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The variations in spelling of Mock and similar surnames (from Maag to Mug) are so numerous that little can be safely concluded even as to how many separate lines actually existed in the eighteenth century in this country. The descendants of Alexander Mack of Germantown, Pennsylvania, who was the founder in 1708 of the Brethren Church (then called the New Baptists) in Schwarzenau, Wittgenstein, had some associations with our Christian Mock. However, no kinship appears to have existed. Alexander's second son Johannes "John" Mack and his son William moved to Bedford County, where Christian lived most of his adult life, by 1804. There John and William, and the latter's sons, changed the spelling of their family name to Mock.

William's daughter Elizabeth married John Holsinger, and their son George Mack Holsinger was the leader of the congregation of the Mock Dunkard Church built on land donated by Christian Mock, and to which his wife (at least) belonged. The ancestry of Alexander is known back four generations in Schriesheim, The Palatinate, and no records of other branches coming to this country have been discovered3. Thus it's unlikely that Christian was a relative of Alexander, but as we don't know the origin of Peter's family in Europe we cannot be sure.

When I first researched my Mock ancestry years ago, I compressed three generations of Peter Mock into two -- a classic genealogical error! In order to keep these men straight in this narrative, I'm now calling them Peter Mock I, Peter Mock II, and Peter Mock/Mack III, although such appellations were never used in their time. The double surname reflects the reality that Peter III and his sons changed the spelling of their surname when they moved from Maryland to Ohio in the 1830s.

We have one source, an excerpt from an Indiana county history393 supplied to me 18 Nov 1996 by Dick D. Heller, which states that Peter Mock "was a native of Germany and died in Maryland". This comment was in a paragraph describing his son Samuel and granddaughter Sarah in Ohio, so we know that it refers to our Peter. (See their histories for the rest of that excerpt.)

In August of 1998 there came to my attention the existence of a German Bible which contained on the flyleaves names of the grandchildren of Peter, by his son Christian, and of one family of great-grandchildren, that of Christian's eldest son Reuben. While the details of the Bible inscriptions will be discussed under Christian's generation, below, it should be mentioned at this point that the Bible was printed 1765 in Nürnberg (at that time a free city of Europe). It therefore seems reasonable to postulate that Peter brought it with him from Germany sometime after that date. However, we have not found an immigration record for Peter, a not unusual circumstance for that time period.

Another invaluable record was found and published by Steve Lapp229 which greatly expanded my original view of Peter Mock's life. I believe, following Steve's suggestion, that the Peter Mack who with his wife Maria Magdalena Erb had a son Peter baptised 1767 is our Peter Mock. Now, as I extend my research to include the descents from other children of Peter, I find that his daughter Mary was almost certainly the centenarian who was born in 1769, not around 1779 as she claimed during her married life. Thus Peter I had two children close together, then a ten year period before the rest of his family started with daughter Elizabeth in 1779.

When Peter I sold land in 1783, his wife Elizabeth released her dowry. She was probably the mother of all of the rest of his children after Peter II and Mary. However, as discussed in more detail below, Peter I was buried in Baust Cemetery next to his wife Margaret, mentioned but not named in Chancery proceedings regarding his estate. This then results in the conclusion that Peter I had three wives: Maria Magdalena Erb, mother of Peter II and Mary, Elizabeth ____, who released her dowry in Washington County and who had six children, and Margaret ____, who was buried by Peter in the Baust Cemetery, Frederick County. That these three were all the wives of the same Peter will be demonstrated below as I report the details of our research on this lineage.

Peter Mock  &  Maria Magdalena Erb
Peter 1 m1 m2 m3, Christian 2, Margaret 3   Top  

Peter Mock was born 1726/1727 in Germany, died 3 Apr 1812 in Frederick, (now Carroll), Maryland and was buried in Baust Cemetery, Tyrone. 

Peter was married (1) to Maria Magdalena Erb. 

Maria Magdalena Erb was born about 1734.  She was the daughter of Peter and Judith (____) Erb.

In 1778, “The Worshipfull John Stull's Returns” for Washington County, Maryland, listed Peter Mock, together with George, Isaac, Jacob and Peter Sharer, as having sworn to the Oaths of Fidelity90. Since Peter's son Christian married Mary Shearer, it is not unlikely that one of these four was her father. The names of all five of these men can be recognized in an undated Washington County list of Capt. Jacob Sarer's Company which included (spellings copied exactly) Lietn. George Sarer, Sergt. Isaac Sharer, Peter Mock in the 5th class, and Peter Sarer in the 7th [Clements and Wright, 1987; citing MD Hist. Soc. MS 1146]. We also have a copy of Card Number 37440455 for Peter Mock in “Capt. Jacob Sarer's Compy as now classe'd: – Washington County Militia 1777, Revolutionary War” (Original described as "Certified copy of an original record in the Western Shore Land Office of Maryland").

On 1 Mar 1783 Peter Mock sold Lot 168 in Jerusalem Town, Washington County, Maryland, for £30 to William Walter ['Western Maryland Genealogy', vol. 3, no. 4, 1987; citing Liber C, Folio 253]. Elizabeth Mock is recorded as having relinquished her dowry in that land, this being the only record we have of her name. Jerusalem Town, later Funk's Town, was 2.5 miles southeast of Elizabeth Town, now Hagerstown, on Antietam Creek. It had 50 dwellings and a German Church in 1797 [Morse, Jedidiah, The American Gazetteer, 1797].

That same year, 1783, “Peter Mock of Ringold's Manor” was taxed in Washington Co., MD on 30 acres of woods, 40 acres arable, 2 horses, and 4 black cattle ['Western Maryland Genealogy', vol. 8, no. 2, Apr 1992]. Ringgold's Manor was a seventeen thousand acre land-holding south and east of Hagerstown. Samuel Ringgold, son of Thomas “Tench” and Mary (Galloway) Ringgold, and his wife Mary, daughter of Gen. John Cadwalader, had earlier purchased this land, and moved around 1792 from Kent County, MD to Fountain Rock, near Hagerstown. The mansion Gen. Ringgold erected there, on the road from Boonsboro to Williamstown, was later converted into St. James' College350.

That Peter Mock was not censused 1790 in Maryland (nor in Franklin, York or Lancaster Counties across the Pennsyvnaia border) is curious, but not of serious concern.

On 10 Jun 1793, Peter Mock of Frederick County bought two parcels of a tract of land called “The Resurvey on Brother's Agreement” totalling 350 acres from John and Eleanor Thomas for £900 [Frederick Co., MD Land Records, Liber WR 11, Folio 615]. He continued to own this land until his death in 1812 (see below). We believe the Peter earlier in Washington County to be this same Peter, because the Frederick County Peter Mock's son Samuel is reported in later years to have been born in Hagerstown, by the Washington County military connection to the Sarer/Shearers, the family into which Peter's son Christian later married, and because Peter Mock records doen't appear in Frederick and Washington counties simultaneously. However, since he was described on this deed as being of Frederick County, he must have moved back the county prior to June 1793.

Peter was assesed on the Frederick County land in 1798: Particular Assessment Lists, Balto. & Carroll Cos., 1798, showed in Taneytown & Piney Creek Hundred, Dist. 6, Peter Mock, pr/o "Resurvey on Brothers Agreement", formerly assessed to John Thomas [Family Line Publications, Westminster, MD, courtesty of Marilyn Roth].

In 1800 in the Taney Town District #5 of Frederick County, Peter and his wife were censused with two sons born before 1784, one son and three daughters born 1784-90, and a son born after 1790. These data will be used below in determining the order of birth of some of Peter's children.

The 1810 census in Frederick County, Maryland is sadly defective in that the census taker used only initial letters for given names, and failed to record the township names. P. Mock (over 45 years) was listed several pages after another P. Mock (25-45). The first of these records is presumably Peter I, then of age 84, while the second might be Peter II, who was then about 39 years of age.

The record here of Peter I's death in 1812 is from a photograph of his tombstone in the Baust Church Cemetery in Tyrone, Uniontown Township, Frederick (now Carroll) County, Maryland. This town is five miles east of Taneytown and six miles west of Westminster, along what was at one time called the “Plank Road”. The inscription reads "In memory of Peter Mock who departed this life April 3 1812 in 85 years of his age". This enables us to determine his birth year as 1726/27. The Baust Church was organized sometime before 1794, and the building was used jointly by the Lutheran and Reformed congregations. It was renamed Emanuel Church in 1868 when the building was thoroughly repaired and remodeled [Scharf, 1882].

A panoramic photograph shows a beautifully maintained, unfenced cemetery on a grassy hillside next to the church.

IMAGE: Baust_Cemetery.gif
Baust Church Cemetery

In that same cemetery is buried Margaret Mock, whose headstone stands next to that of Peter and is of the same design (although the lower third of the stone is missing). A difficulty with her reported death date has been resolved. Sharf, in Western Maryland Genealogy, 1882, reported it as 2 Jan 1815, presumably from a reading of this headstone. The Carroll County Genealogical Society in July of 1996 at my request cleaned and photographed the stones of Margaret and Peter Mock. Hers very clearly reads “Margret Mock who departed this life Januarey 2 1813 in 64 year of her Age”. That's 1813, not 1815. The Society also supplied me with a cemetery listing made in 1982 by Susan Ruddick Bloom who recorded the date as "Februey 2 1813"

We know Peter Mock's wife was alive at the time of his death in 1812, and was herself deceased by 7 Apr 1814, all from court papers discussed below which, however, do not give her name. This revised stone date now allows us to accept Margaret as Peter I's wife. Since we know from a Washington County land record that the name of Peter's second wife in 1783 was Elizabeth, Margaret must have been his (much younger) third wife. When Elizabeth died and where she is buried we don't know. Since our Christian was born nine months before the land record naming Elizabeth, we do know that he was her son.

Almost two years after Peter I's death, his family petitioned the Frederick County court to partition the estate, consisting of parts of a tract of Land called “The Resurvey on Brothers Agreement”, among the heirs, if possible, or else to make a valuation of the estate as a whole. This and the following discussion are based on copies of court papers obtained from the Maryland Archives: 7 Feb 1814 Petition and Order appointing a commission, 18 and 21 June the commissioners signed their oaths, 30 Jul 1814 Report of the commissioners, 10 Mar 1825 Agreement among the heirs to rescind their earlier agreement, undated Bill of Complaint that the bonds were not paid, and 13 Nov 1833 Decree that the estate be sold. Frederick County Circuit Court (Equity Papers) Box 55, No. 1181, Magdalena Mock and others vs. Peter Mock and others, 1814-1833 (1-72-14-55). (This source material first came to my attention from the work of Marianne Johnson, who published some of this information218.) They could not do this privately, because two of the heirs were the minor children of Peter's daughter Elizabeth, who had predeceased her father. In such a circumstance, it was legally necessary to have the court act so as to protect the rights of the minors, even though their father, Henry Beamer, was living. This 7 Feb 1814 petition states that Peter's (unnamed) widow, shortly after his demise, herself died. The genealogically relevant paragraphs read:

"To the Honourable the Judges of Frederick County Court now sitting

"The Petition of Peter Mock (the Younger), Christian Mock, Samuel Mock, Abraham Mock, Mary Gouger, Teater Bishop and Catherine his Wife, Magdalena Mock, and John Beamer and Catherine Beamer Infants under the age of Twenty one years by Henry Beamer their Guardian, humbly shuoth[?] unto your honours –

"That a certain Peter Mock Senior now deceased, was in his life time Scised and Possessed in fee simple of a real Estate lying in Frederick County aforesaid consisting of parts of a tract of Land called "The Resurvey on Brothers Agreement" containing for said part Three hundred and fifty acres more or less with the appurtenances, That being so scised and possessed of the said Lands the said Peter Mock Senior died scised and possessed thereof intestate in or about the month of april in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and twelve, leaving a widow who is now dead and your Petitioners Peter Mock, Christian Mock, Samuel Mock, Abraham Mock, Mary Gouger, Catherine Bishop, Magdalena Mock, his children – That the said intestate had in his life time one other child named Elizabeth who was married to your petitioner Henry Beamer, which said Elizabeth died intestate in the lifetime of the intestate leaving your petitioners John Beamer, and Catherine Beamer her children and heirs at Law. That the children and Grand children above named are the heirs at Law of the said intestate Peter Mock Senior deceased."

The court duly commissioned five “discrete” freeholders of the County, David Kephart, Joseph Taney, Sr., Jacob Yon or Yaun, Frederick Black, and John Crapster in response to this petition. These men took their oaths “Well and truly and without favour partiality or prejudice to adjudge and determine whether the Estate” could be divided without loss to the heirs, or else to value it. They met on the “Resurvey on Brothers Agreement” property, itself, 21 June of that year, decided it could not be so divided without loss to the heirs, and established the value of the 347 3/4 acres and appurtances as $12,175.25, or exactly $35 per acre. Their report was dated 30 Jul 1814 and filed 9 Aug 1814.

Given this conclusion by the commission, Peter II, as the eldest son, was entitled to take the land for himself, which he did. But this also entailed the requirement that he sign bonds to pay the other heirs each their share of the estate (in the case of Elizabeth's children, to be divided between them). From later court papers we know that Peter signed these bonds 15 Feb 1815, but copies of the bonds themselves have not been seen, so we don't know the terms of payment they required. Whatever those terms, however, they were never met. For we find a 10 Mar 1825 agreement, signed by all of the heirs except Samuel and the grandchildren, in which Peter II paid five dollars to each of his siblings for which they agreed to relinquish their claims to the original agreement. Peter, on his part, gave up his claim to the estate, on which he was living, and agreed to come in equally with the others for his part.

A later complaint by the heirs spelled out that he had never made good on his bonds, and the others agreed that in fact “it was totally out of his power” to do so. This would seem to be a not unusual circumstance, for a Western Maryland farm in those days was not necessarily a cash producing enterprise. It might well have sufficed to keep Peter and his family well off, but not so as to enable him to pay off over $10,000 in bonds. In any event, the court 13 Nov 1833 ordered that the real estate be sold and that Benjamin Price be appointed trustee on bond of $8000 to carry out the sale. The record of this sale has not been seen, so we don't know how much the heirs ever collected on their inheritance from their father. But, for twenty years, Peter II had the living of the family estate.

The other result of these court documents is that we have a primary source naming the children in the family, as well as evidences of the daughters' marriages and where they lived. Samuel and Abraham, for example, are described in the complaint that led to the sale order, sometime between 1825 and 1833, as living in Ohio. And at the same time Christian is described as living in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. This provides part of the documentary evidence that Peter of Maryland was the father of our Christian.

Starting in the early eighteeth century, the surname Erb was prominent in southern Pennsylvania, and in the town of Silver Run, Maryland, located in what is now Carroll County. An excellent and exhaustive collection of Erb information for this area had been compiled by John Larkinson on a geocities site now closed. The children in the family were Mary Magdalena, Peter, born b 17 Apr 1738, and Christopher, born 11 Jun 1748. These births were also in Germany since Peter immigrated in 1749.

The family apparently settled in York County where many other Erbs lived, but the sons eventually moved to near Silver Run, Frederick (now Carroll) County, Maryland just across the state line. According to a GenForum post [Catherine, 18 Oct 1998], Peter Erb "late of Manheim Township, York County, Pennsylvania, now of Frederick County in the Province of Maryland" executed a deed of sale 27 Apr 1763 to Adam Shnaider of York County. This apparently marks the time of their move across the state line. (Manheim Township abuts the state line about 10 miles northeast of Silver Run.)

In Silver Run, this Peter Erb, later called Peter Sr. and Peter, Esqr., and his son Peter, Jr., born 1763, were prominent members of St. Mary's, a Union Church of the Lutheran and Reformed congregations which had been established in 1762. When the constitution of the church was renewed at the time of the erection of a new church building in 1812, Peter (or Beder), Jr. was named as President, and his father as witness. Peter, Esqr. made one of the largest contributions, $100, to the 1st subscription for funds in 1821, and $25 in the 2nd subscription that year.

The date stone in the end of the Christopher Erb house near Silver Run indicates that it was built in 1799 for Christopher and Peter Erb. This home is located at 3333 Flickinger Rd., and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It's interesting that Christopher and his wife Anna Margaret do not appear in the records of St. Mary's church.

The two children of Peter and Maria Magdalena (Erb) Mock:   Peter II and Mary Magdaline. 

1    Mock, Peter II died after Sep 1835. 

Peter II is listed in the intestate proceedings after his father's death as the eldest son of the family. He is assumed here (see the introduction above) to be the Peter Mack baptised by the Rev. Jacob Lischy who served congregations ranging from North Codorus Township, York County, Pennsylvania to Silver Run, Frederick (now Carroll) County, Maryland [Lapp, 1998]. Considering the 1821 records of Peter Mach/Mack in the St. Mary's Church of Silver Run, the latter locale is the most probable one for this baptism record.

It is of interest to note that Steve Lapp reported that an Elizabeth Dieter, widow, is also on the subscription list of St. Mary's Church in Silver Run, MD, along with Johannes, son of Peter Erb229. In the next generation we'll see that she is the mother-in-law of Peter III.

Peter II probably appears in the 1810 Frederick County, Maryland, census as P. Mock, born 1765-1784, with a wife born in the same period. This isn't much help, as the range spans the baptismal date of Peter II almost to the probable birth year of Peter III. There was a female born 1785-1794 in his home, presumably a daughter, but we have no other record of this person.

Remember from above that Peter II was subject to the decree of Novermber, 1833 that his father's land on which he had been living must be sold, although we don't know exactly when that occurred, nor when he had to vacate the land. It is doubtful, however, that he ever owned land in Maryland other than that family estate, as no records of him have surfaced there.

In March of 1835, Peter Mock was one of the complainants, along with Jacob Erb, Barbara Hesson and others, in the sale at the late residence of Peter Halverstadt "by virtue of sundry writs of Fierifaces out of Frederick County Court" of 50 bushels of corn, a lot of cherry, poplar & maple boards & a lot of slabs, baskets, jugs, bottles, apple paring machine, etc.", seized and taken by the Sheriff18. This is one of the last records of a Peter Mock in Frederick County, and it's impossible to tell which Peter, II or III, was the complainant. This Jacob Erb was most probably a relative of Peter I's mother Maria Magdalena.

One record has surfaced in Ohio that possibly refers to Peter II, an 1840 census record for a Peter Mack in Seneca Township, Seneca County, Ohio, age 70-80 and thus born 1760-70. This fits perfectly for Peter II, who was 73 years old at that time. Since his son Peter III changed his surname to Mack when moving to Ohio, it's possible Peter II did also. The Seneca Peter's wife was born that same decade, and there were younger people in their home, a male and a female age 20-30, thus born 1810-20, and a female 5 to 10 years old. This appears to be a young couple and their child living with Peter, but I have no idea whether or not they were his family members. The young man could have been anywhere from 40 to 60 years younger then Peter Mack, so of an age to be either a son or grandson if related.

Seneca Township is southwest of the county seat of Tiffin, and includes the town of Berwick on the west, a portion of the town of McCutchenville, Wyandotte County, on the south, and contains Sandusky Creek running north on its eastern edge. Peter Mack and the younger man were censused in 1840 as farmers.

I would like to lay claim to that 1840 census as belonging to Peter Mock II, but considering the lack so far of any other record of him in Ohio, that has to be considered a tenuous claim at this time. In particular, we have no census record for him for 1820 or 1830, in either Maryland or Ohio. Land records may clarify this situation, but I've not searched for them. Seneca County is about 100 miles northeast of Darke and Miami Counties, Ohio, where we will see below that Peter III and his sons lived.

A careful search of the 1850 census index found no Peter Mack, nor any surname vaguely similar, in Seneca County, Ohio. Nor was there a Peter among the 239 Mocks and 315 Macks in Ohio as a whole. There was a 10 year old Laura Mack in Clinton, Seneca County, living with James and Priscilla Freeze, but there's no way of telling who she might have been. Clinton Township includes most of Tiffin, the county seat.

On an 1874 map of Jackson Township, in the northwest corner of Seneca County, an H. J. Mock is shown as the owner of the SE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Sec 23. T3N R13E. No related family names appear in the neighborhood, and there were no Mocks censused in Seneca County in 1870 or 1880.

There is one record of a Mary Moch censused in Jackson Township, Seneca County in 1860. She was aged 66, and had real and personal property valued at $800 and $100, but no occupation. Living with her was an Andrew Moch, whose middle initial I can't read, aged 27, no occupation, and blind. Mary is shown as born 1793/94 in Pennsylvania, which if correct means she could not have been a daughter of Peter II.

A son of Peter II and ____ (____) Mock:   Peter III. 

i    Mock / Mack, Peter III was born 1785/1786 in Maryland.  He was married to Elizabeth Dieter / Deter.  Elizabeth was born 1794/1795 in Maryland.  She was the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (____) Deiter.

Peter III first appears on the public record 7 Feb 1810 when he purchased, as "Peter Mock, Jr.", 53 3/4 acres known as Durbin's Mistake for $1075 from Thomas Durbin ['Frederick County Land Records', Liber WR 37, Folio 103].

Marilyn Roth contributed, in response to my GenForum query, these two records for Peter III, citing [Mallick and Wright, 1992]:

Pvt. Peter Mock, b. ca. 1778, res. Darke Co., OH, 1855, served for part of September 1814 under Capt. Fonsten.

Fredk. Co., MD, Militia in the War of 1812: Peter Mock made bounty land claim 55-211975, rejected.

Peter Mock and his wife Elizabeth sold 1 acre of the Durbin's Mistake parcel on 9 Apr 1814 to Peter Erb "of Christopher" for $30 ['Frederick County Land Records', Liber WR 47, Folio 482], and 6 3/4 acres to Peter Galle on 13 May 1833 [Liber JS 42, Folio 459]. The Christopher addendum to Peter Erb's name, which occurred every time his name was mentioned in the body of the deed, refers to his father's given name, because there was another Peter Erb in the county of that generation. This Christopher Erb might have been the brother of Peter's gramdmother Maria Magdalena Erb, but could have been a later Christopher, as well.

On April 20, 1833, Peter and Elizabeth sold two parcels of the Durbins Mistake land. The first parcel of 12 3/4 acres went to Jacob Hingling for the sum of $265, and the second of 29 1/2 acres to Wm. Copenhaven for $159. I'm indebted to George Horvath, Jr., for bringing to my attention these deeds which I had not previously seen, and providing the meets and bounds for the first parcel.

On 3 Sep 1835, Peter Mock, his wife Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Deider, "mother of Elizabeth Mock and widow of Jacob Deider, dec'd", sold 89 1/2 acres of Durbin's Mistake to George Mixsell [Liber JS 48, 115]. This is the last record we have of Peter Mock III in Maryland.

According to a Newberry Township census index, by 1835 two of Peter III and Elizabeth's sons, Simon and Jacob, were in Miami County, Ohio. Soon after, in 1837, Peter III purchased land in Wayne Township, Darke County, just a few miles to the west of his sons [courtesy Dec 2005 of a correspondant who wishes to remain anonymous].

There are four census records that can be identified as belonging to Peter Mock III: In 1820 he was in Taneytown, Frederick County, Maryland; by 1830 in Election District No. 6, Frederick, Maryland; and in 1840 and 1850 in Wayne Township, Darke County, Ohio.

The children of Peter and Elizabeth in these years can be compared side by side, where 1850 names and birth years in square brackets are taken from other records. Note that both the 1830 census and the military service record above have Peter born before 1780, but the fit to his known chidren seem to argue that this is the correct Peter, even if not the correct age for him. Elizabeth, likewise, has discordant census age records.

1820 Census 1830 Census 1840 Census 1850 Census
1820 Census 1830 Census 1840 Census 1850 Census
Peter 1775-94 Peter 1770-80 Peter 1780-90 Peter 1785/86
wife 1775-94 wife 1780-90 wife 1780-90 Elizabeth 1794/95
wife 1775-94 wife 1780-90 wife 1780-90 Elizabeth 1794/95
dtr 1804-10
son 1810-20 son 1810-15 son 1810-20 [Simon 1811/12]
son 1810-20 son 1810-15 [Jacob 1813/14]
dtr 1810-20 dtr 1815-20
dtr 1820-25 dtr 1820-25 [Eliza 1822/24]
son 1825-30
son 1825-30 son 1830-35 [Levi 1828/29]
dtr 1830-35 [Elizabeth Margaret]

Elizabeth Margaret's name comes from an abstract of her mother's will recorded 7 Oct 1850 (see below), where she and the four siblings shown in the above table were identified as the only living heirs of Peter and Elizabeth in 1850. Since the sons are listed in the will in order of age, it's probable that the daughters (named as Eliza Waggamon and Elizabeth Margaret Mack) were, also, hence the placement above of Eizabeth Margaret as the youngest of the children.

The three unnamed children, daughters born 1804-10 and 1815-20, and son 1825-30, are assumed to have died before the first census in which they are missing, but it is possible that any of the three could have been married before their deaths and hence not show in these census records of Peter and Elizabeth.

The parents of Elizabeth were named as Elizabeth and Jacob "Deider" in the last land sale mentioned above. The Widow Elizabeth "Dieter" was a subscriber to the new St. Mary's Church in Silver Run, Maryland, in 1821, along with Peter Mack229. (That's the congregation where Peter Mock II was baptised in 1767.) And, on her tombstone in Ohio her name was carved as "wife of Jacob Deter". The German name of Dieterich was most likely the name of Jacob when he immigrated, the "ich" being dropped by most familes in the early years, and the spelling varying among the descendants, sometimes even among adult children in one family, to include Dieter, Deter, Deeter, Deeder, Teeter and Teter. I'm retaining the earliest and latest versions on record for Elizabeth, and using the earliest for her husband Jacob.

Jacob Dieter's land lay about two miles due east of the land of Peter Mock I. Called Resurvey on Locust Neck, it comprised 89 1/2 acres surveyed to Jacob in 1793. A detail from a work map provided to me by George Horvath, Jr., below, shows Jacob's land laid out on a tax map of Carroll County. In the bottom of the figure is my plot of both Jacob's and Peter's parcels on a USGS topographical map of the Taneytown area. The waterway running southwest between these two parcels of land is Big Pipe Creek, north of which, somewhere near Taneytown, is land of Henry Beamer, who married Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of Peter Mock I.

IMAGE: Jacob_Deter_land.jpg
Jacob Deter land

Elizabeth Deter wife of Jacob Deter died 7-27-1845 ae 77y 9m 23d was buried in the Stoner Cemetery in Adams Township, Darke County, Ohio, where several of her grandchildren were later buried. A footstone on her grave reads "F. M.".

An abstract of the will of Elizabeth "Jr." was provided to me Dec 2004 by LaVeryl Andrews, a lookup volunteer in Darke County. This provides a definitive identification of their children still living in 1850. That there were others who died young can be surmised from the census records above, and from the observation that only four children born over 27 years would be very unusual. A copy of the will has been ordered 5/5/2005.

Mack, Elizabeth - book 1845-1847, page 66 Dated 19 June 1850 - Recorded 7 October 1850 Sons: Simon Mack, Jacob Mack, Levi Mack (not married at the time of will) Daughters: Eliza Waggamon, Elizabeth Margaret Mack (not married at time of will) Executor: Joseph Wolf Signed: Elizabeth (x-mark) Mack Witnesses: John Bigham and Joseph Wolf

The eight children of Peter III and Elizabeth (Dieter / Deter) Mock / Mack:   ____, Simon, Jacob, ____, Eliza, ____, Levi and Elizabeth Margaret. 

2    Mock, Mary Magdaline was born Dec 1769 in Frederick, Maryland and died 12 Jun 1872 in Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland.  She was married (1) to ____ Gouger.  She was married (2) to George B. Fox 20 Oct 1815 in Washington Co., Maryland. 

Mary's married names of Gouger, in 1814, and Fox, in 1825, are from the intestate proceedings of her father Peter Mock. And, indeed, we find a marriage record 20 Oct 1815 of Mary Gowger to George Fox in Washington County, Maryland [FamilySearch.org, Index to Marriage Records]. Gouger and Gowger are only two of the some half dozen spellings of that surname.

There were two Gougers censused 1820 in Taneytown, Frederick County, Jacob and Peter, both born between 1775 and 1783. However, both of these men had children up until at least 1825, so neither could have been the husband of Mary who remarried in 1815. I have not been able to determine the given name of Mary's first husband. Parenthetically, Mary's niece Margaret Mock, of our line, married David Burger Teeter. David's second cousin, John W. Deeter, married as his second wife Sarah J. Goucher. This marriage took place 13 May 1854, when John was 40 years old, in Darke County, Ohio.

We do know however from the estate papers that Mary's second husband was George Fox. There were several of that name and of various ages in Frederick and Washington Counties, and sorting among them is difficult. Two, however, are recognizable from the 1830 to 1850 District 10, Frederick County censuses as father and son who lived in Foxville, 12 miles east of Hagerstown, Washington County and 18 miles west of Taneytown. Their wives names are both known [GedForum postings], and so the son, born 1795, can be excluded as being Mary's second husband.

Another George Fox is a little more difficult to make out. He was censused in District 8 of Frederick County (which I haven't been able to locate) 1820 through 1840, but not in 1850. He was born 1770 through 1773, and the eldest female in his household seems to have been born 1790 to 1793. However, younger individuals in his household were born starting before 1800, so the family composition is pretty much uncertain, but possibly that of a widower with children and a second, young wife.

The most likely, although unproven, George is the one living in Hagerstown, Washington County. Peter Mock had been in Washington County from the time of its erection in 1776 until the early 1790s, so the family had ties to that town. The most telling evidence, however, is that this George Fox's wife was indeed named Mary. The two were censused 1830 and 1840 in Hagerstown, with several children who we will try below to identify. George was born 1770/80, and Mary 1780/90, in each of those censuses. In 1850 George was censused as born 1781/82 and 1780/81, respectively. Also in their household that year were Harriet McDaniel, 14, and May J. Fox, 10. Since May was listed after Harriet, that indicates she was not a daughter of George and Mary.

The later censuses, however, tell a complex but interesting story. Here are three censuses for what is clearly the same household, although the relationships are not crystal clear:

IMAGE: 1860-70-80.jpg
George Fox censuses 1860-1870-1880

Whatever the family relationships, note that Mary Fox aged 22 years between 1860 and 1870! Compare that with her obituaries, apparently confirming the older age first evidenced in 1870:

Mrs. Mary Magdaline Fox, widow of George B. Fox, died 12 Jun 1872 at 102 years and six months (thus born Nov/Dec 1769). She was born and married in Frederick County and had 14 children, 56 grand children and 67 great grandchildren. [The Mail, Hagerstown, Maryland, Friday, June 21, 1872 and The Examiner, Frederick, Maryland, Wednesday, July 3, 1872; republished on midmdroots.freewebspace.com/newspapers]. Note that Mary's mother was Maria Magdalene, so Mary was a "Junior".

If I didn't want to dispute a centenarian's claim, I would have to conclude that Mary didn't want to appear a decade older than her husband, but dropped the 40 year old masquerade after she became a widow sometime in the 1860s. On the other hand, the census record of 1830 indicates that Mary had two daughters after 1820, that is, after her claimed age of 50. This is somewhat far out on the curve. The chart below shows some statistical distributions of the age of a mother at the birth of her first through fourth child, gathered from some 280,000 reasonably well documented birth records. Note that children born after a mother's age of 50 are almost vanishingly rare.

IMAGE: Ages_of_mothers.jpg
Ages of Mothers at birth of children

First Lieutenant George Fox was appointed 17 Sept. 1811 under Capt. Philip Smith, 29th Regiment MM. ['Frederick Co., MD, Militia in the War of 1812', by Sallie A. Mallick & F. Edward Wright, 1992, Family Line Publications, Westminster, MD.] Contributed by Marilyn Roth in response to my posted query on GenForum. Mary's husband-to-be George was about 30 years old at that time, but as mentioned above there were many George Foxes in Frederick and Washington Counties.

Below are five early Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland, censuses for George Fox. I believe from the correspondance of ages and the location that the George born before 1774 is father of the George who had married Mary (Mock) Gouger in 1815, both shown in 1820 as born 1774-1794. There was also another elderly male in the household in 1820. Comparing the 1820 and 1830 censuses, the four females born before 1820 were presumably Gouger daughters of Mary, the last two children those of Mary and George.

IMAGE: 1820-1860.jpg
George Fox censuses 1820-1860

By 1830, George and Mary were in their own home, the three eldest daughters of 1820 census now away, presumabl married (as Gougers or as Foxes?). There were two more daughters by that time under the age of ten (but no sons). In 1840, apparently two more children had left home, but there was now a male in the household born 1820-25, and two girls under five years of age.

By 1850, when given names first become available, most of the folks had gone from the family. But this census and that of 1860 and later (see above) are very difficult to interpret. Who is the George Fox of 1860 born 1822/23? He fits the age of the male appearing in the 1840 census, but where was he in 1830 and 1850? In 1870 he was shown as born 1821/22, and 1880 as born 1818/19.

I'm going to make the assumption that George and Mary's son George (the third) was born early in 1820 (before the census that year), and rearrange the Fox records as follows, ignoring male age discrepancies:

IMAGE: 1820-60_Fox.jpg
Children of George Fox

This leads to a different set of questions. Where was George in 1850 and, if he was married by 1840, where was his wife? It's possible to connect these individuals under the assumption that George, born early in 1820, was married, had two daughters (Mary H. and May J.) and was widowed by the time of the 1840 census. Then George and his elder daughter Mary H. are missing in 1850, but his younger daughter remained living with her grandparents. Then George was back by 1860, with daughter Mary and grandson John, to take care of his parents as they were getting into their 80s.

With this interpretation, Mary and George Fox had four children, so she must have had six Gouger children before the four born after, say, 1808 of the 1820 census. That would lead to a marriage about 12 years earlier, i.e. 1796. If Mary was born 1769 that's no problem, but if 1779, then she married quite early.

I have not entered 14 children into my database, since I have no names for anyone except George, Jr. (or III). In summary, however, the ten Gouger children were born about 1798 through 1814, the four Fox children 1816 through 1822 (all years very approximate), most if not all in Hagerstown, Washington County.

A son of George B. and Mary Magdaline (Mock) Fox:   George. 

i    Fox, George was born 1820 in Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland. 

George was born probably before 1820, married and had two daughters, and was a widower before mid 1840.

Peter Mock  &  Elizabeth ____
Peter 1 m1 m2 m3, Christian 2, Margaret 3   Top  

Peter Mock was born 1726/1727 in Germany, died 3 Apr 1812 in Frederick, (now Carroll), Maryland and was buried in Baust Cemetery, Tyrone. 

Peter was married (2) to Elizabeth ____. 

Elizabeth ____

Paul Westenbarger in his 1787 will named Peter Maugh as the husband of his eldest daughter. I believe that this man was in fact Peter Mock, and that the daughter was Elizabeth, his second wife and mother of Christian Mock, our ancestor. The arguments for this are threefold:

Paul Westenbarge, born May 1727 and immigrated 1744, lived two miles from where Peter Mock and his wife Elizabeth sold a lot on 1 Mar 1783 in Jerusalem Town, later Funk's Town and then Funkstown, Washington County, MD.

Paul Westenbarger's son Paul, when he separated from his wife, sold his share of the homestead to Jacob Sharer in 1801. That is the same name, but probably the next generation, of the man who signed the Oaths of Fidelity in 1778 with Peter Mock, and who was Captain of the company in which Peter Mock served in the Washington County Militia of 1777. The wife of Peter Mock's son Christian was Mary Shearer, and this is the same surname spelled somewhat differently.

Finally, I have been unable to find any record of a family withe the surname Maugh in that part of Maryland in that time period.

While these arguments are all circumstantial in nature, I feel that it is quite plausible that the scribe who recorded Paul's will spelled the name Mock as "Maugh". It is on this basis that I would like to record the name of Paul Westenbarger's eldest daughter Elizabeth as the second wife of Peter Mock.

Peter and Elizabeth Mock's first child was Elizabeth, born 2 Sep 1779, so their marriage was in 1778 or before. Peter's second child Mary Magdaline, by his first wife Maria Magdalena Erb, was born 1769, so his second marriage, to Elizabeth, could have been any time in that near decade, but most likely near the end.

The birth years of the children of Peter I are reasonably well known from their own censuses as adults and from tombstone ages at death. This leaves the interpretation of Peter's two available censuses, 1800 and 1810, somewhat difficult to decipher. First, I'll list here his children and the years of their births, where some are plus or minus one:

By Maria Magdalena: Peter II 1767 Mary Madeline 1769

By Elizabeth: Elizabeth 1779 Christian 1782 Catherine 1783 Magdalena 1785 Samuel 1787 Abraham 1790 Peter Mock was censused 1800 in Taneytown, Frederick County, and P. Mock in the same county (no township listed) in 1810. In both cases, Peter and his wife were born before 1755, which in the case of Peter we know to be true, and which is reasonable for Elizabeth whose first child was born in 1779. In 1800 they had in their home 2 males born 1774-1784, 1 male and three females 1784-1790, and one male 1790-1800. Three of the males correspond to Christian, Samuel and Abraham, but that leaves a second male born after 1774 who is unknown. It's possible that Peter I was listed in the wrong bracket, and we don't find a census for him away from home, but that's just a guess. The three females should correspond to Elizabeth, Catherine and Magdalena, but the ages aren't correct. I don't know quite what to make of this. We'll see below that if Mary married Peter Gouger, she was probably married before 1800, but if she married Jacob Gouger, she also should be home with her parents but doesn't appear.

In 1810 P. Mock had in his home a female born 1764-1784, one born 1784-1794, and a male and female born 1800-1810. All of Peter's daughters were married by that time, so who these people were is completely unknown. His three sons born in the 1780s weren't married by 1810, but were not at home nor censused themselves as far as I have been able to find.

The six children of Peter and Elizabeth (____) Mock:   Elizabeth, Christian, Catherine, Magdalena, Samuel and Abraham. 

1    Mock, Elizabeth was born 2 Sep 1779, died 1 Nov 1805 in Taneytown Distr., Frederick, Maryland and was buried in Reformed Church, Cemetery, Taneytown.  She and Henry Beamer were married 2 Jun 1801 in Trinity Lutheran, Taneytown, Frederick, Maryland.  Henry was born 1772/1779 in Frederick, Maryland and died 1824 in Frederick.  He was the son of Johann Phillip and Susan Elizabeth (____) Beamer.

Elizabeth died intestate before her father according to his intestate proceedings of 1814, leaving her husband Henry Beamer and two children, John and Catherine Beamer. Henry Beamer was still living at that time, but was not named in the 1825 document. Her death occurred six days after the birth of her daughter Elizabeth, who in turn died within a few months.

My knowledge of the Beamer lineage comes from Pat Newton and Donna Thomas, to both of whom I'm grateful for their sharing of the results of years of research on their part.

From Pat Newton of Gettysburg [Personal Communication, Nov 2004]:

"I am a descendant of Henry Beamer and his second wife, Magdalena Shank. Elizabeth Mack died, apparently after childbirth in 1805, and Henry remarried a few years later.

"I can supply you with Henry's father and siblings, but not much further back than that. I am delighted to find out something about Elizabeth Mack. She is buried, with Henry's parents, and an infant daughter, in the Reformed Church Cemetery in Taneytown, MD."

According to Pat, a marriage record from the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Taneytown, reads "With agreement and consent of both parents, Heinrich Bamer and Elizabeth Mack, both single, in Frederick County, June 2, 1801". An extracted IGI record also gives this marriage of Elizabeth and Henry.

Donna Thomas wrote [Personal Communication, Nov 2004] that discrepancies were found in "Names in Stone" for some entries. Her readings of the stones, written in German:

Susan E. Beamer was born in January 1734 and died September 1804 Phillip Beamer was born in 1729 and died in 1806 (no change) Elizabeth Beamer was born 2 September 1779 and died 1 November 1805 (no change) Elizabeth Beamer was born 26 October 1805 and died 1806

Correction of the 26 Oct date from the published 1806 to 1805 clarifies things considerably. I'm adopting those dates for the Elizabeths, mother and daughter, as well as those of Henry's parents, Phillip and Susan.

Donna also wrote that Henry sold land Jan 1824, and that his widow sold land May 1824, hence the death year I've specified here for Henry.

Henry's parents and uncle Johan Adam Beamer immigrated to Philadelphia on the "Neptune" and took the oaths 23 Sep 1751. He may also have had uncles Jacob and Conrad Beamer, according to various researchers, but these have not been proven. The children of Johann Phillip Beamer, and of those of Henry and Magdalena, are documented through deeds of land patented by Johann Phillip in 1760 and 1762 and passed on through two more generations.

Henry's namesake, Johann Henrich Böhmer, emigrated on the "Rowand" which qualified 29 Sep 1753 [members.cox.net/hessen/ships.htm]. We don't know that there was a relationship of that man with Henry's father (or with Jacob or Conrad), but the possibility remains.

Donna notes the following land connections:

"Philip Beamer patented land called "Red Land" in Frederick County, MD in 1760 and land called "Frog Meadow", same county, 1762. This area is on the north side of Great Pipe Creek near Taneytown. In 1798 census he had 98 acres and a log cabin. (1798 tax assessment for Frederick County )

"Phillip's will dated 4 Dec 1802 names his children as Elizabeth Calf, John Beamer, Mary Ocher and Henry Beamer, the latter being his executor. In addition, heirs Philip and Elizabeth Summers, probably the children of his daughter Catherine, were named.

"Henry Beamer and wife Magdalena sold land for debt.

"Magdalena Beamer, widow of Henry Beamer sold land to George and Philip Shriner. This was listed as part of Frog Meadows.

"The deed transfer at the time of Magdalena's death ties in most of the children of his marriage to Magdalena ... Henry, Jacob, Phillip and Samuel

"Henry was recorded as Guardian for John Beamer in a mortgage agreement of 1823, the land consisting of 110 acres of Pipe Creek and Frog Meadows patented by Johan Phillip."

Big Pipe Creek runs a half mile north of Jacob Deter's "Resurvey on Locust Neck", then turns southwest and goes through Wolfs Mill and Stumptown, passing a quarter mile or so outside of Peter Mock's "Resurvey of Brother's Agreement". The above description places the Beamer family very close to and northeast of Peter's property.

Magdalena was censused 1830 as head of household in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Pat Newton points out a submitted IGI record of a Magdalena S. Shank, christened 1773 in Frederick County, daughter of John and Elizabeth Shank, but she has been unable to find any proof that this is a record of Magdalena, wife of Henry Beamer.

The three children of Henry and Elizabeth (Mock) Beamer:   Catherine, John and Elizabeth †. 

i    Beamer, Catherine was born 1801/1805.  She was married to Jacob Shriner.  Jacob was born 1794/1804. 

According to Pat Newton, Jacob Shriner was mentioned in the settlement of Henry Beamer's estate in 1825. His ancestors are most probably recorded among these many Shriners censused in Frederick county, but I do not at this point know his father's given name:

This seems to be the census for Jacob and Catherine in 1820, as she must have been born between her mother's marriage in 1801 and death in 1805.

Jacob Shriner: 200100 00100;
Jacob 1794-1804, female 1804-10, 2 males 1810-20
1820 Census, Taneytown, Frederick County, MD

The children of Catherine and Jacob listed here are as given to me by Pat Newton.

The six children of Jacob and Catherine (Beamer) Shriner:   David, Milton, Eleanor, Emily, Martha and Louise. 

ii    Beamer, John was born 1801/1805. 

iii    Beamer, Elizabeth † was born 26 Oct 1805, died 1806 and was buried in Reformed Church, Cemetery, Taneytown. 

2    Mock, Christian was born 19 Jun 1782.    

3    Mock, Catherine was born 14 Oct 1783, died 3 Jun 1845 and was buried in Baust's Cemetery, Tyrone, Carroll, Maryland.  She and Dieterich Bishop were married before 1804.  He was the son of John and Maria (____) Bishop.

The identification of Catherine's husband as Teter Bishop comes from the court Petition, discussed earlier, concerning the intestate proceedings of her father, Peter Mock who died in 1812. He is further identified (as Dedrich) in the Chancery procedings of his own father, John Bishop, who also died intestate one year after Peter. Those latter documents, dated 27 Jun 1833, name all of the children of John Bishop (see below). John Bishop owned land in Frederick County, including "The New Location", "Errors Corrected", "Resurvey on Runneymede" and "Friendship Agreement". All of this had been recorded online on the pages of Dorinda Davis Shepley, which gave citations to the court records, but that URL is no longer working.

Jacob Bishop purchased 124 acres for $175.00 from his brother Dedrich Bishop which included all of the latter's rights to the estate of their father John Bishop Sr., in "Errors Corrected", "New Location" and part of "Friendship Agreement" adjoining David Foutz, Jacob Correll, Peter Shoemaker and Peter Babelon and others, signed in German by Dedrich and wife Catharine [Frederick County Deed HS 36:60-62 recorded on 9 May 1831, op. cit.].

Dieterich, I use here the conventional German spelling, has his given name appear in the records as Dedrich, Dieterick, Deter, and, in Peter Mock's Chancery proceedings, Teter. The surname was Bischoff when the family immigrated, and occasionally appears as Bishoff in the records in Maryland.

Deterich was censused 1820 in Taneytown as Deter Bishop, and 1830 as Dieterick of Election District 6. In 1840 he was censused as Teter Bishop, District 1, Carroll Co., and in 1850 as Detrich in Carroll County, aged 73. It is not clear how many of the persons censused in his household are his children, and how many might be sons- or daughters-in-law. Certainly John, below, must be a grandson. It seems likely that Mary was a daughter-in-law because she does not appear in the 1830 census. She was 13 years younger than Peter. (Parenthetical entries from separate sources):

IMAGE: Censuses_1820-1850.jpg
Deterich and Catherine Censuses

Catherine's birth date of 14 Oct 1783 comes by calculation based on a reading of her Baust Cemetery tombstone: "Catherine (w/o D.) d 3 Jun 1845 @ 61y.7m.20d" also no longer online. The transcription lists her with four others under the heading "Bishoff", with Johannis b 1740 the first, but doesn't indicate whether or not all of the stones use that spelling. This is the cemetery in which her father Peter Mock is interred together with his third wife Margaret.

The four censuses for the siblings in the family are somewhat problematic due to highly inaccurate census ages from year to year:

IMAGE: Censuses_1850-1880.jpg
Siblings' Censuses

Each year Peter, Sarah, Susanna and Mary were in a single household in Taneytown. The 1880 census explicitly identified the four that year as siblings. Note that in 1880 Sallie was the same age as Siwan of 1850. I believe that these two were the same person, since the 1830 census lists only one daughter in that age bracket. The 17 year age difference for Sarah between 1860 and 1870 is awkward, but so is the fact that Peter aged on average less than eight years per decade through his last four censuses. That Susanna does not appear in the 1830 census probably means that her 1870 and 1880 ages were more nearly correct that that in 1860. Since the ages vary so drastically from decade to decade, I'm using the 1850 ages to specify birth years for the named children, except for Susanna (also appearing as Susannah and Susan).

In 1870 Peter, Sarah, Susannah and Mary were shown in Henry Bishop's household, listed after his wife and three children. (Someone has gone over the census page and renumbered the households and families, separately for Peter and the three women, but the list of names is written as one would expect for a single house with two families. Peter had zero real estate value listed.) The 1880 census listed all four as single, which then means that Sarah (who doesn't appear that year when siblinghood was specified) was not a wife of Peter, but a sister, also, since he wasn't described as a widower.

None of these siblings appear in the Carroll County census of 1900. And who the 10 year old John Bishop was in 1850 is unknown, but probably the son of one of the older sons whose name we don't have. Finally, at this point, I see no way to identify those five eldest children in the family, nor the son born 1825-30. Even if Bishop men were identified later as having been born 1804-10 and 1810-15, the exteme inaccuracies of the Frederick/Carroll county censuses would make that evidence of little value.

An abstract of the Chancery records, mentioned above, concerned with the estate of Dieterich's father John Bishop had been posted on the web pages of Dorinda Davis Shepley, but is no longer available online. These records identify Dieterich's siblings and some of the next generation children, so I copy that abstract here (with a few additions found on the internet added in square brackets):

IMAGE: Chancery_Records.jpg
Chancery Records in re John Bishop

The ten children of Dieterich and Catherine (Mock) Bishop:   ____, ____, ____, ____, Henry, Peter, Sarah, Siwan/Sallie, John and Mary. 

i    Bishop, ____ was born before 1804. 

The birth year of this first daughter of Catherine and Henry is, from the 1820 census, between 1794 and 1804. However, since Catherine was born in 1783, and was still at home with her parents in 1800, I've listed this daughter as born before (and probably quite near to) 1804.

ii    Bishop, ____ was born 1804/1810. 

iii    Bishop, ____ was born 1804/1810. 

iv    Bishop, ____ was born 1810/1815. 

v    Bishop, Henry was born 1813/1816 in Maryland.  He was married to Mary ____.  Mary was born 1819/1820 in Maryland. 

Henry BISHOP         Self     65   MD   Farmer           MD MD
Mary BISHOP          Wife     50   MD   Keeping House    MD MD
Emily C. BISHOP      Other    36   MD   Home             MD MD
Henry C. BISHOP      Son      26   MD   Laborer          MD MD
Samuel T. BISHOP     Son      20   MD   Laborer          MD MD
1880 Census Taneytown, Carroll, Maryland

The seven children of Henry and Mary (____) Bishop:   Anna E., John T., Emily C., Mary A., Alice, Henry C. and Samuel T. 

vi    Bishop, Peter was born 1815/1816 in Maryland. 

vii    Bishop, Sarah was born 1819/1820 in Maryland. 

viii    Bishop, Siwan/Sallie was born 1823/1824 in Maryland. 

ix    Bishop, John was born 1825/1826 in Maryland.  He was married to Mary A. ____.  Mary A. was born 1829/1830 in Maryland and died after 1900. 

There were three John Bishops in Taneytown in the 1800s. The first was a farmer born 1800-1801, with a wife Susanna born 1802-03, and three children Maria, Rufus and Jane, ages 23, 28 and 19, all in the 1860 census.

The second was John A., in the same census, age 38 so born 1821/22, with a wife Miranda 28 and a 2 year old daughter whose name I could not decipher. He could have been a son of John and Susanna, but I have no evidence one way or the other regarding such a relationship. Dieterich also had a brother Jacob who had a son John about whom I know nothing else.

The third John Bishop was this son of Dieterich, censused in 1860, 70 and 80 in his own household, the second time with a ten year error in his age, but with the same wife and daughter. In that census, he had, in addition to some workers in his household, an Anna M. Bishop, 82, so born 1787/88. She was listed as a boarder, not a relative, but surely must have been one.

John BISHOP      Self     54   MD   Retired Farmer   MD MD
Mary A. BISHOP   Wife     50   MD   Keeping House    PA MD
Laura V. BAXTER  Dau      26   MD   Home             MD MD
Morris BAXTER    SSon     6    MD                    PA MD
Blanch BAXTER    GDau     1    MD                    PA MD
1880 Census Taneytown, Carroll, Maryland

A daughter of John and Mary A. (____) Bishop:   Laura B.. 

x    Bishop, Mary was born 1831/1832 in Maryland. 

4    Mock, Magdalena was born 1785, died 24 Feb 1852 in Taneytown, Carroll, Maryland and was buried in Trinity Lutheran, Cemetery. 

Magdalena never married. Her name was often the first on the various petitions and complaints to the court regarding her father's estate. I am assuming that she is the Magdalena Mock who died 24 Feb 1852 and is buried in the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery located off of Pump House Road in Taneytown, about five miles from where Peter Sr. is buried in Tyrone.

Unfortunately, two readings of her tombstone disagree substantially as to her age at death. One, cited as "Tombstone inscriptions transcribed on 1 October 1889 and published in The Democratic Advocate newspaper on 14 December 1889", available on midmdroots.freewebspace.com/carroll/cemeteries/trinity.htm, gives 66y 2m 8d, leading to a birth date of 16 Dec 1785. The other, in the History of Washington County ... by Thomas John Chew Williams, reads 66y 11m 29d, and so a birth on 26 Feb 1785. The first, latest date, is about 18 months before Samuel was born, and the other about 16 months after Catharine, so either date is possible from that standpoint.

Note that her brother Christian named a daughter after Magdalena. It's also interesting that Peter married a Maria Magdelena, and had by her a daughter Mary Magdaline (as spelled in her obituary), then with his second wife Elizabeth named another daughter Magdalena.

Magdalena could have been one of the females censused in her father's home in 1810, or in that of her brother Peter II. After that, I've not been able to identify her in any census record, although she is mentioned in all of the court proceedings in re her father's estate.

5    Mock, Samuel was born 7 Jun 1787 in Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland and died 10 Feb 1871 in Stark County, Ohio.  He and Rachel S. Giesaman were married in Ohio.  Rachel S. was born 1792/1793 in Pennsylvania and died about 1866.  She was the daughter of Johannes D. and Sabina (____) Giesaman.

The principal sources for Samuel Mock are the court documents in Maryland concerning his father's estate, an Indiana history393, Ohio Genealogical Society postings on Prodigy by Helene Hawkins, and an undated manuscript entitled "Mock Records" by Melvin B. Summers written in the 1830's379. Much of this manuscript was copied in the Canton, Ohio library by Pat Shemenski, who forwarded it to Steve Lapp in San Franciso in April, 1994. It went from him to Ron Moore who made paper copies for me and other Mock researchers. This was the record of a search for the ancestry of Melvin's wife Clara Mock, great-granddaughter of Samuel, granddaughter of John. The manuscript contained a chart of Samuel and Rachel's family, a short paragraph concerning Samuel in a section on Bedford County Mocks, a somewhat detailed letter from Summers to a D. E. Mock of Delta, Ohio dated 4 Apr 1934, and extracts from a letter Summers received from George S. Mock of Manhattan, Kansas dated 22 Mar 1934.

Samuel and his brother Abraham were living in Ohio in 1833, when the complaint was filed in Maryland Chancery Court to force the sale of the family land. Neither son ever appeared on a Maryland census or tax record, so must have left the state fairly soon after leaving the family home.

According to the George S. Mock letter, Samuel came to Stark County, Ohio with his brother and one sister, and located near North Lawrence in Tuscarawas Township, and the brother and sister married and settled eight or twelve miles west. This is a mysterious claim, as none of Peter Mock's daughters moved to Stark County, Ohio. I haven't a clue as to how George Mock could have come up with this belief, which he mentions twice in his letter.

At some unspecified time Samuel and Rachael and their "youngest child" moved to Brookfield, four miles west of Massillon. (Louisville and Brookfield, as well as the western portion of today's Massillon, are all in Tuscarawas Township.) He writes: "My grandfather in an early day went near Fort Wayne, Indiana and bought 160 acres for each child. My father (John Mock) and Samuel Mock (another son, Samuel, Jr.) came back to Stark County."

Tyndall and Lesh write: "Sarah Mock was born in Stark County near Masillon, June 1, 1825. Her grandfather, Peter Mock, was a native of Germany and died in Maryland. Her father, Samuel Mock, previously mentioned, was born in Hagerstown, Maryland, June 7, 1787, and moved to Stark County, Ohio as a pioneer in 1819. He spent most of his life in that section of Ohio. He died in Stark County, Ohio, February 10, 1871, when nearly eighty-four years of age. The maiden name of his wife was Rachel Geisaman, a native of Cumberland County, Maryland and she died at the age of seventy-three. Samuel Mock and wife were exemplary Christians and active members of the United Brethren Church."

First of all, the authors probably meant Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Additionally, the surname Geisaman (with "ei") doesn't seem to exist. (Summers spells it as Gesaman, Geseman and Geeseman.) One version, occuring often in Pennsylvania, Maryland and iOhio, is Geiselman. However, her father's will uses the spelling Geesaman and Giesaman, and the Geesaman descendant who transcribed that will names him as Johannes D. Giesaman, which I adopt. Early on the Geiselman name occurs prominently in York and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania, just adjacent to Maryland's Frederick County, and Cumberland is just north of those two counties. Tyndall and Lesh give no dates for Rachel, only her age at death, but from her age of 67 in the 1860 census, her birth would have been in 1792/93 and therefore her death around 1866.

The will, of Rachel's father Johannes D. Giesaman indicated that he was of the township of Guilford in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, that his wife's name was Sabina, and that his children were Joseph, Jacob, Margaret, Sally, Elizabeth, Sabina m John Shillan, Rachel m Samuel Mock, Catherine m David Melaker/Metzker and Samuel.

Summers lists as the children of Samuel and Rachel Mock (where the dates at least in part are for marriage licenses):

1. John m Marietta Stickler
2. Samuel m Lydia Shissler 8 Oct 1850
3. Elizabeth m Phillip Houk 1 Feb 1844
4. Sarah m Benjamin Houk 29 Nov 1849
5. Mary S. m Samuel Robinson 31 Jan 1856
6. Rachael m1) Edward Kennedy 20 Aug 1878
m2) ____ Myers
7. Jacob m. Charlotte Eyster 24 Aug 1843
8. Peter unmarried

John was born 1820, married 30 Oct 1845, and died 8 Oct 1893.

Samuel appears in the Tuscararas Township, Stark County, Ohio censuses from 1820 through 1870. There is, however, considerable disagreement among those records as to the ages of his family members. In 1840, all of the children were at home except the eldest child John and one of the three oldest daughters, and the age brackets can be taken to constrain the ages of those at home.

In 1850 only Mary and Rachel were still at home, in 1860 Rachel and Peter, and in 1870 only Rachel. But the ages are wildly discordant among these records. Here are the records for Rachel's birth year(s):

1840     1835/40
1850     1838/39
1860     1826/27
1870     1834/35
1880     1828/29
1900     1828/29

where the last two records are of the widow Rachel Myers (see the discussion below regarding her marriages). According to the 1840 census, Samuel and Rachel had NO daughters born in the 1825 to 1830 period.

Son Peter must have been born before 1830 according to the 1840 census, but in 1860 his birth year was 1834/35. Since he was not at home in 1850, the earlier birth is more likely.

In 1860 he was censused as "S. Mock", age 73, with Rachel, 67, in Tuscarawas Township, living with their daughter Rachel and son Peter in the home of a clergyman, but owning real estate worth $9600. Possibly Samuel should have been shown as head of household that year:

MOCK, S.     73    
W Galwaith?  42   Clergyman  NY
?nle?        24              OH
Frank         2              OH
S. Mock      73   Farmer     MD
Rachel       67              PA
Rachel       33              OH
Peter        25              OH
1860 Tuscarawas Twp, Stark, OH

A decade later he was still in Tuscarawas, an 83 year old retired farmer, with his daughter Rachel, 35, keeping house for him:

Samuel's death year was given in a Prodigy posting 8 May 1993 by Helen Hawkins, citing records of the Ohio Genealogical Society of Adams Co. Ohio. (This was reported to me by Steve Lapp via Ron Moore, March 1994.) She reports that Samuel was born in Hagerstown, MD in 1787, married Rachael S. Geisaman, moved to Stark County in 1819, and died 1871. This information agrees in detail with the Tyndall and Lesh data cited above. Samuel's grandson George S. Mock wrote: "Grandfather and wife Rachael, and the youngest child moved to Brookfield, 4 miles west of Massillon, and died there." That town no longer exists, but would have been near the western border of Stark County. The youngest child was daughter Rachel, who lived with her parents for many years before her two marriages.

The children, except for Matilda, are in the order given in the Melvin Summers family group sheet, which also gives the marriage dates and names of the childrens' spouses.

Rachel, as the wife of Samel Mack, was named in the will of her father Johannes D. Giesaman dated 15 Apr 1826 and probated in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

The nine children of Samuel and Rachel S. (Giesaman) Mock:   John, Matilda, Elizabeth, Sarah, Samuel, Jacob "Jake", Peter, Mary S. and Rachel. 

i    Mock, John was born May 1820 in Ohio and died 8 Oct 1893.  He and Marietta Stichler were married 30 Oct 1845 in Wayne County, Ohio.  Marietta was born 1826/1828 in Ohio.  She was the daughter of George and Magdalena (Row) Stichler.

According to an IGI extraction from "Marriage records, 1813-1951 Ohio. Probate Court (Wayne County)", John Mock and Mary Stichler were married 30 Oct 1845 in Wayne County, Ohio. Summers gives the surname as Stickler. Note that Marietta's mother was a Row, married in 1823, and John's uncle Abraham Mock married a Catherine Row in Stark County, Ohio (adjacent to Wayne), in 1826.

John and Mary moved to Indiana shortly after their marriage, but later returned to Stark County to live [Summers, 4 Apr 1934]. None of the censuses find him in Indiana, so the stay there could not have been too long. According to his son George, John moved the family back to Louisville about 1854 or 56. This town is in Stark County, east of Canton. However, see below, John was censused in Tuscarawas Township, on the west border of Stark County, in both 1850 and 1860.

Indiana land entry records show that John Mock entered land in the Cinncinati District (along the east border of Indiana) on 17 Oct 1836. His property, the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Section 34, Township 21 North, Range 14 E of the 2nd Prime Meridian, lies in the northern part of Randolph County, approximately at the location of the present town of Saratoga. (This is some 30 miles south of Adams County, with Jay County intervening.) Note that this was 40 acres, not the 160 acres said to have been purchased by Samuel for each of his sons379. Since he had four sons, it's possible that he in fact purchased a total of 160 acres for all of them, not for each. The other son's portions may have been nearby, but John's was at the very northern edge of the Cincinatti District, and the adjacent Fort Wayne District land records have not yet been examined. It is interesting that a Jesse Oyster, of the same surname as John's sister-in-law, entered land the following year in the NW 1/4 of Section 1 of the same township and range, about five miles north of John's land.

In 1850 John and Marietta first show in the census in Tuscarawas Township, Stark County, with two year old John and her relative, LYdia Shisler, 21 and presumably a sister, living with them. John was a 30 year old farmer; Marietta was 23 years old. In 1860 he was censused as a Book Seller in Tuscarawas Twp., some four pages distant from his father. Their son John F. was 12, and a new son George S was 7.

John's census in Stark County for 1870 is difficult to read. Greentown, today, is in Lake Township northwest of Nimishillen Township, where his son John Franklin lived in 1880, but I don't know whether or not that's what is referred to by the Post Office in this census (see also 1880). There was a 7 year old male and a 1 year old female in the home whose names I couldn't read.

John and his wife, she this time as Mary, were again censused 1880 in Stark County, he as a patent medicine manufacturer. Ida, 12, is surely the daughter censused above at one year of age whose name I couldn't read. Also were in the home two Servant/Laborer, Mary and Frank Ferniar, ages 17 and 15.

Summers gives 8 Oct 1893, in different places, as the death date both for John and for Mary, and in another place 1904 for both.

The five children of John and Marietta (Stichler) Mock:   John Franklin, Sarya †, George S., Ira † and Ida M. 

ii    Mock, Matilda was born 6 Feb 1821 in Pennsylvania and died 23 Feb 1908 in Douds, Van Buren, Iowa.  She and Daniel Shaffer were married 5 Jan 1841.  Daniel was born 1813 in Pennsylvania, died 8 May 1894 and was buried in Leando Cemetary, Douds, Van Buren, Iowa. 

Matilda is not mentioned in any of Summers' papers. She was originally included in this family based on correspondence received by Ron Moore [Personal Cummication, 1996] from Frances Spees of Clarksville, Tennesee, a gr-gr-grandaughter of Matilda. Frances gave Matilda's birth, marriage and death information, and says Matilda's Iowa death certificate names her father as Samuel Mock, born in Maryland. The birth in 1821 is acceptable since that is matched within a year in two later censuses.

Matilda and Daniel went to Van Buren County, Iowa ca 1850 “by way of Illinois and possibly Perry Co., Indiana”. She was a member of the Church of the Brethren or of the United Brethren Religion, it's unclear which.

I was unable to find Daniel and Matilda in the 1850 or 1860 census in Iowa, before they show up in Van Buren County by 1870. Since I only find four children in 1870 and 1880, and Matilda's 1900 census (below) reports that she had had seven children, it's probably that the others were older and would show up in the 1850 and 1860 censuses for Danial and Matilda if those can be located.

October 2006: The two eldest daughters were identified in the RootsWeb WorldConnect family tree of David W. Plowman, who also gives Anna Mary's spouse, Thomas Clark Plowman, and seven children. One child yet remains to be accounted for, possibly one who died young.

Shafer, Daniel     58    Farmer 2700/1036   PA
Shafer, Matilda    50    Keeping House      MD
Shafer, Jacob E.   19    Farm Laborer       IA
Shafer, Samuel     15                       IA
Shafer, Agnes J.   12                       IA
Shafer, Elnora     10                       IA
1870 Census, Chequest Twp., Van Buren, Iowa

The Family History Library, in a rare transcription error, had Samuel listed as a female and sister:

Daniel Shafer        Self     66   PA   Farmer           PA PA
Matilda Shafer       Wife     59   MD   Keeping House    MD MD
Samuel E. Shafer     Son      24   IA   Farms            PA MD
Nora E. Shafer       Dau      19   IA                    PA MD
George Green         Orphand  15   IA   Farms            OH OH
1880 Census, Chequest, Van Buren, Iowa

In 1900, Van Buren Township, Van Buren County, Iowa, Matilda was listed as mother-in-law in the household of Samuel and Jane A. Roush. Her age was given as 79, born in Pennsylvania in 1821, with both parents born in Maryland. Jane, her daughter, was aged 42, born in Iowa in 1858, with both parents born in Pennsylvania. The census also indicated that Matilda had borne seven children, of whom six were then living.


"Matilda Mock Shaffer was born in Frederic Co., Pa., February 6th, 1821, and at 4 a.m., Feb. 23, 1908, her life work was ended and for her it was the daybreak of eternal life. She was married Jany. 5, 1841, to Daniel Shaffer, who died May 8, 1894. To them were born seven children, six of whom are still living, Mrs. Thomas Plowman, Mrs. Jasper Plowman, J. E. Shaffer, Samuel Shaffer, Mrs. Samuel Roush and Mrs. Frank Horn. They moved to Iowa in 1847, where she afterwards resided. For many years she had made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Samuel Roush, where for 23 years the main thought of that family was grandmother's welfare and happiness. With her husband she united with the Brethren church nearly 50 years ago. …" (Photocopy of this obit is located on page 80 of Obit Book A found in the Van Buren County, Iowa, Genealogical Society's collection at the Keosauqua Public Library in February 2000. Name and date of newspaper not given.)

The six children of Daniel and Matilda (Mock) Shaffer:   Nancy Margaret, Anna Mary, Jacob E., Samuel A., Jane A. and Nora E. "Elnora". 

iii    Mock, Elizabeth was born 1822/1823.  She and Phillip Houk were married 1 Feb 1844 in Stark County, Ohio.  He was the son of Samuel and Catherine (Sprecker) Houk.

Elizabeth's marriage is from Ankrum3, and appears also in the IGI [Patron Sheets, 1969-1991, Patron submitted forms], where Phillip's name is spelled Hauk. Her sister Sarah married, five years later, a Benjamin Houk. It should be noted, also, that a Henry Hoke/Honk according to Ankrum, presumably Houk, married a daughter of Sarah (Mack) Longenecker, a descendant of Alexander Mack, founder of the Church of the Brethren.

Elizabeth's sister Sarah married a Benjamin Houk five years later, so this is probably a case of sisters marrying brothers, but I have no direct evidence for that. Ruth Self agrees, but also has no evidence. She writes ['op. cit'.] that George, Susan and Benjamin are known children of Samuel and Catherine, and that she "highly suspects" that Samuel, Daniel and Phillip were also.

The lineage for these Houk's that she provides is:

Phillip Hauk/Houck, b PA, d PA
m Catherine ______, b PA, d PA

     Samuel Hauk/Houck, b 1775, Dauphin Co., PA, d ca 1830
     m Catherine Sprecker/Sprechter/Spraker, b 1781, Dauphin Co., PA, d 1867, Stark Co., OH

        Daniel Hauk/Houk,   b est 1808
        m 27 Apr 1832, Stark Co., OH to ____ ____

        Samuel Hauk/Houk,   b ca 1810, Lancaster Co., PA, d 18 Sep 1881, Stark Co., OH
        m 7 May 1840, Maria "Mary" Abigail Walter, b 12 Nov 1814, d 24 Oct 1897

        George Hauk/Houk,   b 23 Oct 1812, Dauphin Co., PA, d 11 Nov 1892 Stark Co., OH
        m 27 Jun 1838 Mary "Polly" Schilling, b 1 Feb 1819 Stark Co., OH, d 17 Sep 1896, IN

        Phillip Hauk/Houk   est b 1820
        m 1 Feb 1844 Elizabeth Mock

        Benjamin Hauk/Houk, b 28 May 1821, Dauphin Co., PA, d aft. 1887, IN
        m 29 Nov 1849 Sarah Mock, b 1 Jun 1825, Stark Co., OH

        Susan Hauk/Houk,    b 25 Jan 1822 Lebanon Co., PA
        m 15 Oct 1840 Jonas R. Walter, b PA d 15 Oct 1898, Stark Co., OH

iv    Mock, Sarah was born 1 Jun 1825 in Masillon, Stark, Ohio.  She and Benjamin Houk were married 29 Nov 1849 in Stark County, Ohio.  Benjamin was born 28 May 1821 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  He was the son of Samuel and Catherine (Sprecker) Houk.

Helen Hawkins, citing records of the Ohio Genealogical Society of Adams Co. Ohio, says that Benjamin Houk married in 1849 Sarah Mock born 1 Jun 1825 in Stark Co., Ohio, daughter of Samuel Mock. She gives, as well, Benjamin's lineage back to his great-grandfather Peter Houk who immigrated from Germany. The item was reported as from Adams County, in the southern part of the state.

Ankrum3 reports the marriage, which also appears in the IGI, citing Marriage Records, 1809-1916; Marriage Index, 1809-1972, Probate Court (Stark County) Ohio.

Ruth Self writes [Personal Communicaion Jul 2006] that Samuel Houk's wife was Catherine Sprecker/Sprechter/Spraker:

"Catherine Spraker/Sprecker/Sprechter Hauk/Houk took her children and migrated to Stark Co., OH after her husband, Samuel died [ca 1830]. Now, why would a widow up and do that? My theory is that she had sons already living there. Son, George was born in 1812 when Catherine was 31 and Samuel was 37. Then Benjamin was born 9 years later, and Susan was born a year after Benjamin. There was a Jacob Hauk/Houck and Esther "Hettie" Hauk/Houk (my g-g-grandmother) in Stark Co., OH at the same time."

Benjamin Houk, father of John C., was born in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, May 28, 1821, and was fourteen years of age when his mother removed to Stark County, Ohio, where he grew up and where he finished his early education. In that county on November 29, 1849, he married Miss Sarah Mock393;379.

A son of Benjamin and Sarah (Mock) Houk:   John C.. 

v    Mock, Samuel was born Mar 1829 in Ohio and died 1920 in North Lawrence, Ohio.  He and Lydia A. or H. Shissler were married 8 Oct 1850 in Stark County, Ohio.  Lydia A. or H. was born Aug 1828 in Pennsylvania and died 1912 in North Lawrence, Ohio. 

Samuel and his brother John both moved back from Indiana to Stark County, Ohio [Summers, citing 22 Mar 1934 letter from George S. Mock of Manhattan, Kansas]. Samuel's marriage data is from Ankrum [1940], and appears also in the IGI from "Patron sheets, 1969-1991, Patron submitted forms".

Summers writes: "Lived on a farm in Wayne county, Ohio, near the Stark County line. He and his wife were faithful members of the United Brethern Church and he was one of the founders of Newman Creek Chapel, near North Lawrence (now Bowdill)." According to Joette Kunse [Personal Communication, 8 Sep 2011], Samuel purchased 120 acres of the farm of John Koons and Rachel Geesaman. I don't know what the connection of this Rachel, believed by Kunse to be the daughter of a Samuel Geeseman, may have been to Samuel's mother, Rachel S. Giesaman, daughter of Johannes.

At first I believed that the 1880 census in Wayne County which placed that Samuel's parents' births in Prussia meant that Summers had identified the wrong family for Samuel, Jr.:

Samuel MOCK      Self     52  OH   Farmer           PRU PRU
Lydia MOCK       Wife     53  PA   Keeping House    PA  PA
Franklin MOCK    Son      25  OH   Student          OH  PA
Ellen MOCK       Dau      21  OH   At Home          OH  PA
Cora MOCK        Dau      14  OH   At Home          OH  PA
Ida MOCK         Dau      11  OH   At Home          OH  PA
Lydia SHISSLER   MotherL  79  PA                    PA  PA
James SHRADER    Other    21  PA   Works On Farm    PA  PA
1880 Census Baughman, Wayne, Ohio
PRU = PRUSSIA but this was a census taker's error

However, it's probable that the census taker entered the parents' birthplace of Prussia (Prusia on the census) on the wrong line. Five out of the 48 Shisslers censused in Stark and Wayne counties that year had parents born in Prussia, and it seems reasonable that Lydia did also. Unfortunately Samuel's mother-in-law is shown as born in Pennsylvania, as well as her parents. So this implies two egregious errors in the census return.

Twenty years later this was resolved by the 1900 census which shows Samuel born in Ohio and his parents in Maryland and Pennsylvania, as it should. There's no occupation entered for Samuel that year. Their daughter Margaret and her husband Daniel Rohrer were censused adjacent to them.

I list for reference the children and their spouses as given by Summers, but cannot claim these as fully documented. Two of the three children who died as infants Summers says were buried in Newman Creek Chapel which is near North Lawrence, Tuscarawas Township, Stark County.

The nine children of Samuel and Lydia A. or H. (Shissler) Mock:   Harriett A., son †, Daniel Franklin "Frank", Sarah Ellen "Ella", Margaret A., Cora B., Ida, Ada † and Lydia Ann †. 

vi    Mock, Jacob "Jake" was born 1821/1829 in Ohio.  He and Charlotte Oyster were married 24 Aug 1848 in Stark County, Ohio.  Charlotte was born 1823/1824 in Ohio. 

According to the letter from George S. Mock, "Uncle Jake Mock married a woman by the name of Oyster, 3 miles west of Brookfield, a village called Greenville". Her father had a large tannery where Abraham Mock and his sister (Elizabeth Houk) got their boot and shoe leather.

An IGI record has their marriage as Jacob Mock and Charlotte Eyster, 24 Aug 1848, Stark County, Ohio.

This census record for 1870 is apparently for this couple, in Allen County, Indiana in 1870:

Jacob Mock       48   Farmer 4500/1800     OH
Charlotte        46   Keeping House        OH
Elizabeth        16                        IN
Wm               13                        IN
Emma             11                        IN
Franklin          7                        IN
Lemuel E.         4                        IN
1870 Census, Madison Twp., Allen, Ohio

The age for Jacob places his birth in 1821/22, awkwardly close to those of his siblings, but all are based on census records and so decidedly suspect. He may have wanted to appear older than his wife. That he had a son Franklin corresponds to the son Frank attributed to Jacob and Charlotte by Summers, and that Frank was in Indiana late in life.

In 1880 Jacob reported to the census taker that his father (Samuel) was born in Germany. It's strange how family details get mixed up when handed down orally.

Jacob MOCK       Self   56   OH   Farmer           GER PA
Sharlotte MOCK   Wife   57   OH   Keeps House      OH  PA
Jacob H. MOCK    Son    17   IN   Wks. On Farm     OH  OH
Lemuel E. MOCK   Son    14   IN   Wks. On Farm     OH  OH
Mary C. GRESSLY  Dau    27   OH   At Home          OH  OH
Emma M. GRESSLY  GDau   9    IN                    OH  OH
John F. GRESSLY  GSon   7    IN                    OH  OH
1880 Census, Hoagland, Allen, Indiana

The childrens' birth places indicate the family moved to Indiana around 1853, but I was unable to find their 1860 census in Ohio or Indiana.

Summers in one place spelled Charlotte's surname as Eyster, but most records (except her marriage) examined give it as Oyster.

On 11 Apr 1838, German Reformed Church seminary funds were collected in Babscreek, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania from, among others, Paul Mack, $5 and Frederick Oster, $10 ['Genealogical Abstracts from Newspapers of the German Reformed Church 1830-1839' by Barbara Manning, Heritage Books, Inc, 19??]

George S. Mock wrote: "Uncle Jake Mock married a woman by the name of Oyster, 3 miles west of Brockfield, a village called Greenville. ... Mr. Oyster had a large tannery, on white bark principles, and Abraham Mock and sister got their boot and shoe leather there."

The six children of Jacob "Jake" and Charlotte (Oyster) Mock:   Mary, Elizabeth, William, Emma, Franklin and Lemuel E. 

vii    Mock, Peter was born 1826/1835 in Ohio. 

viii    Mock, Mary S. was born 1830/1834.  She and Samuel Robison were married 31 Jan 1856 in Stark County, Ohio. 

Summers had Mary's husband's name as Robinson, but the IGI [citing "Marriage records, 1809-1916; marriage index, 1809-1972, Ohio". Probate Court (Stark County)] spells it as Robison (and her maiden name as Mocks).

ix    Mock, Rachel was born 1835/1839 in Ohio.  She was married (1) to Edward Kennedy 20 Aug 1878 in Stark County, Ohio.  She was married (2) to ____ Myers. 

Rachel's first marriage is recorded in the IGI [extracted from "Marriage records, 1809-1916; marriage index, 1809-1972, Ohio". Probate Court (Stark County) ].

I was unable to find either spouse in the 1880 census. However, by 1880 there was a widow Rachel Myers b 1828/29 living in Edon, Williams County, Ohio, with a son Charles, 21. If that was a stepson, then this could be a record of Rachel if she was widowed, married and widowed again in less that two years. This Rachel listed both of her parents as born in Pennsylvania, but Samuel and his wife were so recorded in 1850, so there may have been some carelessness or uncertainty in birth places entered by the family into census records.

Rachel MYERS     Self   51   OH   Keeping House    PA  PA
Charles MYERS    Son    21   OH   Clerk In Store   MD  OH
1880 Census Edon, Williams, Ohio

I am not confident enought in this identification to list Charles as the grandson of Samuel and rachel Mock. Twenty years later the widow, aged 71, was living alone in Florence Township (in which Edon is located), Williams County.

6    Mock, Abraham was born 1790/1792 in Pennsylvania and died before 1880.  He and Catherine Row were married 20 Apr 1826 in Stark County, Ohio.  Catherine was born 1804/1806 in Pennsylvania. 

Abraham Mock married Catherine Row in Stark County, Ohio, on 20 Apr 1826 ['Early Marriages of Stark Co., Ohio, 1809-1840', Alliance Genealogical Society, Alliance, Ohio, 1986], also3 and the IGI citing "Marriage records, 1809-1916; marriage index, 1809-1972, Ohio". Probate Court (Stark County). I assume this is the son of Peter, as we know from the Maryland court papers regarding his father's estate that Abraham was in Ohio before 1833.

Two Abraham Mocks appear in the census index for Sugar Creek Township, Wayne County, Ohio in 1850. Kari Teeter Kandoll kindly transcribed this one for me (Personal Communication, 30 May 2003):

Abraham Mock     63   PA   Farmer  $5500
Catherine        44   PA  
Emanuel          22   OH  
Susanna          15   OH  
Wilson           13   OH   School
Catherine        10   OH   School
1850 Census Sugarcreek Twp., Wayne County, OH

This is almost certainly a record of the Abraham and Catherine married in 1826, as Emanuel was from this record born 1827/28, and Wayne and Stark are adjacent counties in Ohio. The age of 63 presents a slight dilemma, as it implies a birth year of 1786/87.

However, in 1860 he was censused as Abram, age 68, thus born 1791/92, with no occupation and with an innovative spelling of the name of his wife and daughter. Apparently he only aged five years in the previous decade, and his daughter Susanna aged 15 years! The previous census entry is for his son Wilson, and Emanuel is found on the next page, thus fortifying Abraham's identification.

Abram Mock        68    $15,200  $450    PA
Cathaina          55                     PA
Susan             30                     OH
Cathaina          20                     OH
1860 Census Sugar Creek Twp., Wayne County, OH

The 1800 census of Peter Mock's household, discussed above, recorded a son born between 1790 and 1800 which could only be Abraham. Thus this 1860 census age is about right, and the 1850 one is incorrect (a not unusual occurrence).

The birth in Pennsylvania, however, is perplexing, and moreover is confirmed in later censuses of his son Wilson in 1900 and 1910. Abraham's father Peter I was "of Frederick County, Maryland" when he purchased Resurvey on Brother's Agreement in June 1793, about the time of Abraham's birth. These two records then imply a residence in Pennsylvania ca 1790-92, and then residence somewhere in Frederick County before the June 1793 purchase. Possible, but it requires quite a bit of moving around.

Catherine's ages of 44 and 55 in these two censuses imply a birth year of 1804 to 1806, so she was about 20 to 22 years old when she married in 1826. Abraham was in his mid-thirties when they married.

I was unable to find an Abram or Abraham or Catherine Mock or Mack in the 1870 census index at Heritage Quest. Either they were missed that year, or had moved out of the state, although Catharine was censused still in Sugar Creek as a widow in 1880, with an unmarried servant and her child:

Catharine Mock   Self       W   75   PA   Keeping House   PA  PA
Martha Forney               S   24   OH   Servant         OH  OH
Maggie Forney    Daughter   S   3    OH                   OH  OH
1880 Census Sugar Creek, Wayne, Ohio

The four children of Abraham and Catherine (Row) Mock:   Emanuel, Susanna, Wilson and Catherine. 

i    Mock, Emanuel was born 1826/1828* in Ohio.  He was married to Catherine ____.  Catherine was born 1833/1835 in Pennsylvania. 

Emanuel's censuses for 1860 and 1870 give rather disparate birth years for him and his children. The age of 27 (clearly written) might have been 37 misheard by the census taker.

Emanuel Mock 27 farmer 600 OH
Cathaine 26 PA
Amanda 6 OH
Eliza 3 OH
Joseph Sagen 21 laborer PA
1860 Census, Sugar Creek Twp., Wayne, OH

Note the two daughters aged only eight and six years in the next decade:

Emanuel Mock 45 Farmer 3000, 1098 OH
Catherine 35 Keeping House PA
Manda 14 At home OH
Eliza 9 OH
1870 Census, Prairie Twp., Holmes, OH

The Emanuel Mock, aged 54, censused in Illinois in 1880 is of the right age and birthplace, as well as having the right birth places for his parents. However, this Emanuel could not be the son of Abraham and Catherine, because he had an older sister Elizabeth in his home, aged 60. That means she was born 1819/20, some six years before Abraham and Catherine were married. I copy that census here merely for completeness, and do NOT believe it is the right Emanuel unless there is something seriously wrong with this Elizabeth's record. (A 50 year old Elizabeth, e.g., born 1830 and out of her parents home before the 1850 census, would be acceptable.) No other Emanuel or Manuel born in Ohio turned up in a search of that census index, and I was unable to locate a Sergeon or Surgeon in 1860 or 1870 with a wife Elizabeth.

Emanuel MOCK Self 54 OH Farmer PA PA
Charles W. MOCK Son 17 OH Farmer OH PA
Elizabeth SERGEON Sister 60 PA Housekeeping PA PA
1880 Census, Oakley, Macon, Illinois

The two children of Emanuel and Catherine (____) Mock:   Amanda and Eliza. 

ii    Mock, Susanna was born 1829/1835* in Ohio. 

iii    Mock, Wilson was born Mar 1834 in Ohio.  He was married (1) to Laura Ann Fratz 3 Jan 1858 in Stark County, Ohio.  Laura Ann was born 1825/1826 in Ohio and died about 1863.  He was married (2) to Emma Griling / Kreiling 12 Oct 1865 in Wayne County, Ohio.  Emma was born Apr 1850 in Ohio. 

Wilson Mock's first wife, according to the Melvin Summers papers, was Laura Ann Fratz, married 3 Jan 1858 in Stark County, Ohio. This was documented in an extracted IGI record. Wilson's second marriage was with Emma Griling, 12 Oct 1865 in Wayne County, adjacent to Stark County, also an extracted IGI record. However, on her son Edward's death record, her surname is given as Kreiling.

The census records in Wayne County, Ohio, for Wilson Mock, shown in detail below, identify his children and their birth years. The 1900 census, in particular, indicates that he had 10 children of whom 9 were living that year. That, combined with a second marriage and a seven year gap between two of his children leads to a surmise that his wife Laura and newborn child died around 1863:

Summers' papers included the following obituary for Edward, son of Wilson:

"From Canton Repository of Jan 20, 1936

"Wooster-Services were to be held today for Edward Mock, 50, of southeast of Wooster who died after a short illness. Burial was to be in Wooster cemetery, Mr. Mock leaves his widow; a daughter, Katherine; two brothers, William and Oliver, and three sisters, Mrs. James Shamp, Mrs. William Gerlach and Mrs. Edward Winkler, all of Wooster."

A search for William Gerlach in Ohio resulted in censuses 1900, 1910 and 1920 for a William G. Gerlach, born 1865/66, of German born parents. His wife's name was Laura, born 1867/69 (from the three censuses) in Ohio of Ohio born parents. They had two chldren, shown below, and in 1920 Laura's mother Emma Mock was living with them, aged 73.

A search for James Shamp in Ohio was not immediately definitive, as there were two such in Wooster, James A. born in 1860, and James G. born 1881. However, James G. was censused twice with his mother-in-law named as Flora Hessler or Hestler, so he could not be the son-in-law of Wilson Mock. Thus, Amanda Shamp, wife of James A. born 1868/69 (from three censuses), was the daughter of Wilson.

However, I was unable to identify Edward Winkler in any census (anywhere in the Ohio) as a husband of any of the other three daughters of [nor did I find any of them as a widow Winkler up through 1920.

As mentioned above, Wilson was censused at age 13 in his father's home in Sugarcreek Township in 1850. In 1860, he was censused adjacant to his father (as Abram), but the name of Wilson's wife is unfortunately not at all clear (possibly Lara). This is the only record we have as to Laura's age, but note that Wilson's age should have been 26 if his birth in Mar 1834 (from the 1900 census) is correct, so that her age record here cannot be relied on.

Wilson was a little difficult to find in the 1870 census because Heritage Quest indexed him as Mank, while the census itself was clearly Mauk:

Wilson Mauk  36     Farmer
Emma         26     Keeping house
Minerva      11    
Isabella      9     (all born in OH)
Laura A.      2    
Amanda        8/12 
1870 Census, Sugar Creek Twp., Wayne, OH

In 1880 Wilson was again censused as Mauk, this time with Emma named as Emily, and they had three more children:

Wilson MAUK      Self   40   OH   Farmer          PA  PA
Emily MAUK       Wife   36   OH   Keeping House   PA  PA
Laura MAUK       Dau    12   OH                   OH  OH
Amanda MAUK      Dau    10   OH                   OH  OH
Emma MAUK        Dau     9   OH                   OH  OH
Oliver MAUK      Son     6   OH                   OH  OH
William MAUK     Son     2   OH                   OH  OH
1880 Census, East Union, Wayne, Ohio

By 1900 Wilson was back to being recorded as Mock, and the census shows one additional son, Edgar, born 1885. However, the birth months for Emma and Edgar are incompatible with their simultaneously reported ages since the census was taken 15 June.

Mock Wilson      Head    Mar 1834   66  40* 10  9    OH  PA  PA
Mock Emma        Wife    Apr 1850   49  38   6  6    OH  PA  PA
Mock William     Son     Jul 1878   21  -    -  -    OH  OH  OH
Mock Edgar       Son     Jan 1885   14  -    -  -    OH  OH  OH
1900 Census, Wooster Twp., Wayne, Ohio

Someone overwrote (*) on the census 38 years married for Wilson. But the 38 years for Emma would have her married at age eleven -- she had in fact been married only 24 years, and Wilson 42. It's difficult enough to interpret inaccurate censuses without later overwriting by unknown individuals! However, it's clear that the census taker recorded, in the column "Mother of how many children" 10 children, 9 living for Wilson, and 6 children, 6 living for Emma.

And the above record is incomplete. The census record of 1910 lists a son Edward, age 24, i.e. born 1885/86, who should have appeared in 1900 at age 14 or 15. We know from his death record that Frank Edward was indeed a son of Wilson and Emma, but where he resided in 1900 is unknown. The number of years married is, again, a fiction. And it appears that Emma had lost two children in the past decade, although I don't know which ones.

Mock Wilson  77   44 yrs married
Emma         67   44 yrs married, 8 children, 6 living
Edward       24  

The three children of Wilson and Laura Ann (Fratz) Mock:   Minerva, Isabella and ____. 

The eight children of Wilson and Emma (Griling / Kreiling) Mock:   Laura, Amanda, Emma, Oliver, William, Edgar, Frank Edward and  . 

iv    Mock, Catherine was born 1839/1840 in Ohio. 

Peter Mock  &  Margaret ____
Peter 1 m1 m2 m3, Christian 2, Margaret 3   Top  

Peter Mock was born 1726/1727 in Germany, died 3 Apr 1812 in Frederick, (now Carroll), Maryland and was buried in Baust Cemetery, Tyrone. 

Peter was married (3) to Margaret ____. 

Margaret ____ was born 1748/1749, died 2 Jan 1813 in near Tyrone, Frederick, Maryland and was buried in Baust Cemetery, Tyrone. 

Christian Mock  &  Mary Shearer
Peter 1 m1 m2 m3, Christian 2, Margaret 3   Top  

Christian Mock was born 19 Jun 1782 in Pennsylvania, died 23 May 1855 and was buried in Old Log Church, West St. Clair, Bedford, Pennsylvania. 

Christian and Mary Shearer were married in Pennsylvania. 

Mary Shearer was born 1783/1787* in Maryland, died 8 Sep 1877 in Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas and was buried in Polly Creek Cemetery, Laclede, Pottawatomie, Kansas. 

The parentage of Christian Mock of Bedford county, Pennsylvania, is quite well established. He was named as a son and heir in the intestate proceedings of Peter Mock who died 1812 at age 85 in Maryland. He was named in later papers concerning that estate (between 1825 and 1833) as living in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Thus it seems sure that Peter of Maryland and Christian of Bedford were indeed father and son.

There is some confusion in the literature, however. Christian's burial record comes from the cemetery in St. Clair township of the Mock Dunkard Church built on land he contributed. An early history of Bedford County27 incorrectly listed the second son of Peter Mock and Catharine Garn of St. Clair Township, Bedford as Christian, rather than Christopher. A later genealogist418 and419 apparently relied on this, and incorrectly assigned the dates of Christian's birth and death from the tombstone record to Christopher, son of Peter of Bedford. Later researchers compounded the error by assuming the name of that Peter's son was Christian, instead of Christopher. The 1817 will of the Bedford county Peter clearly names his son as Christopher. Even today, various writers arbitrarily interchange Christian and Christopher in reporting tax and census records for St. Clair Township.

Several accounts of the Mock Dunkard church built on land given by Christian to the Brethren of the Running Creek District of Bedford County seem to have as their original source an account in the History of the Church of the Brethren in the Middle District of Pennsylvania, which was quoted “verbatim” by Freeman Ankrum in "Alexander Mack the Tunker and Descendants"3, from whom we borrow:

In 1841 Elder George Mack Holsinger (1804-1862), a grandson of Alexander Mack, Jr., moved fifteen miles (west) from the Yellow Creek congregation in Morrison's Cove to the Pleasantville area of St. Clair Township. (See also our Teeter Family History regarding the Yellow Creek Church.) There he found a little group of Brethren whose leader was John Garber, a minister but a man too timid to preach. By 1843, under Holsinger's leadership, a congregation had been formed and a church erected on ground given by Christian Mock, whose wife was a member of the Brethren. This little log building was build on Layton Road, about two miles south and west of Pleasantville, and roughly two miles from Alum Bank. It was still standing when visited by Ankrum sometime before 1943, two miles northwest of the modern church building, but the clay chinking was falling from between the logs. A 1955 photograph of Christian's tombstone, with the log church in the immediate background, was published on page 47 of the first volume of the Brethren's Encyclopedia. A second photograph is of the interior of the building. The captions describe it as the Mock meetinghouse built in 1843-44.

The congregation was at that time officially the Dunnings Creek Church of the Brethren, but they were known also as the Mock Dunkards. We do not know whether Christian was a Brethren before this time, or at all for that matter, but the informal name of the congregation points to the possibility of his having been an active member until his death some twelve years later, and burial right next to the church. On the other hand, Holsinger's mother was a Mack, whose relatives changed their name to Mock when they came to the area, and some of them may well have been members of this church and given it its informal name.

(The Holsinger surname is prominent in the Brethren church, over twenty five being named in the “List of Ordained Ministers and Elders (1708-1980)” in the the Brethren Encyclopedia55, v. III. Holsingers were ministers in Antietam, Maryland, near where our Mocks and Shearers lived, and in Morrisons Cove, where our Teeter ancestors lived. John S. Holsinger (probably the John Snyder who was later an elder and minister in Iowa and Virginia) was an executor of Christian's will, and Elder Henry Ritz Holsinger was Editor of the Christian Family Companion, the first weekly Tunker paper, and of Holsingers History of the Tunkers and the Brethren Church, Pacific Press Publishing Company, Oakland, CA, 1901.)

The connection between Christian and Mary (Shearer) Mock and their daughter Margaret who married David Burger Teeter was originally based on a biography of their grandson Samuel M. Teeter in a Kansas county history30. The Album reports that Christian “was born in Franklin Co., Pennsylvania, whence he went to Maryland when quite young, and there became of age and married his wife, who was a native of that State. Mr. Mack was of Holland ancestry while the Shearers were of Swiss descent. After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Mack lived on a farm in Maryland for some years, and Mr. Mack followed his profession of a veterinary surgeon. They later removed to Franklin County, Pennsylvania where they sojourned eight years, thence going to Bedford County, where Mr. Mack engaged in farming, and also in Veterinary work.” Their grandson Samuel M. Teeter, the subject of the biography, followed his grandfather Christian into the profession of veterinary medicine.

There are several difficulties with the above account, written almost a century after the facts. The Holland ancestry, in particular, is highly doubtful, since a report of a ship embarkation from a Dutch port or a description of someone as “Pennsylvania Dutch” both lend themselves to misinterpretation. Also, a birth in Franklin Co., Pennsylvania in 1782 may not agree with the fact that Christian's father Peter was in the Washington Co., MD militia in 1778 and 1779, and sold land in that county in 1783.

It's difficult to apply firm dates to the itinerary outlined above. Their daughter Margaret's obituary in Kansas says she was born in Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland (in 1817), and “with her parents moved in infancy to Bedford County, Pennsylvania”. We do have a record that “Christian Mock of Washington Township Franklin County and Commonwelth of Pensylvania” purchased household goods in Frederick County, Maryland in 1823 [Frederick County, MD Land Records, Liber JS 17, Folio 569-70]. Thus a move north across the state line apparently occured between those dates. However, residency in Franklin County in 1823 conflicts with the 1820 Bedford County census which agrees exactly with the ages of the children. It may be that Christian either moved back and forth or maintained two homes for a period of time.

Early Bedford County, Pennsylvania records are difficult to interpret. A Christian Mock was taxed in St. Clair Township, Bedford County as early as 1808, where as a farmer he owned one cow and 258 acres valued at $528 on which he was taxed $2.64.

Fred Ickes claims211 that the Crestian, Chrisley, Cristley and Christian Mock tax records (of some unspecified township) 1810 through 1816 were those of Christopher Mock, son of Peter of Bedford, and brother to Adam, but cites no sources to support that speculation.

There were over a dozen Mock families in St. Clair township from 1820 through 1850, and from 20 to 40 in Bedford County as a whole. Apparently none of these were closely related to our Christian, as he had no brothers who came there from Maryland with him. If he had uncles or cousins in the county, these have not as yet been identified as such, but the Peter Mock (1742-1813) in the county who proportedly came there from Maryland about 1768 had eight sons [Dittig, mock.rootsweb.com/Chart07.pdf].

The 1820 census for “Christian Mock” lists a male and two females under the age of 10 for the family, and a male aged 10 to 16. These will be interpreted below with regard to Christian's children. Ickes211 claims that the 1820 record was of Christopher censused “as Christian”, living beside Adam Mock. He also reports that in the next year, 1821, Christopher and Adam purchased adjacent tracts from the estate of Peter Mock of Bedford, and Christopher was taxed on that land until he sold it in 1824, but does not give citations.

The children in the 1830 census of Christian in St. Clair Township, Bedford Co. match the ages of the 1820 family, with another son and daughter born after 1825. Ickes211 also identifies the 1830 census of Christian as that of Christopher, the son of Peter and Catherine (Carn) Mock, although giving no indication of how he came to that conclusion.

The 1840 census for “Christian Mock” in the township is a complete mystery. It lists only two adults, a woman in her 40's, and another in her 60's, and two males and two females below the age of ten. This is presumably not our Christian Mock, but why was he not censused that year? In the 1850 Bedford county census of Christian's family in St. Clair township, are found his son Samuel, 22, and a Charles Hinkel, 10, living in the household. Samuel is known to be his son from Christian's Bible as well as from his will. That document mentioned “all my children”, but named only Samuel and Matilda, the latter of whom was not listed in the Bible.

The Album cited above stated that Christian died 1855 in Bedford country “past three score and ten” years of age, and that Mary survived him and in 1865 went to Iowa, then in 1874 to Kansas. A photograph of Christian's tombstone, next to the Mock Meeting House, has been published in The Brethren Encyclopedia :

IMAGE: MockMtgHouse.jpg

This constitutes the source of the death date and the (calculated) birth date of 19 Jun 1782 for Christian. The second photograph on that page shows the interior of the church, with a raised platform and wide lectern. Both photographs illustrate clearly the log construction of the building.

Christian's will, signed (with an “x”) 14 May 1855, nine days before his death, bequeathed to his “dearly beloved wife Mary”, as long as she lived, his land, premises, and all of the rents and profits arising therefrom. He directed that his executors, Mary and John S. Holsinger, hold a vendue to sell his personal property. From the proceeds, if any remained after paying his debts, his son Samuel was bequeathed $50 for building and repairs. He further bequeathed to his wife one cow of her choice, one bed, and two hogs, and various household effects. Christian willed that his son Samuel “shall farm the place as long as they can agree”, and that he should give to his mother one third of all the grain he raised “in the bushel”, as much hay as she needed to feed her cow, and he was to have firewood “cut ready at the door”.

Christian provided in his will that the farm was to be sold as soon as practicable after Mary's death, and that the proceeds were to be divided equally among “all my children” who, unfortunately, he failed to name. However, he did specify that Matilda was to have only five dollars of her share, the remainder to be held in trust for her children. If she were to be widowed before all of those children arrived at twenty one, however, and “if she would be needy”, she was “to have of the money as she sees fit”. As Margaret was also married and had eight children at this time and Magdalene had four daughters by 1860, there must have been some special reason for Matilda to be singled out this way. Perhaps Christian did not get along with that son-in-law.

There are several records that may apply to Mary Shearer's ancestry:

In 1778, "The Worshipfull John Stull's Returns" of Washington County, Maryland, listed Peter Mock, together with George, Isaac, Jacob, and Peter Sharer, as having sworn to the Oaths of Fidelity ['Revolutionary Records of Maryland', Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh, Washington D.C., 1924]. Since Mary Shearer married Peter's son Christian, it is not unlikely that one of these four men was her father. The names of all of these can be identified in a Washington County list (date not known) of Capt. Jacob Sarer's Company which included Lietn. George Sarer, Sergt. Isaac Sharer, Peter Mock in the 5th class, and Peter Sarer in the 7th. [MD Hist. Soc. MS 1146 cited in The Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War by S. Eugene Clements and F. Edward Wright, Family Line Publications, Westminster, MD, 1987]. That reference also listed a William Mock in the 4th Class of Capt. Hogmires Company of Washington County.

Possibly relevant is the record of Peter Shears, born 1749, Pvt. in the German Regiment of the Continental Line in a list of Revolutioary War Pensioners290.

Washington County Land Records, in Western Maryland Genealogy:

"Peter Jones of Jerusalem Town, nailsmith, to George Sharrer, blacksmith, and Sebastian Baker, taylor, of Washington Co. for £10: one pair of Ballies and one milk cow. Wit: George Hoffman, Jacob Zacharias", dated and recorded 17 Oct 1781.

"Jacob Sharrer of Bedford Co., Shirley Twp., Pennsylvania, farmer, to Henry Pence of Washington Co., farmer, for £100: Kelly's Delight, being land Charles Carroll, Esq., conveyed to Sharrer, 125 a. Wit: Jos. Chapline, John Stull", dated 29 Nov, rec. 12 Dec. 1783.

"I, George Sharrer of Washington Co., owe Davis Smith of same £150, payable 15 Apr next. Condition: Lot 8 in Jerusalem Town and smith's bellow, vise, and anvil, stock, etc. Wit: John Stull, John Cellar, Elie Williams, Richard Prather", dated and recorded 23 Mar 1784.

On 5 Jun 1789 the United congregation of the Evangelical, Lutheran, and Reformed churches subscribed to purchase land and build the Salem Church at what is now Pleasant Hall, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Subscribers included five Shearers: Peter (5£ 1sh), Henry (4£), Peter, Jr. (1£ 10sh), George (15sh), and Michael (10sh). All paid their pledges in full except Peter, Sr., who is recorded as having paid 3£ 12sh 8p ["The Church Book for Salem Church", Marge Small Kieffer, in Franklin County Footnotes, vol. 1, no. 3, July-September, 1930].

A George Shearer was 2nd Corporal on 5 Sep 1812 in Capt. Andrew Oaks' Greencastle Company in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. A John Shearer was Private in Capt. Andrew Robison's Greencastle Company in Sep 1814. ['Historical Sketch of Franklin County, Pennsylvania', I. H. M'Cauley, D. F. Pussel, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, 1878].

A Maria Shearer of Frederick Co., Maryland, married John F. Chingam on 8 Mar 1832 [Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh, 1985, Maryland Records].

A Rebecca Shearer somewhat older than Mary married a John McMillen, and their daughter Rebecca born 1796 married in 1822 Thomas Alford, brother of Hugh Alford of our ancestry, and a shoemaker in Shenango Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

A Heinrich Adam Scheer immigrated 16 Sep 1751 with Michael Burger on the Edinburgh.

Another interesting reference [Replogle Genealogy, source lost] is to a Johann Kasper Scherer and Anna Catharine Mueller of Dorrenbach, Germany. Their daughter Maria Katharina married 14 Feb 1736 Johann Adam Metzger. He was born 26 May 1701 in Niederlinxweiler, Mainzweiler, Germany, the son of Philip and Kathrine (Anna Catharine) Thom of Niederlinxweiler. Anna Catherine came as a widow to America, presumably with her son and daughter-in-law, and they setled in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Children married into Replogle and Broombaugh families. The Scherer and Mueller surnames may be only coincidence, or may provide clues to our lineages of those names. (Our Thommen lines we know to be from Switzerland.)

From the Tax List of Maryland State Archives (Assessment of 1783, Index):

Peter Mock. Ringolds Mannor, pt, 70 acres. Marsh
Archibald Sharer. Jacks Bottom, 150 acres. Salisbury and Conocheague
George Sharer. WA Upper Antietam and Jerusalem
Peter Sharer. WA Upper Antietam and Jerusalem

(There were also a large number of Shavers taxed in these same locales.)

Mary was living with her daughter Magdalene Emerick and family in 1860, wherein she reported Maryland as her birthplace:

Jacob Emerick 51 Farmer
Magdalene 32
Mary 11 birthplace unknown for
Arnette 7 everyone except:
Margaret 2
Mary Mock 74 birthplae MD
1860 Census, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA

In 1870 Mary was living with her daughter Margaret and son-in-law David Burger Teeter in Des Moines Township, Jefferson County, Iowa.

David b Teter 61 Farmer 4000/1200 PA
Margaret 53 Keeping House MD
Jacob 18 Farmer IA
Mary 10 IA
Joseph 7 IA
Samuel Teter 24 Farmer PA
Emaline 20 Keeping House IA
sarah 3 IA
Charles 1 IA
Harriett Glenn 15 IA
Mary Mack 84 No occupation MD
1870 Census, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa

The 1900 census of her daughter Margaret Teeter, mother of George, in Mill Creek Township, Pottawatomie, Kansas, gives her mother's birth place as Pennsylvania, while the Kansas history30 says Mary was a native of Maryland. Since Christian and Mary moved from Maryland to Pennsylvania when Margaret was an infant, Margaret might have always assumed that her mother was born in the state in which she herself was raised.

Margaret's obituary in 1901 said she was to be buried in Stratton Cemetery, south of Laclede, “beside the graves of her husband and mother”. When I visited the graveyard, it was named Polly Creek Cemetery, four miles east and five miles north of Wamego. Mary's tombstone reads

MARY MOCK DIED Sept. 8, 1877 AGED 90 yrs 7[?] ms 5 ds

The implied birth date is 3 Feb, not the May 1786 that I had originally from some family source, nor the June 1787 implied in the Kansas county history which had her death wrong by one year. Her age was given as 66 years in the 1850 census in Bedford County, indicating a birth year of 1783/84, and 74 and 84 in 1860 and 1870, respectively, implying a birth in 1785/86.

The children of Christian and Mary Mock are now well documented in the Mock Bible in the possession of Dr. Harold David Mock, and brought to my attention by his sister, Evelyn (Mock) Hirtle George. Printed in Nürnberg in 1765, the Bible inscriptions on three of the flyleaves include birth dates of sixteen Mocks and of three Leppos [George and Swan, 1998].

One page in the Bible has the following six inscriptions, with no indication of who the parents were. The third, fourth and fifth entries are in one hand, the other three were written by other individuals:

IMAGE: ChristianChildren.gif
The Children of Christian Mock

Margaret's birth date is independently available from our family records, which confirms that the Bible record is of the birth of the daughter of Christian and Mary. Samuel, born 1828, is named as a son in Christian's will signed 14 May 1855, and censused as 22 years of age in Christian's home in 1850. These known relationships make it quite certain that this page consists of a listing of children of Christian Mock (1782-1855) of Maryland and Bedford Co., Pennsylvania.

However, the list is incomplete. The 1920 census for Christian listed a male born 1805-1810 who does not appear in the Bible. If this was a son, no further trace of him has been found. Also, Christian's 1855 will mentioned a daughter Matilda who at that time was married with children. Although Christian bequeathed his estate equally among all of his children, he mentioned by name only Matilda (whose portion he reserved for her children) and Samuel.

Census records for the children of Christian Mock can be compared with the information above:

IMAGE: Childrens_Records.jpg
Records Comparison

From this chart, it appears likely (although not certain) that the first son, as well as Priscilla and Manuel, had died by 1830. The assumption that Matilda is the first of three children born 1815-1820 is dictated by the placement of Margaret and Reuben's birth dates within that period, so that 1815 seems the most likely estimate for Matilda's birth year. This fits with the fact that in Christian's 1855 will, he referred to “all of those children” when mentioning Matilda's progeny. Her birth in 1815 would allow her to have had several children by 1855.

The eight children of Christian and Mary (Shearer) Mock:   ____, Matilda, Margaret, Reuben, Priscilla †, Manuel †, Magdalene "Lanah" and Samuel. 

1    Mock, ____ was born 1805/1810. 

The 1820 census for Christian and Mary included a male born 1805-1810. As he was not listed in the Mock Bible, he was either a son who died early, or someone else temporarily in the household.

2    Mock, Matilda was born about 1815. 

Matilda's name is known from her father's will of 1855, at which time she was married with children, but we have no knowledge of her husband or childrens' names.

3    Mock, Margaret was born 1 May 1817.    

4    Mock, Reuben was born 21 Feb 1819 in Pennsylvania, died 12 Apr 1883 and was buried in Keagy Cemetery, Pennsylvania.  He was married to Elizabeth Hoffman.  Elizabeth was born 3 Sep 1824 in Pennsylvania and died 4 Jul 1892 in Keagy Cemetery, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Christian and Mary (Longenecker) Hoffman.

One flyleaf of the Mock Bible contains the following inscriptions, where doubtful readings are shown with question marks and parenthetical guesses.

Rheuben Mock Was born february the 21 in the year of our lord 1821 [sic]
Elizabeth Mock Was born septtember the 3 in the year of our lord 1824
Christtopher Mock was born january the 1 in the year of our lord 1843
Mary ann Mock was born April the 2 1846
Lydia Mock was born March the ? 1848 (1 or 7)
Elisebeth Mock was born 1849
March the ???
Samuel Mock was born 1851
Magdelenia Mm Mock was born September the ?? ????
Isaac Mock was born november the 9 1858
Matilda susan Mock was born August the 18 1864(?)
jacob Mock was born September the 12 1861(?)

Reuben's birth year of 1821 given above does not agree with the 1819 given on the previous page, nor with the inscription on his tombstone, which also reads 1819. The March entry between Elisebeth and Samuel could belong to either, and the faint, scribbled day is enigmatic. The "Mm" letters following Magdelenia's name might have been an aborted attempt to write Mock which was not crossed out. The date for Isaac is very faint, and Evelyn Hirtle George reads it as 1 Nov 1857. The two dates in the 1860s are quite hard to read, and at least one is probably incorrect, as all of the other dates were entered chronologically.

Evelyn lists from other sources two possible additional children of Reuben and Elizabeth, John R. and Emanuel David (b 1865). As these are undocumented in Reuben's bible or estate records, I don't accept them as children in this family.

From Sell, Jesse C., Twentieth Century History of Altoona and Blair County, Pennsylvania, and Representative Citizens, Chicago, IL: Richmond-Arnold, 1911, pp. 807-808 as quoted on a web site no longer in existence:

"Reuben Mock was born in Maryland and was young when he was brought to Bedford County by his parents being reared at Pleasantville where they lived for many years. After his marriage he removed to Woodbury Township, in Bedford County, where he engaged in farming until his death, which occurred in 1884. In his earlier years he was something of a horseman and it was told how he successfully drove a six-horse team all the way from Morrison's Grove to Baltimore, carrying grain and produce. This was before railroad days and, considering the difficulties, was considered something of a feat. He used the famous Conestoga wagon which was especially constructed for long distances and heavy loads. It has been celebrated in story and poem. Reuben Mock was well known and was a welcome visitor at many a fireside and public gathering. He was of the pioneer type, brave, resourceful and efficient. He was a member of the Brethren church and was a stanch supporter of the Democratic party. He married Elizabeth Hoffman, a daughter of Rev. Christian Hoffman who was a pioneer preacher of the River Brethren faith in Bedford County."

The birth in Maryland seems to be incorrect, as Reuben in all of his adult censuses claimed his birth place as Pennsylvania, and his death date is off by one year in this account.

Reuben's 1850 census record is indexed on Ancestry.com as Reuben Mack, not Mock, although the census itself is clear, including Christin's listing as a

female. See the discussion below concerning the name of Reuben's wife.

Reuben Mock      30   m   Farmer PA (clearly "o")
Rebecca  "       28   f          "
Christin "        7   f          "  ("f" is clear)
Mary     "        5   f          "
Liddy    "        3   f          "
Elisa    "        1   f          "
1850 Census, N. Woodbury Township, Bedford, PA

In 1860 Ruben and Elizabeth, ages 37 and 35, were censused with seven children in Middle Woodbury Township, Bedford County: Chritian 17, Mary A. 15, Lydia 13, Samuel 9, Magdulina 3 and Matilda 10 months. Isaac, 4 years old at that time, doesn't appear in the household. The next household censused in 1860 was probably that of a brother of Elizabeth, Christn and Mary Hoffman, both 40, wih children John, Leah, Isaac and Susan, ages 22, 19, 19 and 17.

In 1870 in Middle Woodbury Township, daughter Mary was gone from the household, but the three youngest children had appeared during the decade - Jacob 8, John 6 and Emanuel 4 -- and Reuben had aged 13 years:

Reuben and Elisabeth were censused in 1880 by a lisping census taker with his own ideas on the spelling of given names. The FHL transcribed record, re-edited here from the census image, changed the "w" in Reuben's name to "u" but kept the "h", apparently settling for half-right. Matilda worked in someone else's home, apparently, but resided with her parents.

Rhewben MOCK     Self   61   MD   Farmer          PA  PA
Elithabeth MOCK  Wife   56   PA   Keeping House   PA  PA
Matilda MOCK     Dau    20   PA   Servant         MD  PA
Jacob MOCK       Son    18   PA   Farmer          MD  PA
John MOCK        Son    16   PA   Farmer          MD  PA
Emanuel MOCK     Son    14   PA   Farmer          MD  PA
1880 Census, Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania

Their son Samuel was censused adjacent to them that year, with his own son Rhewben.

A suggestion has been made that Reuben married twice, as the 1850 census names his wife as Rachel, and the following censuses through 1880 report her as Elizabeth. However, we have four independent sources which give his wife only as Elizabeth, with no mention of an earlier marriage.

The most convincing argument to me is from selected pages of a manuscript entitled Ancestors & Relatives of the Richard Coeur Dillon Family of Ohio, handwritten (with elegant printed script) in 1991 by Mr. Richard Coeur Dillon of Bay Village, Ohio. I'm indebted to Barbara Dittig for a copy of these pages. The manuscript treats in part of Mary Alice Mock, who married in 1886 John Calvin Dillon, 1859-1951. One of the charts gives her parentage as Christian Huffman Mock, 1841- and Elizabeth Smith, 1844-1915. Christian, on another chart, is shown as the son of Elizabeth Hoffman and a Mock whose given name was unknown. It's unfortunate that Mr. Dillon recorded Christian's middle name, several times, as Huffman, and his mother as a Hoffman, because that middle name is one piece of evidence that Elizabeth was Reuben's only wife. (He also records one of Christian's daughters as Gurtrude, so probably retained spellings as he found them.)

Two other relevant sources are online records which describe the family of the Rev. Christian Hoffman and mention that his daughter Elizabeth married Reuben Mock. The details are sufficiently different that I feel these two accounts came from independent sources:

The first is a RootsWeb post 16 Jan 2001 by Vanessa Taylor available in the HOFFMAN-L Archives:

"Rev. Christian Hoffman was born 15 Nov 1799 and died 15 Feb 867. He was the preacher of River Brethren in Woodbury Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. He married Mary Longenecker born 16 Feb 1800 in Londonderry Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and died 24 Feb 1881 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Their children were Elizabeth Hoffman m Reuben Mock, Nancy Hoffman, Lydia Hoffman, Christian Hoffman m Annie Nancy Bassler, Susan Hoffman m Henry Guyer, Sara Hoffman m Jacob B. Stern, John Hoffman, Leah Hoffman m Jeremiah Hollinger and Isaac Hoffman."

The other HOFFMAN-L post 6 Aug 2001 provides additional details:

"Christian Hoffman was born 1799 in Pa. he was a Brethren Preacher he married Mary Longenecker b. 1800 Londonderry twp. Pa. they lived in Woodbury twp. children were: Elizabeth Hoffman b.1824 married Reuben Mock, Lydia Hoffman, Nancy Hoffman, Isaac Hoffman b. abt.1829, Christian Longenecker Hoffman b. Nov.13,1830 he married Annie Nancy Bassler, Sarah Hoffman b. Oct.24,1832 married Jacob B. Stern, John Hoffman b. abt 1838, Leah Ann Hoffman b. Oct.11,1840 married Jeremiah Hollinger, Susan Hoffman b. Feb.12,1843 married Henry S. Guyer."

Finally, the fourth item bearing on the question of the name of Reuben's wife is the Blair County history quoted above which gives personal details about Reuben's life and reports that he married Elizabeth Hoffman, a daughter of Rev. Christian Hoffman.

All of these sources together make me quite confident that Reuben's wife was named either Elizabeth Rachel Hoffman, or Rachel Elizabeth Hoffman, and that she changed from using Rachel to Elizabeth during her married life.

Richard Coeur Dillon, cited above, names Waterside, Bedford County for Reuben, and Martinsberg, Blair County, for Elizabeth, but it's uncertain whether he is reporting their birth places or where they lived while they were being brought up in their respective homes.

The eleven children of Reuben and Elizabeth (Hoffman) Mock:   Christian H., Mary Ann, Lydia, Elisebeth, Samuel H., Margaret Magdalene "Maggie", Isaac Scott, Matilda Susan, Jacob Irvin, John R. and Emanuel David. 

i    Mock, Christian H. was born 1 Jan 1844 in Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 17 May 1912 and was buried in Martinburg, Blair, Pennsylvania.  He and Elizabeth Smith were married 1864/1865.  Elizabeth was born Feb 1846 in Waterside, Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 1915 in Martinburg, Blair, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Ruben and Elizabeth (Nicodemus) Smith.

We have from the Mock Bible of Evelyn Hirtle-George that Christian was recorded as "Christtopher", where his birth date was also recorded. He was listed as "Christin", or "Christine", a female aged 7, in the 1850 census of his father's home, and "Christian" (a male this time), 17, in the 1860 census. According to Richard C. Dillon, he was born on a large farm called Dry Hill near Woodbury in Bedford County. All of the family, and the Dillon grandchildren, as shown here are taken from Richard's Ancestors & Relatives of the Richard Coeur Dillon Family of Ohio, 1991, mentioned above.

In 1870 a Christopher Mock, age 27, was censused with wife Elizabeth, adjacent to John Hoffman, 32, and family, and then Mary Hoffman, 70, living alone, the latter being Christian's grandmother. Considering the known history of confusing Christian and Christopher, this would appear to be actually Christian H. Mock, son of Reuben and maternal grandson of Christian and Mary (Longenecker) Hoffman:

Christopher Mock     27   Farmer  0/200
Elizabeth            26   Keeping House
Alice                 4 
Anna                  2 
Ladie              6/12 
1870 Census, Middle Woodbury, Bedford, PA

Ten years later, Christian Mock, age 38, and wife Elizabeth were censused with children of ostensibly completely different names:

Christian MOCK   Self   38   PA   Cattle Dealer   PA  PA
Elizabeth MOCK   Wife   35   PA   Keeping House   PA  PA
Mary A. MOCK     Dau    15   PA   At Home         PA  PA
Maggie MOCK      Dau    10   PA                   PA  PA
Ella MOCK        Dau     6   PA                   PA  PA
Gertrude MOCK    Dau     3   PA                   PA  PA
Homer MOCK       Son    6M   PA                   PA  PA
1880 Census, Woodbury, Bedford, PA

This is the same family, with Alice now named as Mary A., Ladie now as Maggie (presumably Lydia Margaret or v.v.), and Anna had apparently died young (she was not mentioned by Richard C. Dillon, op. cit.).

The 1900 census indicates that Christian and Elizabeth were married 35 years, hence in 1864/65, which is compatible with Mary Alice's birth in June of '65.

Our final look at Christian's family, in 1900, where all were born in PA of PA born parents:

Christian Mock   Jan 1844  56   m 35 yrs, Stock Dealer
Elizabeth        Feb 1846  54   m 35 yrs, 9 ch, 8 living
Gertrude         Oct 1877  22  
Homer            Nov 1879  20   House Servant
Harry            Nov 188   18   [birth year blank] Salesman
Essie            May 1884  16  
1900 Census, N. Woodbury Twp, Blair, PA

The eight children of Christian H. and Elizabeth (Smith) Mock:   Mary Alice, Anna †, Lydia "Maggie", Eleanor "Ella", Gertrude, Homer L., Harry Calvin and Esther "Essie". 

ii    Mock, Mary Ann was born 2 Apr 1846 in Woodbury, Bedford County and died 23 Oct 1909 in Bedford County.  She was married to Adam B. Guyer.  Adam B. was born 17 Feb 1845 and died 17 Jan 1916 in Bedford, Pennsylvania. 

Adam and Mary were censused 1870 in Middle Woodbury Township, Bedford County, he 25 and she 23 years, and with no children at that time.

They were still in Woodbury Township in 1880:

Adam B. GUYER Self 34 PA Farmer PA PA
Mary GUYER Wife 33 PA Keeping House PA PA
William H. GUYER Son 9 PA PA PA
Seward GUYER Son 7 PA PA PA
Myrtle GUYER Dau 3 PA PA PA
Saml. D. SMOUSE Other 14 PA Servant PA PA
1800 Census, Woodbury, Bedford, PA

Adam and Mary A. Guyer were censused 1900 again in Woodbury Township, both aged 55 years. Mary was reported to have had four children, all living, and Myrtle, 33, and Oscar, 30, were still living at home.

Adam B. Guyer was censused 1910 as a widower, aged 65, in Bloomfield Township, Bedford County. He was living with Daniel J. and Myrtle Reininger, and listed as Father-in-Law

The four children of Adam B. and Mary Ann (Mock) Guyer:   William H., Seward, Myrtle and Oscar. 

iii    Mock, Lydia was born Mar 1848 and died 1887.  She was married to Charles F. Hartman.  Charles F. was born 1848/1849 in Pennsylvania. 

Lydia and Charles were censused 1880 with her brother Isaac living with them:

Charles F. HARTMAN   Self   31   PA   Wagon Maker     PA  PA
Lydia HARTMAN        Wife   31   PA   Keeping House   PA  PA
George R. HARTMAN    Son     4   PA                   PA  PA
Jason HARTMAN        Son     1   PA                   PA  PA
Isaac MOCK           BroL   23   PA   School Teacher  PA  PA
1880 Census, Woodbury, Bedford, PA

There was a Charles F. Hartman, age 52 and married 10 years, in the 1900 census for North Woodbury Township, but that man was born in Maryland, and his wife's name was given as Lucinda. Given the errors in censuses, and since I don't have a death date for Lydia, I mention this here for future use in researching this family.

The two children of Charles F. and Lydia (Mock) Hartman:   George R. and Jason. 

iv    Mock, Elisebeth was born 1849. 

v    Mock, Samuel H. was born 25 Mar 1851 and died 9 Oct 1934.  He and Anna Katherina Nicodemus were married 1875/1876.  Anna Katherina was born 16 Jul 1858 in Blair Co., Pennsylvania and died 1910/1920.  She was the daughter of George and Mary (O'Haley) Nicodemus.

Samuel was censused in 1880 next door to his father:

Samuel MOCK      Self   29   PA   Farmer           MD  PA
Anna MOCK        Wife   21   PA   Keeping House    PA  PA
Cora MOCK        Dau     3   PA                    PA  PA
Rheuben MOCK     Son     1   PA                    PA  PA
Leah MOCK        Dau    2M   PA                    PA  PA
1800 Census, Woodbury, Bedford, PA

Their son Reuben is of the right age to be a possible father of Claire/Clare Mock. I could not find Samuel censused 1900 anywhere in Pennsylvania. In 1910, however, he was still in Woodbury Township, Bedford County:

Samuel Mock      59   34 yrs married  Farmer
Anna             52   7 ch, 6 living
Lloyd            19   Laborer
Grace            17 
Pearl            14 
1910 Census, N. Woodbury Twp, Blair, PA

Samuel was censused in 1920 in the home of his daughter Pearl Wineland. There were three other Wineland families censused in a row before this family:

George A. Wineland   26   Farmer
Pearl M.             24 
Samuel E.        1 7/12 
Samuel H. Mock       68  Father in Law, widower
1920 Census, N. Woodbury Twp, Blair, PA

Anna's parents and Nicodemus grandparents appear in an Ancestry World Tree, but that source shows only three children in her own family, Virginia, Mary and W. Lloyd Mock, and provides no dates for them. Mary and Lloyd appear in the list of children as obtained from the IGI for Samuel and Anna, but Virginia does not. (The IGI entry for George and Mary (O'Haley) Nicodemus does not list Anna as a child.)

The seven children of Samuel H. and Anna Katherina (Nicodemus) Mock:   Cora, Reuben, Virginia, Mary, Lloyd, Grace and Pearl. 

vi    Mock, Margaret Magdalene "Maggie" was born 7 Sep 1855 in near Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 13 Nov 1946 in Williamsburg, Blair, Pennsylvania.  She was married (1) to Edward Noble.  Edward died 1880/1890.  She was married (2) to David S. Lynn 20 Dec 1891. 

The records for Margaret are, at first sight, difficult to interpret. Her obituary, copied below, says she was married first to Edward Noble, by whom she had three sons, Emerson, Roy and Edward, and was married second in 1891 to David Lynn, by whom she had one son, Lloyd. I had originally that her first marriage was 30 Dec 1891, but this was probably a misprint for 30 Dec 1871.

The first marriage is documented in her 1880 census adjacent to her father "Rhewben":

Maggia Noble     Self     25   PA   Keeping House   MD  PA
Emerison Noble   Son       4   PA                   PA  PA
Roy Noble        Son       2   PA                   PA  PA
Edward Noble     Son      8M   PA   born Oct        PA  PA
1880 Census Woodbury, Bedford, PA

At the same time, Margaret's future husband was censused to the north in Blair County, with Oriosta born July 1779:

David Lynn       Self     25   PA   Farmer       PA  PA
Kate Lynn        Wife     19   PA   Housekeeper  ENG ENG
Oriosta Lynn     Dau      10M  PA   Daughter     --- ---
William Edwards  Other    15   PA   Laborer      PA  PA
1880 Census Huston, Blair, PA

Then, by 1900, Maggie and David were together:

David Lynn   Apr 1853 47   married 22 years, farmer
Maggie       Jul 1855 44   married 22 years, 7 ch, 7 living
Ostin (dtr)  Jul 1878 21  
Rhoda        Mar 1880 19   all in family born PA
Lizzie       May 1881 17   of PA born parents
Edward       Jan 1884 16  
Annie        May 1886 14  
Orville      May 1889 11  
Lloyd        Mar 1893  7   [David & Maggie married 1891]
1900 Census, Huston Twp., Blair, PA

It's not obvious from this one census alone, but all of these children except Lloyd were by David's first wife Kate, and their report to the census taker that he and Maggie had both been married 22 years is somewhat misleading.

In 1920, David and Margaret were censused living next to his son Lloyd, with a Stephen Lynn in the following household, all born in Pennsylvania of Pennsylvania born parents:

David Lynn       66  At home
Margaret         64 
Lloyd Lynn       28   General Farm
Blanch           25 
4 children           (see below)
Stephen Lynn     54 
Margaret         54 
Walter Grubb     13   Orphan child
1920 Census, Houston, Blair, PA

Mrs. Margaret M. Lynn, widow of David S. Lynn, died on Wednesday evening, November 13, at 6:45 o'clock at the home of her son, D. Lloyd Lynn, Williamsburg, R.D. 2. Mrs. Lynn was a daughter of Reuben and Elizabeth Hoffman Mock, and was born near Woodbury on Sept. 7, 1855. She was twice married, first to Edward Noble, to which union three sons were born, Emerson Noble, of Warren, O.; Roy, of Baltimore, Md., and Edward, deceased. On December 30, 1891, she was married to David S. Lynn, and to this union one son was born, D. Lloyd Lynn, at whose home she died. These step-children survive; Mrs. Howard Treese, Mrs. Herman Smith, Mrs. David Sollenberger and Orville Lynn, all of Williamsburg R.D., and Edward Lynn of Altoona. Also surviving are several grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and two brothers, Emanuel D. Mock of Cheswick and J. Irvin Mock of Erie. Mrs. Lynn was educated in the Bedford County schools are was a member of the Snively Church of God at Larke. Interment was made in the Beavertown cemetery.

The three children of Edward and Margaret Magdalene "Maggie" (Mock) Noble:   Emerson, Roy and Edward. 

A son of David S. and Margaret Magdalene "Maggie" (Mock) Lynn:   D. Lloyd. 

vii    Mock, Isaac Scott was born 9 Nov 1857 in Pennsylvania and died 15 Apr 1921.  He and Imelda Hair were married 12 Sep 1888 in Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania.  Imelda was born 1851/1852 in Pennsylvania. 

Isaac and Imelda's marriage record was posted by Diana L. Mock on the MOCK-GEN-L board:

"Isaac C. [sic] Mock, age 31, an insurance agent living in Woodbury Boro, PA, son of Reuben and Elizabeth Mock, and Imelda Hair, age 26 living in Woodbury Boro, PA, daughter of Samuel R. and Margaret Hair, were married September 12, 1888 by Rev. J. W. Ely at Woodbury, Pennsylvania."

Isaac was censused 1880 at age 23 living with his sister Lydia and her husband Charles Hartman (above). In 1900, he and Imelda were censused in Bloomfield Township, Bedford County, and in 1910 and 1920 in Roaring Springs Township, Blair County:

Isaac Mock       Nov 1856 43  12 yrs married  Managed Estate
Imelda           Sep 1861 38   3 ch, 3 living
Frances          Sep 1889 10 
Margaret         Apr 1892  8 
Palmer           Sep 1823  6 
1900 Census, Bloomfiedl Twp., Bedford, PA

The three children were all at home in 1910:

Isaac Mock       53   21 yrs married  O--- Shop
Imelda           48   3 ch, 3 living
Frances W.       20 
Margaret E.      18 
Palmer S.        16 
1910 Census, Roaring Spring, Blair, PA

In 1920, Palmer for some reason was listed out of order:

Isac S. Mock     63
Imelda           58
Palmer           26
Margaret         27
1920 Census, Roaring Spring, Blair, PA

Six households earlier on that census page were Joseph Mackie with his wife Pearl, mother-in-law Sara Mock, 61 and niece Mareta Mock. I have not identified any of these three Mock ladies, but their living close to Isaac may indicate a relationship:

Joseph A. Mackie     20   Railroad Clerk
Pearl                20 
Mildred P.         1/12 
Sara Mock            61   Mother in law
Mareta Mock          14   Niece
1910 Census, Roaring Spring, Blair, PA

There was an extensive biography of Isaac online, citing Twentieth Century History of Altoona and Blair County, Pennsylvania, and Representative Citizens by Jesse C. Sell:

"ISAAC S. MOCK, one of Roaring Spring's leading business men, engaged in plumbing and heater work and dealing in all kinds of roofing, spouting and sheet metal, handling the Ideal steam and hot water heater and making a specialty of lightning rods, has been established here since 1904. He was born in Woodbury Township, Bedford County, Pa., November 7, 1856, and is a son of Reuben and Elizabeth (Hoffman) Mock.

"Isaac S. Mock was reared in Woodbury Township and obtained his early instruction in the public schools and later attended Juniata College, under the government of the Brethren church at Huntingdon, Pa., having had previous instruction of excellent character at Woodbury and at New Enterprise, under Profs. Clouse, Cotton, Saylor, Vaughn and others. After leaving school he taught for eight terms and then accepted a position as clerk in the freight office of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company at Altoona. Still later he became station agent at Ore Hill for the same road but resigned after three years of service in order to perfect his business education and took a course in the Spencerian Commercial College at Cleveland, O. He was graduated there as a stenographer and then accepted a position in the auditing department of the C. C. C. & I. Railroad Company, at Cleveland and acceptably performed the duties of that position until he felt like returning to Bedford County about one year later.

"On September 12, 1888, Mr. Mock was married to Miss Imelda Hair, who is a sister of Edward W., Scott. Horace G. and Clarence Hair, well known citizens of Roaring Spring. Mr. and Mrs. Mock have three children: Frances W., Margaret E. and Palmer.

"From 1888 until 1904, Mr. Mock was general manager of the landed estate of Peter S. Duncan, of Hollidaysburg, owner of the Ore Hill mines. He has been a very active and useful citizen since he came to Roaring Spring in 1904, not only serving as a councilman but exercising his rights as a citizen and using his influence for public improvements and increased morality. He is a Prohibitionist in his views on public matters and is president of the Anti-Saloon League of Roaring Spring. He is identified with Lodge No. 539, F. & A. M., Roaring Spring and for ten years has served as its secretary. He belongs to the Methodist Episcopal Church and is one of its trustees.

"In 1904 and 1906 he was the choice of the Democratic and Prohibition parties for the state legislature, but in 1904 withdrew because of not having been a resident of the district the required time. In 1906, notwithstanding that the parties for which he was a candidate were far in the minority he ran far ahead of their party vote with the liquor men and saloon interests solidly against him."

Imelda Hair was a sister of Edward W., Scott, Horace G. and Clarence Hair, well known citizens of Roaring Spring, Blair County. Their children graduated from the Roaring Spring Borough High School, Frances in 1906, and Palmer and Margaret in 1911.

The three children of Isaac Scott and Imelda (Hair) Mock:   Frances W., Margaret E. and Palmer. 

viii    Mock, Matilda Susan was born 14 Aug 1859 in Pennsylvania and died 16 May 1937 in Roaring Springs, Pennsylvania.  She and Thomas Zook Replogle were married 11 Nov 1886 in Woodbury Twp., Bedford, Maryland.  Thomas Zook was born 1857/1858 in Pennsylvania and died 1910/1920 in Rhode Island.  He was the son of Daniel Brumbaugh and Elizabeth Snider (Zook) Replogle.

My photo copy of the Bible birth date for Matilda is extremely faint, and I've accepted Evelyn's reading, as she has access to the original. I seem to read the day as 18, rather than 14, but I also read the year as 1864?, which is definitely wrong. Her 1860 census age of 10 months fixes her birth as in 1859, and the Bible reads August.

Matilda's marriage record of 11 Nov 1886 [Hengst, Michael A., Bedford County Marriage Records, Closson Press, Apolo, Pennsylvania, 1989] reads "Tillie S. Mock, 25" which age is off by two years. The full record was posted on MOCK-GEN-L by Diana L. Mock:

"Thomas Z. Replogle, age 28, a jeweler living in South Woodbury Township, PA, son of Daniel E. and Elizabeth Replogle, and Tillie S. Mock, age 25 living in Woodbury, PA, daughter of Reuben and Elizabeth Mock, were married November 11, 1886, by Rev. W. L. Spanogle at Woodbury, Pennsylvania [Bedford Marriages Vol 1 #248]".

This couple had four children born in Pennsylvania, but sometime after 1897 they moved to Providence, Rhode Island, where Thomas became a postmaster. One small mystery in the two censuses in that location is that son William, born 1896/97 according to the 1920 census, does not appear in the 1910 census, when he would have been about 13 years old. I did not find him indexed as living in any other household in 1910, but if he had been living with another Replogle family, the index wouldn't list him.

Thomas Z. Replogle 52 married 24 years Post Master
Tillie S. 50 5 ch, 4 living
Robert S. 22 Printer, Newspaper Co.
Sabina L. 19 Clerk, Dep't Store
Idella M. 17 Stone setter, Jewelry
1910 Census, 9-WD, Providence, Providence, RI

Thomas died before 1920, when his widow Matilda was censused:

Matilda Replogle 60 Widow
Sabina 28 Bookkeeper NH&H RR Co.
William B. 23 Clerk NH&H RR Co.
1920 Census, 5-WD, Providence, Providence, RI

Despite their censuses in Rhode Island 1910 and 1920, Vanessa Taylor, on a now defunct web page, hasd Thomas' death in Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania. She was also the source of the dates on his parents.

Linda M Cochran's GenCircles Family Tree gives specific birth dates for all of the children, including twin Celia for whom I have no other source. I've also adopted Linda's names for the daughters where other sources have first and middle names reversed.

The five children of Thomas Zook and Matilda Susan (Mock) Replogle:   Robert Spencer, Letitia Sabina, Mary Idella, Celia and William J. Bryan. 

ix    Mock, Jacob Irvin was born 12 Dec 1861 in Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 26 Nov 1950 in Erie, Pennsylvania.  He was married to Minnie Catherine Bassler.  Minnie Catherine was born 7 Oct 1866 in Martinsburg, Blair, Pennsylvania and died 20 Sep 1903 in Erie, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Jacob S. and Lydia (Shank) Bassler.

I have had no success in finding Jacob and Minnie in 1900 or later censuses.

The source for Minnie's children, dates and parentage is by Vanessa (Barry) Taylor, op. cit

Also, for her siblings, see Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Blair Co, PA, Samuel T. Wiley, Philadelphia, 1892:

"November 13, 1855, Rev. Jacob S. Bassler married Lydia Shank, of Waynesboro, Franklin county, and they have four children: Anna B., wife of Levi Acker, a retired farmer of this county; Susan E., married Jacob Gresser, who is now engaged in farming; J. Harry, who married Fannie Coffman, and is a machinist of the firm of Snoeberger Bros. & Bassler; and Minnie C., married J. I. Mock, of Woodbury, a teacher in the public schools of North Woodbury township."

The two children of Jacob Irvin and Minnie Catherine (Bassler) Mock:   Robert Chalico and Lydia Eldon. 

x    Mock, John R. was born 1863/1864 in Pennsylvania.  He and Ida Zimmerman were married 1891/1892.  Ida was born 1865/1866 in Springfield Twp., Clarke, Ohio.  She was the daughter of ____ and Susan (____) Zimmerman.

John and Ida were censused 1900, 1910 and 1920 in Woodbury Township, Bedford County with Cora Mock, daughter of John's brother Samuel, in their home each of those years. In 1910 Ida was noted as not having any children, and the two of them had been married for 18 years.

Also that year Susan Zimmerman, 72 and born in Maryland of Maryland born parents, was in their home and listed as John's Mother-in-Law. There is a couple found in the Ancestral File of the Family History Library, named Isaac and Susan (Hass) Zimmerman who had a daughter Sara Jane b21 Aug 1854 in Sunbury, Northumberland, Pennsylvania. Whether or not this couple are Ida's parents I cannot judge.

John and Ida were censused 1900 through 1920 in Woodbury Township with his niece Cora Mock, daughter of his brother Samuel:

John R. Mock    Jan 1864 36   m 8 yrs Farmer   PA PA PA
Ida J. Mock     Jun 1866 34   no children      PA PA MD
Cora Mock       Mar 1877 23   niece, Servant   PA PA PA
1900 Census, Woodbury Twp., Bedford, PA

In 1910 Ida's mother was living with them:

John R. Mock     46   married 18 years     PA PA PA
Ida J. Mock      44   no children          PA PA MD
Cora May Mock    33   Niece                PA PA PA
Susan Zimmerman  72   Mother-in-Law        MD MD MD
1910 Census, Woodbury Twp., Bedford, PA

In 1920 Cora was still at home;

John Mock    55   Farmer   PA PA PA
Ida          52            PA PA PA
Cora         42            PA PA PA
1920 Census, Woodbury, Bedford, PA

A check on the IGI of the FHL found two dozen Ida's with a birth date within two years of 1866, but provided no way to select the one who married John Mock. Nor did searches on the Zimmerman GenForum and RootsWeb message boards.

xi    Mock, Emanuel David was born 1865/1866 in near Woodbury, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania and died 13 Feb 1953 in Cheswick, Pennsylvania, USA.  He was married to Ida Florence Snider.  Ida Florence was born 24 Sep 1870 in Taylor Twp., Blair, Pennsylvania and died in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Emanuel and Ida are the grandparents of Evelyn (Mock) Hirtle George, who provided the Mock Bible, cited earlier, from which so much information has been obtained.

For 1900, the Heritage Quest census index lists him as Emanuel L. Mack, but the census itself reads Mock with his middle intial illegible because of scribbling over:

Emanuel ?. Mock Sep 1866 33 m 7 yrs Merchant
Ida Sep 1870 29 2 ch, 2 living
Harold Sep 1895 4
Evelyn Dec 1897 2 all PA PA PA
1900 Census, Tyrone Boro, Blair, PA

In 1910 Emanuel was still in Tyrone Boro, but I couldn't make out the full description of his employment:

Emanuel D. Mock 43 m 16 yrs Comm--- Shoes
Ida 39 3 ch 2 living
Harold 14
Evylin 12 all b PA of PA b parents
1910 Census, 2-WD, Tyrone Boro, Blair, PA

By 1920 Emanuel had moved the family to the "big city" where he was working as a traveling salesman:

Emanuel D. Mock 53 Traveling Salesman
Ida F. 49
Evelyn F. 22
Harold S. 24
John Snider 35 brother-in-law, Engineer
Grace E. Snider 39 sister-in-law, Teacher
1920 Census, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA

The two children of Emanuel David and Ida Florence (Snider) Mock:   Harold Snyder David and Evelyn F. 

5    Mock, Priscilla † was born 6 Feb 1821. 

6    Mock, Manuel † was born 28 Mar 1824 and died before 1830. 

Manuel's name as christened was quite probably Emanuel. Since Priscilla and Manuel do not appear as young children in the 1830 census of Christian's household, we must assume that they died young before that date.

7    Mock, Magdalene "Lanah" was born 19 Nov 1826, died 7 Jan 1913 in Bedford, Pennsylvania and was buried in Pleasantville, Cemetery, Bedford, Pennsylvania.  She and Jacob Emerick were married 9 Oct 1845 in Pleasantville, Pennsylvania.  Jacob was born 13 May 1810 in Germany, died 7 Oct 1891 in Bedford, Pennsylvania and was buried in Pleasantville, Cemetery. 

Magdalene and Jacob are the ancestors of Bud Betts who provided me with the iinformation on this family and descendants [Personal Communication, 29 Jan 1997]. His year of birth, 1827, for Magdalena is one year later than the Mock Bible entry, and would be only ten months before the birth of Samuel as recorded in the latter source. He cites the burial records of Pleasantville Cemetery, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania which shows "... Jacob Emerick (dates) wife Magdalene (____) 11-19-1827, 1-7-1913".

Magdalene's mother Mary was residing with Magdalene and Jacob in the 1860 census. (Ten years later Mary was with her daughter Margaret Teeter in Iowa.)

Jacob Emerick    51   Farmer  2600/200
Magdalene        32 
Mary             11 
Annetta           7 
Margaret          2 
Mary Mock        74   born MD
1860 Census, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA

The second previous census to this one was for John and Sarah Emerick, 35 and 26, with 5 children.

In 1870 their youngest daughter was censused as Idella, although from some unknown souce I had her name as Della:

Jacob Emrick     61   Farmer  3000/900     GER
Magdalene        45   Keeping House        PA
Margaret         12                        PA
Idella            4                        PA
1870 Census, St. Clair Twp., Bedford, PA

The spelling Idella is repeated in 1880:

Jacob EMRICK       Self    71   Farmer           GER GER GER
Magdaline EMRICK   Wife    53   Keeping House    PA MD  PA
Idella C. EMRICK   Dau     14   At Home          PA GER PA
Chales ANDERS      Other   19   Works On Farm    PA PA  PA
1880 Census, West St. Clair, Bedford, PA

I do not find Magdalene in the 1900 census, but in 1910 she was still living in West St. Clair, and had with her an adopted daughter:

Magdaline Emrick   82   widow  6 ch, 4 living   PA PA PA
May Berringer      16   adopted daughter 
1910 Census, West St. Clair, Bedford, PA

Bud Betts [Personal Communication] has the Marriage Certificate of Magdalene and Jaob Emerick. Jacob's father came over supposedly as a fur trading partner of John Jacob Astor who had come from Germany in 1784, set up the American Fur Company and died in 1848. Jacob bought 91+ acres of land 12 Nov 1862 in St Clair Township, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania [Patent Book H, v. 65, p. 28].

The four children of Jacob and Magdalene "Lanah" (Mock) Emerick:   Mary Jane, Annetta, Margaret and Idella C. 

i    Emerick, Mary Jane was born 1849* in Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 24 Apr 1926 in Pleasantville, Pennsylvania.  She and William Alexander Peterson were married 20 Jul 1866 in Johnstown, Bedford, Pennsylvania.  William Alexander was born 1842 in Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 6 Feb 1922. 

A daughter of William Alexander and Mary Jane (Emerick) Peterson:   Magdalene Jeanette. 

ii    Emerick, Annetta was born 11 Oct 1852 in Bedford Co, Pennsylvania and died 15 Nov 1922.  She and Espy Barefoot were married 13 Feb 1876 in Bedford Co.  Espy was born in Bedford Co. 

From some source now lost I had 11 Oct 1859 birthdate for Anetta, but since in the 1860 census she was listed as seven years old, this must have been a misprint for 1852.

The five children of Espy and Annetta (Emerick) Barefoot:   Idella, Thomas, Charles, Harry and Jacob. 

iii    Emerick, Margaret was born 20 Aug 1857 in Bedford Co, died 1 Sep 1929 in Bedford, Pennsylvania and was buried in Pleasantville, Cemetery, Pennsylvania.  She and John Wesley Rouzer were married about 1880 in Bedford Co, Pennsylvania.  John Wesley was born 4 Nov 1852, died 6 Jan 1944 in Bedford Co, Pennsylvania and was buried in Pleasantville, Cem, Pennsylvania. 

The twelve children of John Wesley and Margaret (Emerick) Rouzer:   Oregon J., Annie, Samuel, Magdalene, Mary, Clara, Alberta, Harry, Naomi, Roy, Gertrude and Florence. 

iv    Emerick, Idella C. was born 1865/1866 in Bedford Co and died 9 Dec 1946.  She and George Seese were married about 1886 in Bedford Co.  George died 1943. 

The five children of George and Idella C. (Emerick) Seese:   Ruie, Magalene, Gladys, Grover and Jerry. 

8    Mock, Samuel was born 19 Sep 1828 in St. Clair, Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 1857.  He was married to Ruthanna Wright. 

Samuel was presumably named after his father's brother, who moved to Ohio along with others of the family His age is from the census of his father's household in 1850. He was named as beneficiary, and required to support his mother Mary, in his father's will, described above.

Other Samuel Mocks:

A Samuel Mock was married to Hannah Stombach 13 Sep 1849, both of Union Twp, by the Rev. Ziegler [Whisker, 1986, v1, p39]. In 1850 a Samuel Mock, 23, and his wife Hannah, 21 were censused in Union Township. However, four of the children of Peter Mock, Jr., of Bedford (unrelated to our line) married Stombaughs. Therefore, whether or not these records are of Samuel, son of Christian, is unclear, as the near matchs in name, age and location make the records difficult to assign unequivocally.

Ruthanna was censused (Bedford Co., Pennsylvania?) 1860 with Annie, 3 years old.

A daughter of Samuel and Ruthanna (Wright) Mock:   Annie. 

i    Mock, Annie was born 19 Aug 1856 in Pennsylvania, died 3 Feb 1878 in Clayton County, Iowa and was buried in Brown Cemetery, Clayton, Iowa. 

Fred Ickes writes that Samuel Mock, executor named in Christian Mock's will, had married Ruthanna Wright and had died in 1857. He then quotes an unidentified Orphan's Court record: "Samuel Mock, son of Christian Mock, left only child Annie Mock, who had a daughter, Elva Louise Mock". ['Mock Family Historian', v. VI, no. 2, pg 19, Spring, 1997]. He cites another unidentified court record to the effect that Thomas Oldham was appointed guardian 28 May 1879 for Elva Louise Mock, minor child of Annie Mock, deceased. Finally, he reports that Oldham was replaced as guardian 15 Sep 1879 by J.A. Mock of Clayton Co., IA, where Elva lived.

Annie and Elva Louise are represented in the census records of Clayton County, Iowa. In 1870 Anna, aged 13, resided in the home of John and Ruthanna Hammond of Mallory Township. Also in their home was their son James H., 25, and daughter Anna H., 15. Then, in 1880 in the same town, John and Ruth A. Hammond had in their house Louisa Mock, aged 2, and named as their granddaughter. It must be inferred that their son James was the father of Louisa, but since she carried the surname Mock, they must not have married. I cannot locate either James or the guardian J. A. Mock in the 1880 census.

That both of Louisa's grandmothers were named Ruthanna is something of a coincidence. However, that may be my misinterpretation. Ruthanna (Wright) Mock found herself a young widow with a baby less than a year old when Samuel Mock died in 1857. Did she go west to join her family in Iowa? There was a G. W. Wright in Mallory Township, aged 50 in 1860, who could have been her father. He and his wife Lucy, aged 44, had seven children ranging in age from 19 down to 4, and an eldest daughter Ruthanna in her twentys would fit in with that sequence quite well. In this case, we're postulating that Ruthanna married John Hammond before 1870 (possibly much earlier), but since at that time he had children 15 and 25 years of age, then his marriage to Ruthanna (Wright) Mock would have been his second, also. An 1850 census for John Hammond, aged 34 with a five year old son James, in either Pennsylvania or Iowa, giving his wife's name, would settle this possibility one way or the other, but I've had no success in locating one. And an 1860 census for Ruthanna would also be very helpful. (I at one time had a note that she was censused that year with a three year old Annie, but cannot now find her in any Pennsylvania or Iowa location.)

John and Ruthanna are buried in the Brown Cemetery on the southern border of Clayton County, just north of Colesburg, Delaware County. With them in the cemetery is buried Annie T. Mock, died "3 Feb 1878 aged 21y 5m 15d d/o S. & R.A. Mock"

Margaret Mock  &  David Burger Teeter
Peter 1 m1 m2 m3, Christian 2, Margaret 3 Teeter Top  

Margaret Mock was born 1 May 1817 in Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland, died 31 Oct 1901 in Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas and was buried in Polly Creek Cemetery, Laclede, Pottawatomie, Kansas. 

Margaret and David Burger Teeter were married 26 Nov 1835. 

David Burger Teeter was born 27 Feb 1809 in Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 9 Apr 1883 in Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas and was buried in Polly Creek Cemetery, Laclede, Pottawatomie, Kansas.  He was the son of John Shively and Susanna Heffner (Burger) Teeter.

David was assessed 1846 as a wheelwright on 61 acres of his own land valued at $425 in South Woodberry, Bedford, Pennsylvania. He moved in September or October, 1847 to Jefferson Co., Iowa. He was censused there in 1850 as a carpenter, in 1852 and 1856 he was assessed as a cabinetmaker, and 1860 censused as a farmer with assets of $3000 and $640:

David B Teeter 51 PA
Margaret 43 MD
George 19 PA
Elizabeth 17 PA
Saml 14 PA
David 11 IA
Jacob 8 IA
Francis 6 IA
Frederick 4 IA
1860 Des Moines Twp, IA

In 1870 David B. Teter was censused in Des Moines Township, Jefferson County. Also in his home were his son Samuel and family, and his mother-in-law Mary (Shearer) Mock.

David B. Teter 61 Farmer 4000/1200 PA
Margaret 53 Keeping House MD
Jacob 18 Farmer IA
Mary 10 IA
Joseph 7 IA
Samuel Teter 24 Farmer PA
Emaline 20 Keeping House IA
Sarah 3 IA
Charles 1 IA
Harriett Glenn 15 IA
Mary Mack 84 No occupation MD
1870 Census Des Moines Twp, Jefferson, IA

Two households before David the family of an Alexander Clark, 54, was censused with no wife and six children ranging from 8 to 21 (the three eldest being sons). Also in that home was a Margret Teter, 22 and born in Pennsylvania, keeping house. David's brother John owned land just a mile away, and had 10 children of whom I know the names of only three. It seems likely that Margret was one of the daughters of John and Sarah.

David originally entered 40 acres of land 27 Nov 1847 in Sec 9 of Des Moines Twp, but sold that tract for $50 two months later to Samuel Brown. (Samuel figures prominently in land transactions involving not only David and his brother Abraham, but also several of the son's of his uncle Isaac Teeter, two of whom married Brown daughters.) At that time, 24 Jan 1848, he purchased 135 acres in Sec. 4 from William Olney, using in part a mortgage of $250 on the new land from Samuel Brown. He was listed as a voter in Des Moines Twp. in 1848, along with Abrahm and Isaac K. Teeter.

Although he sold a 3 acre patch in 1850 to his neighbor Joseph Sketoe [G:338], David and Margaret resided on that farm until they left Iowa. In 1863 he borrowed $225 from John Haydon, mortgaging the farm until he paid off the note six months later [R:502].

In 1860 David loaned $140 to his brother Abraham, taking a mortgage on Abraham and Rebecca's Lots 7 & 8 of Block 2 in the town of Absecom [R:253]. Located in Des Moines Twp., and described as both Absecam and Absecom in the Town Plat recorded 27 Jun 1855 (although later usually called Absecum), this town was five miles west of Libertyville. It was settled as a trading post and stage coach stop as early as 1846, and was busy until 1859 when the stage coach route was changed. By 1870 no trace of the town of 80 lots could be found, and the fate of the mortgage held by David and Elizabeth is unknown.

The land that David and Margaret farmed abuts on its east side the Dunkard, or German Brethren Cemetery, where lie many of our Teeter and Alford relatives. Their son John M., who died 17 Mar 1859 at the age of 20, was the first Teeter to be buried there. He with four more of the sons who died young are in the first row along the Teeter side of the cemetery. So also are Susanna Heffner (Burger) Teeter, David's mother, and, in row 9, Martha (Weller) Alford, mother of John Weller Alford who married David and Margaret's daughter Elizabeth. Martha's son William and wife Hannah, David's brother Abraham and his wife Rebecca Ann (a daughter of Martha Alford), and five of Abraham and Rebecca's children are among the twenty Teeters who lie in thisBrethren Cemetery SE of Batavia.

The Brethren Church had been established there in 1838, when it was first organized by David Peebler and John Garber, the latter becoming the first minister. The meetings were held in private homes, schoolhouses, and barns for twenty years, until the first church was build 1858 in Sec. 4, probably on or adjacent to what is now the cemetery land.

Iowa conducted a state census in 1856, in which David B. and Margaret Teeter, 47 and 39, were found in Des Moines, Jefferson, Iowa. David was listed as a cabinet maker, and all seven of their children, John through Francis, were at home.

The year 1861 was a sad one for David and Margaret. They had twins in June of 1860, James William and Mary Agnes, but James died 13 Apr 1861 before his first birthday. Then 13 July their seven year old son Francis D. died, and on 29 August their son David M. died 20 days after his thirteenth birthday. Their 20 year old son John M. had died just two years previously, and their son Frederick S., five years of age in 1861, was destined to die two weeks before his thirteenth birthday.

The couple moved in 1874 to Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas, where they were censused 1880. Their two youngest children, Mary 19 and Joseph 17, were still at home with them that year.

The entire family's birth data and some death data are from David's Bible, entries for dates before May 1869 are all in one pen and hand. The 1950 census ages for the family don't agree at all well with the dates in the bible. I've noted the discrepancies for each individual.

David was a carpenter, wheelwright, and cabinet-maker and farmer. He spent some years as a teacher in both German and English, and held many local offices in his township, Deacon of the German Baptist Church for forty years.

The Bethren Church in Des Moines Twp., Iowa, where many of the family are buried was established in 1838, and closed 1974.

David died Monday, 9 Apr 1883 according to his obituaries in the "Kansas Reporter" and "Kansas Agriculturist", both Wamego, 13 Apr 1883. He was buried in Polly Creek Cemetery, now called Stratton Cemetery, south of Laclede, Pottawatomie Co., beside the graves of his wife and her mother.

His tombstone reads:

April 9, 1883
74 yrs 1 mo 12 d

and directly behind is a small, vertical footstone with the initials D. B. T. This death date and age implies a birth date of Tuesday, 28 Feb 1809.

Margaret was born near Hagerstown, Maryland, and with her parents moved in infancy to Bedford County, Pennsylvania, according to her obituary [Wamego Reporter, 31 Oct 1901]. This is in apparent conflict with the fact that her father was taxed in St. Clair township, Bedford, in 1808, and censused there in 1820. See the discussion above concerning Christian and Mary's moves before settling in St. Clair.

Margaret was living with her son George W. Teeter in Onaga City, Mill Creek Township, Pottawatomie, Kansas, in the 1 Jun 1900 census:

George Teeter    1841, 59   Day Laborer            PA PA PA
Phebe C.         1845, 55                          IA OH OH
George R.        1878, 22   R. R. Laborer          KS
Aggie K.         1881, 18   overwritten with 19    KS
Margaret         1817, 83   12 children, 5 living  PA PA PA
1900 Census, Mill Creek Twp., Pottawatomie, KS

She and David were members of the German Baptist church. Her obituary said she was to be buried in Stratton Cemetery, south of Laclede, beside the graves of her husband and mother. This was called Polly Creek Cemetery when I visited it to see and photograph the tombstones, which are still in good condition. Her tombstone reads:

Died Oct. 31, 1901
Aged 84 Yrs.
5 Mos. 30 Ds.

which implies a birth date of Thursday, 1 May 1817, in full agreement with her birth as recorded in the Mock Bible.

The twelve children of David Burger and Margaret (Mock) Teeter:   Christian, John M., George W., Elizabeth, Samuel Mock, David M. †, Jacob E., Francis D. †, Frederic S. †, James William †, Mary Agnes and Joseph Eby. 

1    Teeter, Christian was born 4 Sep 1836 and died 14 Mar 1839. 

2    Teeter, John M. was born 29 Nov 1838 in Pennsylvania, died 17 Mar 1859 and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

Birth and death from tombstone. Frances Bishop has this birth as 19 Nov, census of 1850 had him 12 years of age.

3    Teeter, George W. was born 7 Feb 1841 in Bradford County, Pennsylvania and died 3 Jun 1903 in Onaga, Pottawatomie, Kansas.  He and Phoebe Catherine Winder were married 6 Feb 1862 in Jefferson, Iowa.  Phoebe Catherine was born 12 Mar 1845 in Wapello, Iowa and died 29 Mar 1930 in Arispy, Pottawatomie, Kansas.  She was the daughter of Thomas J. and Eliza (Harmon) Winder.

George and Catherine's marriage was recorded 1862 in Jefferson, Iowa, just two weeks after the marriage of John Weller "Alfred" and Elizabeth Teeter, his sister, by the same county judge, A. R. Fulton.

The children shown here are from the 1870, 1880 and 1900 censuses and, acording to their birthplaces, the family moved to Kansas around 1871.

I also originally listed as a child in this family a Duane Teeter, born 1867/68 in Iowa and died before 1880, from a source now lost.

In 1900 George's mother Margaret, 83, was living with them, and she indicated that she had borne 12 children, of whom 5 were still living.

The marriages of the children of George and Phebe given here were found on the Ann Winder's web pages. Ann's pages, with well cited sources, also has information on some of the grandchildren.

The eight children of George W. and Phoebe Catherine (Winder) Teeter:   Francis D., Samuel, Eliza M., Mary E., Minnie E., Phoebe Catherine "Katie", George Reuben and Agnes Kay "Aggie". 

i    Teeter, Francis D. was born 1862/1863 in Iowa.  He and Ella Hoover were married 27 Sep 1884.  Ella was born about 1865. 

ii    Teeter, Samuel was born 1865/1866 in Iowa. 

iii    Teeter, Eliza M. was born 1867/1868 in Iowa, died 21 Apr 1912 and was buried in Ponca City, Kay County, Oklahoma.  She was married to Charles Ehler. 

iv    Teeter, Mary E. was born 1869/1870 in Iowa. 

v    Teeter, Minnie E. was born 1872/1873 in Kansas.  She was married to ____ Shanlep. 

vi    Teeter, Phoebe Catherine "Katie" was born 1 Oct 1875 in Arispy, Pottawatomie, Kansas and died 5 Dec 1950 in Toledo, Lucas, Ohio.  She was married to William Benjamin Brownlee.  William Benjamin was born 6 Mar 1867 in Cameron, Pennsylvania and died 3 Feb 1958 in Waterloo, Nebraska. 

A son of William Benjamin and Phoebe Catherine "Katie" (Teeter) Brownlee:   Orville William. 

vii    Teeter, George Reuben was born 14 Feb 1878 in Kansas.  He and Lavina Catherine Holcomb were married 14 Sep 1904 in Holton, Jackson, Kansas.  Lavina Catherine was born 6 Jan 1881 in Russell County, Kansas. 

viii    Teeter, Agnes Kay "Aggie" was born Dec 1881 in Kansas. 

4    Teeter, Elizabeth was born 27 Apr 1843.    

5    Teeter, Samuel Mock was born 8 Aug 1845 in Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 31 Mar 1895 in Arizona and was buried in Double Butte Cemetery, Tempe, Arizona.  He and Emaline "Emma" Snook were married 28 Jul 1866 in Jefferson, Iowa.  Emaline "Emma" was born 5 Feb 1848 in Iowa, died 1 Oct 1923 and was buried in Double Butte Cemetery, Tempe, Arizona.  She was the daughter of Jacob and Sarah (Price) Snook.

Samuel and Emaline, with two small children, were living with his father in 1870 in Jefferson County, Iowa (see above for census).

By 1880 they were in Pottawatomie, Kansas:

Sam M. TEETER Self 34 PA Farmer PA PA
Emma TEETER Wife 32 IA Housekeeper PA PA
Sarah M. TEETER Dau 13 IA PA IA
Chas. TEETER Son 11 IA At Home PA IA
David TEETER Son 9 IA At Home PA IA
Adaline TEETER Dau 6 KS At Home PA IA
1880 Census Rock Creek, Pottawatomie, Kansas

I was originally unable to locate Samuel or Emaline in the 1900 census. Then, in June 2015, I received an e-mail message from Robert G. Teeter, pointing out that the widow Emma, three of her children and a son-in-law were censused 1900 in Nogales, Santa Cruz, Arizona Territory. This enabled me to continue describing the family of Samuel and Emma. Robert also wrote:

"[Samuel's] son David Sylvester Teeter (who is my grandfather) is mentioned in a newspaper article form the Arizona Republican as a witness to property for his sister-in-law Eliza Neely Teeter [wife of Charles].

"Samuel Teeter was a doctor of veterinary surgery and David was a butcher and slaughter house owner. Two other brothers, Francis and John J. Teeter, were doctors. James Quinter Teeter was a butcher and partner with David Sylvester Teeter."

That 1900 census:

Emma Teeter Head F 52 Iowa
Anna Jimie Daughter F 26 Kansas
Jose H Teeter Son M 19 Kansas
Ella Teeter Daughter F 13 Kansas
Mary Kunkler Roomer F 3 Mexico
L W Jimie Son-in-law M 28 California
1900 Nogales Precinct, Nogales town, Santa Cruz, Arizona Territory

The eight children of Samuel Mock and Emaline "Emma" (Snook) Teeter:   Sarah Margaret "Maggie", Charles S., David Sylvester, Adaline "Anna", John J., James Quinter, Joseph Francis and Luella "Ella". 

i    Teeter, Sarah Margaret "Maggie" was born 1867* in Iowa and died 1930.  She and Harvey D. Winstead were married 11 Mar 1888 in Arisipie, Pottawatomie, Kansas.  Harvey D. was born 11 Nov 1866 in Hiawatha, Brown, Kansas and died 14 Nov 1945 in Tucson, Pima, Arizona.  He was the son of James and Sarah Elizabeth (Garoutte) Winstead.

Sarah Margaret Teeter married Harvey D. Winstead 11 Mar 1888 in Arisipie, a onetime community in Pottawatomie County, Kansas. He was the son of James and Sarah E. (Garoutte) Winstead, censused 1870 in Neosho, Neosho, Kansas. His mother was widowed in 1871 and by 1880 had married a Henry Krouse and they lived in Vienna Township, Pottawatomie, Kansas, with Harvey listed as a stepson. Henry's farmland appears on a 1904 Vienna Township map.

According to the Pottawatomie County Kansas Marriage Records both Harvey and Sarah Teeter were residents of Arisipie when they married. Her parents Samuel and Emma Teeter were in Rock Creek, Pottawatomie County in 1880, about 20 miles west of the town of Vienna. Exactly where Arisipie was in Pottawatomie County, nobody knows -- it's not even listed in ghost towns of Kansas!

Harvey, a farmer, and Maggie were censused 1900 in South Phoenix Precinct, Maricopa County, Arizona Territory, with all six of their children living with them. By 1910, the family was in Orange County, California with the exception of Emma, who would have been 21 that year. Harvey indicated that he was working as a farmer, and that both of his parents had been born in Missouri.

In 1920, Harvey and Maggie were back in Arizona, living on East 12th Street in Tucson with only two of their children, Ruth and Monroe. He was again working as a farmer that year. Robert Teeter [Personal Communication Jun 2015] writes that Sarah was mentioned as living in Tucson, Arizona, in the obituary of her mother in 1923. Finally, Harvey appeared in the 1930 Tucson census, enumerated 8 April, where he was a widower living alone on So Sea Block, Ward 6, and working as a school caretaker.

Harvey's death certificate records that he was born 11 Nov 1866 in Hiawatha, (Brown County) Kansas, and had lived 51 years in Sabino Canyon Ranch on Sabino Canyon Road, in Tucson, Pima, Arizona. He died 14 Nov 1945 of a coronary thrombosis, and was cremated on the 17th by the Parker Mortuary, South Lawn Cemetery in Tucson. His father was listed as James Winstead, born in Kansas, that he was a widower and that his wife's name had been Margaret. The informant was his son Monroe H., living at 51 W President St., Tucson, who was unable to give his grandmother's name.

Harvey's obituary appeared in the Tucson Daily Citizen for 16 Nov 1945:

"Funeral services are being held at 4 p. m. today at the Parker mortuary chapel for Harvey Winstead, 79, who passed away Wednesday at his home on the Sabino Canyon road. Mrs. Ethel Llewellyn, Christian Science reader, will conduct the service. The body will be cremated.

"Survivors are his son, Monroe, with whom he lived here, two daughters, Ruth Winstead of Santa Monica, Calif., who arrived this morning, and Mrs. Elizabeth Cameron of New York; and one grandson, Paul Cameron, Hollywood, Calif.

"Mr. Winstead, who was employed by the city school system for 18 years, came to Arizona in 1894 with his family. At one time he was the engineer at the Safford school."

According to an ancestry.com tree concerning Emma, their eldest daughter, her mother Sarah Margaret "Maggie" passed away in 1930 in Tucson, AZ, at age 63. However, the index to deaths in Arizona does not list Maggie under any combination of her given names, although it does list her husband Harvey and son Monroe.

There is an entry in the California Death Index for a Margaret T. Winstead. She died 21 Mar 1924 in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 57, which implies a birth year of 1866/1867, which is correct for Sarah Margaret. I'm tentatively accepting this as a record of the death of Sarah Margaret, interpreting the initial "T" as referencing her maiden name Teeter, and in part because we know she had been living in southern California back in 1910.

The six children of Harvey D. and Sarah Margaret "Maggie" (Teeter) Winstead:   Evelyn Emma, Samuel, Ruth "Bonnie", Paul Louis, Monroe H. and Elizabeth "Bessie". 

ii    Teeter, Charles S. was born 30 Dec 1868 in Iowa, died 1909 and was buried in Double Butte Cemetery, Tempe, Arizona.  He and Eliza Neely were married 7 Mar 1892 in Westmoreland, Pottawatomie County, Kansas.  Eliza was born 18 Sep 1869, died 9 Jul 1965 and was buried in Double Butte Cemetery. 

Received from Robert Teeter 26 Jul 2015:

"One correction. the birth date of? Charles S. Teeter. His grave marker says 1870. That is wrong. My grandfather, David S. Teeter was born in?1870 and they are not twins. The death certificate for Charles Teeter says 30 Dec 1868. David? S.? has a date of birth of 8 Oct 1870.

Charles and Eliza had a son Earl C. Teeter born 1900 who married an Elvira J. Van Doren 13 Dec 1920 in Tempe, Maricopa, Arizona. He died 1929 in Phoenix, Arizona, and is buried in the Double Butte Cemetery, Tempe, Arizona where his parents and grandparents are buried.

Another son, Carl E. Teeter, was born 21 Mar 1908, died 8 Jul 1973 also in Phoenix, and was likewise buried in Double Butte Cemetery. His wife, Dora Garrison, was born 2 Nov 1907, and lived for almost 96 years, dying on 10 Sep 2003. She was buried with her husband in Tempe.

Carl and Dora had a daughter Jeanne A. Teeter born 10 Jul 1941 and died 9 Dec 1995. She married a Bailey, and is buried in the Double Butte Cemetery.

iii    Teeter, David Sylvester was born 8 Oct 1870 in Iowa, died 8 Jan 1940 and was buried in Loma Vista Memorial Park, Fullerton, Orange, California.  He and Emily Bonham were married 16 Oct 1902 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.  Emily was born 13 Jan 1884 in California and died 1 Jan 1931 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.  She was the daughter of Landon and Margaret Emily (____) Bonham.

A MyHeritage.com match found Emilie's parents and children on WikiTree. Without prejuduce, I accept her parents' names and those of her children:

Robert V. Teeter, Ronald Bonham Teeter, Helene Gibson, David Owen Teeter, Veda Emily Teeter and Norman Landon Teeter.

I previously had that Robert V. was born 1914 in Arizona, and Norman L., 1917 also in Arizona, so the names above are apparently not in chronological order

iv    Teeter, Adaline "Anna" was born 15 May 1874 in Kansas and died 7 Oct 1940 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.  She was married (1) to L. W. Jimie.  L. W. was born Nov 1872.  She was married (2) to James W. Luke.  James W. was born 1872 and died before 1920.  She was married (3) to Walter F. Hows.  Walter F. was born 1883/1884 in England. 

I have found three records, all clearly for this Adaline, with three married names.

The first is the 1900 Arizona census record, above, of her mothers's household which shows her as "Anna Jimie" and her husband as "L W Jimie". Then a 1910 census in Los Angeles shows her as "Adeline T.", the wife of James W. Luke, with her mother "Erina" and brother "Joseph K" Teeter living with the couple. Despite the innovative spelling of the various names, the ages and birth places demonstrate that these are correctly identified family records.

In 1920 Adaline was censused as a widow living in the home of her widowed brother John and others of the family (see Ella, below).

Next, the 1930 census in Gardena, Los Angeles, California lists a Walter F. Hows, born in England 1884/1885, and Adeline T Hows, born the same year in Kansas. They had with them their son George E. Hows, born in Nebraska 1913/1914. That this is the right Adaline is demonstrated with the 1940 death record in California of "Adeline T Hows", whose father's name was "Tester" (fairly close) and her mother's "Snook".

However, before Adaline's death in October of that year, the 1940 census shows that they had divorced, with Walter living in San Francisco, and Adaline in Inglewood, Los Angeles, California. Their son, George E. M. Hows, with his wife Virginia Dunstan, were living with her parents, John and Aleph, in Los Angeles that year.

v    Teeter, John J. was born 1876* in Kansas and died 15 Mar 1926 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.  He and Katheryn Madsen were married 11 Feb 1906 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.  Katheryn was born 1880* and died 1916. 

vi    Teeter, James Quinter was born 3 Aug 1879 in Kansas, died 6 Sep 1948 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California and was buried in Double Butte Cemetery, Tempe, Arizona.  He and Clara Videll were married 7 May 1912 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona. 

James and Clara had a son James Benjamin who married Barbara Agnes Clavel, and a daughter Elizabeth Jane Teeter who married Robert Burns.

vii    Teeter, Joseph Francis was born Jul 1881 in Kansas and died 28 Aug 1927 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.  He and Zorah Dell Sitton were married 26 Jun 1912 in California.  Zorah Dell was born 1878. 

viii    Teeter, Luella "Ella" was born 11 Nov 1887 in Galena, Cherokee, Kansas and died Sep 1982 in Grants, Cibola, New Mexico.  She was married (1) to John R. Charters.  John R. was born 1888 and died 1971.  She was married (2) to Albert Dietrich 28 Jul 1910 in Santa Ana, Orange, California.  Albert was born 1889 and died 11 Aug 1978 in Campbell, Santa Clara Co., California. 

In 1920 Ella and John Charters were living in the home of her widowed brother John Teeter in Los Angeles. They had a seven year old daughter Jane. Also living in that household was her widowed sister Adeline Luke.

Ella and John Charters filed for divorce 6 Jul 1927 in Los Angeles.

6    Teeter, David M. † was born 9 Aug 1848 in Jefferson, Iowa, died 29 Aug 1861 in Jefferson and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

Birth and death from tombstone. 1850 census has David as 3 years old, born Iowa.

7    Teeter, Jacob E. was born 23 Feb 1850 in Iowa and died in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington.  He and Eliza E. Smock were married 12 Jan 1873 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa.  Eliza E. was born Feb 1849. 

I've lost the source of the record I found of this couple's marriage:

Jacob E. Teeter, 20, married Eliza Smock, 18 on 12 Jan 1873 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa, "test. J. W. Alfred", probably John Weller Alford.

On 29 Apr 2003 a cousin, Kari Teeter Kandoll, contacted me via e-mail and provided the following account of her descent from Jacob and Eliza:

"Jacob E. Teeter born 2/23/1850 in Iowa; died 4/5/1873 in Tacoma, Pierce County, WA. He married Eliza E. Smock 1/12/1873 in Jefferson County, Iowa.

"Children: 1. Cameron Teeter born 1877 in Iowa. 2. Ernest Wilbur Teeter born 1878 in Kansas. Maybe died in Montana. 3. Bertha M. Teeter born 1879; died 1939 in Olympia, Thurston County, WA. She married Walter C. Cummings who died 26 Jan 1974 (see transcript of death certificate). They are buried in the Yelm Cemetery, Yelm, Thurston County, WA. 4. Clarence Elmer Teeter born 5/16/1882 in Batavia, Jefferson County, IA; died 11/2/1945 in Tacoma, Pierce County, WA. He married (1) Edna Pearl Cartwright 06/16/1903 in Oskaloosa, IA (divorced), (2) Hazel Elenor Schaffner 11/26/1926 in Tacoma, Pierce County, WA. 5. Charles W. Teeter born 08/1889 in Iowa.

"My father Donald D. Teeter is Clarence and Hazel's son."

The five children of Jacob E. and Eliza E. (Smock) Teeter:   Cameron, Ernest, Bertha, Clarence E. and Charles W. 

i    Teeter, Cameron was born 1877 in Iowa. 

ii    Teeter, Ernest was born 1878. 

iii    Teeter, Bertha was born 1879 and died 1939 in Olympia, Thurston, Washington. 

iv    Teeter, Clarence E. was born 16 May 1882 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa and died 2 Nov 1945 in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington.  He was married (1) to Edna Pearl Cartwright 16 Jun 1903 in Oskaloosa, Iowa.  He was married (2) to Hazel Elenor Schaffner 26 Nov 1926 in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington. 

v    Teeter, Charles W. was born Aug 1889 in Iowa. 

8    Teeter, Francis D. † was born 23 Jan 1854, died 13 Jul 1861 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

9    Teeter, Frederic S. † was born 6 Jun 1856, died 20 May 1869 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

Birth and death from tombstone.

10    Teeter, James William † was born 29 Jun 1860, died 13 Apr 1861 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

Birth and death from tombstone. He was a twin to Mary Agnes.

11    Teeter, Mary Agnes was born 29 Jun 1860 and died 13 Nov 1932.  She was married to Broun Garrett. 

Death date from Frances Bishop, confirmed by David's Bible. Mary Agnes and her brother James William were twins, but James died before their first birthday.

I was unable to locate Mary Agnes and Broun anywhere in the country in the 1900 census index.

A daughter of Broun and Mary Agnes (Teeter) Garrett:   Libbie Agnes. 

i    Garrett, Libbie Agnes was born 22 Jun 1889 and died 26 Dec 1903. 

12    Teeter, Joseph Eby was born 25 Nov 1862 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa and died 2 Nov 1941 in Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas.  He was married (1) to Erse Cleona Barrett 1 Oct 1885.  Erse Cleona was born 10 Dec 1864 in Assumption, Christian, Illinois and died 28 Feb 1944 in Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas.  He was married (2) to Mary Margaret Harstine 14 Nov 1917 in Wamego, Pottawatamie, Kansas.  Mary Margaret died 2 Nov 1941 in Wamego. 

Family information from Frances Bishop of Topeka, many years ago.

David's Bible has Joseph's death on 4 Nov 1941. I'll stick with Frances' date of 2 Nov.

The seven children of Joseph Eby and Erse Cleona (Barrett) Teeter:   Frank Corbin, Laura Lelia, Marcus Dow, Loipaid Carl, Louis Floyd, Joseph Wingate and Mabel Marian. 

i    Teeter, Frank Corbin was born 1 Sep 1886 and died 21 Apr 1947. 

ii    Teeter, Laura Lelia was born 22 Jul 1888 and died 31 Jan 1963. 

iii    Teeter, Marcus Dow was born 10 Jan 1891 and died 2 Mar 1947. 

iv    Teeter, Loipaid Carl was born 20 Apr 1894 and died 14 Jun 1930. 

v    Teeter, Louis Floyd was born 4 Apr 1896 and died 19 Oct 1953. 

vi    Teeter, Joseph Wingate was born 17 Aug 1898 and died 17 Apr 1899. 

vii    Teeter, Mabel Marian was born 5 Mar 1902 in Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas and died 31 Oct 1974 in Wamego.  She and William Leonard Stewart were married 20 Jul 1921 in Wamego.  William Leonard was born 14 Jan 1902 in Wamego and died 6 Jul 1977 in Wamego. 

The six children of William Leonard and Mabel Marian (Teeter) Stewart:   John Lawrence, Cleona Marie, William Louis, Thomas Leroy, Frances Ann and Carl Leonard. 

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