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Aboukir, 1807
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 18 Nov 1807, at Brindley's, Frinsbury ;
Disposal date or year : 16 Aug 1838

1805 Building

Commanders George Cockburn, March, 1808; Percy Frazer, April, 1808; George Parker, May, 1808; Norborn Thomson, September, 1813.

Deal Apr 15 1811 arrived from off Flushing.

Harwich Oct 25 1811 Remains in Hosely Bay.

Deal Nov 3 1811 arrived from the Texel

Deal No 5 1811 Remains in the Downs. It continued to blow very hard from the SW.

Deal Nov 12 1811 departed for Portsmouth.

1811 Portsmouth Nov 17 1811 arrived for the Downs.

Deal Nov 18 1811 arrived from the Downs.

Deal Jan 9 1812 departed for Portsmouth.

Deal Jan 10 1812 Put back by adverse winds.

Deal Jan 11 1812 departed for Portsmouth.

Torbay, Feb 5 1812 departed this morning for off the Bass Isle.

Deal 26 Mar 1812 remains due to contrary winds.

Deal Apr 2 1812 departed last night for off Flushing.

Torbay Oct 19 1812 Arrives with a large transport.

Portsmouth, Jan 1 1812 To take charge of convoy for Spain, Portugal and the Mediterranean.

7th Jan. 1812, D. Sullivan, J. Van Dorla, and T. Bales, charged with desertion. The Court Martial awarded D. Sullivan 150 lashes through the fleet ; J. Van Dorla, 100 lashes, through the fleet ; T. Bales found not guilty and acquitted.

Portsmouth, Jan 8 1812 Remains at Spithead with convoy.

Portsmouth, Jan 14 1812 Preparing to sail with the Mediterranean convoy, and will proceed via Falmouth.

Portsmouth, Jan 19 1812 departed with convoy for Spain, Portugal and the Mediterranean.

12 Feb 1814 a part of the fleet off Toulon which chased a French squadron into that port.

3 Aug 1814 Reported to be in the Mediterranean.

13 Sep 1814 Reports arriving in the UK advise she ha departed from Port Mahon to Syracuse and thence Palermo.

Portsmouth Aug 24 1812 arrived from the Mediterranean, and under quarantine at the Motherbank.

Portsmouth Aug 29 1812 departed for the eastward, to be paid off

Deal Aug 29 1812 Has departed for the River to be paid off.

Jun 1824 Harbour Service

1830 Chatham.

3 Mar 1832 reports received at Portsmouth suggest that the Aboukir, now lying in Stangate Creek as a Quarantine Station, is to be completed as a Hospital Ship and moved into the R. Thames for the use of the Marines in the event of cholera breaking out among the Division at Woolwich. Similar vessels are also to be fitted out for the marine divisions at Chatham, and Portsmouth etc.

Jul 1832 cholera hospital ship at Chatham for patients from the Convict Hulks.