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Belleisle, 1795
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Taken from the French ; late Formidable : 23 Jun 1795 ;
Disposal date or year : 1814

1 Jan 1799 repairing at Plymouth.

26 Jan 1801 arrived Spithead.

28 Jan 1801 moved down from Spithead to St Helen's.

30 Jan 1801 moved back up to Spithead from St Helen's. One would guess that the original move was made to shelter the ship from a westerly gale ?

15 Feb 1801 departed Spithead to join the Fleet at Torbay.

5 May 1801 arrived Cawsand Bay with the Resolution, from the Channel Fleet, to victual and refit. Left the fleet all well on the 1st instant.

24 Sep 1801 departed Cawsand Bay to join the Channel Fleet, with bullocks and vegetables.

1 Oct 1801 Captain Seymour it appointed to the Belleisle, of 84 guns, Captain Domett, appointed flag-captain to the channel fleet ; Captain Seymour departed Plymouth Sound this day in the Stork, to join the fleet.

9 Oct 1801 came into Cawsand Bay the Ville de Paris, the admiral having shifted his flag to the Belleisle.

12 Nov 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound at noon from Torbay.

19 Nov 1801 departed Cawsand Bay to join the fleet at Torbay. She has been victualled and stored for five months.

19 Nov 1801 remained in Torbay the Ville de Paris, Royal Sovereign, Prince of Wales, Neptune, Prince, Royal George, San Joseph, London, Magnificent, Bellerophon, Hercule, Donegal, Robust, Edgar, Belleisle, Courageux, Fisgard, Amelia, Indefatigable, Childers, Atlanta, Nimrod. The Nile cutter departing for Plymouth to be paid off.

28 Dec 1801 remained with the Channel Fleet in Torbay with the Ville de Paris.

8 Feb 1802 arrived Cawsand Bay, from Torbay, the Ville de Paris, 110, Adm. Cornwallis having shifted his flag to the Belleisle, to be paid wages, she then returns to Torbay.

20 Apr 1802 departed Torbay for Plymouth, to be paid off.

22 Apr 1802 came into Hamoaze from Torbay, the Achilles, 84 ; Centaur, 74 ; and Belleisle, 84, to be paid off, all standing, and to be recommissioned again directly, manned by volunteers.

23 Apr 1802 the Achille, Belleisle, and Courageux, went from Cawsand Bay to go up Hamoaze, but the wind being unfavourable, they came to at different buoys, and warped up with the young flood.

27 Apr 1802 the Achille, 84 ; Centaur, 74 ; Courageux, 74 ; and Belleisle, 84, were paid off all standing at Plymouth ; the crews discharged. 2 May 1802 recommissioned, the same Captains and Officers are re-appointed.

16 May 1802 Admiral Sir T. Paisley, Bart, has hoisted his flag on beard the Belleisle, 84, Captain Ricketts, at Plymouth, as Port Admiral.

17 May 1802 this forenoon four Captain's parties of Royal Marines, consisting of a Captain, two Lieutenants, and 60 privates, embarked on board the Belleisle, 84, Achille, 84, Courageaux, 74, and Centaur, 74, but seamen enter very slowly, as their money is not yet expended.

24 May 1802 Admiral Sir T. Paisley, Bart, strikes his flag at the main of the Belleisle, 84, and set off for London. He is to be succeeded in the command at this port by Rear Admiral Dacres, whose flag as Rear Admiral of the White is flying at the mizen of the Centaur, 74, Captain Littlehales. The men of war then, shifted the blue ensigns to St. George's colours, in compliment to Rear-Admiral Dacres, Commander in Chief of the Navy at this port ; remains in Hamoaze.

20 Jul 1802 orders received for the following men of war, fitting for sea in Hamoaze, as soon as their crews are completed to their peace establishments, to go into the Sound, and to be victualled for four months, viz Centaur 74, Rear Admiral Dacres, Captain Littlehales ; Courageux, 74, Captain Hardy ; Belleisle, 84, Captain Whitby ; Fisgard, 48, Captain Wallis ; Hussar, 36, Captain P. Wilkinson ; Carysfort, 32, Captain Munday ; Sirius, 36, Captain Prouse.

28 Oct 1802 at Plymouth, the Belleisle, 84, Captain Whitby, is ordered to take in four months stores and provisions.

14 Nov 1802 the Belleisle, 84, Captain Whitby, began to get top-sail-yards across, and began to bend sails, preparatory to going into Cawsand Bay, to wait for orders.

15 Nov 1802 so peremptory were the orders to man the Centaur at Plymouth that the Belleisle, 84, Captain Whitby, and Courageux, 74, were stripped of even the barges crew.

19 Nov 1802 by order of the Port Admiral, all seamen who enter at the rendezvous here generally for the fleet, are to be sent on board the Belleisle, 84, Captain Whitby, at Plymouth, to complete her complement, as she is ordered to take in four months stores and provisions for foreign service : her crew have been all day getting yards across, and bending sails and courses.

18 Dec 1802 is still fitting out for sea in Hamoaze, and has been stored and victualled for 6 months, but is still short of seamen, which may be made up by transferring men from the Naiad, and will then go down to Cawsand Bay to await orders.

6 Jan 1803 attempted to go down from Hamoaze into Cawsand Bay, but when she came to the narrows the wind failed her, and she was taken aback off the Devil's Point and touched the rocks, but the tide flowing she soon swung off without damage, but had to be towed back to her mooring in the harbour by the Master Attendant's and the Dockyard's boats and will have to wait for a fair wind.

19 Jan 1803 attempted to go down the harbour, but the wind being foul and scanty she came to off Government House.

31 Jan 1803 yesterday made a signal to go down the harbour, through the Sound and into Cawsand Bay, but the wind becoming scant she came to at the lower moorings for the night, and this morning eventually came to in Cawsand Bay to await her sailing orders.

10 Feb 1803 weighed Cawsand Bay, under sealed orders, and departed for the Westwards, her destination unknown.

28 Mar 1803 the Dasher, just arrived Plymouth, reports that she spoke to the Belleisle before she departed the Gut of Gibraltar, as the Belleisle was steering for Malta.

8 Jul 1803 with the blockading fleet off Toulon.

9 Jul 1803 a letter as dated from the Superb reports being 2 miles from Toulon, and that they've been cruising off the port for 2 months ; and that the squadron consists of the following vessels : Kent, Donegal, Superb, Triumph, Monmouth, Gibraltar, Agincourt, Belleisle, Renown ; and the frigates Medusa, and Amphion ; with the Termagent sloop ; and Weasel brig.

24 Oct 1803, departed for the Magdalena islands for water etc., returned Toulon 23 Nov.

Circa 3 Dec 1803 Capt Hargood, apptd to the Belleisle, vice Whitby, who is apptd in command of the Ville de Paris.

12 Dec 1803, whilst the Narcissus watched Toulon the Fleet departed for the bay of Palma and thence to the Magdalena islands for water etc.

4 Jan 1804 departed with the Mediterranean fleet on a cruise, arriving back at Sardinia on 27th. 1 Feb cruised on the French coast, anchoring off Cabrera on the 8th ; cruised again from the 19 Feb to 25 Mar.

3 Apr 1804 cruised off the French coast apart from returning briefly to the Magdalena islands to water from 11 to 19 May.

13 Jun 1804 a small French squadron entered Toulon.

19 Jul 1804 following the receipt of supplies from England the fleet departed for the gulf of Palma, leaving the Belleisle, Fisgard, Niger and Acheron to watch Toulon. 5 Aug returned, having been driven away by gales.

19 Jan 1805 whilst watering at Agincourt sound the Mediterranean fleet was informed that the Toulon fleet was at sea, and departed in search. It was discovered on 14 Feb that the French fleet had returned to Toulon.

28 Mar 1805 victualled at Palma and on the 3 Apr departed to water at Pulla bay, but on the 4th the Phoebe reported that the Toulon fleet was at sea again : the search began again. 4 May, having heard that the Toulon fleet had passed through the Straits on 8 Apl, the fleet anchored at Mazari bay to water and provision, but following a change in the wind the fleet departed on 5 May, the Superb leaving her cargo of cattle and vegetables etc. on the beach. Having provisioned for 5 months on the 10th rendez-voused on 12th at Cape St.-Vincent with a convoy of troops from England and detached the Royal-Sovereign to the convoy, following which Nelson departed for Madeira and the West Indies.

15 May 1805 arrived Madeira : and Barbadoes 4 Jun with news that the French fleet was in the West Indies : was joined by the Spartiate : 13th arrived Antigua and departed for Europe.

17 Jul 1805 arrived off Cape St.-Vincent and departed for Gibraltar, and having watered etc. proceeded west and north. 15 Aug received news from Adm. Cornwallis off Ushant, before sailing for Plymouth.

9-13 Oct 1805 joined the fleet off Cadiz.

10 Oct 1805 off Cadiz - the tactical preparations etc. for the forthcoming battle. 20 Oct combined fleet departed Cadiz, fleet manoeuvres.

21 Oct 1805 England expects….. &c. signalled, the first shots of the Battle of Trafalgar are fired. Nelson shot. Resumé of what had taken place. Belleisle ship actions and losses. The post-mortem commences ; Summary of British casualties ; Death of Nelson ;

22-30 Oct 1805 losses amongst the prizes due to bad weather etc: Redoutable, Rayo, Monarca (sank) ; Fougueux, Bucentaure, Indomptable, San-Francisco-de-Asis, Aigle, Berwick (wrecked) ; Algésiras (taken into Cadiz) ; Santa-Ana, Neptuno (recaptured) ; Santisima-Trinidad (scuttled) ; Achille, Intrépide, San-Augustin (burnt) ; the washup ; burial of Nelson ;

24 Oct 1805 Belleisle arrived at Gibraltar, under tow by the Naiad.

19 May 1806 departed from Plymouth as part of a squadron under R.-adm Sir R J Strachan to cruise off Madeira and the Canary islands. 8 Aug arrived Barbadoes. 18 Aug. having departed the squadron was separated by a gale.

14 Sep 1806 the Belleisle and Bellona and Melampus sighted and chased the French 74-gun ship Impétueux on shore.

Early 1807 Bellona and Triumph stationed off the coast of the Chesapeake watching French 74-gun ships Patriote and Eole, have problems with deserters, as did the Belleisle, Melampus, and the Halifax.

1 Jun 1807 C-in-C, North-American station issues an order to the captains under his command, directing, that, in case of meeting the American frigate Chesapeake at sea, and without the limits of the United States, they were to show to her captain that order, and to search his ship for deserters from the "Belleisle, Bellona, Triumph, Chichester, Halifax, and Zenobia cutter," and were to proceed and search for the same.

13 Jun 1808 commanding officer, Capt. Manor, attended court of inquiry held on board the York, at Barbados, regarding the sending ashore of Robert Jeffery by Lieutenant Lake, commanding officer of the Recruit, to the uninhabited island of Sombrero.

30 Jan-24 Feb 1809 a part of a expedition under R.-adm Sir A Cochrane which arrived off Martinique with a view to taking the Island.

28 Jul 1809 a part of a large fleet which departed from the Downs, with troops, with the aim of demolishing the dock-yards, and arsenals at Antwerp, Terneuse, and Flushing, often known as the ill-fated Walcheren Expedition.