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Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Abraham CONLEY
Birth 1610, Eire, Ireland
Death bef 18 Mar 1677/78, Kittery, York, Maine
Other Spouses Elizabeth, wife of Abraham Conley
Marriage aft 1668
Spouse Margery* WITHAM
Birth abt 1618, co. Devonshire, England
Death bef 1678, Kittery, York, Maine
Other Spouses William* EVERETT
Isaac NASH
Notes for Abraham CONLEY
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CONLEY, Abraham, was in poss. of a house and 6 a. in Kittery, bot of John Ugrave, on 5 Jan 1638-9. His 1st w. was prob. that Elizabeth Conley who was with him a wit. against Thomas Crowley in 1664 and a troublesome female, for whose good behav. he was bound over in 1652. He m. 2d wid. Margery Everette-Nash. Constable 1646-7; selectm. 1651; jury 1647, 1649-50, 51, 65; gr.j. 1646-7, 50, 52, 54, 55, 58, 66; O.A. 1652, com to adjust town grants 1652. Adm. was gr. 2 Apr. 1678 to Nathan Lord, who had m. his wife's dau. Martha Everett and who had brot the old man from the Sturgeon Creek farm to his own home over a yr. bef. his death. A will, later produced, 1 Mar. 1674-5 - 5 Mar. 1690-1, left prop. to Lord's 2 sons Nathan and Abraham. Adrian Frye 'with whom I now live,' John White and Robert Allen. [ref 22]
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ABRAHAM, Kiterrae 1640, took the o. of fidel. 1632, constable 1647-59; by Sullivan, 343, writ. Cunley [ref 20]
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Abraham2 Lord in his own deed said:--Whereas, Abraham Conley sometime of Kittery in the province of Maine in New England, did by his last will and testament, bearing date, the first day of March, 1674, give and bequeath unto me, Abraham Lord, a certain legacy of land and marsh, lying and being on Sturgeon Creek, in said town and province, which said land and marsh my father, Nathan Lord, sold to Thomas Abbott and Jonathan Nason, deceased as may at large appear by my said father's deed, under his hand, and together with my Mother Lord's consent, as doth also appear by a deed under both their hands, bearing date, the twenty-eighth of June, one thousand six hundred and seventy-eight; which said deed was given by my said father and mother, unto said Abbott and Nason without my consent or approbation, the which has caused a law suit between said Abbott and Nason and myself and for a final issue whereof be it known unto all manner of persons, to whom this instrument or writing shall come, that I, Abraham Lord, the subscriber, hereof for the consideration of that money paid by said Abbott and Nason, as also for the consideration of forty pounds to me in hand paid or secured to be paid by said Thomas Abbott and Sarah Nason, the relict and administratrix of said Jonathan Nason, the which said sum, I, the said Abraham Lord, do hereby acknowledge and myself to be fully satisfied and contented, do for a future assurance of all that tract of land, being about forty acres, only excepting what land my grandfather Conley disposed of to one Peter Witham, being about three acres out of said forty, together with all the great marsh adjoining to said land, being ten acres more or less, and is bounded as in my said father's and mother's, Nathan and Martha Lord deed, under their hands and seals all which land and marsh, I, the said Abraham Lord, do acknowledge and to have bargained and by the present do bargain, sell, alienate and confirm unto the said Thomas Abbott and Sarah Nason, etc. [ref 31:9-12]
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CONLEY, Abraham, Kittery, with consent of his wife, sold land and house next to that of William Everet 24 June, 1648. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Sold land 8 Dec. 1675. Will dated March 1, 1674, prob. March 5, 1690-1, beq. to Nathan and Abraham, sons of son in law Nathan Lord; to Adrian Fry, "with whom I now live"; to neighbor John White and Robert Allen. [ref 44:44]
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January 1, 1638. John Vgrafue (or Vgrane or Ugrane) deeded to Abram Conley "one house or tenement with six acres of ground or land, part impoled also" a way twelve feet wide along by his poles up into the woods. The deed contained these words "which house the said Abram Conley now possethes."

1640 Oath of Fidelity, Kittery

1664 with wife Elizabeth, witness against Thomas Crawley

Abram Conley, said to have been from Kent, England, was the father of Judith, first wife of Nathan1 Lord, and is said to have been in Kittery, Me., as early as 1637. September 28, 1653, he had a town grant of seven acres adjoining the sixty granted to Nathan1 Lord. This is said to have been about the time of the marriage of Nathan Lord and Judith Conley.

July 28, 1676. John Morrill, et. ux. to Abraham Conley, house and seven acres, part of Nicholas Hodgdon's former homestead; also seventy acres as by three town grants, lying together, all in Kittery. York Deeds. III. 18.

March 2, 1710. William Lord, grantor, to Nicholas Morrill, fourteen acres on south side of Sturgeon Creek, six on north side of Sturgeon Creek, in Kittery; the fourteen acres were granted by Kittery, to Abraham Conley.

June 24, 1669. The six acres in "ancient possession" of said Conley. (The "ancient possession" probably refers to the transaction of January 1st, 1638. Ed.)

March 1, 1674. Abraham Conley makes his will and gives Nathan and Abraham Lord, two sons of Nathan Lord, all his land at Sturgeon Creek "lett and disposed of" to Francis Small or the proceeds of the same, as Small might keep or break his bargain.

March 18, 1677-8. Inventory of Abraham Conley's estate, he having deceased, and Nathan Lord, being his "administrator contained" his farm at Sturgeon Creek, "the same being eighty acres more or less with the house and appurtenances," situated on the north side of the creek and appraised 55, 10s.

The following memoranda illustrate the title to an estate sold to Nathan Lord, 1st, and Nathan Lord, 2d, September 1, 1676 by Abraham Conley, Conley having acquired title to the property by John Morrill grantor.

August 24, 1668. John Morrill has a grant of forty acres in Kittery. September 16, 1668. John Morrill has a grant of ten acres in Kittery.

December 13, 1669. John Morrill has a grant of 20 acres in Kittery.

December 3, 1674. John Morrill has a grant of seven acres from Nicholas Hodgdon.

July 28, 1676. John Morrill conveyed seventy-seven acres to Abraham Conley. The estate conveyed in this transaction was bounded as follows: On the south or thereabouts by land some time Peter Witham's, and now purchased and in the possession of Nicholas Hodgdon aforesaid, and on the west with others the lands of the said Nicholas Hodgdon aforesaid, and on the north, and northeast and by the northeast and north, or thereabouts by the lands of Olive Plaisted, widow, called Birch Point and partly by Birch Point brook and also bounded by several marked trees, at the laying out all which grants or tracts of land is now in the possession of him the said John Morrill.

September 27, 1673. James Emery deeded to Abraham Conley, "of Sturgeon Creek," a tract of land at Cool Harbor Point formerly in the possession of Anthony Emery, father of the grantor.

June 24, 1686. Humphrey Chadbourne and William Plaisted testify in regard to the "bounds of the late Abraham Conley's lands on the west side of his house at Sturgeon Creek."

September 1, 1676. Abraham Conley conveyed seventy-seven acres to Nathan Lord, Sen., and Nathan Lord, Jr.

April 1, 1681. Nathan Lord, Sr., conveys to Nathan Lord, Jr., all his right, title, and interest in the aforesaid seventy-seven acres.
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WILL OF ABRAHAM CONLEY 1 Mar 1674 - 5 Mar 1690-1:

In the name of god Amen I Abraham Conley of the town of Kittery in the County of yorke in New England being weake and sickly of body but perfect of memory thanks be to god Doe make and ordayne this my last will & testament in manner & forme as here followeth/ And first I Doe giue & bequeath vnto Nathan Lord and Abraham Lord the two sones of Nathan Lord the Elder my sone in law all that lot or tract of land with the appurtenances called or Comonly known by the name of Coole harbour which I lately purchased of James Emery of Kitry and all that pte of my land that lieth at Sturgeon Creeke which is now lett & Disposed of to one Francis Small with this pviso that If the sd Small Doe hold his bargaine made with me for the said land then the sd Nathan Lord & Abraham to receiue & haue all such pay either Money or other Engadgments as he oweth to and hath bound himselfe to pay for it but If hee the said Small Doe relinquish or otherwise make void his bargaine that he made with me for the said land then my will is that they shall haue the land as aforesaid to the only vse benefit and behoofe of them the said Nathan and Abraham Even all that land that was barganed granted or Intended to be granted vnto the said ffrancis Small/ And my Will is that this shall be the devission betwixt them the said Nathan and Abraham the one to haue the aforesd land at Sturgeon Creeke or the rents and profits therof and the other the land Called Coole harbour lately purchased of James Emery as aforesd with this pviso & pvisoes that Nathan Lord the Eldest brother to take his Choice which of they two he will haue And to haue it as they shall Come to the age of twenty one yeares each of them, the Eldest first as he Comes to the age aforesd and the other sucsessiuely and in the mean time to be in their fathers Disposall after my Decease Also I Doe giue & bequeath vnto Nathan Lord thelder my sone in law all that land that Nicholas Frost now holdeth of me and all the other land either marsh meadow or vpland that I now haue or ought to haue at Sturgeon Creeke, (besides that I haue lett or granted vnto the aforesd Francis Small) by vertue of any town grant or grants or other wise to his own pper vse benefit & behoofe for ever/ Also I doe giue and bequeath vnto Adrian Fry with whom I doe now liue nine pounds or there abouts which is due vnto me on two bills and Doe acquitt him thereof for ever also I doe giue vnto John White my Neighbour all such debts as he oweth me and Doe thereof acquitt him Also I doe giue vnto Robert Allen all such Debts as he oweth me either by bill or otherwise and thereof Doe acquitt him: All which Debts aforesd If I doe happen to Dye before they are Due to me or before they are paid my meaneing and will is that I Doe acquitt them against my Executor for ever/ All the rest of my Goods & Chattells or lands Moueable or Vnmoueable bills bonds or other Debts what soever not heretofore in or by this my last Will and testament not giuen or bequeathed I doe giue and bequeath vnto Nathan Lord thelder my sone in law whom I doe make my whole and sole Executor to see my Debts paid and my legacies performed in Witness hereof I haue Caused this my Will to be made and haue here vnto sett my hand and seale Even the first Day of March in the twenty seventh yeare of the raigne of our Soveraign Lord Charles the Second by the grace of god of England Scotland France & Ireland King Defender of the faith: And in ye yeare of or Lord 1674/
Abraham (his mark) (seal)

Sealed & Acknowledged in the
prsence of vs here vnderwritten
Andrew Searle
Adrian (his mark) Fry

Sworn to by attesting witnesses 5 Mch 1690-91; recorded 8 June 1692.
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Notes for Margery* WITHAM
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aka Margaret

daughter of Thomas WITHAM
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