotton deceased the 23th of December 1652" totalled 1088 4s., of which 470 was real estate: "dwelling house at Boston with the ground before & backside & other side of the hill besides the fourth part built by Sir Henry Vane," 220; and "the farm at Muddy River being 260 acres, houses, barns, outhouses," 250. [ref 26]

Amos Richardson wrote on 2 December 1652 to John Winthrop Jr., "Mr. Cotton is very ill and it is much feared will not escape this sickness to live. He hath great swellings in his legs and body..." and 28 December 1652 "A sad accident lately befallen us here by the death of Mr. Cotton. A cause of much heaviness to us." [ref 26]

John Cotton's reputation and influence were unequalled among New England ministers, with the possible exception of Thomas Hooker. At the outbreak of the Antinomian crisis he seemed to side with Hutchinson and Wheelwright, thus giving that side some hope of victory, but when he was brought around, however unwillingly, to the "orthodox" position, the triumph of Winthrop and his party was assured. [ref 26]
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COTTON, Rev. John, son of Roland C., Esq., b. in Derby, England., Dec. 4, 1585, grad. Emanuel Coll., Cambridge. He was vicar of the parish of Boston, England., from 1626 till 1633. Declining to conform to some of the cermonies then prescribed, he was reproved and fined. He went to Southampton in 1629 to see Mr. William Coddington and other friends and parishioners sail for N.E., and charged them to take advice of them of Plymouth and do nothing to offend them. He wrote Herbert Pelham Oct. 3, 1630, sending 3 pieces of gold to buy a hogshead of meal, etc. to send Mr. Coddington in N.E. He came in the Griffin, arriving Sept. 4, 1633. Was installed teacher of the chh. of Boston Oct. 17, 1633. He wielded a powerful influence for good, leaning to the side of Scriptural liberty rather than to that of severe restriction. He m. first Elizabeth Horrocks. He m. second in Boston, England., Mrs. Sarah Story, widow, who came with him to N.E., (whose dau. Elizabeth Story adm. chh. 24 (1) 1639, m. Wentworth Day q.v.) She survived him and m. 26 (6) 1656, Mr. Richard Mather of Dorchester. She d. May 27, 1676, ae. 75. He d. in office 23 (10) 1652. Will dated 30 (9) prob. 27 (11) 1652. Beq. to son Seaborne "that south part of his house which Sir Henry Vane built while he sojourned with me, and gave by deed to Seaborne"; books to be divided between sons Seaborne and John; to two daus. Elizabeth and Mary; to wife his house and garden in the market place of Boston in Lincolnshire and moneys in the hands of his bro. Coney, his sister Mary C. or their son John C., together with property in Boston, N.E.; to grandchild Betty Day; to cousin Henry Smith, living with him, cousin John Angier, kinswoman Martha Mellowes and maid Elizabeth Clark; a silver tunn to the church of Boston, to be used among other Communion plate; beq. to Harvard College, and the free school of Boston in case his family return to England. Children: Seaborn, Sarah, Elizabeth, John, Maria, Rowland. [ref 37:119]
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Mr John Cotton Teacher of the Church of Boston died 15th* - 10th month 1652 (Boston record) [ref 71:37]
*possible error
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15 Dec 1585 baptism, Derby Eng

3 Jul 1613 married Elizabeth HOROCKS who died abt 1631

head lecturer and Dean at Emmanuel College

Minister of Boston, Lincs, Eng

Minister of First Church, Boston

4 Sep 1633 arrived Boston MA on the Griffin

1636 helped founding of Harvard College [with shipboard-friend John Harvard. "After God had carried us safe to New England and we had builded our houses, provided necessaries for our livelihood, reared convenient places for God's worship, and settled the civil government; one of the next things we longed for and looked after was to advance learning and perpetuate it to posterity: dreading to leave an illiterate ministry to the churches, when our present ministers shall lie in the dust."

"He was placed at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he took his degree of A. B., January, 1602-03, and of A. M. in 1606. From Trinity he removed to Emmanuel College, where he took his d egree of Bachelor of Divinity and became Fellow and Dean. In 1612 he was inducted Vicar of the Church of St. Botolph, in Boston, Lincolnshire. He gradually became attached to the refor ming position of the Church of England, and at last letters were issued against him from the High Commission Court. His friends were unable to protect him, and by their advice he decided to seek shelter in New England. He arrived at Boston, Massachusetts, September 3, 1633, in company with Rev. Thomas Hooker and Rev. Samuel Stone, and about two hundred passengers. On the tenth of October he was ordained teacher of the First Church, of which John Wilson was pastor, and he held this office until his death. During this period he was one of the most important factors in the history of the Colony. His published books are numerous."

28 Dec 1652 buried at King's Chapel, Boston MA
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Notes for Sarah* HAWKREDD
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daughter of Anthony HAWKREDD and Isabel DOWSE

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[John COTTON married] shortly before 3 October 1632 Sarah (_____) Story, widow; she m. (3) Boston 26 August 1656 Richard Mather [ref 26]
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28 July 1656, after John Cotton's widow had decided to marry Richard Mather, she relinquished control of Cotton's estate to "Elder William Colbron & Elder James Penn during the nonage of her children John & Maria" [ref 26]
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Mrs. Sarah Mather died May 27, 1676, aged 75. [ref 59:150]
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28 May 1676 buried at King's Chapel Burial Ground
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