genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Experience* MITCHELL
Birth 1611, Leiden, Holland89
Death bef 14 May 1689, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts30
Other Spouses Mary, 2nd wife of Experience Mitchell
Marriage aft 22 May 1627, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts30
Spouse Jane* COOKE
Birth abt 1609, Leiden, Holland
Death aft 1630, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Father Francis* COOKE (>1583-1663)
Mother Hester* MAYHIEU (~1585-<1651)
1 F Elizabeth MITCHELL
Birth abt 1628, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts30
Death bef 5 Dec 1684, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts30
Spouse John WASHBURN
Marriage 6 Dec 1645, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts30,87,90
2 M Thomas* MITCHELL
Birth abt 1630, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Death bef 6 May 1687, New Shoreham, Newport, Rhode Island30,89
Spouse Mary* MOULTON
Marriage Nov 1655, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts20
Birth 1630/34, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts89
Death 167920
Spouse James SHAW
Marriage 24 Dec 1652, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts20,30,89
Notes for Experience* MITCHELL
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son of Thomas MITCHELL and Margaret WILLIAMS
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EXPERIENCE, Plymouth, a youth, came in the Ann, 1623, had been one of the goodly comp. at Leiden, where he left a br. Thomas, who d. there. Perhaps he was under the care of Francis Cook, at least, he is of his comp. in partak. sh. of cattle 1627, and soon aft. m. his d. Jane, was of Duxbury aft. 1631, and long aft. rem. to Bridgewater, there d. 1689, aged above 80 yrs. His ch. were Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, Edward, Sarah, Jacob, John and Hannah, but the order of b. is uncert. and so may be the mo. for he had sec. w. Mary. [ref 20]
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Experience Mitchell, immigrant ancestor, came from England in the third ship, "Ann" to Plymouth, in 1623. He was admitted a freeman in 1633. He sold his place in Plymouth to samuel Eddy in 1631, and moved to Duxbury, where he purchased William Peabody's house and farm in 1650. He was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, but sold his right to Thomas Hayward. he came to Bridgewater late in life with his son Edward. While at Plymouth he lived at Spring Hill and at Duxbury, at a place called Blue Fish River. At Bridgewater his home was at Joppa, where at last accounts descendants were still living. He died in 1689, aged eighty years. His will was dated December 5, 1680, proved September 4, 1689, bequeathing to wife Mary, sons Edward and John, daughters Mary Shaw, Sarah and Hannah Haward, and grandchildren Experience, Thomas and Mary Mitchell. He was in Leiden, Holland, with the Pilgrims, and left a brother Thomas, who lived and died there. Experience had a share in the first division of lots at Plymouth in 1623, and of the livestock in 1627. It is said that he married Jane, daughter of Francis Cook, who came in the "Mayflower," for his first wife. The wife of his old age was Mary whose family name is unknown. Experience had a sister Constant who maried John Fobes. The names of his children, as appears from wills, deeds and other records, were: Thomas, John, Jacob, Edward, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah and Hannah. [ref 29:1112]
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Will of Experience Mitchell2 5 Dec. 1684, ment. wf Mary; sons Edward Mitchell, John Mitchell, grandson Experience Mitchell son of son John; daus Mary Shaw, Sarah Hayward, Hannah Hayward; grandson Thomas Mitchell; granddau. Mary Mitchell. Inv. taken 14 May 1689 (4:150; 32:97-101; Plym. pr 1:44-5). [ref 30:40]
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Experience Mitchell arrived in Plymouth in 1623 on the Anne, and he was from Dude's Place, London. Experience was the son of Thomas Mitchell of Cambridge, England, who was a member of Francis Johnson's church at Amsterdam, and born in Leiden in 1611. Experience is known to have had two wives. The first was Jane Cooke, daughter of Francis Cooke of the Mayflower and his wife Hester Mahieu. Experience and Jane were married after 22 May 1627. She died at an unknown date and he married a second wife whose given name was Mary, her surname unknown. Most writers have casually attributed all the children to Mitchell's first wife Jane. There seems to be no evidence to support such an assumption, except in the case of Thomas, and therefore Elizabeth, who must have been the eldest in order to have married in 1645. Not one of the later children bore a Cooke name, i.e. Francis, Jane or Hester; except perhaps Jacob, named for Jane's brother. It appears possible that Jane was the mother of only Elizabeth, Thomas and perhaps Mary; and that Experience's second wife, Mary, was the mother of the others. This is only circumstantial evidence, but there is not even this much to support Jane as the mother of all the children as has been carelessly assumed. Children: Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, Sarah, Jacob, Edward, John, Hannah. [ref 87:2-741]
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Experience received a letter dated 24 July 1662 from his nephew Thomas Mitchell in Amsterdam in which Thomas mentions having received Experience's letter dated 23 April 1661, and says, "I do also wish my cousin Elizabeth much joy with her daughter that God has given her to her six sons. I do also wish my cousin Sarah much joy in her married estate." Experience was a Purchaser and was on the 1633 freeman list. He later moved to Duxbury, where he became a highway surveyor on 3 March 1639/40; he also served on various juries. On 7 June 1659 he was fined ten shillings for refusing to serve on the grand jury. He married probably not long after the 1627 cattle division, Jane Cooke, daughter of 1620 Mayflower passenger Francis Cooke; though there is no record of their marriage, their son Thomas Mitchell in a deed of 1 Aug 1672 refers to some land given him by his grandfather Francis Cooke. In his will, dated 5 December 1684, inventory 14 May 1689, Mitchell named his wife Mary; sons Edward and John; grandsons Experience and Thomas; granddaughter Mayr Mitchell; and daughters Mary Shaw, Sarah Hayward, and Hannah Hayward. [ref 90:327]
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5/15 Jul 1670 Wheras it is evident to the Court that a Certaine tract or prsell of land Called old Cookes holes lying all Jonses river Meddow was formerly Granted unto ffrancis Cooke of Plymouth Deceased; in the Leiw of some land which is supposed would have fallen within his line att the smelt brooke; but is not fully settled on; the said ffrancis Cooke and his heires and assignes; This Court Doth by these prsents fully and absolutly settle rattify assure and Confeirme the said Grant of land or tract of Land being threescore acres (be it more or lesse) lying att Joneses river Meddow; unto the said ffrancis Cooke his heires and assignes forever; which said land was given by the said ffrancis Cooke unto Richard Wright; and Thomas Mitchell; Comonly Called old Cookes holes; and since his Decease rattifyed and Confeirmed unto the said Richard Wright and Thomas Mitchell; by John Cooke the heire unto the said ffrancis Cooke as appeers by a writing under his hand and seale (Col. court V:31). On 1/11 Aug., 1672, Thomas Mitchell of Duxbury sold to Richard Wright of Plymouth his share in this grant for 60, and in the deed states that it was given him by his grandfather, Francis Cooke of Plymouth (Col. deeds III:234). [ref 93:3-104]

To all people to whom thes prsents shall Come William Pabodie of the town of Duxbury in the Jurisdiction of new plymoth in new England planter sendeth greet Know ye that I the said william pabodie for & in Consideration of five pounds to me paid in hand by Experienc michell of the same towne & Jurisdiction planter of which said sum of five pounds I the said willi pabodie doe acknoledg my selfe fully satisfied & paid the whole & every pt therof & Doe by thes prsents aquit & dischardg the said experienc michill him & his heires for ever & have given granted sold enfeofd & Confirmed & by thes prsents Doe give grant sell enfeof & Confirme from me & my heires unto the said experienc michill him & his heires for ever all that my lott of land which I purchased of Frances west of Duxbury aforeaid setuate in Duxbury township lying or being neare namasakisit bounded on the west by the lands of experienc michill aforesaid & on the east by a maple tree marked standing nere to a little run in a swamp Containing thirty accres more or lett as may apeare by a deed under his hand & seale bearing Date July the last 1672 : together with all & singuler the prvelidges & appurtenances therunto belonging or any was appertaining to have and to hold the above said thirty accres of land with all my said Right & title unto the above said experienc michill him & his heires for ever to the pper use & Behoofe of the said experienc michill his hiers executors administrators & asignes for ever to be holden according to the manor of east greenwich in the County of Kent in the Relmne of England in free & Common socage & not in Capity nor Knights servis warranting the saile & title herof against all people whatsoever in by or under me the said willi pabodie or by my Right or title Claiming any Right title or entereast of or into the prmises or any pt or pcell therof whatsoever & that the said experienc michill he his heires & asignes shall & may by vertue of thes prsents for ever hereafter lawfully & peacably hold use & injoy all the before granted prmised with all & singuler there appurtenances without any let hinderance of distorbanc of the said willi pabodie he his heires or asignes or any other pson or psons whatsoever Claiming by from or under him or any of them allsoe the said will pabodie Doth Covenant & pmis to & with the said Experienc michill that it shall & may be lawfull for the said experienc michill either by himselfe or his autorny to Record & enrole of Cause to be Recorded & enroled the title & tenor of these prsents in any of his maiestis Corts of Record acording to the usuall manor & order of Recording & enroling Deeds & evedences in such Case made & pvided & for the true pformanc of the prmises I the said willi pabodie have here unto set my hand & seale this last day of July one thousand six hundered seventy & tow:
William Pabodie (seal)
Signed sealed & Delivered in
the prsence of us
Tho: Cushman
John Morton
This deed of Sale was accknowldged by William Pabodie this first of Agust 1672 before me
Constant Southworth Asist
(Plym. co unrecorded deed) [ref 93:32-102]
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The seal of Experience Mitchell is a heart pierced vertically by an arrow, with the letter E at the left and M at the right and four crosses, one each above and below these letters, the whole surrounded by a circle.
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(Plym. co probate 1:44,45)
WILL of EXPERIENCE MITCHELL, 5 Dec 1684 - 4 Sep 1689:

These are to publish and declare to all whom it may concerne that I Exsperience Mitchell now libing in the Towne of Bridgwater in the Collony of new Plimoth being through the Mercy of God of sound Judgment and memory do Ordeine and make my last will and Testament in manner following: viz: into the hands of God I Comend my sperit beleiveingly Resigneing up my soule into the everlasting armes of Gods mercy father Son and holy spirit: my Body to be decently Interred at the discretion of my executor and other christian friends: and for my outward estate I do will that after all my Just debts and funerall exspences be paid: my lands and other moveables be disposed of as followeth

Imprimis I give to my Son Edward michell after my deseace all my lands both upland and medow lying in the Towne of Duxborough at the place where I formerly dwelt as appeareth by deed: and it it shall please God, so to order that my wife mary michell shall survive me: I Require my Son Edward to take Care of her for her Comfortable subsistance during her life: provided that she shall live with him at Bridgwater: but if she rather incline to live at Duxborough: I then Order that halfe the rent of that land at Duxborough shall be to my wife during her life and after my desease my Son Edward shall have the sole dispose of it as to the letting of it out for the house; I akknowledge it to be his: allso the bed and bolster two pillowes on paire of sheets and two Blankets which are at my son Edwards and we made use of; I give them to him after our desease

as for my Son John I have formerly given him his proportion of land my will is that he rest satissfied therewith, which was foure score acers of upland and foure acers of medow lying at namatakeset within the Towneship of Duxborough: this is the full of what I intend him as to land only there are severall moveables in his hand at present which are mine: of which one Cow a short Gun and a small Iron kettle I Give unto my Granson Esperience: and the remainder I give unto my son John as for my land lying in the Towne of Middlebery; I give it to my Daughters Mary Shaw Sarah Hayward and Hannah Hayward and to my granson Experience Mitchell the son of my son John, to be equally devided betwene them

farther I Give to my daughter Mary Shaw twenty shillings to Hannah Hayward forty shillings in Currant pay: and if my stocke stand I give to my granson Thomas Mitchell one Cowe and to my grandaughter mary michell one Cow

I leave the dispose of my grandaughter mary michell with my Son Edward and Joseph Bartlet:

as for the rest of my moveables and chattels I Bequeath them to my son Edward michell whom I appoint and Ordaine sole executor of this my last will and Testament revoking all other wills and Testaments Whatsoever Witnes my hand and seale this fift of December 1684
Experien michell (seal)

Signed and Sealed
in the presence of
Thomas Hayward
John Hayward

Leiut Thomas Hayward and Ensigne John Haward the within named witnesses appeared before the magistrates of the County of Plimouth at Plimouth September the 4th 1689 and made Oath that they were present & Declare this Instrument as his last will and Testament & that to the best of their understandings he was of Disposing mind & memory when he so did.
Attest Saml Sprague Clerk

(On the back of the will)
The within written will is Entered and Recorded in the County Booke of Wills and Inventoryes: page 44
pr Saml Sprague Clerk
Experience Mitchell his Will: 1684

A; Inventory of the estate of Experience Mitchel of Bridgwater, taken by Ensigne John Haward and Thomas Hayward the 15 of May 1689

Imprimis In Books 00 14 00
In Iron vessels 01 16 00
It; vessels of wood and earth 00 04 00
It, in pewter 01 00 00
It, one Rundlett 2 Glass Bottles 00 03 00
It, 2 Chests one Box with Severall tooles 02 00 00
It, in Bedding boulsters pillows and Covering 06 08 00
It, in sheetes and other linnen 02 10 00
It in 2 Cows and one mare 04 10 00
It, in my Brother Johns hand one Cow one short gun & a small Iron kettle 02 12 00
total 21, 17s., 0d.

Edward Mitchel made oath before the magistrates of the County of Plimouth September the 4th 1689 that the above written is a true Inventory: of the Estate vizt Goods and Chattels of the above named Experience Mitchell deceased as far as he Knows and if more shall be discovered that he will Bring it to this Inventory:
Attest Saml, Sprague Clerk;
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picture: signature and seal
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Notes for Jane* COOKE
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Jane m. a. 1628, Experience Mitchell [ref 20]
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JANE, b. say 1609; m. Plymouth in 1627 or soon after EXPERIENCE MITCHELL [ref 26]
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Jane Cooke, b. bef 1613, Holland, d. bef 1650, Plymouth; m. aft. 22 May 1627, Plymouth (cattle division), Experience Mitchell poss son of Thomas Mitchell of Amsterdam, b. c1609, d. betw. 5 Dec. 1684 (will) - 14 May 1689 (inv.). Experience m. 2nd, Mary ___ and had children (Mary), Sarah, Jacob, Edward, John & Hannah. Much doubt & controversy exists as to which wife was the mother of some of these children, particularly Mary. Children: Elizabeth, Thomas. [ref 30]
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Jane Cooke, born in Holland; m., after 23 May/1 June, 1627, Experience Mitchell. [ref 93:3-105]
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