genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Birth 25 Feb 1679/80, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts36,51,91
Death 1752, Newton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Father Dr. Joseph* PEASLEE (1646-1734)
Mother Ruth* BARNARD (1651-1723)
Marriage 1 May 1705, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts23
Spouse Mary MARTIN
Birth 1678, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Death bef 1745, Newton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
1 M Joseph PEASLEE
Birth 7 Mar 1705/06, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Spouse Martha HOAG
Marriage 1 Jan 1729, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts23
Birth 9 Dec 1707, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts36,51,91
Spouse Lydia WHITE
Marriage aft 1733
Birth 20 Feb 1708/09, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Death 19 Jun 1780, Berwick, York, Maine32,33
Spouse Peter MORRILL
Marriage 10 Oct 1731, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire32,33
Birth 11 May 1710, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Death 29 Jul 1744, Kingston, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Spouse Hulda BROWN
Marriage 25 Oct 1735, Kingston, Rockingham, New Hampshire
5 M Nathan PEASLEE
Birth 20 Sep 1711, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Death 1768, Newton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Spouse Lydia GOVE
Marriage 8 Feb 1741, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts23
Birth 1712, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts91
Death 12 Mar 1788, Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Spouse Nathan CHASE
Marriage bef 1728
Birth 2 Apr 1713, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Death 1800, Sutton, Merrimack, New Hampshire
Spouse Rachel STRAW
Marriage 9 Feb 1742, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts23,91
Birth 1714, Newton, Rockingham, New Hampshire91
Death 17 Sep 1784, Newton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Spouse Mary GOVE
Marriage 15 Dec 1742, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts91
Birth 1715, Newton, Rockingham, New Hampshire91
Death 19 Nov 1770, Newton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Spouse Abigail JOHNSON
Marriage 13 Jan 1742, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts23,91
10 M Ebenezer PEASLEE
Birth abt 1717, Newton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Death 15 Mar 1788, Quaker Hill, Dutchess, New York
Spouse Lydia WEED
Marriage 23 Jun 1744, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts23,91
Birth 1719, Newton, Rockingham, New Hampshire91
Death 1794, Kingston, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Spouse Eliphalet HOYT
Marriage 1 Aug 1745, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts23,91
Notes for John PEASLEE
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JOHN,3 b. Feb. 25, 1679-80[Hv]; pub. March 22, 1704-5[A], m. May 1, 1705 (Friends' rec.) to MARY3 MARTIN; m. 2d, Aug. 18, 1745, Mary Newbegin; "millwright;" res. Hv.; liv. 1722. Children: Joseph, John, Sarah. [ref 36:282,799]
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John Peasely, s. Joseph, jr. and Ruth (Barnard), Feb. 25, 1679. [ref 51]
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John Peasly married Mary Martin Mar 01, 1705 in Amesbury, Essex Co., MA [ref 23:0599730 item 3]

John Peasly married Mary Newbegin Aug 18, 1745 in Amesbury, Essex Co., MA [ref 23:0599730 item 3]
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John Peaslee, third son of Joseph, son of Joseph, born February 25, 1679, entered his intention of marriage with Mary Martin of Amesbury March 22, 1704-5. They were married at the house of Thomas Barnard, in Amesbury, "where a meeting was held for the occasion," and forty-seven persons witnessed the ceremony. The children of this union, recorded in Haverhill, were Joseph, John, Sarah, Jacob, Nathan, and ___. At a legal town meeting November 29, 1714, it was voted "that a committee of two be chosen to join with those that the town of Amesbury have, or may empower to settle the bound between the said towns of Haverhill and Amesbury on a north-west line from Holt's Rocks." To the part of this new town of Amesbury, now Newton, N. H., John Peaslee removed. It is said that Joseph Peaslee built for his son John a house a few miles beyond the mill at the head of East meadow river, on the King's highway, near its junction with the Plaistow road, where he settled about 1713. His son Moses was born there. Mr. George F. Beede of Freemont, N. H., who has records of many Peaslee families, gives to John and Mary, in addition to those already named, Mary, Ruth, Ebenezer. The one unnamed in Haverhill record was David; another child is James. If Mr. Beede's record is correct, it would give one child a year for nine successive years. A child Mary is not in Haverhill record. From New Hampshire State Papers, Vol. 13, the information is obtained that, in 1747, a petition was presented to the Selectmen of "Salisbury and Amesbury District in regard to a highway or road laid out in 1699." This was signed by John Peaslee; Joseph; John Peaslee, Jun; David; Moses; James and Nathan Peaslee. [ref 91:25-26]
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5 Apr 1717 John Peaslee of Haverhill to Benja Lynd John Turner Esq Mr Daniel rogers Colo Henry Somerby & Capt Walter Price, 1000 in bill of credit, my homestead in Haverhill, 55 acres (Essex deed 34:14); 4 Apr 1737 John Peaslee to Ebenr Peaslee 80 acres Amesbury for 200 (Essex deed 74:16)
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At a monthly meeting at Abraham Grens house ye 15th of ye 1 month John Peasley of haveral & Mary Marting of Amsbary hath Declared ye thay Intend mariag By ye consent of friends The meting doth appoint Thomas Nickols & Joshua Puringtun to Inquier wheather those parsons [John Peaslee and Mary Martin] above mentioned for cleare from all others & wheather thaire Releations dwo give consent & do give an account to ye next monthly meeting

At a monthly meeting at Abrm Greens ye 19th of ye 2th month the two parsons Intending mariag declared thaire intent Joshua Puringtun & Thos Nicholas gave in thair account to this meeting ye-- thay had Inquired confarming the two parsons intending mariag & according to ye best Intelegence thay finde them cleere from any others & that thaier Parance gives Consent to thaier Joyning in mariag Abraham Green & Jacob Morel are appointed by this meeting to see ye John Peasley & Mary Marting be orderly maried Which is as followeth These maye Cartefid whom it Doth concern that John Peasly ye son of Joseph & Ruth Peasly of Haverhill in Esex County In ye province of ye Masachusets Baye In New England & Mary Martin Daughter of John Martin desesed & Mary his wife of Amsbary in ye County & province aforsd having intentions of mariag each with other Did saye ye Same before ye monthly Meeting of ye people of God In Scorn called quakers held in hampton New Hampsheier province By whome thayre ware Desired to wait Untill ye Inquiary might bee madd thaire cleernes in ye respect & at ye next meting thaye should have an anseeor? & ye meting appointed parsons to make Inquiry & to Bring in thaier Report to ye next Monthly meeting And at ye next meeting ye persons above named Did saye thayer Intentions A second time before ye meeting & ye persons apointed to make Inquiery Repoarted ye thaye found nothing to obstruct thaier proseding heering thaierfore ye Meeting left them to thier Liberty to accomplish thaier Intentions in a Deasent & orderly waye having a deue Regard to the Ritous Land of god & Exampel of good men Recorded in ye Scriptures of Truth heere in & theare fore having ye Consent of parents and Declarations Confirmed for a full accomplishing of thaier aforesaid Intentions at a publick meeting of ye aforesd people apointed servus? held at Thomas Barnads in Amsbary County & province aforesd

Hampton MM The 1th daye of ye 3th month according to our English account Anno Dome 1705 herye sd John Peasley standing up and asking his friend Mary Martin by ye hand did speake as foloweth Friends in ye feare of God & the presants of you his people in home I Desire to bee my witnesses that I take this my friend Mary Marting to bee my wife promising to har by ye asistance of God to bee a faithfull & loving husband Untill it shall please god by death to make A separation between us And then & theare in ye sd assembly Shee ye sd Mary Martin did speake as followeth friends In ye feare of god & in ye presants of this Esembly whome I desire to bee my witneses yt I take this My friend John Peasley to be my husband promising unto him As ye Lord shall In Eable mee to bee a faithfull & loving wife Untill it please god by death to make a sepparation betwene us or? to this efect & And for a funder confirmation show of thaye hands & shee Asuming ye Name of har husband have unto set thaier hands: & wee whose names are under writen being presant At thaier sollomnizing & Subscription afore said having as witnes unto those presants Seet our hands the daye & yeere above writen Mary Swett John Martin Samll Browne John Peaslee Ruth Martin William Shepard Samll Bownass Mary Peaslee Lydia Norton Abraham Green Robart: Hunkins Jane: Nicolas John Jones Samll Joye Robart Peaslee Hannah Hoag Ezekiel Worthen Robart White Jacob Morill Judeth Whitehous Joseph Hoag Samll Jones Joseph Dow Mary Dow Ebenezar Parkins John D? James Mussey Margry Weede Gobe Rowell Henery Green James Stanyan Mary Brown Elizebath Conner Nathinel Peasley Joshua Puringtun Mary Whicher Ludia: Puringtun John Kezer Ann Stanyan Hannah Dow Thomas Chalis Hannah Martin Charety Dow Henery Dow Abegall Martin Josias Dow Deborah Martin Jeremiah Dow Thomas Morel
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Notes for Mary MARTIN
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MARY,3, daughter of John2 Martin and Mary Weed; pub. March 22, 1704-5[A], to JOHN3 PEASLEE (Joseph Jos.1), of Hv.; liv. 1710. [ref 36:241]
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Mary Martin was a grand-daughter of George Martin, who married for his second wife Susanna, the daughter of Richard North, in 1646. After the death of her husband, Widow Martin was accused of witchcraft, tried, convicted and executed. The story of the grief and sufferings of her daughter is told in the beautiful and touching ballad, "The Witch's Daughter," by Whittier. A full account of the trial is given in Merrill's History of Amesbury. [ref 91:26]
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