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Adventure, 1857
Type: Troopships - Storeship ;

1857 Resolute (1855) renamed Adventure. See: Resolute (1855)

10 Aug 1858 Hongkong.

30 Dec 1858 Canton River.

29 Jan 1859 Hongkong.

15 Feb 1859 Canton River.

13 Oct 1859 Reported to be at India.

16 Feb 1860 Hongkong.

15 Mar 1860 Canton River.

30 Mar 1860 Hongkong.

25 Apr 1860 At the North.

23 May 1860 Canton River.

7 Jun 1860 At the North.

26 Jul 1860 Gulf of Pecheli.

16 Nov 1860 At the North.

15 Dec 1860 Hongkong, from which she leaves for England having embarked her troops.

7 Mar 1861 at the Cape Of Good Hope, loaded with Irish troops when the Gorgon arrives on station.

28 April 1862 Woolwich. Commissioned.

Nov 1862 During the outward voyage to Jamaica she was overtaken by a severe thunderstorm. At its height a lad fell overboard from the foretopmast crosstrees. A seaman, Henry Widge, seeing the lad was unable to help himself, jumped overboard from the poop to his assistance, and supported him above water until a boat was lowered and rescued them both. A subscription of 12 was made amongst the officers, which they presented to Widge's as some reward for his courage.

1 Jan to 30 Jun 1864 Home Station. Report of Small Pox onboard. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1 July to 31 Dec 1864 China station. Medical report : fever, and small-pox onboard number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 China station.

2 Apr 1871, for census, at Hong Kong.