genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Birth 3 Oct 1708, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts51,91
Death 28 Jun 1787, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire91
Father Robert PEASLEE (1677-1742)
Mother Alice CURRIER (1678-<1725)
Other Spouses Elizabeth SARGENT
Marriage 9 Jul 1760, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire91
Spouse Elizabeth TIBBETTS
Birth 10 Aug 1732, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
Notes for Amos PEASLEE
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Amoss Peesly, s. Robert and Allice (Currier), Oct. 3, 1708. [ref 51]
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Amos Peasley married Elisabeth Sargant Feb 15, 1733 in Newbury, Essex Co., MA [ref 23:0886202 item 3]
(children born Haverhill 1733-46: Content, Robert, Anne, Zaccheus, Alice, Hannah; and possibly born elsewhere: Elizabeth, Abigail, Amos, William, Moses)
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children with Elizabeth Tibbetts: Nicholas, Joseph, Benjamin, John, Elizabeth, Mary
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Amos, born October 3, 1708. To Amos Peaslee, north of Jamaica path and adjoining Samuel's land, "first one acre of land with the Brick House standing thereon, which fronts southerly on Jamaica path ten rods and runs back northwest sixteen poles both sides of a length and of equal width from end to end." With this acre, with "the Brick House standing thereon," he had about forty acres adjoining Samuel's land, and running on Jamaica path one hundred and two poles. Amos was to have twenty-nine and one-fourth acres adjoining this piece, "four acres of which he was to have had by deed before his Father's Death." This was twenty-one rods and twelve feet on the river, and was bounded by John Morrison and William Guie (Guy Blay). Amos Peaslee, four years younger than his brother Samuel, married Elizabeth Sargent December 12, 1732*. Their children were 1733-45: Content, Robert, Anne, Zacheus, and Alice. After the death of his father, Amos lived in the brick house built by his grandfather, Joseph Peaslee. In 1757 Amos Peaslee was of Newbury. He sold to his son Robert for two hundred seventeen pounds the homestead, containing forty-six and a half acres of land, the bounds beginning at an elm tree at Jamaica path, running north-west one hundred twelve rods; thence south by heirs of Anthony Colby, deceased, about fifteen and a half poles; thence sixty poles to a maple tree; thence twenty-seven poles; thence west by Colby's land, by the fence sixty-seven poles; "thence south by my own land through a pond near the middle thereof about thirty-five poles to a white birch tree" by the said Jamaica path; "thence north-east by said path as it formerly went one hundred and thirty-one poles to bound first mentioned, together with all the privileges and appurtenances." This was recorded April 27, 1762. The same tract of forty-six acres was bought back by Amos Peaslee, from his son Robert, the next year, for one hundred and fifty pounds, the transaction being witnessed by Isaac Merrill and Ephraim Elliott. Amos Peaslee was then of Dover, New Hampshire. On the same day, April 27th, 1763, Amos Peaslee, of Dover, N. H., sold to Ephraim Elliott, of Kingston, N. H., for six hundred and sixty-six pounds, a "parcel of land in Haverhill, It being part of my late Honord Father, Robert Peasley's Homestead Living, & is my Homestead Living, or was my late Homestead Living, of one hundred fifty acres more or less, bounded as follows, viz: On the south-west eorner by a highway called Jamaca path about one rod to the south-west of a grate Black Oake Tree now standing to a Post in the fence by sd highway or path; thence running north-west by land set out by a Comety to Samuel Peaslee's widow to land of Richard Colby to a stake near a Walnut Tree marked; thence south-west and several other points by land of said Richard and Isaac Colby as the fence goes between them and me, 'till it comes to the East Meadow fence to land and Meadow of Lueis Page, thence running on Page's line south about twenty rods to a Black Oak Tree; thence east and south on land of Joseph Kelly 'till it comes to Jamaca path aforementioned; thence east by sd path 'till it comes to the post in the fence first mentioned bound." Also salt meadow lying in Newbury at Plum Island river, "My hole right I have in sd Island & Flatts," also the right to "several little Islands adjacent." "I sell but Two-Thirds of the grate Barn on sd land that was my Brother Samuel Peaslee's, & I sell to Ephraim Elliott two-thirds of the mill House that stands on land that was my late Brother Samuel Peaslee, & all ye Privileges of passing & repassing to and from the said Barn and Mill House." In 1758, when of Newbury, Amos sold to Gideon George fifty-five acres of land, extending from Jamaica path, adjoining land of Joseph Kelly, to the river, about one hundred and thirty-six rods; sixty-four upon the Merrimac; ninety rods north-westerly by heirs of Samuel Peaslee; thence by his own land to Jamaica path, and by it to bound first mentioned; "Excepting one acre of land now in possession of William Guie, which is bounded on sd path about nine rods and one-quarter and runs south-easterly the same width to make an acre." The next year he sold to Mr. George, for twelve pounds, a piece of about an acre and three-fourths, beginning at Jamaica path; south-east by sd George's land thirty-one rods; thence north-east by heirs of Samuel Peaslee ten rods; thence north-west by sd heirs of Samuel twenty-nine rods to bound; thence south-west by Jamaica path ten rods to bound first mentioned. In 1763 Mr. George purchased of Alice Blaney and her husband, for one hundred and twenty-six pounds, the land set off from the estate of Samuel, on the south-east side of Jamaica path. Richard and Isaac Colby, brothers, bought twenty acres extending by the "old Drift way leading from Twelve-rod-way to Country Bridge." Joseph Kelly bought land adjoining his own. Amos Davis took meadow, and thus the sales went on until all the Peaslee possessions in the easterly part of Haverhill had passed into other hands. The house built by Joseph Peaslee had been the home of his mother, Mary, in her last days. Joseph of the third generation had owned one-half and lived there before the family went to Methuen. Robert, of the same generation, owned and occupied it; then his son Amos, of the Fourth; and Robert, of the Fifth, whose three eldest children, born and living there before the sale of the property to Ephraim Elliott; made six generations of Peaslees sheltered beneath its roof. Amos Peaslee married second, widow Elizabeth Austin of Dover, N. H., July 9, 1760, by whom he had a son Nicholas, who inherited the estate of his mother. Amos Peaslee died June 28, 1787. [ref 91:22,37,42-43]
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Notes for Elizabeth TIBBETTS
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daughter of Joseph TIBBETTS and Rose

widow of Nicholas AUSTIN
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