genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Col. Nathaniel PEASLEE
Birth 25 Jun 1682, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts20,36,51,91
Death 22 Dec 1775, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
Father Dr. Joseph* PEASLEE (1646-1734)
Mother Ruth* BARNARD (1651-1723)
Other Spouses Abiah SWAN
Marriage bef 1703
Spouse Judith KIMBALL
Birth 24 Jun 1682, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts36,51
Death 15 Aug 1741, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Father Henry KIMBALL (~1656-1697)
Mother Hannah MARSH (1657-1696)
1 F Hannah PEASLEE
Birth 1 May 1703, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Death 15 Jan 1734, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Spouse Joseph BADGER
Marriage 13 Nov 1721, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51
2 F Mehitable PEASLEE
Birth 18 Jan 1704/05, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Death 27 May 1706, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
3 F Judith PEASLEE
Birth bap 29 Jul 1705, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51
4 M Nathaniel PEASLEE
Birth 13 Apr 1707, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Death 9 Sep 1730, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Spouse Lydia WHITE
Marriage 16 Nov 1727, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
5 F Abigail PEASLEE
Birth 29 Sep 1709, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Death 29 May 1730, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Spouse Col. James WHITE
Marriage 9 Apr 1728, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51
6 F Susanna PEASLEE
Birth 10 May 1712, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Death 17 May 1785, Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts
Spouse Rev. Christopher SARGENT
Marriage 22 Jan 1729/30, Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts23,36,51,91
Birth 5 Oct 1714, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Death 8 Feb 1716/17, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
8 M Jonathan PEASLEE
Birth 15 Jan 1720/21, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Death 5 Mar 1720/21, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Notes for Col. Nathaniel PEASLEE
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Nathaniel, b. 25 June 1682 [ref 20]
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NATHANIEL,3 Col., b. June 25, 1682[Hv]; m. 1st, ab. 1702, JUDITH4 KIMBALL; m. 2d, Jan. 8, 1741, wid. Abiah Swan; 3d, June 20, 1745, wid. Martha (Greeley) Hutchins. He was a merchant and large land owner in Hv.; chil. rec. there. [ref 36:282,384]
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Nathaniel Peasly, s. Joseph, jr. and Ruth (Barnard), June 25, 1682. [ref 51]

Nathaniel Peaslee, and Mrs. Abiah Swan of Methuen Jan. 8, 1741. Methuen Rds. [ref 51]

Nathanael Peasly, and Mrs. Martha Hutchins, June 20, 1745. [ref 51]

Nathl Peaslee, h. Martha (Hutchins), --, 1775. [ref 51]
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Colonel Nathaniel Peaslee, born June 25, 1682, fourth son of Joseph, son of Joseph, like his father and grandfather, was actively engaged in the business of the town, and was one of its wealthiest and most influential men. He was Representative in 1737, '39 to '42, 1746 to '49 and 1752, '53. In 1739 he was one of the committee of the General Court on the boundary line between Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He married Judith Kimball. Their children* were Hannah, Mehitabel, Nathaniel, Abigail, Susanna, Mary, Jonathan. In 1723 Nathaniel Peaslee and others, "having their habititions so distant from the meeting-house that, at any time being belated, we cannot get into any seat, but are obliged to sit squeased on the stairs," asked permission to erect a pew in a vacant place "betwixt the front pew and the pew on the side gallery over the head of the stairs." As the daughters of Nathaniel Peaslee were at this time aged respectively fourteen and eleven years, they were, according to modern ideas, very young women. Mrs. Judith Peaslee died August 15, 1741, and, a few months later, Rev. Christopher Sargent, of Methuen, had the pleasure of uniting in marriage his father-in-law, then nearly sixty years of age, and Abiah Swan, of that town, January 8, 1742. Their child, Abigail, was born May 2, 1743, and the mother died the 11th of the same month and year. Mr. Peaslee, not discouraged by the loss of two wives, chose a third, widow Martha Hutchins. They were married June 20, 1745. Born of this union: Hannah, and Ruth. Colonel Nathaniel Peaslee was a merchant, as well as farmer. He was selectman in 1716, '18, 1734, '35, '39, '41, '42, '46, '47, '49 and 1752. He served the town as moderator many years. He died in 1775, in the ninety-third year of his age. [ref 91:9,28-29]
*child omitted: Judith
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Nathaniel Peaslee, in his will, July 28, 1768, after commending his soul to God, desired for his body a decent Christian burial. He gave to his "well beloved wife, Martha, the improvement of the south-easterly part of the house in which I now live, called the Parlour and Parlour chamber, and Garret overhead and Celler under, also well and wood yard as she shall have occasion. Also the Improvement of the west room in the Red house in which William Page now lives, and the chamber over it, and the cellar under it, and also the well and wood yard as she shall have occasion, and the Improvement of my barn on the North side of the Road, where the Cyder mill now stands, and her sixth part of the profits and clear annual Income of the several parcels of Land which I shall hereafter mention and give to my children and grand-children for and during the term she shall continue my widow, after debts and charges are paid and one-fifth part over of all the funeral charges I shall die possessed of."

To his daughter Susanna, the wife of Rev. Christopher Sargent, of Methuen, he gave one hundred and fifty pounds to be paid in two years after his decease, and one-fifth of personal estate after debts and funeral charges were paid, also a tract of land "near the dwelling of Capt. Richard Saltonstall, called the River Lott."

To "daughter Abigail, the wife of Humphrey Moody, that Tennement where Zachariah Humeford" dwelt: also land bought of Capt. Daniel Davis on the same side of the way, and about ten acres of pasture on the other side of the way, and all the pasture adjoining the land bought of Davis, and two other small tracts of land--one east of the new barn, the other where Augustin George lived--with the said house; also another piece of about "fifteen acres at Corly Hill pasture, so called," and one-fifth part of personal property after debts and funeral charges were paid.

To daughter "Ruth, the wife of Joshua Sawyer, and her heirs, all the land I lately purchased of the heirs of my brother, Joseph Peaslee, lying on the west side of the road that leads to Mulliken's Ferry;" also about an acre and a half of land on the same side of the road near the ferry; ten acres at the upper end on the other side of the road "near the brick house, with the brick house thereon;" half of land on Huckleberry or Pine Hill, and personal property as the others.

To "Hannah Peaslee and her heirs the Tenement I bought of Nathaniel Sanders, with the buildings thereon and the adjoining lands now improved by William Page; thirty acres in one piece, half the land at Huckleberry or Pine Hill, and another piece on east side of the road leading to Mullikin's ferry."

To his grandson, Joseph Badger, he gave "Turkey Hill pasture, fifty acres, near the meeting-house in the east precinct of Haverhill." He was to pay to daughter Sargent of Methuen thirty pounds in one year after the death of his grandfather. To grand-daughter, Judith Badger, the wife of Nathaniel Cogswell, thirty pounds.

To Nathaniel Peaslee Sargent "the Tenement where I now dwell containing the lands that were given to me by my father and those I lately bought of Capt. Daniel Davis on the same side of the way," (excepting what he had given to Abigail) "with all the buildings thereon and all other appurtenances belonging; also fifteen acres in New Hampshire near Brandy Brow," he paying the legacy of one hundred pounds to his mother, Susanna Sargent. Nathaniel Peaslee Sargent was to be sole executor of the will.

Considering the many sales, gifts, purchases and exchanges, of land and buildings, among the members of the Peaslee family, it is not surprising that Mr. Peaslee should have found it necessary to add to the will a lengthy codicil giving explanations and corrections in regard to the situation and bounds of several parcels of land. The estate was appraised by Ephraim Elliott and John Whittier, and valued at five thousand three hundred and sixty pounds. The road leading to "Mulliken's ferry," mentioned in the will, is the old road leading from East Broadway, near the home of Mr. James Cushing, by the brick-yard, to the place afterwards known as Chain ferry, where now is Groveland bridge.
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Notes for Judith KIMBALL
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JUDITH,4 b. June, 1682[Hv], daughter of Henry Kimball and Hannah Marsh; m. Col. NATHL,3 PEASLEY (Joseph,2 Jos.1) [ref 36:228]
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Judith Kimball, d. Henry and Hanah (Mash), June 24, 1682. [ref 51]

Judith (Kemball) Peaslee, w. Nathanill, Aug. 15, 1741. [ref 51]
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