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Black Prince, late Invincible, 1861
Type: Battleship, 3rd Class, Armoured ; late Ironclad Frigate ; Armament 40
Laid down : at Napier and Sons, Glasgow 12 Oct 1859 ;
Launched : 27 Feb 1861 ; Disposal date or year : 1923
BM: 6109 tons ; Displacement: 9137 tons
Propulsion: Screw and sail Complement: 635, and about 680 with a Flag Officer and retinue.
Machinery notes: 5772 hpi 1250 h.p. ; Speed ; 13.6 knots ;

Some brief notes on the Black Prince.

Laid down as Invincible.

1860 Glasgow, building

1 Aug 1861 Commissioned at Woolwich.

1862-6 With the Channel Squadron.

1864 Home Station. Reports of Small Pox onboard, contracted at Portsmouth. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1866-7 Flag ship Irish Coast

1867-8 Refit

9 Sep 1868 ADM 175 29 details Black Prince in Coast Guard Service for Clyde District, when relieved by the Aurora and Narcissus, dates unknown, except that the Narcissus closed the book 31 Dec 1877.

1 Jul 1969 anchored in Funchal roads waiting for the Bermuda Dock to tow across - see p. 145->

1870 Coast Guard Service, Greenock, (Clyde) 28 guns

1874-5 Refit

In late Nov 1875 the Black Prince in Plymouth Sound, flying the flag of the Admiral, second in command of the Channel Squadron, when an incident occurred in the Iron Duke.

22-23 Nov 1875 went to sea to trial machinery and returned to the Sound.

28 Nov 1875 departed from Plymouth with the Triumph and Sealark for Vigo.

2 Dec 1875 arrived Vigo.

3 May 1876 reported to be at Lisbon, where the Prince of Wales was visiting.

10 May 1876 arrived at Gibraltar, from Lisbon.

16 May 1876 reported to be sailing for Vigo where she would meet up with the Channel Squadron before sailing for 2 months of exercises before returning to England.

5 Aug 1876 to undergo temporary engine repairs.

23 Aug 1876 carried out trials on her engines.

25 Aug 1876 coaled in Plymouth Sound.

26 Aug 1876 departed from Plymouth Sound for Portland and arrived the same day.

16 Sep 1876 arrived at Madeira with the Channel Squadron.

29 Sep 1876 arrived at Gibraltar with the Channel Squadron.

Circa 27 Dec 1876 reported to have arrived at Lisbon having suffered some damage to masts and rigging etc. in gales in the Atlantic.

10 Jan 1877 still at Lisbon.

7 Mar 1877 at Gibraltar.

23 Mar 1877 at Cadiz. It may be of interest to note that the Minotaur, Black Prince, Resistance and Defence were lit from water-line to truck by electric light.

Sep 1877 it is reported that trials have been carried out with Silber lights for night signalling and navigation &c. and the trial is to be extended to other ships of the Channel Squadron.

Autumn 1879 Portland Roads.

1879 Devonport

1890 Devonport. Tender to Vivid. Officers borne in Vivid.

1899 Training Ship

Feb 1900 It is suggested that the Black Prince should be withdrawn from Cork Harbour where she is employed as a boys training ship (due to insufficient numbers of suitable Irish boys) and that she should be refitted at Devonport and sent to Milford Haven.

1903 Renamed Emerald.

1910 Renamed Impregnable

Black Prince, 1904
Type: Cruiser ; Armament 6 x 9.2 in. X, 45 cal.; 10 x 6 in. XI, 50 cal., etc.
Launched : 1904 ; Disposal date or year : 31 May 1916
Displacement: 13550 tons
Disposal Details : Sunk by gunfire during Battle of Jutland.
Machinery notes: 23,000 ND ;

Jul 1914, at Alexandria having completed a cruise which included visits to Phalerum Bay (Athens), Marmarice, Larnaka, Alexandretta, Beirut, etc.

28 Jul 1914 departed for Malta - see p. 460

2 Aug 1914 left for Durazzo to re-embark military personnel and bring them to Malta.

4 Aug 1914 - see p. 515