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Ajax, 1809
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Laid down : Aug 1807 ; Built : by Wells, Blackwall ; launched 2 May 1809 ; length of gun-deck, 176 feet, 3 inches; keel, 144 feet, 11 inches; breadth, 47 feet, 9 inches; depth, 21 feet;
Disposal date or year : 1864
BM: 1761 tons
Propulsion: Sail - Screw
Machinery notes: 450 h.p.

Commanders Robert Waller Otway, June, 1809 ; James Brisbane, April, 1811 ; Sir Robert Laurie, October, 1811 ; Robert Waller Otway, June, 1813 : George Mundy, October, 1814. Per the Naval Chronicle, Vol 38.

15 Jul 1810 manoeuvres with the squadron which remained off the port of Toulon when the Mediterranean fleet left the coast to seek shelter.

13 Dec 1810 ships' boats of a squadron detached to capture or destroy an enemy convoy in the mole of Palamos, covered by the Sparrowhawk and Minstrel.

25 Mar 1811 Ajax and Unité capture the French store ship Dromadaire off Porto-Ferrajo.

Aug 18, 1812 At Palermo.

16 Feb 1813 with the Pilot, in sight of the Edinburgh when the latter detained the vessel Playmate as a prize.
24 Apr 1817 announced that copies of accounts of sale and proceeds' of the Playmate, to be lodged in the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty, on the 12 May 1817. Unfortunately though, for those entitled to the prize money from that time on things didn't seem to work out as they shoulda : the estate of the agent responsible for paying the prize money had gone bankrupt and therefore subsequent payments of the prize money were made in instalments, thus, presumably not amounting to the full sum due.
25 March 1822 notice was given that distribution of the dividends received by the Treasurer of this Institution, from the estate of Messrs Lark and Woodhead, in the undermentioned prize cases, will commence on 10 Apr next. Whether any dividends were paid in the interim I know not, but the final dividend of 5¼d. in the pound due in this respect, didn't become due to be paid by the Examiner of Prize Accounts until 2 Jul 1850.

8 Aug 1813 departed Plymouth to join the Channel Fleet

31 Oct 1813 arrived Plymouth a French chasse-maree, prize to the Ajax.

15 Feb 1814 arrived Plymouth from a cruise

26 Feb 1814 departed Plymouth on a cruise.

Plymouth, Mar 21 1814 arrived the French national brig Halcyon, of 18 guns and 126 men, out a few hours from St. Maloes, having been taken by the Ajax.

7 Jul 1814 Spoken with in lat. 46, with 16 transports, having troops on board from Bourdeaux.

23 Aug 1814 Reported to be en route for Quebec, with troops from Bourdeaux ; at anchor at Bick, waiting for a fair wind to proceed up the river St. Lawrence.

Plymouth Sep 18 1814 arrived from Quebec, with a convoy of transports from Bourdeaux.

Portsmouth Oct 6 1814 arrived the Ajax from Plymouth.

3 Nov 1814 Has undergone a survey at Portsmouth, and is to be refitted for service.

4 Apr 1815 spoken with yesterday off the Lizard.

Jul 1830 Portsmouth

7 Feb 1835 to be inspected whilst in ordinary.

2 Sep 1845, Admy. Order, to fit for steam guard ships. Reduced to 56 (26 x 42 pdr., 66 cwt., ; 26 x 32 pdr., 42 cwt. ; 2 x 56 pdr., 85 cwt. ; 2 x 8 inch., 65 cwt.)

1846 Screw blockship 60 guns

Oct 1848 Trials following the ship's conversion from sail to steam.

20 Dec 1848 Steam Guard ship, Portsmouth.

6 Apr 1851 Cove of Cork. Sent boats to Roches Bay to the rescue of the emigrant ship Favourite

14 May 1851 arrived Spithead from Queenstown. Crew will be paid and ship will undergo refit,

25 May 1851 Manned Ship for Royalty Portsmouth. At about 6 o'clock on Friday night the Victoria and Albert, royal yacht, which had gone down to Cowes during the day, hoisted the royal and Prussian standards and embarked her Majesty and her royal foreign guests and conveyed them to Spithead, on a visit to the Vengeance, 84, Captain Lord Edward Russell, and the Hogue and Ajax, 60 gun screw steam ships, Captains M'Dougall and Quin. The royal party, under the customary salutes and the ceremony of manning yards, went on board the two first named ships and inspected them after which they returned to the royal yacht etc………..

30 Aug 1851 Cork

11 Mar 1854 departed Spithead, with the fleet, for the Baltic - see p. 413 at

15 Apr 1854 captured Russian brig Patrioten [Prize Money per London Gazette of 21 Jul 1857].

16 Apr 1854 captured Russian merchant vessel Victor [Prize Money per London Gazette of 21 Jul 1857].

13 Jun 1854 the French fleet joined the British in the Baltic at Baro Sound - see p. 419-> at

Circa Jul 1854 the Lightning and Alban surveyed a channel between Lumpar and Ango Islands which was used on 28 Jul by the Edinburgh, Hague, Amphion, Blenheim, and Ajax to approach fort Bomarsund - see p. 422 at

11 Aug 1854 guns were landed and sent up to the British battery, in charge of parties of men under Lieutenants from the Edinburgh, Hogue, Blenheim, and Ajax - see p. 423-4 at

16 Aug 1854 bombardment and capture of Bomarsund - see p. 424-> at

23 Apr 1856, Present at Fleet Review, Spithead ; Captain Warden, CB

1 Feb 1858 Commissioned at Devonport.

1860 Coastguard Service, Kingstown District, Coast of Ireland

23 Jul 1860 At Portland : departed on Friday afternoon for a cruise in the channel.

22 Nov 1862 At Kingston ; transferred supernumeraries to the Virago, 6,

1 Jan to 31 Mar 1964 Home Station : Stationary Ship at Kingston. Report of Heart disease onboard. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.