genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name John PIERCE
Birth 1610, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Death bef 5 Dec 1673, Kittery, York, Maine20
Father Thomas* PIERCE (~1583-1666)
Mother Elizabeth* CAREW (~1590-)
Marriage 1629, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Spouse Eleanor, wife of John Pierce
Birth abt 1614
Death bef 6 Apr 1676
1 M Joseph PIERCE
Birth aft 1629
Death bef 29 Mar 167622
Birth aft 1629
3 F Sarah PIERCE
Birth aft 1629
Death 1697, Rye, Rockingham, New Hampshire22
Spouse Hubertus MATTOON
Marriage Jun 167322
Divorce 168222
Spouse Henry SEAVEY
Marriage bef 1681
Birth aft 1629
Death 18 Feb 1699/1700, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Notes for John PIERCE
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JOHN, Charlestown 1652, may have rem. to Kittery, and d. 1673, leav. wid. Elinor. His inv. of £154 is dat. 5 Dec. by Francis Hooke, and Hubertus Mattoon. He may have been the witness to will of Thomas Coytmore, Aug. 1642. [ref 20]
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John Pierce, planter, Kittery, ag. 55* in 1670. In 1639 he and w. Elinor (Ellen) were liv. "disorderly" in Mass., perh. in part a liking for gayety, as in Kit. 1669 his ho. was disorderly on Sundays and he had music there. Bef. 1648 he bot from Champernowne 100 a. over ag. his island and remov. from Noodle's Isl. "Senior" 1661. Constable 1667, fined for neglect of duty. Inv. 5 Dec. 1673; adm. to wid. Elinor 7 July. Her will, 27 Aug, 1675 (inv. 5 Jan. 1675-6), shows a richly furn. ho. and gives to 8** ch., the daus. distant. Ch.: John, Joseph, Mary, Sarah. [ref 22]
*possible error
**error - only 4 children are mentioned
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John, born in Charlestown, but went to England and probably died there* soon after the death of his father [ref 92:265]
*probable error
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occupation: mariner

1648 Charlestown bought house and garden from Grace Smith; 1655 sold a house, hay-lot and one-quarter of a cow common to R. Mousal (the cow common had been bought from his sister Persis Pierce Bridges, who was referred to as "widow Bridges, my sister" in the deed)

22 Aug 1652 admitted to Charlestown church

1669 granted "power to sell" to J. P. of Wapping

4 Jun 1669 John Pierce of London, England, sold brother-in-law, Peter Tufts, "my 600 acres of land granted by the General Court in 1668." (Hampshire Co Deeds 35:334)

Joan who married John Bray is probably not a child of this family
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Notes for Eleanor, wife of John Pierce
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(Registry of Deeds 5:9)
WILL OF ELEANOR PIERCE, 27 Aug 1675 - 6 Apr 1676:

In the name of god Amen/ the twenty seauenth of August 1675: I Ellner Pearce the unprofitable seruant of god, though weake in body yet of good & Perfect remembrance, praysed bee almighty god, knowing yt I am naturally borne to dy, & to pass from this transcitory life, minding to putt in order mine Estate, to the Intent yr should bee no striffe for the same after my decease, & to auoyd all Occasions of trouble & Charge I do hereby make this to bee my true last & onely will & testament in manner following/

Iprs I Commend my soule to almighty god, & his sonn Jesus Christ my saujor & redeemer, in whose pr‘tious blood I set ye whoole & onely hope of my saluation, my body in hope of a Joyfull resurrection, I Committ to ye earth to bee decently buried, & touching the distribution of my mortall goods, I dispose of ye same as followeth/

1. first I will yt all my debts I ow should bee truely payd/

It I giue to my sonn Jos: Pearce my house & Land, onely hee is to lett his two sisters, Saraih & Mary, each of them an house lott, If they come into the Countrey & demand It: or otherwise allow the ualew of It, If they should bee in want/ also I giue vnto my sd sonn all my Cattle, as also too feather beds, & the furniture belonging to them, as bedsteads & else, as too Hollands pillows, one new Holland sheete (& wt yr is not underneath excepted) & one Diaper board Cloath, foure pewter platters of the biggest sort, on ye vpper shelfe with the earthen dishes, on each side of them as also too of the smallest platters, too plates, foure porringers, too small basons, halfe a pint pott, a beare bowle, a Candlesticke & sault seller, also the biggest brass Kettle, & ye smallest with one Copper Kettle, two skelletts, too Iron potts, one Iron Kettle, one dripinpane, one grediron one spitt, with Andirons & pott hangers, one warmeing pann & brass morter, as also all ye furniture in ye Hall as It stands (excepting 3 leather Chajres, which are Saraihs) also I giue unto my sonn 4 Napkines & the other eight to bee diuided between his sisters/ also I gaue vnto my sd sonn one Siluer Cupp a silke Twilt, & foure siluer spoones, with a Gould ring, one Chest, one deske, one Case of bottles, with 4 round bottles with a drippinpan, one great knott bowle, & too small knott dishes, 6 round trenchers, & 6 square, one fowling peece too Meale Ciues, 19 platters & bowles & trayes, but 2 3ds of them for his too sisters, as also wt earthen ware yr is to bee deuided, with ye glasses between my sonn & daughter Saraih/ as also I giue unto my sonn Joseph my scarffe, with the too wodden porringers, & a Cann, with three pounds in siluer, from my daughter Saraih, or else to keepe her siluer bowle/

It I giue unto my daghter Saraih too brass Kettles, one brass candlesticke, one brass morter, one spitt on ye other side/ Moreouer I giue unto my daughter Saraih, one gould ring, one new feather bed prouided shee return yt to her brother, which shee carried away with her, also one holland pillow beare, one hollane sheete, one great knott bowle, one Indean knott dish, 6 new trenchers one Iron Posnett, one sleightstoon, a Chaffine dish one table board, too boxes one baskitt/ furthermore, It is my desire yt all my weareing Cloaths togeather with three pewter basons, fiue platters six porringers should bee diuided between my too daughters/ further I giue vnto Saraih a Cotten Ciuersid

It I giue vnto my daughter Mary, one Copper Kettle, one brass Candlesticke, one hollane pillow beare, one ould holland sheete, one Iron Posnitte, one box/ further It is my will, that if either of my Children should die before the receipt of the afore mentioned lagaceys, then his or her part to bee deuided between the Partys, or else to ye Party suruiueing: forthermore, I do by these Presents, make & ordajne my deare & well beloued sonn Jos: Pearce before mentioned, to bee my full whoole & onely executor, of this my last will & testament, hereby giueing & bequeathing, vnto him all ye remayneder of my Estate, wch is not in this my last will & testament disposed off/

Lastly I do appoynt my loueing frejnd Mr ffrans Hooke to bee ouer seer of this my last will & testament, desireing of him not onely to keepe my sd will in safe costody but also after It shall please god to take mee out of this world to open it & to take care yt each Perticular may bee Performed as neare as may bee, as alsoe to take ‘ffectuall & speedy Care, that all my obligations bee fully satisfyd, by my executor or through his defect to make saile of the portion giuen unto him to satisfy the same, whither It bee debts yt now I am Ingag'd, or funerall expences/ also it is my desire yt my freind & ouer seer Mr Hooke do take Care yt my sonn do not wast or Imbessell the sd Estate, but upon such considerations as sd Hooke shall see to his aduantage/ In witness wrof I sd Ellner Pearce haue subscribed this my last will & testament, with my own hand, & yrunto putt my seale the day & yeare aboue written/

Signed Sealed & deliuered, Ellner Pearce (her mark) (her seal)
in the Presence of us whose
names are here underwritten/
Benjamen Johnson/ Hannah
Joane Bray (her mark) Langleigh/
ffrancis Hooke/

Sworn to by Mr Hooke & Mrs Bray 24 Jany 1675; allowed in Court 4 April 1676; recorded 6 April 1676; Inventory returned at œ211: 3: 0, by Francis Hooke and John Bray appraisers 5 Jany 1675.
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