genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Robert* CLEMENTS
Birth bap 14 Dec 1595, Cosby, Warwickshire, England88
Death 29 Sep 1658, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts36,51,88
Other Spouses Judith, 2nd wife of Robert Clements
Marriage 161588
Spouse Lydia* DRUMMER
Birth 1595, Narborough, Leicestershire, England
Death bef 12 Mar 1642, Ansley, Warwickshire, England
1 M Job* CLEMENTS Esq.
Birth 1615, Narborough, Leicestershire, England88
Death bef 9 Nov 1682, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire36
Spouse Margaret* DUMMER
Marriage 25 Dec 1644, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts20,36
Spouse Mrs. Joanna LEIGHTON
Marriage 16 Jul 1673, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire20,22,36,88
Birth 1618, England
Death 16 Jan 1675/76, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts36,76,88
Spouse Dea. Moses PINGRY
Marriage 20 Apr 1644, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
Birth bap 22 Oct 1620, Narborough, Leicestershire, England88
Death bef 21 Jul 1659, at sea36,88
Spouse Sarah OSGOOD
Marriage 1 Jun 1648, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts20,36,88
4 M Abraham CLEMENTS
Birth abt 1622, Ansley, Warwickshire, England88
Death 5 Apr 1677, Killencrott, Cavan, Ireland
Birth abt 1624, Ansley, Warwickshire, England88
Death Jun 1680, Rathkenny, Cavan, Ireland
Birth abt 1626, England
Death Aug 1694, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts76
Spouse Abraham MORRILL
Marriage 10 Jun 1645, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,23,36,88
Spouse Thomas MUDGETT
Marriage 8 Oct 1665, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts20,36,88
Birth 1634, England
Death 171220
Spouse Elizabeth FAWNE
Marriage 8 Dec 1652, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts36,88
Birth 1637, Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Death 27 Oct 1710, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts76,88
Spouse Capt. John OSGOOD
Marriage 15 Nov 1653, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts20,23,36,88
Notes for Robert* CLEMENTS
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son of Richard CLEMENTS and Agnes FELLOWS
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ROBERT, Haverhill, br. of John, came, it is said, from London 1642, bring. many ch. was rep. 1647-53, had admin. on est. of br. John, and d. 27* Sept. 1658, in his will names oldest s. Job, Robert, John, Abraham, Daniel, Moses Pingree, h. of his d. Abigail, John Osgood, wh. m. 15 Nov. 1653, his d. Mary; and Abraham Morrill, wh. had m. 10 June 1645, his d. Sarah. He is strang. call. Rev. in Geneal. Reg. XIII. 118.- also, aft. preced. ins. went to Eng. aft. d. of his br. John to look aft. his prop. [ref 20]
*conflicting date
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ROBERT1 CLEMENT [or CLEMENCE], of Haverhill; b. ab. 1590. He came from Eng., was in Hv. in 1642, rep. 1647-53. He d. Sep. 29, 1658[Hv]; will Sep. 6, Oct. 11, 1658, a wife living. In settling the estate of his bro. John, the court, May 10, 1660, allowed "his charges for the voyage to England and Ireland in taking over his brother John Clements' wife and children." They do not appear to have returned. [ref 36:95,894]
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Robert Clement, sr., Sept. 29, 1658 [ref 51]
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ROBERT1 CLEMENTS (Richard of Cosby, Robert of Croft, Richard of Croft), baptised at Cosby, Leicestershire, England, 14 Dec. 1595, died at Haverhill, Mass., 29 Sept. 1658. He married first, before 1615, Lydia (___), who was buried at Ansley, Warwickshire, 12 Mar. 1642, and secondly, before 1657, Judith (___), who married after his death, John Whitney(*) of Watertown, Mass., and died in 1669. Robert Clements probably grew to manhood in the parish of Cosby, receiving an education which developed a mind unusual for the times. Although the records show little of him in youth, it cannot be doubted that the great formative influences of the period profoundly affected him. Having obtained money for the new venture to the colonies by the sale of his Witherley lands, Robert Clements, with his eldest son Job, his second son John, his youngest son Robert and his daughters, Sarah and Lydia Clements, sailed for America. His sons Abraham and Daniel Clements, aged about twenty and eighteen, respectively, he left behind in England, they being pledged to the army of the Commonwealth. His daughter Mary, aged about five years, he left in Coventry, England, presumably with relatives, until such a time as she should be old enough to stand the hardships of the new life. It is unfortunate that the sailing list of the vessel on which they came has never been preserved, but the tradition that Robert came on his own boat has been handed down the succeeding generations of his descendants to the present time. There is every reason to believe that Tristram Coffin, who later became Governor of Nantucket, came in the same boat with Robert Clements. Joshua Coffin, the genealogist and antiquary of Newburyport, wrote in a letter, that once when digging in the old papers of Essex County, he came upon an ancient one which stated that Robert Clements and Tristram Coffin came from England together. Allen Coffin, in his "Life of Tristram Coffin" (Nantucket, 1881,) remarks that it is generally conceded that "Tristram came in the ship with Robert Clements, who settled at Haverhill." After landing at Salisbury at the mouth of the Merrimac River, Robert Clements and Tristram Coffin went up the river to Penntucket, where Rev. John Ward, Hugh Sheratt and others had preceded them. This was probably early in the fall of 1642. Shortly after their arrival they joined with the others in purchasing land from the Indians, Passaquo and Saggahew, who sold to them, with the consent of their Sachem, Passaconoway, the land on which the city of Haverhill now stands. When Spring came again to New England, Robert Clements was one of those who cleared a portion of his land and engaged in "ye planting of ye corn." In 1645, his name appears on a list of the thirty-two landholders at Haverhill, his sons, Job and John Clements, being likewise numbered. From the time of his arrival, Robert Clements was a valuable man in the community. He supplied the first need of the town by building a grist mill. His son Robert, as he grew towards manhood, became a cooper; his son Job had already learned the tanner's trade. His second son, John Clements, appears to have depended on the land alone and this may have been one reason for John's return to England, later on. His daughters married men of importance in the new community. In November 1645, "Robert Clements and Tristram Coffin of Haverhill" were made Freemen. In 1647, Robert Clements was made a "commissioner to end causes" in Haverhill. This office was equivalent to the modern one of Justice of the Peace. He served as deputy to the General Court in 1647 and following years until 1654, when he was succeeded by his son Lieut. John Clements. In 1648 he was an associate Judge for the County of Norfolk. He served as an associate Judge until 1654. In 1649, he was appointed Commissioner to lay out County roads; to set off public lands; to fix their limits. 15 June 1650, he was given the power to administer the Oath of fidelity at Haverhill. Robert Clements was twice licensed by the Norfolk County Court to sell wine in Hampton and Haverhill, a privilege in those days only extended to the better class of citizens. As marriage by a magistrate was the only legal form in the early days of the Massachusetts colonies, he doubtless performed many a ceremony besides that which united his daughter Mary to Capt. John Osgood of Andover. During the sixteen years of his residence in Massachusetts, he continued to manage his property in England and to receive the rents from it. There is no record that he ever returned to his native land but he may have made a brief visit there. It is not known just when he re-married but 15 Apr. 1657, his wife Judith signs a deed with him (Coffin mss., Essex Institute, Salem, Mass). Robert Clements died at Haverhill, 29 Sept. 1658. His will was dated only twenty-three days before his death and is evidence that some illness seized him unexpectedly and that he feared his life was ending. Children born in England: Job, Lydia, John, Abraham, Daniel, Sarah, Robert, Mary. [ref 88:12]

Division of some of the land that Robert Clement, Sr., of Haverhill, Gentleman, dec'd, left in his Will of 6 Sept. 1658 "unto his children's children then in New England after ye death of his wife," between John Pingry of Ipswich, Gentleman, for himself and as he is attorney for the children and heirs of Thomas Burman Late of Ipswich, dec'd.; Aaron Pingrey & Job Pingrey both of Rowley; Capt. Richard Kimball of Bradford and Mehetabel his wife, in her right; Jonathan Kimball of Bradford and Lydia his wife, in her right; and Jonathan Emerson of Haverhill and Hannah his wife, in her right, 25 May 1732 (Essex Co., Deeds 72:99). [ref 88:25]

Jonathan Emerson and Hannah his wife of Haverhill, yeoman, for love, goodwill & affection for sons Nathaniel and Richard, give to them lands in Haverhill formerly belonging to Mr. Robert Clement of Haverhill, which deacended from him to Mr. Pingrey of Ipswich and from him to John Day of Ipswich by his wife, and from the said John Day to Hannah, wife of the said John Emerson, 7 Aug. 1736 (Essex Co., Deeds 72: 158). [ref 88:25]

Ephraim Warren of Killinglee, in the county of Windham, Conn, and Abigail his wife; and Mary Burnam of the same Killinglee, quit, to Andrew Burley of Ipswich, all right to certain lands in Methuen or Haverhill, which deseend to them from mother Lydia Burnam and was bequeathed to her by Mr. Robert Clement of Haverhill, dec'd., 20 June 1737 (Essex Co., Deeds 86:3). [ref 88:25]

Eliezer and James Burnam of Norwich, Conn., quit, all right to same land to Andrew Burley of Ipswich, 20 June 1737 (Essex Co., Deeds 86:3). [ref 88:26]

Moses Burnham of Ipswich conveys, to Andrew Burley of same, land in Haverhill or Methuen, laid out to heirs of Mr. Robert Clements, 18 July 1737. (Essex Co., Deeds 86:69.) [ref 88:26]
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Clement & al
Abell & al
This Indenture made the tenth day of May in the eighteenth yeare of the reigne of our Soveraigne lord Charles by the grace of God of England Scotland ffrance and Ireland king defender of the faith &c [1642] Betweene Robert Clements of Anceley in the County of Warr' yeoman Job Clements of Anceley aforesaid in the said County of Warr' Tanner Sonne and heire apparant of the said Robert and John Clements of Anceley aforesaid in the said County of Warr' yeoman on the one part and Matthew Abell of Atherston in the parish of Mancetter in the County of Warr' aforesaid Tanner and Richard Abell of Mancetter aforesaid in the said County of Warr' Clerke on thother part Witnesseth that they the said Robert Clements Job Clements and John Clements for and in consideracon of the Sume of one hundred fifty and five pounds of lawfull money of England to them the said Robert Clements Job Clements and John Clements or to some or one of them by the said Matthew Abell before then sealing and delivery hereof in hand paid whereof and wherewith they the said Robert Job and John Clements and every of them doe acknowledge themselues to be fully satisfyed contented and paid and thereof and of every part and parcell thereof doe freely and absolutely acquite exonate and discharge the said Matthew Abell and Richard Abell their heires executors and administrators and every of them forever by these p'sents and for divers other causes and consideracons them the said Robert Job and John Clements herevnto especially moving have given grannted bargained sold alyened delivered and confirmed and by these p'sents for them and their heires doe absolutely give grannt bargaine sell alyen deliver and confirme vnto the said Matthew Abell and Richard Abell and to the heirs and assignes of the said Mathew Abell forever All that mesuage or tent with the appurtenncs scituate lying and being in Wytherley in the County of Leicester now or late in the holding tenure or occupacon of John Kisse his assignes or assignees and one yard land(*1) and a halfe yardland arrable with their and every of their appurtenncs lying and being in the towne feilds mannor and parish of Wytherley aforesaid in the said County of Leic and one selion(*2) of land comonly called a headland and one Butt(*3) of land arrable and comon of pasture for three beasts in the Mygh and alsoe all and all manner of houses edifics buildings barns stables orchards gardens tofts closes crofts lands meadowes leasowes feedings pastures comons comon of pasture woods vnderwoods trees hedgerowes waies waters fishings pooles ponds p'fitts comodities heireditamts and appurtenncs whatsoeu' to the said mesuage tent one yardland and one halfe yard land arrable and other the p'misses or to any part or parcell thereof belonging or in any wise app'teyning scituate lying and being in the towne feilds and parish of Witherley aforesaid in the said County of Leic now in the holding tenure or occupacon of the said John Kisse his assignee or assignes vndertennt or vndertennts or some of them and all other the lands tents and hereditamts whatsoeu' of them the said Robert Job and John Clements scituate lying and being in the parish of Wytherley aforesaid and the revercon and revercons remainder and remainders rents and servics of the said mesuage or tent yardland and halfe yardland arrable and all other the p'misses and of every or any part or parcell thereof and alsoe all the estate right title interest use clayme possession and demannd whatsoen' of them the said Robert Job and John Clements or any of them their or any of their heires or assignes of in to or forth of the said mesuage or tent yardland and halfe yardland arrable and p'misses and every part and parcell thereof and all deeds charters evidencs escripts and munimts touching or concerning only the bargained p'misses or only any part or parcell thereof together with the true copies of all other deeds charters evidencs and writings touching and concerning the said bargained p'misses or any part thereof together with any other lands tents or hereditamts the same copies to be made and written out at the cost and chargs of the said Mathew Abell and of Richard Abell or of either of them or of the heires or assignes of the said Matthew Abell To have and to hold the said mesuage or tent yardland halfe yard land arrable selion of land Butt of land and all and singuler other the p'misses with their and every of their app'tenncs in and by these p'sents given grannted bargained and sold or meant menconed or intended to be hereby bargained and sold to the said Mathew Abell and Richard Abell their heires and assignes forever to the only p'per vse and behoofe of the said Mathew Abell and of his heires and assignes forever to be holden of the chiefe Iord or Iords of the fee or fees of the p'misses by the rents and servics therefore due and of right accustomed And the said Robert Clements Job Clements and John Clements and every of them and their and every of their heires all the said mesuage or tent yardland and halfe yardland arrable and all and singuler other the p'misses with their and every of their appurtenncs by these p'sents bargained and sold or meant menconed or intended to be hereby given grannted and sold vnto the said Mathew Abell and Richard Abell their heires and assignes foreu' to the only p'per vse and behoofe of the said Mathew Abell and of his heires and assignes forever against them the said Robert Clements Job Clements and John Clements and every of them and against their and every of their heires and assignes and all and every other p'son and p'sons whatsoever shall and will warrant and defend forever by these p'sents the estate and right which the said John Kisse hath and claymeth of and in the p'misses for and during the term of the naturall life of the said John Kisse and the cheife rent hereafter due to the lord or lords of the fee or fees of the p'misses only forepresed and excepted. In witness whereof the p'ties above said to these p'sent Indentures interchangeably have sett their hands and seales the day and yeare above written.

And be it remembered that on the twelfth day of May in the year above written the said Robert Clements Job Clements and John Clements came before our said Lord the King in his Chancery and acknowledge the aforesaid indenture as all and singular in the same are contained and set forth in form above said. Sworn on fourteenth day of June of the year aforesaid.

Canc' sua & recogn' Indentur' p'dict' ac omnia & singula in ead' content' & sp' ificat' in forma supradca. Irr: quartodecimo die Junij anno p'dco.

(*1) "Yardland" a parcel of land varying in quantity according to locality from one half acre to forty acres.
(*2) A "Selion" was a ridge of land between two furrows and containing no certain quantity.
(*3) "Butt," an end or short piece in ridges or furrows
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"KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That wee, Passaquo and Saggahew with ye consent of Passaconoway, have sold unto ye inhabitants of Pentuckett, all ye lands we have in Pentuckett: that is eight myles in length from ye little Rivver in Pentuckett westward: six myles in length from ye aforesaid Rivver northward: and six myles in length from ye aforesaid Rivver eastward, with ye Ileand and ye Rivver that ye ileand stand in as far in length as ye land lyes by as formerly espressed: that is, fourteen myles in length: And wee, ye said Passaquo and Saggahew, with, ye consent of Passaconnaway, have sold unto ye said inhabitants all ye right that wee, or any other of us have in ye said ground and Ileand and Rivver: And we warrant it against all or any other Indians whatsoever, unto ye said Inhabitants of Pentuckett: and to their heires and assignes forever.

Dated ye fifteenth day of november, Ann. Dom. 1642.

Witnes, our hands and seales to this bargayne of sale ye day and year above written (in ye presents of us) wee ye said passaquo and SaggaHew have received in hand, for & in consideration of ye same, three pounds & ten shillings.

ye marke of Passaquo
ye marke of Saggahew

John Ward
Robert Clements
Tristram Coffin
Hugh Sheratt
William White
ye sign of Thomas Davis
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sept: 6th (58) I Robertt Clements of Haverhill being of perfitt memory blessed be God for itt doe ordaine & make this my last will, in manner & forme following ffirst I committ my soule into the hands of God my Creator & maker, beleeving thorough the mirritts Righteousness & obedience of Jesus christ my redemer to haue & enjoy life & Salvation Everlastingly by him. ffor my goods I giue first ynto my wife my house & house lott & all the acomadatos that belonged to itt which shee is to haue during her life & after her decease to returne to my childorns childorne that are in new england each his pportio to be delivered into ye hands of their parents for their childorns vse. I giue alsoe to my wife my best yoake of oxen I haue & three of my best cowes, & my mare which brought the mule & alsoe my swine & two of my best beds with theire furniture to them & six of my best peuter dishes six spoones, my best brasse pott, & three of my best kittles, and two spining t ... rnes & all hangles on the fire, with fire shoules & tongue & two of ye best coushens, one ... & a cupp, with all my wooden & Earthen vessells & all manner of clothing that belong to her, as also my byble candlestick & chamber pott. my will is that if there be any goods of mine come out of England this yere or the next my wife shall have fiue pounds of itt according to ye bill of lading. also I gieu my wife all Lining in my house excepting two paire of sheetes yt are for my bed & all the Corne in my house barne & growing on the land, & alsoe a debt of seaven pounds & sum odd mony in the hands of John Hutchins for the repaireing the house & fencing the house lott I giue to my wife alsoe what is due to me or will be from Mr Dumer by bills or Covinants, & alsoe the Cloth that is att the weavers with what woolen yearne & fflaxe is in the house, & alsoe three pounds which is in the hands of mr Cooke of boston I giue her two skillitts, two stockes off the best beese & two chests with Iocke & ease to them I giue to my wife the boards I bought at Salisbury to repaire the house. It is my will that one halfe of the goods which I giue my wife that if she spend not, at her decease it shall returne to my executors to be equally devided among them.

I giue to my sonne Job Clement one fellee which will be two yer old next may, allsoe I giue him my best suit of apparell & my best cloake & best hatt, my best paire of shewes & stockens. I giue to my son Robert twenty pound due to mee out of my rentt in England, & which rentt is due to mee more I giue to my three sonnes John, Abraham & Dannell. All the rest of my estate in new england due to me upon bonds or bills or any account land or goods whatsoever I giue to my sonnes Moses Pengrow & Abraham Morrill & John Osgood whom I make my executors to see this my will performed & my debts paid & my body laid in ye graue. That which is struck out in the other Side at the lower end between the 4th & 5th line it was done before it was seald to, & her vnto I sett my hand & seale. I giue to mr ward or minester fiue pounds
Robert Clements (seal)

Bartoll: Heath his marke B H
william white

His inventory was taken by his friends, Tristram Coffin, Sr., and William White, and attested to by Abraham Morrill, Moses Pingrey, and John Osgood, the executors named in the Will.

(Essex Probate, 5604)
"The inventory of mr Robertt Clements his goods & estate in new England accepting sum smale Debts wch cannott be accounted: hee died the 29 off Sept (1658)"

Imprimis his wearing apparell 16 18 00
item his pourse mony & silver seale 7 ringe 01 07 00
item by one bill owing him 55 00 00
item one paire of steares 10 00 00
item twenty bushells of rie 03 06 08
item one cowe & thirty bushels of rie 05 00 00
item one bill 08 15 00
item one bill 12 15 00
item one bill 56 00 00
item one bill 05 00 00
item one bill 06 06 00
item one bill 14 00 00
item one bill 02 03 06
item one bill 04 00 00
item one bill 07 12 00
item one ingagemt for rent for land 05 00 00
item foure Cowes, two steares, one heifer 22 00 00
item three mares one fellee one horse one colt 69 00 00
item three cowes 10 10 00
item in swine, calves & sheep 10 15 00
item beding 25 03 00
item a psell of Cotton woole & Cotten yerne Sheeps wooll Canmas & fethers 03 01 06
item in wheat & Indyan Corne 02 10 00
item for chests turnes & cards, potts & kittles 04 17 00
item several things as viz fire shovl & tongs Andiens, spitt, plowchaines & such like Iern things 05 17 00
Item in books, fowling pece, tableloth, napkins 03 18 00
item carpett & warming pan & cotton cloth 01 10 00
item his Dwelling house & acomadacions 55 00 00
item Eight loads of hay 4li & a psell lining cloth 05 00 00
item the grist mill 30 00 00
item one paire of oxen 12 00 00
item one psell of boards & two stocks of beese 02 13 00
item wooden vessells & earthen vessels & one spade 01 16 06
item a Debt pf thee pounds 03 00 00
item a Debtt of ten pounds 10 00 00

494 li 14 02

These goods were aprised by vs whose names are underwritten
Tristram Coffyn Senior
Willm White

Abraham Morrill Executor attested to ye truthe of this inventorie as it is psented oppon his oath before this court, held at Hampton ye 6th day of ye 8th mon 58 (1658) as attests Tho Bradbury rec'r.

Moses Pingrin and Jno Osgood executors attested to ye truth of this in ventorie as it is psented oppon their oath before Robert Pike, appointed therto by ye above said court--vera copia.

Robert Pike
For me Tho. Bradbury rec'r.
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Notes for Lydia* DRUMMER
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possibly daughter of Robert DRUMMER
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Much research has failed to disclose anything in regard to the parentage of Lydia, the first wife of Robert Clements, and the mother of all of his children. That her memory was cherished is evidenced by the fact that each of her children named a daughter for her. Robert Clements buried her at Ansley on 12 Mar. 1642. [ref 88:19]
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Percival Wood Clement, Gov. of Vermont 1919-21 erected a bronze tablet set in the wall of the Ansley church: In Memory of | Lydia Clements | Buried in this churchyard March 12, 1642. | The wife of Robert Clements who emigrated to | New England 1642. | And became one of the founders of | Haverhill, Massachusetts.
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