genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Rev. William* WORCESTER
Birth bap 5 Oct 1595, Cheddington, Buckinghamshire, England
Death 28 Oct 1662, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,29,36
Other Spouses Rebecca SWAIN
Marriage 11 Feb 1627/28, Willerden, Middlesex, England
Spouse Sarah* BROWN
Birth abt 1605, England
Death 23 Apr 1650, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,29,36
Birth 20 Nov 1629, Cheddington, Buckinghamshire, England
Death 20 Feb 1680/81, Bradford, Essex, Massachusetts29,36,76
Spouse Elizabeth PARRATT
Marriage 29 Nov 1659, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts15,29,36
2 F Susanna* WORCESTER
Birth 1634, Cheddington, Buckinghamshire, England
Death aft 1709, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Spouse Thomas* STACY
Marriage 4 Oct 1653, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts20,27
Birth 1638, Cheddington, Buckinghamshire, England
Death 1683, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts20,36
Spouse Constance, wife of William Worcester
Marriage bef 1667
Birth abt 1640, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Death 1 Apr 1641, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,36
Birth 4 Apr 1641, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,36
Death young, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,36
Birth 14 May 1642, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,36,76
Death 1672, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20
Spouse Susanna, wife of Timothy Worcester
Marriage bef 1667
Birth 10 Nov 1643, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,22,33,36
Death aft 1731, Kittery, York, Maine33
Spouse Elizabeth START
Marriage bef 4 Jul 1676, Kittery, York, Maine22,33,43
Spouse Sarah REMICK
Marriage 4 Apr 1695, Kittery, York, Maine22,36
Birth 22 Jun 1646, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,36
Death 9 Mar 1649/50, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts36
9 F Elizabeth WORCESTER
Birth 9 Apr 1648, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Death 9 Mar 1649, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20
10 F Elizabeth WORCESTER
Birth 9 Jan 1649/50, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,36,76
Death bef 1662, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts36
Notes for Rev. William* WORCESTER
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son of William WORCESTER and Rebecca KING
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WILLIAM, Salisbury, the first min. there, is suppos. to have come in 1639, and Mr. Coffin thot. he was from Salisbury, Co. Wilts, but the late historian of that city in 1842, aft. investigat. for me, found no trace of him, and add. "I think W. is not a Salisbury name." He had been min. in Eng. if the Magn. classif. be correct, yet nowhere have I seen the place of his educ. ment. but he brot. w. Sarah, and ch. Susanna, Samuel, and William; had here, prob. Sarah, Sarah, Timothy, Moses, Sarah, again, Elizabeth, Elizabeth again. His w. d. 23 Apr. 1650, and he m. 20 or 23 July foll. Rebecca, wid. of John Hall, wh. had been wid. of Henry Byley. He was adm. freem. 13 May 1640, and d. 28 Oct. 1663, by town rec. and the wid. got fourth h. in dep.-gov. Symonds, outliv. him, and d. 21 Feb. or July 1695. [ref 20]
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William Worcester, immigrant ancestor, came from England and was pastor of the first church in Salisbury, Massachusetts, some time in 1638 and 1640. He died there October 28, 1662. He married (first) Sarah ___, who died at Salisbury, April 23, 1650. He married (second), July 23, 1650, Mrs. Rebecca Hall, who died at Ipswich, Massachusetts, February 21, 1695, widow of Henry Bylie, John Hall and William Worcester; her fourth husband was Samuel Symonds, deputy governor of the colony. [ref 29:129]
[Stiles says Rebecca died in July]
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Rev. William Worcester came from England and became pastor of the first church in Salisbury, Mass., between 1638 and 1640. His first wife died 23 April 1650. He married, (2) 23 July 1650 Rebecca Hall. Had ten children by first wife. [ref 33:806]
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WILLIAM1 WORCESTER, Rev., Mr., first minister of the Salisbury church; m. 1st, Sarah --, who d. April 23, 1650[S]; 2d, July 22, 1650[S Sm], Rebecca Swaine [wid. of (1) HENRY1 BILEY and of (2) JOHN1 HALL]. It is supposed that he was a preacher in England. bef. coming to this country in 1639; free. May, 1640; recd. land in S. in the "first division" and in 1640 and '54. His name stands second on the list of land grants, and first on the list of "townsmen and commoners" in 1650. He d. Oct. 28, 1662[S]; will proved Dec. 2, 1662. Wid. Rebecca m. 4th, in 1663, Dep. Gov. Samuel Symonds of Ip.; d. July 21, 1695. Children: Susanna, Samuel, William, Sarah, Sarah, Timothy, Moses, Sarah, Elizabeth, Elizabeth. [ref 36:368]
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William Worcester death 28 Aug* 1662 Salisbury Essex "pastor of ye church of Salisbury 1st minister in Salisbury in an advanced age abt the 20th y of his ministry" [ref 76]
*8th month = Oct?
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alumni record at Cambridge University:
WOCETER or WORCESTER, WILLIAM. Matric. from St. Johns, Easter, 1620. Ordained deacon Dec. 22, 1622. Vicar of Olney, Bucks., 1624-1636.

"William Worcester compounded for the first fruits of the vicarage of Olney on 26 July 1622 James I 1624."

William rebelled against the new church standards. With Sarah and four children, he came to America 1640 or 41.

buried at Old Cemetery, Salisbury
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WILL of WILLIAM WORCESTER, probate 2 Dec 1662:

I willi: Worcester being || Sick & || weake of body but of sound & pfct memorie doe make & ordeine this my laft wil & Testamt as followeth:

Imp my will is that my beloued wyfe: shall haue that bonde of fiftie pound wch is due vnto me from Thomas clarke of Boston Iron munger: she securing my daughter in Law Rebecka bilie of wt remaynes due to hir out of yt bonde

Also my will is that my wyfe shall haue the vFe & benefit of my dwelling house oarchyard & house lott duering the time of hir widohood; & three cowes comonage: duering ye sd term

Also that my wyfe shall haue wt moneys soever as due in England : for rent : for wt lands & houseing belongs vnto her, or anyother wayes due

Itt: I doe giue & bequeath avnto my sonn Samuell worcester my last higledee pigledee lott of Salt marsh lying towards Merimack Rivers mouth: & als a silver wine bole that hath ye letters of his name ingraven vppon it & a thousand of pine board towards the finishing of his house: as also all my wareing Apparrell; myminde is yt my grandchilde willia: worcester . . . Samuels childle shall haue ye Sylver wine boule . . . named

Itt: I doe giue & bequeath to my daughter Susana s . . . my pide mare Colt : It: I doe giu vnto my grand childe Rebecka stacy five pound in houshold stuff : such as her grandmother shal thinke meet

It: I doe giue & bequeathe to my Sonne william worcester all my vpland wthin ye bounds of the new towne of Salisbury : wth all rights & privilidges thervnto belonging as also my first Higgle pigledee lott of Salt Marsh : & all my lott of Sweepage at the beache : by my land at ye newtown: my meaning is : my twenty acre lott abuttin vpon merimack River & the sevnty acres granted vnto mee by the towne of Salisbury lyng next : to the land of Capt Pike " n esterly:

Itt: I doe give & bequeath vnto my sone Timothie worcester & to my Sonn Moses woster all the remaynder of my lands both vpland Marsh & meadow, lyng & being wthin the bounds of the old towne of Salisbury wth all rights, Comonages & privilidges thervnto belonging (Except before Exepted) to bee equally devided between them: prsently after my decease Also I doe giue vnto my said Sonns Timothe & Moses: my dwelling house, orchyard & house lott: after their mothers death or day of mariage wch first happens : to bee equally divided between them & to haue the barne prsently after my decease wth free egress & regress vnto ye sd barne : to cary hay or corne of ye like" Always pvided that the marsh Lott: wch was formerly my wyfes by hir former husband mr John Hall : remayne to the vse of my Said wyfe hir heirs & assignes for ever.

It: I doe giue & bequeath vnto my Sonne william : my pride mare : & a cowe that is cald short & fiue povnd in houshold goods :: all other guifts by any to my said sonne Comprhended in ye abouesd estate giuen || by me || vnto him

It: I doe giue & bequeath vnto my Sonne Timothy my old horse : & a cowe cald : Cherry & fiue pound in houshold goods

It: I doe giue & bequeath vnto my Sonne Moses my young mare between two & three yeare old & also the young heifer & fiue pound in household goods:

It: I doe giue vnto my grandchild willia worcester : my Cow cald the Barbar

It: I do giue vnto my Daughter stacy : yt cowe which is cald the young cowe : & also my two yearling steers

It: I do giue vnto my grand Childe Rebecka stacy : my two yeare old steeres

It: my will is that all the Cattle : before named in this my will be wintered wth the hay pvide for them if ye owners please I doe giue vnto my Daughter Rebecka : Bylie : my brass Chafendish; & also I giue vnto her a booke of mr anthony Burgases concerning the tryall of grace, as a small tolen of my Specyall loue vnto hir

It: I doe giue vnot my servant mayde Hannah Hendrick : tenn shillings gs

It: I doe appoint my loueing freinds Capt Robert Pike my brother Edward ffrench : Richard wells & mr Tho : Bradbury to bee overseers of this my will & testamt & for the care & paynes theirin I doe bequeath vnto each of them twenty shillings to bee payd vnto them: out of my library in some good || English || authors, as they shall like off

Lastly my will is that my dearly & welbeeloved wyfe : rebecka worcester to bee my sole Executrix vnto this my last will & testament

It: my will is that after my wyfe hath taken hir owne books out of my library & wt others shal think meet for hir vse; and ye** ond x ryd in books to my overseers as afore [remainder of page torn to bottom] books shalbe sold s willia: Timathie portion:

It: my will is that all discharged & pay'd the remayne & bee to ye utrix afore named

In wittness wherof hervnto sett my hand wittness
Tho: Bradbury
Robert Pyke
Edward ffrnch
Richard Wells
wheras it is be reaminder of giuen to my Sonns to each an equall p that my books shalbe yte : to dispos of

I haue gaiven to my wittness to this last addicon of the will this 18th day of Octobr
Tho: Bradbury
John Severance

2 Dec 1662 proved before Samuel Symonds and Daniel Denison (Essex Probate 30679)

6:9:1662 [6 Nov 1662] inventory taken by Edward French, Richard Wells, Nicholas Noyes:

money & plate, 20li.
wareing Apparrell, 25li.
the bedding & furniture in ye parlor, 15li. 7s.
the beding, table & Chayer in ye studdie, 3li.
the bedsted & bedding in ye parlor Chamber, 4li.
a small Chest wth household linnen, 4li.
a little box wth linnen, Ili. 11s.
a Trunke, 10s.
bedding, bedsted & furniture in ye kitching Chamber, 12li.
a trundle bed wth ye furniture, 5li.
a great Cheast wth pilloes, Rugg, blankets & Cushins, 7li.
a great trunk wth furniture in it, 15li.
a small trunke of linen, 91i. 10s.
a cheast of linen in ye passage, 9li.
goods in ye Clossett, 7li.
Yarn & other linen, 3li.
in peuter, 10li.
in Brass, 8li.
Iron & tinn, 7li. In ye Hall: Chayers, forme, table, Cubard, etc. 2li.
severall small things in ye lower Clossett, 10s.
Tubbs & milk vessell & other lumber in ye seller, 3li. 10s.
working tooles, 3li.
in ye garrett in Indian Corne & other lumber, 8li.
The dwelling house, barne & hen house, house Lott & planting Lott, 100li.
tenn acres of fresh meadows 40li.
ye comonage, 12li.
the last division of upland, 5li.
about 9 acres of upland att ye newtown, 45li.
the Sweepage at ye beach & the first Higledee pigledee lott of Salt marsh, 20li.
the last Higledee pigledee lott of Salt marsh, 3li.
the 6 acre lott of Salt marsh yt was Mr. Jno. Halls, 10li.
In Cattle: the lame mare, 5li.
ye pide Mare Colt, 8li.
ye old pide mare, 14li.
the bald facet Horse, 10li.
the young Mare given to Moses, 9li.
two Oxen, 14li.
a Cow cald Cherrie, 5li.
Cow cald barbar, 4li. 5s.
Cow cald Golding, 4li. 10s.
cow cald short, 4li. 15s.
cow cald Madkitt, 4li. 5s.
cow cald brown, 4li. 5s.
a heiffer at Kimbals, 4li.
a brown heiffer, 3li. 10s.
a ffinch steere, 3li. 10s.
2 yearling steers, 4li. 10s.
8 Ewes & 4 lambs, 5li. 10s.
2 Swine & 4 piggs, 5li.
70 acres att ye Newtown weh was Mr Biles, 20li.
in goods, 5li. 9s.
a bill of fifty pound due from Mr. Clarke of Boston Iron munger, 50li.
a bill from Ben Kimball, 1li. 10s.
in bookes, 30li.

Court 14:2:1663 ordered that the Worshipfull Major Eliazar Lusher take Mrs. Worcester's oath to the inventory of Mr. Worcester's estate presented by her executrix (Salisbury Quarterly Court Records 1:11)
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Notes for Sarah* BROWN
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daughter of Samuel BROWN and Susanna BATES

aka Sarah BLAKE
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Sarah Worcester death 23 Feb 1650 Salisbury Essex /w William [ref 76]
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