genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Birth 1603, Holderness, Yorkshire, England
Death 10 Oct 1651, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,20
Marriage 1630
Spouse Anna, wife of William Frothingham*
Birth 1607, Holderness, Yorkshire, England
Death 28 Jul 1674, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,20,29
Birth 7 Feb 1631, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,20,29
Birth 10 Aug 1633, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,20,29
Birth 15 Mar 1635, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,20,29
Birth 15 Apr 1636, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,20,29
Death 12 Dec 1688, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,29
Spouse Mary LOWDEN
Marriage 14 Mar 1664/65, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20
Birth 1 Apr 1638, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,29,18
Death 23 Jul 1710, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Spouse Thomas WHITE
Marriage 17 Nov 1663, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,20
Birth 16 Apr 1640, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,20,29
Death 12 Dec 1688, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,20,29
Spouse Mary HETT
Marriage 6 Feb 1667/68, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20
Birth 11 Nov 1641, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,20,29
Birth 29 Mar 1643, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,20
Death 15 Sep 1693, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20
Spouse Dea. Joseph* KETTLE
Marriage 5 Jul 1665, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,23,26
Birth 1 Dec 1645, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,20,29
Death 29 Dec 1645, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Birth 1648, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Death 25 May 1683, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts18,20
Spouse Ruth GEORGE
Marriage 4 Dec 1668
Notes for William* FROTHINGHAM
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William Frothingham came from Holderness, Yorkshire, England, and became an inhabitant of Charlestown, Massachusetts, in 1630; d. 10th October, 1651. He came with about eight hundred others in John Winthrop's fleet who located at Salem, Charlestown, Cambridge, Boston, etc. In the church in Boston his name with that of his wife Anna are Nos. 74 and 75. 19th October, 1630 he desired admission as Freeman and was sworn 6th March, 1632. Seized of land in the neighborhood of Eden Street next to Bunker's, and the same is now occupied in part by his descendants. Wife's name was Anna, surname unknown. A rought sketch of a stone now standing in Charlestown burying ground bears the following inscription: "Anne Frothingham, Aged 87* years, Died ye 28 of July 1674." The presumption is she was the widow of William Frothingham. No authentic history of the family back of William Frothingham excepting the general fact that he belonged to the Holderness family of Frothingham, Kent. Children of William and Anna: Bethia, John, Elizabeth, Peter, Mary, Nathaniel, Stephen, Hannah, Joseph, Samuel, William (perhaps). [ref 18:6-483]
*probable error
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WILLIAM, Charlestown, came, prob. in the fleet with Winthrop 1630, for in the ch. of Boston his name with that of Ann, his w. are Nos. 74 and 5, and in that yr. 19 Oct. he desir. adm. as freem. was sw. 6 Mar. 1632, had Bethia, b. 7 Feb. 1631; John, 10 Aug. 1633; Elizabeth 15 Mar. 1635; Peter, 15, bapt. 17 (not 18, wh. was Monday) Apr. 1636; Mary, 1, bapt. 8 Apr. 1638; Nathaniel, 16, bapt. 26 (not 23) Apr. 1640; Stephen, 11 Nov. 1641, bapt. same mo.; Hannah, 29 Jan. 1643; Joseph, 1 Dec. 1645, d. soon; and Samuel; perhaps William; was deac. and d. 10 Oct. 1651. His wid. d. 28 July 1674, aged 67. Her will, of 4 Oct. 1672, names ch. Samuel, Peter, Nathaniel, s.-in-law, Joseph Kettle, and Thomas White, and makes the last excor. Mary m. 17 Nov. 1663, White; Hannah m. 5 July 1665, Joseph Kettle. This has been the most com. name in the town for a large part of its exist. [ref 20]
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William Frothingham was born in England about 1600, and came from the vicinity of Holderness in Yorkshire, the ancient seat of the family, which probably came thither from Scotland. The name spelled Fotheringham was common in Forfarshire, Scotland, before 1300, at the very beginning of the use of surnames. In the ancient history of Scotland by John Lesley, vol. i, p. vi, the family of Fodringhame, together with Crychton, Giffert, Manlis, Borthik "and others" are said to have come from Wugre (Hungary) under Malcolm, king of Scotland, with his wife, Queen Margaret. But Hailes raised a doubt of the accuracy of the statement. Indeed, it seems that the final syllable indicates a local origin of Fotheringham, though the surname may have been a place name taken by a Hungarian noble after the custom of the time, eventually becoming the family name. William Frothingham came from England in Winthrop's fleet, and was one of the proprietors of Charlestown, Massachusetts, in 1630. He was admitted a freeman, March 6, 1631-32. With his wife Anne he was admitted to the church in Boston in 1630 and joined the new church at Charlestown in 1632. He was an adherent of Rev. John Wheelwright, who founded Exeter, brother of the celebrated Mrs. Hutchinson, but Frothingham finally renounced his beliefs and remained in the established church of the Puritans at Charlestown. His wife Anne died July 28, 1674, aged sixty-seven years. He had a grant of land from the town on the Mystic side (Woburn) of ten acres. His house and four acres of land were bounded on the north by the Mystic river, east by homesteads of George Bunker and Thomas Ruck; west by E. Mellows and Abraham Pratt. He had eight other parcels of land on record. His will is dated September 31, 1651, and was proved February 6, 1652. The document itself has been in the possession of the family many years, though the records show that it was proved properly. He bequeathed his property to his wife, and the inventory places a value of fifty pounds on his house and orchard. His widow bought a house and land in Charlestown in 1656 of Grace Palmer. Her will, dated October 4, 1672, was proved October 6, 1674, bequeathing to her sons Samuel, J. Kettell, Peter and Nathaniel Frothingham, and Thomas White, who received her house, orchard and barn. Children, born in Charlestown: Bethia, John, Elizabeth, Peter, Mary, Nathaniel, Stephen, Hannah, Joseph. [ref 29:2107]
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