genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name John* PIKE
Birth abt 1585, Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England
Death 26 May 1654, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20
Marriage 17 Jan 1612/13, Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England36
Spouse Dorothy* DAY
Birth 1592, Langford, Wiltshire, England
Death 27 Jan 1664, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
1 M Maj. Robert* PIKE
Birth 16 Mar 1615/16, Langford, Wiltshire, England
Death 12 Dec 1706, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,22,76
Spouse Sarah* SANDERS
Marriage 3 Apr 1641, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,22,23,36
Spouse Martha MOYCE
Marriage 30 Oct 1684, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,22,36
2 M Capt. John PIKE
Birth bap 8 Nov 1613, Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England36
Death Jan 1688/89, Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey36,65
Spouse Mary TARVILLE
Marriage abt 1637, Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey
Spouse Elizabeth Blossom FITZ RANDOLPH
Marriage 30 Jun 1685, Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey15,65
3 F Israel PIKE
Birth abt 1620, Langford, Wiltshire, England
Death 12 Mar 1699/1700, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts36
Spouse Henry TRUE
Marriage abt 1643
Spouse Joseph FLETCHER
Marriage 18 Jun 1660, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts36
4 F Dorothy PIKE
Birth 1617, England49
Death 5 Jun 1659, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts44,49,51
Spouse Daniel* HENDRICK
Marriage 164249
5 F Hannah PIKE
Birth 1622, Langford, Wiltshire, England
Death bef 1689
Spouse James FISKE
Marriage bef 1649, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51
Notes for John* PIKE
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son of John PIKE and Jane CASTLEMAN
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JOHN, Newbury, came in the James. 1635, from Southampton, call. in the clearance from the custom-ho. laborer of Langford, with ch. was at Ipswich first, in 1640 of Piscataqua. and rem. perhaps early to Salisbury, but more prob. only estab. there on his est. sec. s. d. 26 May 1654, leav. will, made two days bef. in wh. he provides for gr.s. John, and gr.s. John, s. of Robert, three ds. Dorothy, w. of Daniel Hendrick, by wh. we discov. the error of Geneal. Reg. VI. 342, where she is call. d. instead of sis. of Robert; Israel, w. of Henry True; and Ann. I presume all these ch. and Sarah, not found in the will, were brot. from England. or Coffin would have giv. us the date. of b. here, as well as the name of the w. as yet unkn. [ref 20]
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PIKE, John, Newbury, Salisbury, m. in Whiteparish, co. Wilts, 17 Jan. 1612-3 Dorothy Day of Landford. [ref 22]
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JOHN1 PIKE came from Langford, England., in the ship "James" to Newbury in 1635, but was per. first at Ipswich. He was of Salisbury when he died, May 26, 1654[S]; will May 24, Oct. 3, 1654. JOHN1 PIKE, of White Parish, Wilts, m. Jan. 17, 1612-3, Dorothy Day, of Landford, at White Parish, Wilts., Eng. Children*: John, Robert, Dorothy, Israel, Ann. "Langford" may be Landford. [ref 36:285,864]
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John Pike, first of the line in America who came to this country, sailing from Southampton April 6, 1635, in the ship "James," Capt. Cooper, arriving in Boston on Monday, August, 1635. James S. Pike in "The New Puritan," says with wife Sarah. What authority he has for making the statement his wife's name was Sarah or that his wife came with him, I do not know. I believe it was based upon the record of the death of Sarah Pike at Newbury, Nov. 19, 1659, and she was presumed to be his wife because her name was not given among his son's, Capt. John Pike's children, but as he died May 26, 1654, and having made his will not mentioning any wife, such presumption cannot be maintained. The early Newbury records are quite complete and they do not record the death of his wife, so without any further evidence one would conclude she died before he came to this country. He settled at first in Ipswich but after a short stop at that place removed to Newbury and settled on the banks of Parker river and was made freeman in 1642. He was a highly educated man and wrote a fine hand, unknown among the uneducated of his times and left his country at the time of the great Reformation, and has often been classed as among the many "dissenters" who left their native land for the "Freedom to worship God." Quoting from the history of the Pike family-- "He was a man of pronounced opinions, bold in his assertions, but as history has shown, educated a lawyer, he undoubtedly knew how to keep within the bounds of prudence in his intercourse with the element of the times. It must be remembered that the Church and State were practically the same in those days and that the laws of the land were largely scriptural, and that law was argued from a Bible standpoint; he was conversant with theological reasonings and as the theological reasonings for the preservation of peace as adopted by the lawyers and the theological reasonings for the salvation of souls as adopted by the ministry, must differ in some of their essential points, is it to be wondered at that on May 5, 1638 after having listened for a time to a certain discourse, "It is ordered that John Pike shall pay two shillings and six pence for departing from the meeting without leave and contemptuously," and before this, Feb. 24, 1638, John Pike, Robert Pike and three others were fined two shillings and six pence apiece for being absent from town meeting at eight o'clock in the morning, having had due and fit warning." But he must have risen high in the esteem of his fellow citizens, for in 1647, he was one of the chosen to administer "the prudential affairs of the town," and in 1648 to "end small causes" which he did in an exemplary manner as the court records show. His will was probated Aug. 3, 1654, in which he mentions daughters Dorothy, who married Daniel Hendrick, Ann who married John Fiske, Israel, who married Henry True, and sons John and Robert. [ref 65]

John Pike who emigrated to New England in 1635 and settled at Newbury, Mass., . . [might be] identical with the John Pike baptized November 1, 1572, (presumably at Moorlich, in Somersetshire). . . [or, could be] John Pike who married Dorothy Day, at Whiteparish, near Langford, Wiltshire, 17 January, 1612-13. [ref 65]
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John Pike death 1654? Salisbury Essex [ref 76]
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5 Apr 1635 sailed on ship James from Southampton, arrived Boston 3 Jun 1635, settled in Newbury

ship's roster lists John as a laborer, but he soon acted as attorney in a debt case

1642 relocated on Merrimack River in Salibury, Norfolk co [now Essex co]
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WILL OF JOHN PIKE, 24 May 1654 - 3 Aug 1654:

In the name of god Amen The last will & testament of John Pike senior being sick and Weake in body but of pfect memory. maye 24. 1654. first. I will & bequeath my soule unto god In the lord Jesus Christ & my body to be buried in Convenient burieinge place & my worldly goods to be bestowed as followeth.

first I give my howse & lande at the old towne at Newbery boath uplande & meddow with my privellidge of Comon (at Newbery) unto my gran Child John Pike the son of my eldest son John Pike wth that parcell of my lande at the little River. & In Case the saide John Pike doe die without Issue & before he is twenty one yeare old then the saide lande shall pass to his Brother & sisters by equell portions & If they faile then it shall pass to the next of kinn.

Allsoe I give that portion of my lande at the new towne caled by the name of the pitt boath upland & meddow unto my grand Child John Pike the son of my son Robert Pike & In case the saide John Pike die without Issue ( or before the age of twenty one ) the said land shall pass to his sisters & if they faile then it shall pass to the next of kinn

Allsoe I give unto my Daughter Dorothy twenty pounde to be equally devided betwixt her & her Children by equall portions.

Allsoe I give to my daughter Israel twenty pounde to be devided betwixt her Chilldren by equall portions

Allsoe I give to my daughter in law mary the wife of my son John fowrty shillings & I give to her Children Joseph hanna mary & ruth each of (them) fowrty shillings

Allsoe I give unto my daughter in law sara the wife of my son Robert fowrty shillings & I give to her Children sara Dorathye mary & Elizabeth ( each of them) fowrty shillings gs.

Allsoe I give unto my tenant samuel more the bedstead that he hath of mine.

Allsoe I doe. appoynte my two sons John & Robert to bee my executors to see my will pformed & my debts & all Charges paide (soe farr as my estate will reach) & the remainder of my estate within doare & without doare shall be devided betwixt my two said executors my sons John Pike & Robert Pike by equall portions all debts & Charges beinge first discharged & paide furthermore my will is that in Case my sons John Pike & Robert Pike should Remove out of the Cuntry with theire famillyes after my decease before my saide grande Children are of the age of twenty one yeare that then it shall be in the power of my saide sons John & Robert to dispose in the waye of sale or otherwise of the saide lande for the benefitt of my saide grand Children respectively that is to saye my son wch is the father shall dispose of that lande wch is by me given to his owne Child & soe boath respectively
John Pike

Witness: Henry Mondey, John R Raffe
Proved in Hampton court 3: 8: 1654 by Henry Mondey and Jno. Ralfe.

Inventory of estate of John Pike sr., deceased May 26, 1654, taken May 29 1654, Mr. Henry Mondy (Mondey), John Roff (Rolf) and George (his mark) Goldwire (Gouldwire) :
His howse & Land at the old Towne of Newbery, 60li.;
his Lande at the new Towne, 60li. ;
one yonge Cattell of 2 yeare & vantage, 39li.;
one bed & appurtenances, 7li;
on new broad Cloth suite, 3li. 3s. 4d.;
one stuff sute & wascot, 2li. 2s. ;
one Cloth sute, 1li. 4s.;
one Cloth Coate, 2li. 10s.;
shirts, Hankerchers & bands & other linen, 2li. 15.;
4 paire of stockings & 2 hats, 1li. 14s.;
a paire of boots & 2 paire of shooes 1li. 2s.;
2 paire of gloves & a paire of mittins, 4s.;
one brass pan, one warming pan, one frieinge pan, 1li. 10s;
one brass pott, one brass possnett, 1li. 1s.;
one brand Iron, one and Iron 6s.;
a hatchet, a Cutting knife to Cut haye & other smale things, 6s. 6d.;
a Chest, a box & other lumber 16s.; In books 1li.;
in debts 7li.;
a Cheese press & som other lumber 13s.;
total 230li. 6s.10d.
Jno. Pike and Robert Pike, executors to John Pike, sr., testified in Hampton court 3:8:1654, that the above is a true inventory.

Norfolk Deeds. vol. 1, leaf 36.

Daniel Henrick of Haverhill with Dorathy his wife, daughter of John Pike,acknowleged the receipt of her legacy of 20li. from her brothers John and Robert Pike, ececutors of the will of her father, John Pike. Signed Jun 10, 1654. Witness: Robert Clements, Henry Palmer.

Henry True of Salem with Israell his wife, daughter of John Pike, acknowledged the receipt of her legacy of 20li. from her brothers John and Robert Pike, executors of the will of her father, John Pike. Signed May 1, 1655. Acknowledged May 1,1655 by Israell True and 15: 9: 1655 by Henry True before Tho. Bradbury, Commissioner of Salisbury

Norfolk Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 139.

Daniel Hendrick of Haverhill granted to his brother John Pike of Newbury and Robert Pike of Salisbury, executors of the will of his father-in-law, John Pike, all his upland and meadow which belonged to him according to the order of the town of Haverhill in the 4th division to be improved for the use and benefit of his children, Daniel, John, Jotham, Jabez, Israell, Hannah and Dorathie, and that in consideration, the legacy of 20li. to be divided between his wife and children, according to the will of his father-in-law, John Pike. Signed and sealed Mar. 27, 1662. Witness: John Cheney, sr., Nathaniel Boulter
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Notes for Dorothy* DAY
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daughter of Richard DAY and Joane MORRIS
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