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Asia, 1824
Type: 2nd rate ; Armament 84
Launched : 19 Jan 1824 ; Disposal date or year : 1908
BM: 2289 tons ; Displacement: 3594 tons

1 Jan 1820 building or ordered to be built, with a circular stern.

1 Jan 1820 building of teak.

27 Nov 1826 In harbour at Portsmouth.

6 Jan 1827 (Capt. E. Curzon), is preparing at Portsmouth to receive V.-Adm. Sir E. Codrington, K.C.B., appointed Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean.

23 Jun 1827 The Medina, recently arrived from Malta, reports the Asia had departed for Leghorn and Naples.

21 Jul 1827 Reports received from the Mediterranean state that the squadron had departed for the Dardanelles and Alexandria.

20 Aug 1827 Reported to in the Archipelago.

1827 the diplomatic and political situation which led the Battle of Navarin.

25 Sep 1827 Asia departed from Navarin, leaving the Dartmouth to watch the Turkish fleet. See p. 252-> at

2 Oct 1827 Dartmouth reported that a strong division of the Turkish fleet had weighed from Navarin and were standing towards Patras. The Asia, Talbot, and Zebra weighed and joined the Dartmouth, sailing in pursuit of the Turkish squadron.

3 Oct 1827 the Turkish fleet, having returned to Navarin, the Asia and Talbot anchored in the bay of Zante, whilst the Dartmouth continued to watch the Turks, and reported on the 4th that several Turkish ships had again departed towards Patras, the Dartmouth, Asia and Talbot having to repeat their earlier performance with the Turkish fleet. However, on returning, the Turkish fleet landed troops who wreaked his vengeance on the unfortunate Greeks of the Morea.

14 Oct 1827 state of the Allied Fleet off the Bay of Navarin and the numbers of Turkish vessels present.

20 Oct the Allied Fleet entered the Bay of Navarin and anchored opposite their Turkish equivalents, and shortly afterwards, following some sporadic firing, the battle became general. Numbers of allied personnel killed and wounded at the Battle of Navarin (a.k.a. Navarino), and the names of British Officers killed and wounded. Medals granted to all Officers, seamen and marines (and soldiers who served as marines) per order of 7th June, 1848 Prize Money see Sep 1834.

29 Dec 1827 departed Malta for England.

2 Feb 1828 towed into Portsmouth harbour this afternoon by the Carron steamer, being cheered as she passed.

20 May 1828 arrived Malta from Spithead, all well.

4 Jun 1828 remains Malta, but it is expected that in a day or two she will go to Leghorn.

3 Jul 1828 departed Corfu for the Gulf of Patras, Navarino and Malta.

27 Jan 1829 remains at Malta.

16 Apr 1829 departed Malta for Syracuse

21 Apr 1829 arrived Syracuse : departed for Naples on the 28th.

1 May 1829 arrived at Naples and remains.

16 Dec 1829 Remains at Smyrna.

21 Dec 1829 Portsmouth Is reported to be at Napoli di Romania.

5 Jan 1830 at the island of Paros.

11 Jan 1830 Reports received from the Mediterranean state that the Asia was at Egina and about to proceed to Corfu in time for Christmas Day.

6 Feb 1830 at Egina and expected shortly at Malta.

9 Feb 1830 arrived Napoli di Romania en route for Malta.

24 Mar 1830 Malta.

3 Apr 1830 In Valetta harbour.

9 May 1830 departed Palmas Bay, Sardinia.

27 May 1830 arrived Portsmouth from the Mediterranean.

31 May 1830 Will come into Portsmouth harbour shortly to be paid off.

14 Feb 1831 In harbour

21 Feb 1831 Guard-ship at Portsmouth.

20 May 1831 A squadron of Guard-ships, consisting of the Caledonia, 120, Prince Regent, 120, Asia, 84, Donegal, 78, Gloucester, 74, Alfred, 50, and Talavera, 74, are directed to assemble at Spithead. They are placed under the orders of Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Codrington, G.C.B., who will hoist his flag on board the Caledonia, and Rear-Admiral W. Parker, whose flag will be on board the Prince Regent. It is understood they will proceed to the Western islands, and employ the principal part of the summer in cruising between those islands and Gibraltar, as well as the mouth of the Channel. It is expected they will put to sea in the course of the present month.

8 Jun 1831 at Spithead.

23 Jun 1831 at Spithead.

7 Jul 1831 departed from Spithead, with the fleet under Sir E. Codrington.

27 Aug 1831 arrived St. Helens from the Downs, with the fleet under Sir E. Codrington and anchored at six o'clock on the evening of the 28th, and moved up to Spithead the next day.

10 Sep 1831 departed Portsmouth for Lisbon - in command of a squadron supporting British Trade in Portugal which was being damaged by the war between Dom Pedro and Dom Miguel. See p. 270 at

15 Apr 1832 the R.N. packet Duke of Marlborough, departed the Tagus for Plymouth, leaving the Revenge, Childers and Asia in the harbour.

16 Jun 1832 off the Tagus, with the Caledonia, Britannia, Revenge, Briton, Leveret, and Viper, with the Stag in the River getting supplies, and the Romney at Lisbon, providing a refuge for British subjects should the need arise. Don Pedro is looked for, but whether he would be successful against the Miguelites is not certain.

2 Jul 1832 the Squadron is reported to be standing on and off the Tagus according to correspondence received from an officer on board one of the ships. It is said that Don Pedro is looked for, but the outlook for his brother seems most uncertain, having run out of money to pay his troops, and upset everyone of influence in his attempts to obtain money.

11 Jul 1832 at Cascaes Bay.

20 July 1832 said to be in the Tagus

21 Sep 1832 departed the squadron lying on and off the Tagus, for Oporto, with the Admiral

25 Sep 1832 anchored about 2 miles off Oporto, the Talavera having arrived some days previously and the Childers, Orestes and Echo being in the R. Douro.

28 Sep 1832 reports from the Childers state that the Miguelites had been firing into the ship, and the Orestes, and that the Captain's steward of the Childers had been seriously wounded.

29 Sep 1832 the Commander of the Asia and the Purser went ashore to watch the action, but it would appear that they got too close, the purser having been wounded, and Commander Picket having been struck by a spent ball, but not suffered any injury. The Admiral has cancelled all shore leave, except that that he approves personally.

2 Nov 1832 was at anchor off Lisbon.

22 Nov 1832 Asia was in the Tagus with the Caledonia, Britannia, Nimrod (under quarantine), and Viper.

11 Dec 1832 in the Tagus (flag ship).

19 Apr 1834 Reported to be in the Tagus, off the Burlings.

7 Jun 1834 The Hastings is being fitted at Portsmouth for the command in the Tagus, and to relieve the Asia.

26 July 1834 is reported to have been paid of at Chatham.

13 Sep 1834 reduced to ordinary for the winter.

30 Sep 1834 prize money for Navarin due for payment from 1 Oct 1834 - see London Gazette of 30 Sep for for details

19 Mar 1836 is understood to have been commissioned at Sheerness.

30 Apr 1836 the Messenger has arrived Portsmouth from Milford and other ports with volunteer seamen for the Asia, Hercules and packet Swift.

18 Jun 1836 arrived at Spithead Thursday, having departed the Downs on Tuesday.

9 Jul 1836 is reported to be going down to St Helen's Road tomorrow and to go on a short cruise.

23 Jul 1836 is reported to have returned to Spithead to be fitted for service in the Mediterranean.

9 Aug 1836 touched at Gibraltar en route for Malta..

26 May 1837 in Valetta harbour.

4 Aug 1837 arrived Cagliari from Port Mahon to take-on water. A few nights previously it is reported that Assistant Surgeon HD Shaw jumped into the sea from the spanker boom to save a man who had fallen overboard.

23 Aug 1837 reported to be in Barcelona Roads.

9 Jan 1839 at Malta.

6 Feb 1839 remains at Malta.

16 Mar 1839 still at Malta.

5 May 1839 Malta As soon as the repairs to the Princess Charlotte are completed, the Admiral will sail for the Levant with the Vanguard, Minden, Asia, Rhadamanthus, and Jaseur.

15 May 1839 ar Malta.

21 Jun 1839 arrived Valetta.

1 Jul 1839 Malta the Minden, Talavera, Asia, Castor, and Zebra departed and remained in the offing until the following day, when they were joined by Admiral Sir R Stopford, in the Princess Charlotte, the Rodney, Bellerophon, Pembroke, Tyne and Rhadamanthus and departed for the east, but destination unknown."

Sep 1939 at Besika Bay.

13 Oct 1839 Malta, it is reported that a malignant fever had appeared among the crews of both fleets at Besika Bay, but with most intensity on board the French vessels.

4 Nov 1839 Malta, is reported to have departed Besika Bay 23 Oct for a winter anchorage at Vourla.

25 Jan 1840 The Vanguard, 84, is ordered home, but we presume the will not quit the Mediterranean before either the Asia or Bellerophon ; and it is questionable if Sir Robert Stopford, with the discretionary power he has, will permit his squadron to be reduced by these ships, till he hears of others on their way to replace them.

5 April 1840 Malta, is reported to have arrived Vourla after a most boisterous passage, and some not very material damage, chiefly caused by a waterspout. She took refuge for some days in Milo, and in the course of the voyage was at one time in very great danger.

19 Jul 1840 at Vourla.

16 Aug 1840 Alexandria The Asia and Wasp were off Cape Baba, looking out for Admiral Walker, who was expected from Constantinople in command of the Turkish squadron, of which a frigate and a corvette had already made their appearance. It is understood this squadron has several thousand troops on board ; it was to be accompanied to the coast of Syria by the Asia and Wasp.

24 Jun 1840 with Sir John Louis' squadron beating up the Tenedos passage, en route for Vourla.

20 Jul 1840 departed from Vourla.

3 Aug 1840 arrived Eriseos, Mytelene.

7 Aug 1840 departed round to Mytelene.

6 Sep 1840 Alexandria, departed with Admiral Stopford's squadron.

6 Oct 1840 blockading Alexandria.

15 Oct 1540 blockading Alexandria.

22 Oct 1840 off Alexandria.

24 Nov 1840 arrived at Malta from Alexandria, after a passage of 21 days, having anchored in the Bay of Kolo-Kythia, in the southern extremity of the Morea. She was to return to the Levant when newly masted and refitted. Mr. R. Anderson, R.N., master of the Ariadne, coal depot at Alexandria, with the crew of that vessel, were on board the Asia.

18 Dec 1840, reported to be at Malta.

4 Feb 1841 Malta, departed for Gibraltar (27th), and England, to be paid off.

19 Mar 1841. arrived at Spithead from the Mediterranean.

Circa 3 Apr 1841 Portsmouth, departed for Sheerness, with a lieutenant of the Indus on board, to recruit men from the Asia for the Indus.

10 Apr 1841 Sheerness, was paid off. Men who had served their full time of four years received their discharge, and the remainder were paid down to six months.

13 Apr 1841 Midshipmen ----- Gaussen, late of the Asia, passed for lieutenant

19 Apr 1841 Portsmouth, the Mercury arrived with volunteers for the Indus, late of the Asia's crew.

21 Apr 1841 Mate Thomas Cochran, late of the Asia, passed for lieutenant.

Aug - Nov 1840 Capture of Acre and operations on the coast of Syria. Turkish Medals awarded to the Officers and Men employed during the Campaign.

20 Dec 1848 Pacific

28 Jan 1850 Departed Callao in company with the Gorgon for Payta.

20 Apr 1850 The Polynesian reports the arrival of this vessel on the 18th inst. from Callao, with, it said, 750 soldiers, and is reported to be leaving shortly for the Sandwich Islands.

25 Dec 1850 At Lima.

19 May 1851 Portsmouth. Getting ready alongside the dockyard to be paid off.

30 Aug 1851 Pacific

1858 Guard ship.

1860 Guard Ship of Steam Ordinary, Portsmouth

23 Feb 1863 A court martial held on board the Victory, for Mr A. Wilson, 3rd class Boatswain, of HMS Asia, charged with having "absented himself without leave for 7 days," found the charges proved and sentenced the prisoner to forfeit 26 days' pay and to be dismissed HM service.

1 Apr 1862 Commissioned at Portsmouth.

1864 Home Station : Stationary Ship at Portsmouth. Reports of VD etc., and Small Pox. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 Guard Ship of Steam Reserve, Flag Ship of the Admiral Superintendent of Dockyard, Portsmouth

9 Feb 1871, 2 cases of smallpox have been reported and sent to RNH Haslar. It turns out that one man probably contracted the illness whilst on leave and the other, having just entered the service, probably prior to entry.

1879 Guard Ship of Reserve, Flag Ship of the Admiral Superintendent of Dockyard, Portsmouth

Apr 1886 Portsmouth

1 Oct 1888 New Books opened.

1890 Guard Ship of Reserve, Flag Ship of the Admiral Superintendent of Dockyard, Portsmouth

1890 Complement includes officers borne for Recruiting Service ; Boatswain's Sea Stores and to assist Boatswain of the Yard ; Officers borne for service in Volcano ; an Engineer for gun mountings ; Admiralty Overseers, Tyne, Hull ; Torpedo Boat Instruction ; Gunboats at Haslar ; Tanks at Clarence Yard ; Torpedo Boat No 81

1890 Tender: Insolent