genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Thomas* GILBERT
Birth bap 25 Apr 1589, Yardley parish, Worcestershire, England
Death 5 Sep 1659, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut55
Marriage 29 Aug 1610, Yardley parish, Worcestershire, England
Spouse Elizabeth* BENNETT
Birth abt 1585
Death abt 1659, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut
1 M Thomas GILBERT
Birth bap 16 Feb 1612, Yardley parish, Worcestershire, England
Death 5 Jun 1662, Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts20
Spouse Mary JAMES
Marriage 17 Sep 1639, All Saints, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England
Spouse Lydia, 2nd wife of Thomas Gilbert
Spouse Catherine CHAPIN
Marriage 31 Jul 1655, Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts20
2 M Cornet Jonathan GILBERT
Birth bap 8 Jun 1617, Yardley parish, Worcestershire, England
Death 10 Dec 1682, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut20,28,55,60,61
Spouse Mara WHITE
Marriage 29 Jan 1645/46, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut28,55,61
Spouse Mary WELLS
Marriage Nov 1650, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
3 M Capt. John GILBERT
Birth bap 9 Jan 1619/20, Yardley parish, Worcestershire, England
Death 29 Dec 1690, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut20,28,55
Spouse Amy LORD
Marriage 6 May 1647, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut12,20,29,55,60
4 M Ezekiel GILBERT
Birth bap 17 Feb 1621/22, Yardley parish, Worcestershire, England
Death aft 6 Feb 1663/64
Birth 1624, Compton, Devonshire, England
Death bef 4 Jul 1687, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts37
Spouse Joel JENKINS
Marriage 14 Jul 1640, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts10
6 M Josiah* GILBERT
Birth bap 27 Nov 1625, Yardley parish, Worcestershire, England
Death 1 Sep 1688, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut20
Spouse Elizabeth* BELCHER
Marriage 4 Oct 1651
Spouse Mary HARRIS
Marriage Jan 1687/88, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut24,55
7 M Joseph GILBERT
Birth abt 1626
8 M Obediah GILBERT
Birth bap 7 Jun 1629, Yardley parish, Worcestershire, England
Death aft 23 Aug 1674, Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut55
Spouse Elizabeth BURR
Marriage 1660, Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut10
Notes for Thomas* GILBERT
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poss son of Richard GILBERT and Margery MORKEN
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The Christian Lane Cemetery, (within the present bounds of Weth.) retains the several Gilbert memorials. [ref 24:355]
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GILBERT, Thomas. Born in England about 1582; was in Braintree, Mass., by 1640, when his family consisted of seven heads. He bought house and lot in Windsor from Francis Stiles, 24 Jan. 1644, which he later sold to John Drake and his son Jacob Drake. He afterwards bought part or the homelot of Thomas Gunn, but by 1658 had sold this to Thomas Bissell and removed to Wethersfield, where he d. 5 Sept. 1659. Doubtless he was the ___ Gilbert, aged 77, treated by Dr. Winthrop in 1659. The estate of Thomas was ordered distributed to children Jonathan, Ezekiel, Sarah, Josiah, John, Thomas and Obediah. [ref 55:2-216]
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25 June 1575 "Richard Gylberde and Margary Morken" [Yardley parish record]

married 29 Aug. 1610 "Thomas Gilbert and Elizabethe Bennett" [Yardley parish record]

1635 arrived Boston with bros Jonathan, Obediah and Josiah

24 Feb 1639/40 OS grant "for 7 heads 28 acres there upon the . . . covenant of 3 shillings per acre" at "Mount Wollystone" [now Quincy MA]
[This land included a mill, mill-ponds, water and water courses, commonage, feedings, messuages, tenements or dwelling houses, together with forty acres of upland lying near the said mill within a common fence, bounded with the said mill brook and pond toward the north and easterly.]

May 1646 petition by 14 Braintree men submitted to Massachusetts Bay General Court "for the persuading or forcing Thomas Gilbert either to forbeare feeding yt iland or upland with certaine medowes or their environs, or else to lett it on reasonable termes to the petitioners."

by 1651 Removed to Wethersfield, assummed operation of land leased by sons Josiah, Jonathan and John from Lt. John Hollister of Nayaug. This farm was in Wethersfield, now Glastonbury.

17 Aug 1658 signed petition in Wethersfield in support of landlord Lt. Hollister

6 Feg 1663/4 estate distributed to heirs, sons Jonathan, Thomas, Ezekiel, Josiah, Obediah, John and dau Sarah Jenkins.

The estate of Thomas [Sr.] consists of 78 entries with a total value of £189.7s.6d. It included: 16 cattle, 5 oxen, 3 horses, 11 pigs, bees; amounts of wheat, corn, oats, hemp, cheese; and a large assortment of tools and farm implements. Household effects were a bed, three pillows, bedding, a chest with "waring clothes wolen and lin'g"; a "forme" [table?], two stools, one chair, wooden ware, tubs, spoons, and trenchers [flat boards that served as plates], earthenware, tinware, pewterware, brassware. It also included a bible; it is possible that Thomas or his wife could read.
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Thomas Gilbert bought a house lot in Windsor of Francis Stiles, Jan. 24, 1644. How much earlier he was of Windsor does not appear on the record. He seems to have been in the employ of Francis Stiles and cultivated his farm at Windsor. No mention is made in the records of his wife or children as such, but the following paper recording the settlement of his estate is found in Book 2, page 128, Hartford Probate Records. Thomas Gilbert died at Wethersfield, Conn., Sep. 5, 1659. "Estate of Thomas Gilbert Deceased Septbr 5, 1659."
Cr: as By Inventory appears In 127 page of the other end of this Booke £189-7-6
payd of this to mr Holister for Rent due to him from the estate for 59 21-00-00
To charges of funeralls for him & wife 9-17-06
To what payd Rich: Treat for a debt due 5-06-10
To debt payd Jonathan Gilbert 29-03-10
To seuerall other debts due from ye estate pd: 54-19-15
To payd Obediah & others for work about the preserueing of things Thrashing, &c. 13-06-05
To what payd John Bernard: Dicks & Hayward 2-05-00
To Josiah Gilbertt as Legacy 7-00-00
To Obediah: Gilbert as Legacy 7-00-00
To what mr. Holister is to haue left on the farme 20-00-00

"This sume of Nineteen pounds & eight shillings & suen pence is to be diuided To Jonathan Thomas Ezekell & John Golberd. Thre pounds seuenteen shillings & Ten pence apeice & to Sarah Jenkins Thre pounds seuenteen & Thre pence: to be payd when they shall Com & demande it, of The sayd Jonathan Gilbert & John Gilbert: This acot: & distribution of the estate was accepted & ordered by the Court to be recorded, Feb: 6t: 1663:"

The inventory shows cattle and all that would stock a well conducted farm, also household goods for comgortable living, but no land is mentioned.

Now were the people whose names appear in the distribution of this estate, children of Thomas Gilbert? Josiah Gilbert of Wethersfield, testifying as a witness in a controversy concerning this farm declares that he was then (1684) 56 years old, that in 1651, he entered upon Mr. Hollister's farm as his tenant and held it for 12 years, and that his brethren, Jonathan and John, were concerned with him in the enterprise. Obediah Gilbert of Fairfield, Conn., in his will, requests his brothers Jonathan and Josiah to be overseers of his will, (Fairfield Probate Records), so Josiah, Jonathan, John and Obediah were brothers. Thomas Gilbert from Windsor settled at Springfield, Mass., in 1655; married, had a family and died there in 1662. The Springfield Records say he was a brother to Jonathan and John, who also received grants of land there in 1656, but did not come to take possession, so Thomas too was a brother. These are all the heirs of Thomas Gilbert of Windsor, who died in 1659, and mentioned in the settlement of his estate, except Ezekiel Gilbert and Sarah Jenkins, who were no doubt brother and sister to the others. It seems strange that no mention is made of the relationship of these children to the deceased, though this is not unusual and often happens in the case of parents and children, in the settlement of these early Connecticut estates. Where the relationship is not so close there is, of course, more reason for a statement of relationship, but children inherit from parents as a matter of course, and the fact that nothing is said about relationship is an indication that Thomas Gilbert was the father. Moreover at the time this family came to Windsor, some of the children were very young and there was no other Gilbert there at the time to whom they could have belonged. Now as to the mother: As already stated, Thomas Gilbert bought a house lot in Windsor from Francis Stiles and cultivated Stiles' farm. Henry Stiles, a brother of Francis, who was a bachelor, boarded with Thomas Gilbert, who must, therefore, have had a house and family. This Henry Stiles was killed Oct. 2, 1651, by the accidental discharge of a gun in the hand of Thomas Allyn, son of Col. Matthew Allyn. For his part in this "misadventure," Thomas Allyn was fined 20 pounds and placed under bonds for one year. Three years later, Lydia Gilbert of Windsor, at the September term of the Particular Court of the Colony, in 1654, was indicted as a witch, the accusation being that by her witchcraft she had caused the death of Henry Stiles. She was tried and convicted. Whether she was hung or not does not appear from the records. What relationship, if any, she bore to Thomas Gilbert, is not stated, buy she was of Windsor, and as Henry Stiles boarded with Thomas Gilbert, It seeps probable she was of the family. It is significant that one month after her indictment, Jonathan Gilbert2 named a daughter of his Lydia. If she was the wife of Thomas Gilbert1, as many think, she could hardly have been executed soon after her sentence because five years later, in the settlement of the estate of Thomas Gilbert1, we find the item -- "To charges of funerals of him and wife." Shortly after the trial of Lydia, Thomas Gilbert1 left Windsor and went to that part of Wethersfield, now Glastonbury, Conn., which was then known as Nayaug.
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Yardley, England is now part of Birmingham
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Notes for Elizabeth* BENNETT
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daughter of Robert BENNETT and Elizabeth EDNEY

Among the debts paid from the estate of Thomas [Sr.], who died on September 5, 1659, in Wethersfield, is "charges of funeralls for him and wifeó£9:17:06". Therefore, we can presume that his wife died shortly before him, also in Wethersfield.

The unnamed wife of Thomas Gilbert was buried at about same time as Thomas [charge against estate "funeralls for him and wife 9:17:06"], therefore, Thomas1 did not marry Lydia the accused witch.
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