genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Alexander S.* SHAPLEIGH
Birth abt 1575, Totnes, Devonshire, England18
Death bef 6 Jul 1650
Other Spouses Jane EGBEARE
Spouse Marguerite* BLOEDEL
Birth abt 1585, St Omer, Normandy, France
Death 4 Aug 1607, England
1 F Catherine* SHAPLEIGH
Birth abt 1600, Kingsweare, Devon, England22
Death bef 30 May 1676, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire44
Spouse James* TREWORGYE
Marriage 16 Mar 1617, Kingsweare, Devon, England22
Spouse Edward HILTON
Marriage aft Jul 1650, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire20
2 F Elizabeth SHAPLEIGH
Birth bap 16 Jun 1602, Kingsweare, Devon, England22
Birth bap 5 Feb 1604/05, Kingsweare, Devon, England
Death bef 1 Nov 1615, Kingsweare, Devon, England22
4 M Alexander SHAPLEIGH
Birth bap 2 May 1606, Kingsweare, Devon, England
Death abt 1642, England
Notes for Alexander S.* SHAPLEIGH
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poss son of Robert SHAPLEIGH and Marie BLABON
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The immigrant ancestor of the family was Alexander Shapleigh, b. in Totnes, Devonshire, England, 1585; d. in England before 1650. Came to America, circa 1635, in his own ship, "Benediction," and settled in Kittery, Me., where he built the first house. Returned to England and there d. Was agent for Sir Ferdinando Gorges. m. (wife's name unknown). Issue: Catherine, Nicholas, Alexander. [ref 18:3-489]
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SHAPLEIGH, Alexander, gent., eminent merchant, Kingsweare, co. Devon, and Kittery, his large interest here looked aft. by the Treworgys and his s. Nicholas, whose transactions in his name, with the depositions of servants, would make it appear that he was here at times when actually he was in England. Here in person 26 May 1642 when he made over his entire est. to s.-in-law Treworgye, tho by rec. T. had deeded the same prop. to Nicholas Shapleigh 2 Apr. 1641. In Oct. 1650 a statement was made: 'The house where Mr. wm. Hilton now dwelleth at the River's mouth was the first ho. built there, and was where Mr. Shapleigh's fa. first built, and Mr. Shapleigh now intends to rebuild and enlarge.' In May 1674 his dau. Katherine, pleading for her br., told that 38 yrs. since in a time of great scarcity her fa. laid out a good est. for the supply of the country. In 1679 John White depos. that 42 yrs. ago Mr. A.S. and Mr. James Treworgye agreed with the neighbors dwelling at and ab. Sturgeon Creek. He. m. 2d at St. Saviour's, Dartmouth, 12 Dec. 1602 Jane Egbeare. His 1st w. is unkn., also the place and time of his death. Elizabeth Trickey's depos. made it appear he d. here, and appar. he was not long dead 6 July 1650 when the question to whom the est. belonged was brought bef. Godfrey. He ruled that Mrs. Treworgye was in no way poss. of the est. or responsible for any debts, as her fa. conveyed everything bef. he d. and no will was proved, he evid. considering the deeds, A.S. to J.T. and T. to Nicholas S., covered the same prop. and that the latter was the later deed. Ch. appear: Katherine, Alexander, Elizabeth. By w. Jane: James, John, Nicholas, One Avis S. was bur. at K. 1 Nov. 1615. [ref 22]
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SHAPLEIGH, spell. sometimes as sound. SHARPLEY, more oft. SHAPLEY, ALEXANDER, Kittery 1642, had some yrs. bef. been agent, prob. of Sir Ferdinando Gorges, and so may be thot. to have come from Devonsh. had Catharine, wh. m. perhaps in England. James Treworthy; Nicholas, and other ch.; all, it may be, b. in his native ld. He soon went home, and d. there bef. 1650. [ref 20]
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Alexander Shapleigh came from Kingsweare, Devonshire, England. A deposition of Thomas Jones, his servant, declares that Shapleigh was living near Sturgeon Creek in 1639. He was at Kittery Point as early as 1635. He probably died in Kittery about 1650. He was a merchant and ship-owner. Children: Alexander, Catharine, Nicholas. [ref 33:716]
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Alexander Shapleigh, one of the early settlers, came in his own ship in 1635, built the first warehouse at Kittery Point, long known as "Warehouse Point," which was converted into a tavern. [ref 43:9-254]
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SHAPLEIGH, Alexander, merchant, from Kingsweare, co. Devon, came tot he Piscataqua valley at a very early day. He is said by some writers to have been an agent of Gorges; but of this no evidence appears in our records. He carried on a large amount of fishing, trading, and his grandson, John Treworgy, called at Richmond Island in 1640, doing business in Mr. Shapleigh's name. He was a resident of New England when he sold to his son in law James Treworgy all his lands, boats, houses, etc. in N.E. May 26, 1642. While his dwelling may have been at Strawberry Bank, he had grants of land at Kittery; and finding that Nicholas Frost had received too little marsh for his stock of cattle, he gave him the 5 acres of marsh which had been allotted to himself. Testified 31 May, 1643. Children: Katherine, John, Nicholas. [ref 44:184]
[children not mentioned: Elizabeth, Alexander, Avis, James]
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Alexander Shapleigh of Kingsweare, Devon, married Jane Egbeare December 12, 1602. [ref 58:243]
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home of Alexander's father in Kingsweare was called 'Kittery House;" Alexander; named his New England home 'Kittery House."
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Alexander S. Shapleigh (1561-1650) a Seaman and Merchant the son of unknown parents was born on the seventeenth day of March 1561, at Saint Omer, France. He married Marguerite Bloedel when is not known at Saint Omer. She was born about 1575, at Saint Omer, and died on the fourth day of August 1607, at Saint Omer. Alexander was apprenticed on the fourth day of August 1570 to the merchant, Jean Martin, of Lille, for ten years, to be properly instructed and well-taken care of. Alexander came from Kingsweare, Devonshire, which is located across the estuary of the River Dart from Dartmouth. He was involved with the North American fisheries at an early date. In a Criminal Case in the High Court of the Admiralty, the fourteenth day of December 1611, we find that on a return trip from Newfoundland to Portugal, his ship was seized on the twentieth day of September 1610, by Captain Robert Stephens who was known to keep company with another pirate called Captain Drinkwater. On the eighth day of April 1617, Alexander purchased land called Kittery Quay in Kingsweare. Alexander was among the first of many from the Dart valley who left home for good and settled in America taking the names of their childhood haunts to the new world. Kittery, Maine is now famous as the earliest township in the state. It was so named by its first owner, Nicholas, son of Alexander, whose family had adjoining wharves to the Champenownes at Kittery in Kingsweare. Alexander was a considerable ship owner, he owned the "Blessing," "Gift of God," "William and John," "Benediction," and "Golden." Alexander was a major importer of salt from the mines of France and Spain to English and to the large fishing fleets off North America. The fleets had found their most productive fishing grounds surrounding the Isles of Shoals. These islands, located ten miles offshore from the mouth of the Piscataqua River (where Alexander acquired property at Kittery Point) became the center of the dressing, salting and curing of fish caught nearby on the Banks. Alexander was appointed an agent of Sir Ferdinando Gorges, who had already developed extensive commercial operations on the coast of Maine. In 1607, the Northern (or Plymouth) Virginia Company had begun settlement at the mouth of the Kennebec River. However, this failed, and in March 1620 Gorges received a new charter for the region. His corporation granted land patents that legalized the Plymouth Colony, and in 1629 a grant was made to the Massachusetts Bay Company, and in this year began the great migration of Puritans to that colony. From this came Alexander's interest in acquiring land and establishing new enterprises at Kittery in 1635. In that year, his supercargo ship the "Benediction" brought his son-in-law James Treworgye to Maine as his agent where he made substantial purchases of land on the Piscataqua River on his behalf. Alexander had agents here, and did business, long before he purchased land in what was afterwards the town of Kittery. The purchase of land was an afterthought, brought about by the King's grant to the council of Plymouth and their grant to Sir Ferdinando Gorges. Before that, land in America was common domain, and its use and products were free to the citizens of England. It now became cheaper to purchase land and have the protection of the government than to do a clandestine business. From the testimony of Katherine Treworgy, we learn that Alexander was alive on the twenty-sixth day of May 1642. We hear nothing more about him, and we learn from the court records that he was dead previous to the fifth day of July 1650. By a deposition of Elizabeth Trickey, it is made to appear that he died at Kittery not long before the sixth day of July 1650, when the question to whom the estate belonged was brought before Godfrey, who ruled that Misses Treworgye was in no ways possessed of the estate or responsible for any of the debts as her father had conveyed everything before he died and no will was proved, he evidently considering the deeds of Alexander to James Treworgye and of the latter to Nicholas covered the same property and that the latter was the later deed. [New England Historical and Genealogical Register Volume 5 and 95.]
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Gustave Anjou (1863-1942) was paid $650 by Alfred Lee Shapleigh for his fraudulent genealogy of the Shapleigh family
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Notes for Marguerite* BLOEDEL
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this person is possibly:
Marguerite daughter of Jean BLOEDEL and Jeanne DANIEL
born about 1578 Lille, Nord, France
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