genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Alexander* GORDON
Birth abt 1630, Scotland
Death bef 15 Aug 1697, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire44
Marriage 1663, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire80
Spouse Mary* LISSEN
Birth abt 1644, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Death aft 1697, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Father Nicholas* LISSEN (~1618-<1714)
Mother Alice, 1st wife of Nicholas Lissen* (~1620-<1682)
1 F Elizabeth GORDON
Birth 23 Feb 1664, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire22,80
Death 15 Mar 1696/97, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts22,51,80
Spouse Thomas EMERSON
Marriage 26 May 1686, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts22,51
2 M Nicholas GORDON
Birth 23 Mar 1665/66, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire22,80
Death Mar 1748/49, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Spouse Sarah HALE
Marriage aft 20 Jun 168580
Spouse Maria HERSEY
Marriage aft 26 Jan 1717/1880
Birth 22 May 1668, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire22,80
Death 1737, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire22,80
Spouse Nicholas SMITH
Marriage abt 1690, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Birth 26 Oct 1670, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire22,80
Death abt 1742, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Spouse Sarah ALLEN
Marriage 23 Dec 1697, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts22,36,80
5 M James GORDON
Birth 22 Jul 1673, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire22,80
Death bef 7 Dec 171422
Spouse Abial REDMAN
Marriage 7 Aug 170022,80
6 M Alexander GORDON
Birth 1 Dec 1675, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire22,80
Death 1730, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire80
Spouse Sarah SEWALL
7 M Thomas GORDON
Birth 1678, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire22,80
Death bef 27 May 1761, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire80
Spouse Elizabeth HARRIMAN
Marriage 22 Nov 1699, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts22,51
Spouse Rebecca HEARD
Marriage bef 1723
8 M Daniel* GORDON
Birth 1682, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire22,80
Death bef Mar 1731/32, York, York, Maine
Spouse Margaret* HARRIMAN
Marriage 15 Sep 1708, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts22,51,80
Notes for Alexander* GORDON
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Alexander Gordon, Exeter. A Scotch pris. of war at Tuthill Fields, London, he was redeemed there by Danl. Stone of Cambridge, and came to N.E. with John Cloyes under verbal agreem., working his passage with Capt. John Allen. Cloyes's sale of him to Saml. Stratton 15 Oct. 1652, aft. a yr.'s work without compensa., resulted in his appeal to the ct. in Feb. 1653-4. His hist. unkn. for 10 yrs., he was mar. to Mary Lissen bef. 10 Oct. 1664, when he had an Exeter gr. adj. land given him by his fa. Lissen. Deposed twice in 1678, 40. Adm. 15 Aug. 1697 to s. John wid. Mary renounc. Ch: Elizabeth, Nicholas, Mary, John, James, Alexander, Thomas, Daniel. [ref 22]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Alexander Gordon, Exeter. Children: Nicolas, Elizabeth (Norf. rec). His estate was administered upon Aug. 15, 1697. Widow Mary, ch. Nicholas, John, "Mrs. Smith." [ref 44:83]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Alexander Gordon, born Scotland ca. 1630, died at Exeter, New Hampshire 1697, was a young Scotsman, a soldier in the Scottish army of 1651, which came into England with the design to place King Charles II on the throne. [ref 80:1] Alexander was captured at the Battle of Worcester, became a prisoner of war, and with several thousand of his countrymen, was held in prison camp at Tothill Field, Westminster, London. There he spent the winter of 1651-2. About 300 of these Scotch prisoners were selected for transportation to New England where they would be sold to planters and mill owners, the usual terms prevailing as to price and length of service (six years). [ref 80:2] For a year or more, Alexander Gordon remained with John Cloyes, a boatswain or mate, dwelling in Cambridge. While there, he formed the acquaintance of Mr. Samuel Stratton of Watertown with whom he made a six year contract as an apprentice, to learn the art of husbandry.

"This Indenture witnesseth that I, Allexander Gorthing Scotchman, Lately being arived the coast of New England do convenant, agree, and promise to serve Goodman Stratton, do promise to do him true and faithfull service not to absent myself day or night out of his family during this time of apprentiship aforesaid without his License of consent, that I will not intangle or ingage myself in any way of Contracts or marriage during the aforesaid time, all his Lawfull demands and injurictions I do promise to full fill to my uttermost power and abilities, all this I the aforesiad Allexander do likewise promise, bynd and ingage my fully expired if providence should take away my present master by death, witnes my hand
Alexander (his mark) Gorthing (seal)
Delivered by Alexander as his act and deed in the presence of us underwriters to his master Goodman Stratton. Richard Norcrofse, John Cloys. Witnesses Goodman Blois, Richard Blois, Richard Norcros
We consent to the turning over of this Servant to Samuel stratton the 19th of the 8. mo: 1652. Increase Nowell, William Hibbines
Recorded 25.4.1653 by me Thos Danforth, Recorder"

Whether Alexander, who signed with a mark, could read the contract, is unknown, but he was found to be legally a "victim of ill treatment." On the 3rd of Nov 1663, through the benevolence of a resident of Cambridge, Alexander Gordon appealed to the court in Massachusetts and was released from his contract. He went up the coast of the Piscataqua River by water to Portsmouth. Family tradition is that he continued up the Swampscott River to Exeter in an open boat where he entered the employ of Nicholas Lysson who was sawing lumber in the sawmill at Swampscott Falls at Exeter. Alexander married Mary Lysson/Listen, a daughter of his employer, in 1663, was placed in charge of a small mill on the Little River, built his cabin on land given him by Nicholas Lysson, to which the town added a grant of 20 acres in 1664. There he planted and farmed, raised his family and died in 1697. On November 30, 1677 Alexander Gordon took the oath of allegiance to King Charles II. He served on various scouting parties against the Indians in King William's war. Children: Elizabeth, Nicholas, Mary, John, James, Alexander, Thomas, Daniel. [ref 80:3]
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Notes for Mary* LISSEN
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Mary, 3d dau., m. Alexander Gordon. [ref 22]
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