genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Garrett Hendricks* DEWEES
Birth 1641, Leiuwarden, Friesland, Holland
Death 1701, Germantown, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
Marriage 28 Sep 1662, Amsterdan, Holland
Spouse Zytian* LIUWES
Birth 1644, Holland
Death 1703, Germantown, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
1 M Wilhelm "William" DEWEES
Birth bap 9 Nov 1664, Lieuwarden, Friesland, Holland
Death young, Lieuwarden, Friesland, Holland
2 F Dievertie DEWEES
Birth bap 7 Nov 1666, Lieuwarden, Friesland, Holland
3 F Ariaentie DEWEES
Birth bap 24 Sep 1672, Lieuwarden, Friesland, Holland
4 F Wilhelminia DEWEES
Birth 13 Mar 1673, Lieuwarden, Friesland, Holland
Death 1737, Philadelphia co., Pennsylvania
Spouse Nicholas Claus RITTENHOUSE
Marriage 29 May 1689, New York, New York, New York
5 M Lewis DEWEES
Birth bap 3 Oct 1675, Lieuwarden, Friesland, Holland
Death 174395
Spouse Mary WHEELER
6 M Hendrick DEWEES
Birth bap 13 Oct 1677, Lieuwarden, Friesland, Holland
Death 30 Jun 1694, Philadelphia co., Pennsylvania
7 M Cornelius* DEWEES
Birth 1679, Lieuwarden, Friesland, Holland
Spouse Margaret* KUSTER
Marriage 1708, Germantown, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
8 M William DEWEES
Birth bap 30 Mar 1680, Lieuwarden, Friesland, Holland
Death 3 Mar 1745, Germantown, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
Spouse Anna Christina MEELS
Marriage bef 1710
9 F Lysbeth H. DEWEES
Birth bap 2 Apr 1681, Lieuwarden, Friesland, Holland
Notes for Garrett Hendricks* DEWEES
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son of Hendrick ADRIAN and Adriaentje JANS

immigrated 1688; 22 Sep 1698 bought 50 acres Germantown
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from Herman op de Graff to Gerrett Hendricks de Wees: By these Presents be it known to all whom it may concern. THAT WHEREAS. Dirck Sipman at present residing in the city of Crefelt in the county of Cologne, did purchase of William Penn. Proprietor and Governor of the Province of Pennsylvania. Certain 5.000 acres of land in the said Province whereof he is at present in lawful possession and of which I Herman op de Graff by virtue of the full powers unto me for that purpose given. Do grant unto Gerrett Hendricks deWees under the yearly rent of two Rix Dollars or 2 pieces of Eight yearly forever. Certain 50 acres of land situate in the German Township part whereof consists in a Town lot of the breadth of 14 Perches and 4 feet. Bounded on the one side towards the South East by William Reittinghousen, and on the other side towards the North West by Dirck Keysers Land extending Westward to the Main Street and Northward to the German Township line and containing XXX acres and the remaining XX are situate amongst the said Germantown outside lotts extending and bounded also on the southeast by William Reittinghousen on the northwest by Dirck Keyser, Northward by the Township line, and Westward by the division street, and of the same breadth of XXX Perches Which 50 acres of Land situated as above I the said Herman op de Graff as attorney of (and in the name of) the said Dirck Sipman do hereby grant unto the said Gerrett Hendricks de Wees, Together with all the rights, titles and interests of the said Dirck Sipman of, in and to the same to the intent and purpose that the said Gerrett Hendricks de Wees his Heirs and Assigns hereafter forever possessing the same shall and may peaceably and unmolested, have hold and possess the same herein granted Land with any claim and demand of the aforesaid Dirck Sipman his Heirs and Assigns. On the other hand the said Gerrett Hendricks deWees hereby binds himself his Heirs and Assigns yearly on the first day of the first month commonly called March to pay unto the said Dirck Sipman his Heirs and As signs forever, The said yearly rent of 2 Rix Dollars or 2 pieces of Eight the payment of which yearly rent to be made in the year 1691 on the first day of March. And lastly the said Gerrett Hendricks de Wees shall be obliged in order for the more better assurance of his right to the said (50) acres of Land to cause this present grant or a sufficient Extract thereof to be duly entered into the appointed Public Town Record. In Testimony whereof the Parties have set their hands and Seals hereunto. Done at Germantown 1690 the 1st day of the first month commonly called March. Witnesses. Herman op de Graff (Seal) Isaac Shumaker. Gerret Hendricks de Wees (Seal) Paul Wulff. Passed in the Court of Records ye 22nd. 9th. M. 1698 (Deed Book, I; 9, 218 Philadelphia). [ref 95:14]

In 1898, Garret E. de Wees, claiming to be a native of Zaandam, Holland, gave the following history: "In 1563 there was born in Dortrecht, Holland, Jan Pietre, the only son of his parents, who died when he was very young. He was adopted by a family who gave him the surname of de Wees which being anglicized means the Orphan, thus originating the name of de Wees, or later Dewees." It looks reasonable that such should be the case, as it was customary in those days to give surnames according to the avocation or circumstances in which one was placed, thus Jan Pietre, the orphan, became Jan Pietre de Wees. [ref 95:12]
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Notes for Zytian* LIUWES
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sold by Zytian de Wees, widow of Gerret Hendricks de Wees, through her Attorney, Claus Rittenhouse, in 1701, to Conrad Cod Weis: THIS ENDENTURE made the 23d. day of December one thousand seven hundred and one between Claus Ruttinghuysen, lawful Attorney of Zytian de Wees widow of Gerric Hendricks deWees. on the one part, and John Conrad Cod Weis of Germantown on the other part, for and in consideration of 23 pounds current silver money of Pennsylvania a certain half lot containing 25 acres. and a further consideration of a yearly rent of six shillings to be paid to Dirck Sipman his Heirs and Assigns forever. Witnessed by Hans Senrussmirls. Peter Keyser. (Exemplification Records. I, 390.) [ref 95:15]

Claus Ruttinghuysen, Attorney, etc., for Zytian de Wees, widow of Garrett Hendricks de Wees, sold the other half lot to John Henry Mehls, the same then being in possession of Zytian deWees, widow of Garrett Hendricks de Wees, for the sum of 17 pounds. Witnessed by Arret Klinkin and Peter Keyser (Exemplification Records, 8, 392, L). [ref 95:15]
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