genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Philip* HATCH
Birth bap 28 Dec 1616, Newton Ferrers, Devon, England22,46
Death 19 Jun 1673, York, York, Maine
Marriage abt 1648
Spouse Patience* EDGE
Birth 1630, London, England
Death aft 24 Oct 1709, York co., Maine
Father Robert* EDGE (~1610->1680)
Mother Florence, wife of Robert Edge* (~1612->1690)
Other Spouses Edward WOLCOTT
1 M Francis HATCH
Birth abt 1649, York, York, Maine
2 M Philip HATCH
Birth abt 1651, York, York, Maine22,46,58
Death 21 Feb 1690
3 F Patience HATCH
Birth 1653, York, York, Maine58
Death aft 173522
Spouse Joshua DOWNING
Marriage bef 1673, York, York, Maine22
4 M Benjamin HATCH
Birth abt 1653, York, York, Maine
Death abt 21 Feb 1689/90, York, York, Maine22
5 M Capt. John* HATCH
Birth 1657, York, York, Maine
Death bef 2 May 1701, Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire22
Spouse Sarah, wife of John Hatch*
Marriage 1679, Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire
6 F Elizabeth HATCH
Birth abt 1660, York, York, Maine
Death aft 1740
Spouse Baker NASON
Marriage bef 1692, Kittery, York, Maine
7 M Samuel HATCH
Birth abt 1661, York, York, Maine22,58
Death bef 16 Oct 1753, Wells, York, Maine22,46
Marriage 1 May 1685, Wells, York, Maine
Spouse Lydia, 2nd wife of Samuel Hatch
Marriage aft 1723
Notes for Philip* HATCH
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son of John HATCH and Anne
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HATCH, Philip, fisherman, York, bp. at Newton Ferrers 28 Dec. 1616, came to Richmond Island in "The Hercules" 13 Feb. 1636-7 with br. Charles. Payments the first 4 yrs. were to his master Nich. Ball; last ment. in Trel. acct. 27 June 1643. In Nov. 1646 he bot Geo. Parker's ho. and land at York adj. Wm. Dixey's field; town grants 1653, 1659. Jury of life and death 21 July 1650; Tr.j. 1650, 51, 65; Constable 1663, the same yr. he was in Ct. with others for neglect of duty in not voting. He mtg. ho. and land to Maj. Pendleton in July 1663, Jasper Pulman buying from Pendleton and the widow in 1674; in 1668 mtg. 5 a. to Francis Johnson who had got judgm. against him and Jas. Dixey. Last found 4 July 1671 ackn. judgm. to Francis Wainwright; some few yrs. deceased in Aug. 1674. His w. Patience, app. dau. of Robt. Edge, witn. as Hatch 27 Mar. 1675; m. 2d one Wolcott, prob. Edw., a witn. with Joshua Downing 13 Sept. 1680. She was in Eliot with the Nasons 24 Oct. 1709. Kn. ch: Francis, witn. for Robt. Knight 18 May 1667; in Ct. 15 Sept. 1668 with Jas. Dixey for attacking Isaac Everett on York Riv. Philip, 22, 10 Jul 1673, at the Shoals, app. master of Peter Twisden's shallop; Mr. Philip in 1680; on coroner's jury there 1687. Patience, lately mar. to Joshua Downing, 16 Jan. 1676. Benjamin. In 1684 John Brawn jr. was slandering him and Elizabeth Paine (Thos.); in Apr. 1685 he was in the woods making oxbows which Nathl. Adams brot out. D., or inv. taken, 21 Feb. 1689-90, clothing, gun, 1 cow; adm. next mo. to br. Saml. Samuel, b. 1660-1. Elizabeth, m. by 1692 Baker Nason. One Patience Hatch m. in Gloucester, 1st 17 Jan. 1710-11 Richard York, 2d 15 Mar. 1719-20 Geor. Harvey; one Mary m. in Ipsw. 17 Nov. 1711 John Wood. These girls of a fam. name almost unkn. in early Essex Co. poss. were daus. of one of Philip's sons, separated from their kin by their fa.'s early death. [ref 22]
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HATCH, Philip, fisherman, Richmond Island, in the employ of Winter, 1638-1643. Rem. to York; bought land 23 Nov. 1648. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. in 1652. He deposed 6 July, 1660, that Winter used a certain marsh about 22 years before. He died before June 12 1674, when Patience Hatch, his widow, gave a confirmatory deed of land. [ref 44:91]
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Philip2 Hatch (John1) was baptized at Newton Ferrers, co. Devon, on December 28, 1616. He was an apprentice of Nicholas Ball of Newton Ferrers when he sailed with his brother Charles on the "Hercules" in November, 1636, for New England, a few weeks before his twentieth birthday. The two young men were bound for the fishing station established by John Winter at Richmond Island in what is now the town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, where Charles Hatch had already worked for two seasons, Richmond Island and the neighboring mainland being the property of Winter's principal, Mr. Robert Trelawny of Plymouth, England. Mr. Winter had between thirty and forty men with him on the island, mostly fishermen byt some in charge of the cows and swine. His wife, daughter, son and a very unsatisfactory maid had also come out of the Hercules. He maintained a trading house, stocked with goods sent from Plymouth, and here his men and the few settlers on the adjacent coast line purchased their scanty supplies. The fish, dried, or salted in various grades, was sent to Europe, especially Spain, in the occasional vessels dispatched from England by Trelawny, and Winter, an ambitious and energetic manager, was never satisfied with his men or their catch. His letters to Mr. Trelawny paint a vivid picture of life in this isolated settlement and are of absorbing interest. In his letter of July 30, 1638, Winter says "If Phillip Hatches maister Com for money, you may please to tell him that he Cann pay none this yeare: he saies he must buy himselfe som Clothes." The account dated May 27, 1639, credits Hatch with 8 for two years' service. Mr. Trelawny had paid Nicholas Ball 3 and Hatch himself 3:13:5 "with the adventure." In addition he was indebted for "commodities" for two years amounting to 4:13:0, which must have included the new clothes, and for tobacco, brandy and wine, in all of which he was more abstemious than his brother Charles and most of his companions. Against the credit of 8 there were 13:4:1 1/2 on the debit side, and on June 27, 1640, Winter wrote "Phillip Hatch promyseth to serve out the time to pay his money bad on account." The letter of July 29, 1641, says "The last of January both the Hatches & Imson's tyme came out, but I did agree with them to stay to the end of the fishing, & they had the third fish, & I also take their fish at the prize of the Country." This was a satisfactory arrangement, and in the account dated June 10, 1642, Philip was credited with 12:1:3, part of which he had earned by "3 weekes worke at harvest & to bring in some hay." He had paid off his past indebtedness and had 4:12:10 in his pocket, now presumably being free of his apprenticeship. After this last entry in the Richmond Island accounts we hear no more of Philip Hatch until 1648 when he appears as the purchaser of a dwelling house and field in the town of York from George Parker. Very possibly he had been back in Newton Ferrers in the interval. The purchase of the house which was in the "lower town," near the sea, probably marks his marriage to his wife Patience, who was without much doubt Patience Edge, daughter of Robert and Florence Edge of York. In York Hatch combined fishing and farming for a living. Hatch signed the submission to the government of Massachusetts in 1652 with his fellow townsmen and was one of a minority of them who, in 1655, addressed a petition to Cromwell expressing their contentment with that government and their opposition to any attempt of their fellow colonists of "Royalist" leanings to overthrow it. York made him a grant of land in 1655 and another of ten acres on Alcock's neck in 1659. He served on various trial juries in 1650, 1651 and 1665 and in 1663 was the town's constable. He was in court for failing to exercise his right to vote in 1663. Hatch was obliged to mortgage his house to Major Pendleton in July, 1663, and was never able to redeem it. In 1668 he also mortgaged five acres to Francis Johnson to satisfy a judgement. He was living on July 4, 1671, when he acknowledged judgment to Francis Wainwright of Ipswich, to whom he owed 7:6:0 to be paid in merchantable fish and oil. Jasper Pullman bought the mortgage and the reversion of Philip Hatch's house and two acres of land at York from Pendleton and the widow Patience Hatch on June 24, 1674. She acknowledged the deed as Patience Hatch the Elder. Soon afterward the widow married Edward Wolcott who, after years in Barbadoes, Boston and the Kennebec, where he had been clerk of the writs, was school-master, conveyancer and surveyor in York. She survived him and was still living in 1709, with Baker and Elizabeth Nason in Berwick, when the three conveyed ten acres which had belonged to Philip Hatch in York to Samuel Donnell.
None of the children are anywhere definitely stated to be children of Philip Hatch, but there can be little doubt about Francis, Philip, Benjamin, Samuel, Patience, Elizabeth. Mr. John Hatch of Portsmouth, mariner, merchant and representative to the New Hampshire General Court, who first appears in 1684, has been considered a possible child. His daughter Sarah married Joshua Downing, Jr., a grandson of Philip Hatch. This match and the reness of the name Hatch in northern New England are the only evidence. Perhaps John Hatch was another Devonshire boy, and it should be noted that Philip Hatch had a nephew John, son of his brother Benjamin, born in 1643. [ref 46:2-209]
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He was a native of Newton Ferrers, Devonshire, baptized December 28, 1615, as the son of John Hatch of that parish. He entered with his elder brother, Charles, into the service of John Winter at the Trelawney plantation in 1633 where he remained for ten years. He probably removed immediately after to this town {York} where he bought land November 23, 1648 in Lower Town. He served on a jury "of life and death" in 1650, and in 1652 he signed the Submission. He administered the estate of his brother Charles in 1655 and signed the petition of 1656 to Cromwell. He was granted ten acres of land on Alcock's Neck in 1659 and in 1663 was chosen Town Constable. He died between 1665 and June 12, 1674 when his widow confirmed a sale of house and land to Jasper Pullman. His last appearance on record in 1665 was a defendant in a case of debt. He married, date unknown, Patience ___ who survived him and married for her second husband Edward Wolcott and was living in 1709 at Berwick. He had the following known children and probably others: Philip, Patience, Samuel, Elizabeth, John. [ref 56:167]
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Notes for Patience* EDGE
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Patience, mar. Philip Hatch, perh. [ref 22]
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