genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Capt. Samuel* DEWEES
Birth 1718, Berks co., Pennsylvania
Death 1777, Allentown, Bucks, Pennsylvania95
Father Cornelius* DEWEES (1679-)
Mother Margaret* KUSTER (1694-1793)
Marriage bef 1758, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Spouse Elizabeth, wife of Samuel DeWees*
Birth 1738, Bucks co., Pennsylvania
1 F Elizabeth DEWEES
Birth 1758, Berks co., Pennsylvania95
Death Dec 1777
Birth abt 1760, Berks co., Pennsylvania
3 M William DEWEES
Birth abt 1762, Berks co., Pennsylvania
4 M Capt. Samuel DEWEES
Birth 1760, Berks co., Pennsylvania95
Death Aug 1846, Carroll co., Maryland
Spouse Elizabeth ETTZELL
Marriage bef 1788, Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania
Spouse Lydia SPRENKLE
Marriage abt 1809
Spouse Susan STEVER
Marriage aft 1814
5 M Paul/Powell DEWEES
Birth abt 1768, Berks co., Pennsylvania
6 M Thomas* DEWEES
Birth 4 May 1770, Berks co., Pennsylvania95
Spouse Catharine* BISSEY
Marriage 5 Apr 1791, Berks co., Pennsylvania95
7 M David DEWEES
Birth abt 1772, Berks co., Pennsylvania
Notes for Capt. Samuel* DEWEES
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Samuel Dewees, the son of Cornelius and Margaret Koster Dewees, was born in Berks county, Pa., where he married Elizabeth, and raised a family of six sons and one daughter. He was a leather breeches maker by trade, but in 1760 was master collier at Patton's furnace, about ten miles from Reading, in the same county. He was Captain in one of the Pennsylvania regiments during the Revolution, and was taken prisoner by the British and confined on board the prison ship. His wife by dint of coaxing and importunities had permission to wait on him, and eventually he was released. He was afterwards, in 1777, sent to the hospital near Allentown to take care of the sick who were confined there with the small-pox. He was superintendent and bad charge of the rations and the preparation of food, etc., and assisted in nursing. He contracted the disease and died in the hospital, and was buried at or near Allentown. His son Samuel was a fifer in the same regiment with his father, and served through the war. He was afterward made captain in the Pennsylvania Militia. Samuel, d. 1777, m. Elizabeth, children: John, William, Elizabeth, Samuel, Paul, Thomas, David [ref 95:132,170]
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