genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Rev. Joseph* PEASLEE
Birth abt 1600, England
Death 3 Dec 1660, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts36,91
Spouse Mary* JOHNSON
Birth abt 1610, Trevor Issa, Denbighshire, Wales
Death bef 27 Sep 1694, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts36
Birth abt 1630, England
Death 12 Jan 1694, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire22
Spouse Capt. John DAVIS
Marriage 10 Dec 1646, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts20,22,36,51,91
Birth 163358
Death bef 26 Dec 1689, York, York, Maine20
Spouse Henry SAYWARD
Marriage 1654
3 F Elizabeth PEASLEE
Birth abt 1640
Death 26 Dec 1689, York, York, Maine
Birth 20 Sep 1642, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,36,91
Death 30 Sep 1732, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts76
Spouse Thomas BARNARD
Marriage 12 Apr 1664, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts20
5 M Dr. Joseph* PEASLEE
Birth 9 Sep 1646, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts20,36,51,91
Death 21 Mar 1734/35, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts36,51,91
Spouse Ruth* BARNARD
Marriage 21 Jan 1671/72, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts36
Spouse Mary TUCKER
Marriage 8 Jun 1724, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Notes for Rev. Joseph* PEASLEE
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JOSEPH, Newbury 1641, freem. 22 June 1642, beside ch. brot. prob. from Eng. of wh. Jane was one, had Sarah, Joseph, and Elizabeth; rem. to Haverhill and Salisbury; at one time was the gifted br. in lieu of a min. to the ch. at Amesbury; d. 3 Nov. 1661*; in his will of 11 Nov. preced. names w. Mary, and ch. Mary, beside those three, Mary, and gr.d. Sarah. In Geneal, Reg. VIII. 161, date of his d. is 3 Dec. 1660. [ref 20]
*will probated 9 Apr 1661
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JOSEPH1 PEASLEY [or PEASLEE], of Newbury, 1641; free. 1642; landholder in Haverhill in 1645; rem. from. Hv. to Salisbury new town [Amesbury]; was made "townsman" of A. 1656, recd. land there in 1656 and '58, and his wid. recd. land later. For a time he supplied the place of a minister in Amesbury, as a lay preacher, a "gifted brother" as the chh. records call him. It seems prob. that he had two wives. His dau. Jane was prob. b. bef. 1630 and Mary perhaps as early, while Sarah and Joseph were from 12 to 20 years younger. It has been stated that the wife of (1) Joseph was Mary Johnson, but we have not been able to verify the statement. The identity of the grandchild "Sarah Saier" has been considered uncertain, but she was probably dau. of MARY2 (Peasley) SAYWARD. He m. Mary (___); d. Dec. 3, 1660[S]; will Nov. 11, 1660; April 9, 1661; ment. grandchild Sarah Saier. Children: Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Sarah, Joseph. [ref 36:280,999]
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Joseph Peasly death 3 Oct* 1660 Salisbury Essex [ref 76]
*10th month = Dec?
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From Coffin, the historian of Newbury, we learn that Joseph Peasley was "an early settler of that town; that his daughter Sarah was born there, and that he died in Amesbury, December 3, 1660." From Chase, in The History of Haverhill, we obtain the additional information that "he came from England; was in Haverhill before 1646; was made a freeman June 22, 1642, and that he removed to Salisbury, where he died." Miss Johnson of Oak Knoll, Danvers, is authority for the statement that Joseph Peasley married, in Wales, Mary Johnson, the daughter of a farmer possessed of considerable worldly estate; that the couple came to this country at about the same time as Edmund Johnson, who left England in 1635, and with his wife Mary was in Hampton, New Hampshire, in 1639. In 1645, when the "great Pond Meadow" of Haverhill was divided, "beginning at the East end," Joseph Peasley received as his share "four acres lying by the upland and bounded with two stakes." In 1650 the town voted "that Joseph Peaslee and Bartholemew Heath shall have liberty to set up each of them a barn upon the common," which meant land not granted to any individual. "Dec. 30, 1650, voted that Joseph Peasley should have his four acres of land which he was to take up over the little river laid out in the Plain adjoining to his land which formerly was part of land of Thomas Davis." The "Plain" was afterwards known as "Tilton's Corner" now Riverside. Here was the Haverhill home of Joseph Peasley, near what is now the head of East Broadway, on the side towards the river, where now(in 1899) is a small apple orchard. In 1652 it was voted to open a highway "at the upper end of Goodman Peasley's house lot." "June 7, 1652, voted and granted that the second division of plough land shall begin at the head of Joseph Peasley's pond meadow and so to go north and west and east until each man's own proportion is laid out according to order and true meaning." The next year he received in separate tracts and shares of land forty-one acres, besides "his share in the ox-common between the ponds," which was four acres. In the third and fourth divisions of meadow thirty-six acres were set off to him. He belonged to the Society of Friends or Quakers, and sometimes, in the absence of a minister, exhorted the people on the Sabbath; but in 1653, he, with Thomas Macy of Salisbury, was prohibited from exercising his gift of exhortation. From Merrill's History of Amesbury we learn that at a meeting in Salisbury, "July 17th, 1656, Joseph Peaslee was made a townsman, and granted twenty acres of upland, bought of Thomas Macy, and ten acres of meadow at the pond, for which the town agreed to pay 6 pounds to Thomas Macy." "This Joseph Peaslee, whom the commoners of Salisbury received and to whom they gave considerable land, was a self-constituted preacher, as well as farmer, and eventually proved troublesome on that account." In 1657 Mr. Peaslee had land near "Mill river." "October 29, 1658, a general meeting was held and a large tract of land beyond the pond, bordering on Back river, was ordered to be laid out in lots eighty rods long, ranging southerly." Of this division of Salisbury land "Joseph Peisly" received forty acres. The old town of Salisbury had almost forced the settlement of the new part, west of the Powow river. May 26, 1658, an attempt was made by the inhabitants of the new part to separate themselves from the old, in order "to be a distinct town and make provision for the maintenance of public worship." This was not liked by the old town and the petition to be made a separate precinct was not granted by the General Court, but they were ordered "to attend the worship of God together in the old towne and to contribute towards the support of preaching there." Joseph Peaslee, however, paid little regard to the order, and continued to preach, while the people refused to attend worship in the old town, for which offense they were fined five shillings each for "every day's absence on the Lord's day." In 1659 five hundred acres of land were given to the children of the commoners, "Joseph, son of Joseph Peasley," receiving a share with sixteen others. The church at Salisbury old town considered the preaching of Joseph Peaslee "very weak and unfit," while the inhabitants of the new portion encouraged him in his labors. He was again fined five shillings per week for his disobedience and ordered not to preach. Merrill states that "he died previous to 1662, in Haverhill," while Chase of Haverhill states that he died in Salisbury. The latter is correct. The record may be found in an old town book of Salisbury. He died December 3, 1660. Of him Merrill says: "If he was 'very weak and unfit' for preaching, he was a successful farmer, and left his son a good property." He made his will November 11, 1660, which is on file in Salem, but so faded it is very difficult to read. It is not plain what portion of the property was willed to his wife during her life, a few words being worn and indistinct, but, from following events, it appears that she lived, after the death of her husband, at the home in Salisbury. Mr. Peaslee occasionally practiced medicine; was one of the commissioners for the settlement of claims and was selectman of Haverhill in the years 1649, '50 and '53. Mary, the widow, lived many years. The part of Salisbury to which Joseph and Mary Peaslee removed from Haverhill was given the name of Amesbury, from which was granted Newtown, now Newton, N. H. In that town, near the Junction, in the heart of the woods, is the old Quaker burying ground where rest many early settlers of that faith and the Peaslee name. There, surrounded by graceful hemlocks and murmuring pines, are rows of graves unmarked save by rude unlettered stones at the head and foot of each. In this secluded spot may repose the dust of Joseph and Mary. [ref 91:5-7,9]
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WILL of JOSEPH PEASLEE, 11 Nov 1660:

The last Will and Testament of Josef Peasly is that my debts shall be payed out of my Estate and the remainder of my estate (* * *) my debts being payed I doo give and bequeath unto Mary my wiff During her life and I doo give my daffter Sara all my hous and lands that I have at Salisbury and I doo give unto Josef my sonne all my land that I have upon the plain at Haverhil and doo give unto Josef my sonne all my medo ling in East medo at Haverhil and doo give unto Josef my sonne five shares of the common rites that doo belong to me on the plain. I doo give unto my daffter Elizabeth my fourty fower acres of upland ling westwards of Haverhil and doo give unto my daffter Elizabeth fower acres and a half of medo ling in the (* * *) at Haverhil and doo allso give to my daffter Elizabeth fower of the common rites that doo belong to the plain and doo give unto daffter Jean fower shillings and to my daffter Mary fower shillings. I doo give unto Sara Saier my grandchild my upland and medo ling in (* * *) medo.

And I doo give unto my sonne Josef all the remainder of my land at Haverhil which is not herein disposed of. I doo allso make Mary my wiff my Soule executrer and do also leave Josef my sonne and the estate I have given him to my wiff to poss on till Josef my sonne be twenty years of aige.

This is my last will and testement being in my right mind and memere wittnes my hand the 11 of nouember 1660
Josef pesle
witness Phill Challis Thomas Barnard Richard Vurrier

This was attested vpon oath by Phillip Challis & Tho Barnett to bee ye last will & testament of Joseph Peasly at Salisbury Tho Bradbury

A inventory of the goods and lands of Josef Peasly taken by Richard Currier and Thomas Barnard & William Barence

1 grinding stone and crink & bittell rings 00 12 00
1 smothing iron 5 wedges and on Iron bar 01 05 00
one pare of and Irons and 2 spits 4 axes & 2 saws 02 06 00
one crane 2 tramels gred Iron & brand Iron and fire slice on par of cob Irons & tongs 01 14 00
on tow Combe parsel 00 10 00
on Iron pot and skelet pot hokes and flesh hoke and friing pan 01 04 00
5 howes 1 Chaine & other Iron work 01 00 00
puter and bras 05 00 00
2 guns and on sword 02 00 00
all his waring apperell woling and lining 08 00 00
Cloth & sarge and tamie 07 13 00
beds and beding 10 18 00
yarn woll flax and hempe 05 10 00
Chests barells spining wheles and other lumber 03 00 00
sixty bushels of Indian Corn 09 00 00
three Cows two heffers & on calfe 19 00 00
swine 03 00 00
hous and land and meddow 50 00 00
2 bibels and other bukes 01 15 00
This is a --- to our --- total 143 05 00
Whareas we James Senr Davice and Theophiles Sachell war asked --- by the widdow peasly and ---
first 12 acors more or les within the plaune fenced as it is bounded in the records and so for the rest in record for this 12 acors 50 00 00
18 acors without the fence 40 00 00
44 acors of the 2 deuision over the litel rever westward is bounded 35 00 00
4 scor and 4 of the 3 devision on spicet hill as it is bound 35 00 00
a 4th devision of upland yet not perfeted all though granted by the towne 5 00 00
6 acars of meddow at the east meddow as bound 20 00 00
4 acars & a halfe of meddow at the west meddow bounded 08 00 00
6 acars of 2 devision of meddow at Spicket 09 00 00
4 acors of 3 devision of medow bounded in the new found medow 05 00 00
4 ox commonds & others cow commonds 16 00 00
--- 223 00 00
by Mary Peasly Executor to be a true inventory
Theophiles Sachell? James Davis Senr
--- Tho Bradbury

Capt Rob Pike Lt Philip Challis Mr Tho Bradbury impowered to divide the estate of Joseph Peasly & make return next Hampton court 1:12
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Notes for Mary* JOHNSON
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
daughter of John JOHNSON and Hannah THROCKMARTEN
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Mary is probably Joseph's second wife; children Jane, Mary, Elizabeth may belong to first wife
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Adm. est. of Mary Peasley of Hv. granted son Joseph Sep. 27, 1694. Children: Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Sarah, Joseph. [ref 36:280]
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The widow of Joseph Peaslee received a lot of land lying upon the river in Salisbury, soon after his decease. Before he died he received at the March meeting a grant of "a tounsheip for his son" Joseph, which was a right to vote and take part in town meetings when old enough. In 1662 widow Peaslee received a share in a division of land which was lot 19, consisting of one hundred and eight acres. In 1664 "Widow Peaslee, 'Exacitor to Joseph Piesly,' received twenty acres of land in exchange for six acres of salt marsh formerly granted to her husband." [ref 91:8]
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