genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Capt. Francis* RAYNES
Birth abt 1625, Leighupon, Mendon, Somersetshire, England
Death bef 15 Oct 1706, Strawberry Bank, Rockingham, New Hampshire22,44
Marriage bef 1647, York, York, Maine22
Spouse Eleanor* MOORE
Birth abt 1629
Death aft 1706, Strawberry Bank, Rockingham, New Hampshire
1 F Sarah RAYNES
Birth abt 1647
Death bef 6 Jul 167522
Spouse Joseph CUTTS
Marriage bef 167122
Spouse Joseph HADLEY
2 F Eleanor* RAYNES
Birth abt 1648, Strawberry Bank, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Death bef 1692, Kittery, York, Maine
Spouse John* DIAMOND
Marriage abt 1661, Kittery, York, Maine
3 F Hannah RAYNES
Birth abt 1649
Death bef 1719, Smuttynose Island, York, Maine
Spouse Samuel MATTHEWS
Marriage bef 1676
4 M Ens., Dr. Nathaniel RAYNES
Birth abt 1655
Death 173422
Spouse Joanna MATTHEWS
Birth abt 1653, Strawberry Bank, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Death aft May 1702
Spouse Jonathan MENDUM
Marriage bef 2 Mar 1671/7222
Spouse John WOODMAN
Marriage bef Apr 1702
6 F Tabitha RAYNES
Birth abt 1657, Strawberry Bank, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Death bef 1693, York, York, Maine
Spouse Joseph HODSDON
Notes for Capt. Francis* RAYNES
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son of William RAYNES
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RAYNES, Capt. Francis, York by 1646, gentleman and surgeon, a leading citizen of the town and colony. Sued by Roger Knight 1647. For some years he liv. at Strawberry Bank, selling his ho. and land to Clement Campion bef. 1652. Still there in 1653, poss. in the ho. Richard Cutt and his wid. d. in, where he is stated to have once lived. He m. his w. Eleanor bef. 1647. Gr.j. 1647, 53, 54, 55, 57, 59, 73, 81, 86; j. 1649-50, 50, 50-1, 72, 76; selectman 1652, 63, 73, 75; Deputy and com. 1664; subm. to Mass., 1652; Lt. 1654, Capt. from 1659 until he resigned in 1663; magistrate 1668-70; O.A. 1689; prop. of Dover. His will, 21 Aug. 1693 - 15 Oct. 1706, names his w., ch. and, his w. and s. Nathaniel exec. Ch: Sarah, Nathaniel, A dau., A dau., Tabitha, Mary. [ref 22]
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FRANCIS, York, sw. freem. of Mass. 1652, with prefix of dignity, lieut. 1654, had a d. m. John Woodman of Dover; as a capt. sw. alleg. to the k. 1680; made his will 21 Aug. 1693 [ref 20]
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RAYNES, Francis, captain, Dover, proprietor, sold land to Darby Feild; litigation over succeeding transfers of the land in court 10 (8) 1649. Of York, took oath of allegience to Mass. gov.t 22 Nov. 1652, and was then appointed ensign. Witnessed deed of Allcocke 31 Dec. 1652. Sold land in Braveboate Harbor 17 March, 1660. With wife Eliner gave house and farm (after their deaths) to their son Nathaniel, and after his death to his eldest son Francis; deed dated 8 July 1684. His will dated 21 Aug. 1693, recorded 15 Oct. 1706, beq. to wife Elinor; son Nathaniel and his sons Francis, John and Nathan; Francis, son of Joseph Hodsdon; grandchild Elizabeth H.; daughter, wife to John Woodman; to Samuel Matthews, his wife and children, David, Mendum and Josh Diamond's children. [ref 44:170]
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Francis Raynes probably came from Somersetshire, through the influence of Georges, as there was a large number of this name living in that part of the county near Batcomb, one of the Gorges residences. In his will of 1630 a William Raynes, gentleman, of Leigh-upon-Mendip mentioned his youngest son, Francis who would be about the age of our imigrant. This parish was four miles from Batcombe whence came numerous emigrants to New England. He probably came to Portsmouth about 1640 where he acquired a house and lot. On July 18, 1643 Thomas Gorges when leaving for England appointed Francis Raynes, gent. his attorney to delifer certain land at the mouth of the harbor to the Mayor and Commonalty of georgeana (deeds iv:46). This is the first record connected Raynes with York, and in 1646 he had a grant of land at Brave Boat Harbor. He was a defendant 1645, a juror 1649 and signed the Submission in 1652. He was appointed Lieutenant of the York Militia 1754 and Captain in 1659, which latter office he resigned in 1663. Politically he was a Royalist and partisan of the Gorges interests. In 1664 he was named as one of the royal Commissioners and was elected an Associate Justice in 1668, 1670 and a Selectman in 1663 and 1675. His appearances in the County Courts as plaintiff or defendant were frequent, and he was twice sued for slander by Godfrey (1651) and Champernowne (1666) and convicted in the latter case. Nor was he always a lawabiding citizen, as he was fined in 1647 for resisting by force the service of a warrant. From a number of references it is evident that he had some kind of medical education or knowledge as he is called a chirurgeon and in 1675 was fined for undertaking an obstetrical case. For nearly three centuries the Raynes family has lived in almost solitary grandeur on the ancestral acres at Brave Boat Harbor, doubtless on the same location where Captain Francis built his first residence. They generally married into the "quality" of Kittery, Portsmouth and Newcastle and maintained a standard of exclusive social dignity typical of te old aristocracy of Colonial days. [ref 58:2-44]

Mention has been made of Francis Raynes undertaking medical work and being fined and reprimanded in 1675 by the Court for his presumption. While Captain Raynes brought to his task an intelligent mind, the opportunity of the wandering charlatan was a good as ever. [ref 58:2-396]
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At court 5 March 1651/2 Mr. Edward Godfrey, on behalf of Ann his wife, sued Mr. Francis Raynes & Ellen his wife and Thomas Crockett and his wife for defamation and slander, saying: that they having lived in this place many years in good report & fame, both in church & Commonwealth, his wife being a church member, the wife of the said Francis Raynes did in most slanderous & defamatory speaches revile the said Ann with the word: Lie and base Lie: & t'was the pride of her heart to wear her husband's hat about & a waistcoat which concerned them not. And not only so but Mr. Raynes did in & at a public meeting on the Lord's day complain thereof to the whole congregation, whereby the plaintiff is damnified in his reputation.The matter was settled privately, out of court, and in court, 18 March 1651/2, any person who wished to bring it up again would be bound to his or her good behavior. 3 July 1660 Mrs. Ann Godfrey sued Capt. Francis Raynes for detaining a piece of marsh [ref 26]
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occupation: surgeon and magistrate

Francis Raynes was fined and reprimanded in 1675 by the Court "for hisi presumption." "While Captain Raynes brought to his task an intelligent mind, the opportunity of the wandering charlatan was as good as ever."

1646 in Strawberry Bank

"Taken ypon othe before ffrancis Raynes ye 18th of ffeberary, 1669." "Taken opon oath before Mr. ffrancis Raynes 3 March 69/70." (witchcraft trial of Mary Greenland)

RAYNES, Raines, Rayne: Col. Banks believed that the York emigrant was from co. Somerset. where at Leigh-upon-Mendip a Francis, s. of William, gent., was bp. The theory that he was of French origin (Renaud) and the ancestor of New Jersey Raines is highly improbable.
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WILL of FRANCIS RAYNES 21 Aug 1693 - 15 Aug 1706:

This 21th, of august 1693 In the Name of God. I doe bequeath my soul to the Lord that gave it, and to Jesus Christ my Redeemer by whom I hope to be Saved, As for my Estate, I dispose of as followeth. I give unto my wife my farm I live in, one half so long as she liveth, the other halfe I give unto my son Nathaniel Raynes with her to manageit with her.

I give unto my wife Elinor Raynes all my houshold goods and leave it to her dispose, Likewise I further give my Farm after their death unto Francis Raynes the Son of Nathaniel Raynes, I give unto John Raynes the halfe farm I bought of Mr Shapleigh paying the annual so long as it is due, further I give unto Nathan Raynes the son of Nathaniel Raynes a Tract of land I bought of Thomas Crocket of thirty Acres lying Betwene my Farms, further I give unto Francis Hodsdon the Son of Joseph Hodsdon the plantation which his father lived in at the head of braue boat Harbour, with four acres of meadow and the upland which was laid out to it.

For my Cows I leave with my Executors to pay what I shall give unto my grand Children all my sheep I give unto Francis Raynes. My cows in John Woodmans hands with all the Increase I give unto my daughter Woodmans Children to be divided betwene them. I give unto John Dimonds Children ten shillings a piece, I give unto Joseph Hodsdons Children ten shillings a piece, unto Samuel Mathews Children ten shillings a piece; I give unto my daughter Woodman twenty shillings gs, I give unto Samuel Matthews wife twenty shillings I give unto Elizabeth Hodsdon my grand Child Ten pounds to be paid when she is of age, besides her ten shillings formerly given. I give unto John Woodman Twenty shillings gs. I give unto Samuel Matthews Twenty shillings I give unto David Mendum the four pounds John Woodman oweth me for the horse, to be paid him when he is of age. I give unto Elinor Raynes Twenty shillings gs. I give unto Nathaniel Raynes twenty shillings gs. What I have here given I desire my Executors to pay out of my Estate. I do hereby ordain and Constitute my wife Elinor Raynes, and my son Nathaniel Raynes my Executors Jointly one with the other for to perform this my last will and Testament fully as they will answere it another day.

I ffrancis Raynes being in my perfect health and memory do make this my last Will and Testament of the Estate I have in this life, and do give my Executors the full power of it, to perform what is aboue mentioned after my decease.
My own hand
ffrancis Raynes

Nathaniel Raynes |
John WoodMan |
ffrancis Raynes Junr |

Recorded 15 Oct., 1706.

[note: according to Banks in "The History of York," this is the will of an unrecorded son of Francis; living in Barbadoes 1671; died 1706 at nearly 100 years of age]
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