St. Joseph's Orphanage - of Nova Scotia  

St.Joseph's Orphanage, Halifax, N.S.

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Saint Joseph's Orphanage,
Quinpool Road,
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Established in 1849



My name was Patsy O'Brien (back then 1946-1953) I would like to invite my
sisters & brothers of this orphanage to write to me and send their stories.....
If you would like your story placed on my Home Page I would be delighted to do so......

Please send along your story..... and OPTIONAL..... (an old picture if you have one,and what you look like today) plus a permission note to add your story (unedited) to this Home Page.  (No profanity please!)
So that other sisters & brothers will come forth with theirs......
Maybe if enough of us find each other...We could have a reunion????


Write to me at...... "Stories"
686 Sicamore Dr.
Kamloops B.C. V2B 6R5
Call me at (250) 579-9725.....
Email Me

You can also leave messages & stories in the Guestbook below.

Thank you & HUGS TO YOU ALL

***I also extend this site to any Orphans
who may have been raised in other institutions
across our lands Canada and the States to write me.....
I understand....I have been there...... Pat :)

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Photo's of Children from St. Joseph's Orphanage

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"Permission to use the photograph of St. Joseph's Orpahange
from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Halifax Archives.
Photograph Collection. St. Joseph's Orphanage"

"Picture of Angel with Children by Joan Kirk"
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